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"Texas Gulf Coast prepares for the arrival of beta expected to be a hurricane sometime tomorrow. Moving slowly at eight miles an hour. There is a voluntary evacuation for areas of Galveston Island, west of the Seawall and Bolivar Peninsula, and it is confirmed Astros pitcher Justin Verlander will undergo Tommy John Surgery. News on Demand and Katie are h dot com Sally Adams, NewsRadio, 7 40 K T. R. H. Smart oil and gas back and good afternoon from Katya Reach. We love coming in Saturday because we get to talk about oil and gas, making our lives better here in Texas. And you don't have to go very far to see people's lives enhanced with oil and gas. I mean, I'm talking about people like Jeffrey Hildebrand and Jerry Jones up in Dallas. And you know, the list goes on many oil and gas millionaires You've never even heard of. But to our mission on this programme is to help connect the dots between oil and gas investing and the individual investor and it just doesn't get talked about. We talked about it, and we talk about how you can get into your first program successfully. That's the mission of our program. Open phone lines all the way till two o'clock this afternoon couple things we can talk about when we connect. First of all the oil and gas investor guide that is a free resource. We'll send that out to you this afternoon. Just give us a call before two. We're also busy as we are every Saturday, projecting tax breaks, and that's great news, especially if you're expecting a big tax bill for 2020 Give us like 34 minutes, five minutes, Max. We can project how much less you're going to pay for this year's taxes as a result of getting into an oil and gas program. So give us a call Our number right now. 833645 45 100 again. 8336454500 Here It's smart Oil and gas. Chevrolet Opportunities are occurring as we come out of the cove in 19 shutdown Slowly but surely things we're opening up. And oil and gas prices have.

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