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"cheryl usov" Discussed on Pantheon

"That's interesting. Because Cheryl USOV say different different. Clean your. Early Days that you felt that people could playhouse amongst sort of other funky stuff I think remember the club, Siva. Going to work with meets gay clubs, so places like asylum and pyramid people like Martin more and pulling faith I would definitely put in house into the mix and I think because sort of felt like a more grownup cousins high-energy, a gay crowd did now have to dance to it, so know on the floor, heaven or at at the jungle. BUSBY's definitely houses in the makes an people knew how to dance to it. Really flown of many strands mixed up with all the all the music Terry's talking about their show, while his experience was like more being room for the people used to row grooving under house team going into. All weekend there was real hostility, India definitely. anti-smoking about yet anyway, so he talks about I taking his I e discovering showroom. He says he went down. Probably likes to the third or fourth promotion of. Being Absent rivers by shaking, these guys coming back from Visa Danny, rampling in particular, and we will play it again to the podcast, which is so funny, married talks about. Ramblings acid house dogs, which was like is on the scene before he talks about him and starting boyzone I'd also how creaky this scene could be, and then he goes on through the the end of it so long interview over two hours long talks. He and bill in front discussed the emerging superstar deejay, but also houses longevity house music survived far longer than. Anyone expected still still around today you know. I loved it I really enjoyed the since. He's talking to billy. Wright can build them frank. Don't you don't Cheryl? They know their stuff when it comes to the questions are good and I, it's great stuff. It's very rare. But what I love is I said stop. It's like his journey from being a classic soul boy being house. HEDDON DJ and that that's fifteen year journey. It's really interesting, and you could almost do book. People's conversion experiences because the. Road to Damascus the. To buy that Terry talks about it. And I found that every interview I did for the Book I. Say so. What was your first time and everyone could describe exactly what are wearing when they. And what they are wearing when they left, which was very ran in the same thing you know. A friend of mine was a buyer of Brown's very fashion. Her first time show she went I. think Initial Pogo J. Suit. Reference books are short and. Nervousness, but people take undressing you in the club. I didn't understand it. You know the I have never. Everybody each take Jackie off. Weeks later there was. In the crowd peeling someone else's yeah. It's fantastic. It's. It's great that we. Talk about and also you talk to you because the whole thing's much ties brilliantly together since. Through. To really like aspect of the audience. Review that what you're saying that it is his kind of journey talks about growing up and then getting into of. I think it's really interesting that it was very much, not that everyone had the same journey, but the everyone has a kind of as you're saying sort of. Metamorphosis from one from one. To another, I, it does really bring the whole story to life as a not just a historical thing, but movement and among. Sorry sort of Carol after. Not. Houses? So that's why it's lasted so long I think because everyone slows conversion experiences. Later the than us but I don't. Really Watch your tiny still brilliant and once again and you know that's something I remember Pete. Tone sight to the you know every year I'm a year older, but the audience is exactly the same age because there's always new people. This is exciting a new. The pleasure I'd got going to billin francs. Lowlife, parties, which were kind of like old fashioned on the ground parties age ranges from white. Seventeen to sixty five story got all these generations of people who different times life discovered dance, music, and one room to be playing. The can bring disgrace on the other room would be placed proper hardcore house music, and you could fit from one to the other and. Unjust the. Experience I'm really glad I got at late better. Late than never in a? Number. experienced. Ice Nephews to dance because I think I got I danced really badly one night as Slipped around singular slow. No one doubts is very well. No, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. It's the act the act of being in that room in that community. That really is a comedian. You know. I'm hearing a very very good Dj. Just take you higher and higher and higher and higher. Yeah well, I'm a total introvert, and I think that's why I've always been comfortable in clubs because she just go into the crowd and disappear. It's not about you. It's about being part of something bigger than you and I've talked about clubs. Is the point. Isn't it really I? Mean it's it's whereas culture so predicated on the staring up these gold silver stage. This is the complete inversion of thought and the freedom of thought on the on the sort of Democrats that joy of it really. STARTED TO SHIFT May, I remember ninety seven going up to gate crush with judge stools on coming out. Same Star is set, and he came on, and all the lights came on, and everyone turned towards the stage. Yeah, came and I was like Oh. This isn't my Kinda club a tool. Not Not, not denigrate Enga- crusher told, but it really did for like you were going to watch an act not to be and. In clubs choose to you are they are the audience where the stars not the DJ I'm. That's reached its peak in America with the Holy, movement the ultra superstar deejay where they're based like stadium rocker the. Dance Music, which is just depressing I. Mean You know I love it when.

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