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"cherie morton" Discussed on Get Out There and Get Known Podcast

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"cherie morton" Discussed on Get Out There and Get Known Podcast

"Podcasts dot com at the show notes from today as well. Because we're going to have a guess there's gonna drop a lot of information so you may want to go get the show notes later. But we're gonna talk today with cherie morton who were talking off. Things media review the formal bio sees in this month's speaker magazine the march issue speakers magazine. You can read it for free speakers magazines. Admit i happen to have the hard copy 'cause you can get that as well. But serene morton is an executive producer on your house with sirius. Xm radio channel. One forty one hyphen or guess you say h you our voices in of you all don't know what h. u. r. s. stands for howard university. Radio right right and we happen to have another aka in the office and And then she also. Sarah also goes to You know ak as well be hosts two national show a small business report. Which is where i met her. She both a client had on the cooper's jones did the next burn. Carl and i was on the show as well. So that was really cool. was highlights business growth and development in the us and she also hosts the show skin deep Which focuses on the health and wellness infamies of color a permit year. Chiran was a regular guest commentator on abc news affiliate in dc Call abc abc nbc. Goes at those those stations right. Dc on newstalk where she offered her views on local national and international news in additionally she has and continues to serve as speaker an ceremonies from meaning organizations. The we'll talk about that through in the pockets as well as a businesswoman. Ceron is ceo of morton media. So we're gonna talk all things media because as for her love and also immediate training and public relations firm to help businesses. of course. She does build their brand by placing them on tv and radio. Morton reno produces both sirius. Xm radio show so she doesn't well what. She was formerly an adjunct cows professor where she taught english and journalism of course for almost a couple of decades. She's a mother of water and member.

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