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"cherie bo" Discussed on At The Races With Steve Byk

"What brooke smith did for the right rocketship launchpad are lp stable and One of those three. That brooke smith claimed that the spring per hundred thousand out of the same race ran back and was virtually eased. it was the horse. That enron enron last In that in that race. We're talking about packing. June something which really turned heads. But i didn't know that That had happened in the last race. I find that it's probably not for me today. Yeah there you go so see what. See what gives and you had the one maiden race at it's funny Clark brewster had a little bit of a quiet summer for him at saratoga And here he is opening opening afternoon at at churchill and that coburn coming off the the saratoga debut drew the rail and these partnered with the howling brought in this. Not this time colt and he won. Well i thought yesterday. Yeah i did. I think my brother horse and that horse in the in the early five. But unfortunately i didn't hit the opening leg with the red hot cherie bo who paid six forty or something. So i was four out of five and and Had a nice price in there. I think came back about eight sixty or something for the fifty cents but That horse i steve kind of tattered him on the in house. Churchill show the with an interview with the derosa. Just he's a fast or he needed that race more or less than boom When when it came time to run down the lane he did so Yet another good-looking youngster for steve. Asmussen well and i'm going to have to could have to dig into this horse. When i get a chance that damn in a jif by saintly look This one hundred and fifty thousand dollars two year old purchase by by clark and the highly eighty two buyer mart. I just pulled it up. Nine male mary absolutely and and these talk about red hot. Brian lynch who saved all his best runners for the end of Saratoga then turned around and had a A terrific Weekend at kentucky downs..

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