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"cheramie affeldt" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"Of your Friday afternoon. Because we're going to walk you right towards game to game one was not enough. We're bringing you game to. We're back firm or tonight. We're going to talk a lot of ball today. And Marty's going to join us again. In the four o'clock hours. We'll go to ours. Sands Marty in two hours with Marty and, you know, hoping to take some calls. If you want to chime in eight away can be our is the phone number, of course at all times. What any, you know, any direction you want to take it more. Just you only go free for all Bill Ask he's going to stop by at three. So the big right hander, you know, it's funny. My dad went to Bill Ask Ease Giant debut, and if Giants fans remember it It was a businessman special at Candlestick Park and Lasky. I believe Shut out the maybe the Expos seven. Nothing, something like that. It was. It was definitely a businessman Special Midweek game. And and that's where Bill took off for a while. Bill was the Giants ace. Seriously at Lasky and Ham occur with the Giants was the front of the giant rotation there for a couple years. So the big right hander, of course, is a media star. Now he'll join us at three and then Farhaan. If you know we had 4/100 show yesterday, and you know for Han is just Also, he's a straight shooter, You know, I mean, there's a lot of people after one game that just come on glued on Twitter and just ripping going crazy. It's one game. It's one game if they destroyed the Dodgers last night, 81 which would far on be the conquering hero in the king of San Francisco. So you got to just I mean, I mean, here Here's me and people accuse me of overreacting. Now I'm telling you don't overreact, so acknowledge that but for interesting conversation yesterday, and if you missed it will play it again. Forget bottom of the hour. Right up to 30 and then the great Cheramie Affeldt, who I think is, I think, Jeremy F L is a TV star man. I don't know if you guys caught him on the when him and really it and Fuentes of the Rockies. Did the show with Guy Fieri, but it was good. And Jeremy's just funny. I mean, I just think he's funny. I think you could put him on TV and like a sitcom I I think he would be funny, so we'll talk to him about what he's got coming up. He's always doing crazy stuff. And then Ah, Marty just told us that J P horse Tre is going to join us as well. He covers the Dodgers. He's gonna call in in the five o'clock, our major league baseball reporter for the Southern California newsgroup and we'll check in on Ella. They Looked good last night. And, you know, right of the shoot, if you no. If you want to get in here a couple quick things. I mean, we just got to remember Giants. You know, we're 77 win team last year, Right? Isn't I mean, hadn't look it up. But isn't that what they were? 77 85? Something like that. And then that team lost Stephen Vogt, who was awesome. Last year. Posey, who's obviously the founder, We are saving more Boki. Bumgarner will Smith. I mean, so we gotta be realistic here. Ate away Can br What is your standard for success for this club in 2020. Think about what? You what you just lost there. Didn't vote when the McCovey award, So he's your inspirational guy Posey's You're the leader of your pitching staff, and your guy always hits the middle of your lineup and arguably your best player. So there you go. That's your best player. You're most inspirational player, your Hall of Fame manager, your big game number one starter who kind of set the tone and also as an innings eater. And one of the best closers in all baseball coming off a year where he had just totally dominant stuff from start to finish it If you gave Will Smith lied. He gave you a win. So all those guys went. Bye bye. They're all gone. And so from a 77 win team to goodbye to all of that. I mean, what's realistic? What is realistic this year? What should be success now? I don't even think you could say 500. His success here. I think 500 would be a huge win, based on Granted. It was a Dodgers last night you don't overreact is they're probably there 101 100 win type club. At least that's what everybody thinks. There may be the best deepest team in all of baseball. But I'm thinking 500 maybe, you know. That may be asking for a lot. Me. I think the standard is developed part developed Ramos have hope with the leg infections. No big deal. Develop Logan Web develop your young young guys. Maybe a flip Ah, veteran or two at the deadline for another young player to try to accelerate your rebuilding of this core. You got a nice mine. Early core coming. But that's to me. It would be success play Bart when he Whenever you know whenever they deem him ready to come up, get him in there and play him a lot. You know, playing a lot. Put Ramos in there, Let him develop. Let's send these guys play at the major league level because they're just not going to play in Sacramento. No gunplay scrimmages, but I mean, really, realistically, I think that would be success playing the young talent now. Ate away can be our mean what is going to some people are saying, Hey, you know they they're going to shut the playoffs. Well, I mean, you have to get a shot at the playoffs because there's an awful lot of team's going to the playoffs. But realistically Is that? Is that what this talent is telling you? Um, you know, last night was interesting, and it started really positive. Tyler Heinemann with that bunch single against this shift, and that was a smart play, and then he goes to second on the yeahs single. And by the way, you as is looking really good at the plate. Really, really good. And then floors came through, you know, on the flee with the third on the floor, a single and Florence looks like a good line drive hit her and then Pablo. It's the sac fly. And you know the Giants are, you know on the board and Johnny You know that record on opening day? Where that Rayanne opening day 064 and seven starts and opening day and then he dealt and he looked good. I mean, that was a good sign. I mean, Johnny stuff was 92 93. He was quick pitching guys had a 78 mile an hour breaking ball. It was nasty. He was surprised Kappler took him out. When he did. I thought he could have gotten another inning or two out of him. He said. He was going to do in the pregame. He told the guys in the pregame. Hey, I'm not going along with the many, and he held to it. But To me, that is going to be one of the challenges. Forget Kapler, this year's How is he gonna handle the veterans that he kind of pulls out and is there? You know he doesn't have a track record of success. And so that's the kind of a concerning to Crawford out. Late in the game. First defense off the pinch hit on for Solano in the infield defense just immediately went south. It was like everything just broke down as soon as Brandon Crawford wasn't that wasn't out there so You know the positive. So were Johnny for sure that Joanie I thought was the big positive last night. The Heinemann sloppy baserunning where you get picked off third. I mean, that's just a minor league play. That's a bad play. Drew Smyly. I thought look good. He came in, You know, he's struck out Seeger with two on and two out the fifth to end that threat. You know, I thought I thought too Smiley look pretty sharp. Rico Garcia look sharp. I mean, six inning he came in. He's blown 96 mile on our cheese. I mean, that really looks like a live arm. So I mean, there's there's pros and cons. Joe McCarthy to me. Looks like this year's counter gel. I mean, huge, huge hitch in his swing, and it just screams. He's not gonna be able to hit the hard stuff. Pedro Baez is up there throwing nothing but 95 96 you could see you. McCarthy had just no chance to pull the ball, so I don't know. I'm not getting the McCarthy thing at all. And then the run down O the run down where they allowed the Dodgers to set things up for the Kiki Hernandez, two run single. By letting the runners get to second and third..

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