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"chen bianca andrea" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"Tony the Yankees got a two run Homer from Erin judge in the third inning and bases empty blast from labor to or is in the fourth on their way to a four to one win over the Rangers they took the series two games to one Chad green was the opener he tossed two scoreless innings Louis Cessna three shut out frames behind him for the W. former Yankee Lancelyn took the loss with that doors ninth inning long ball off for a year and got Texas on the board for the I. he's now forty three games over five hundred their high water mark for the year the Mets got round trippers from Pete Alonso Robinson could and while I got arrested in eight to four victory over the nationals Alonso leading the majors now with forty five jacks winners Zack Wheeler went five allowed just one run despite the horrible loss on Tuesday night Mickey Callaway's club ends up winning two straight road series we went forth to regain ground on on two teams and we we played that's what you can control you can't control what's going on away from the fields that you're playing on and we took care of business we we we gain ground on to change our furnace shaky six than from Gary familiar who gave up three runs but sepuluh go blank then after the seventh and eighth at Justin Wilson through a hit list night the Mets now trail the cubs by four and a half in the wildcard race on the scoreboard. in the National League the Phillies fell to the Reds eight to five the giants outs for the cardinals night eight the Donna backed up the Padres for one Dodgers seventy three over the Rockies pirates by the Marlins six five American League Mookie Betts couple homers five release the red Sox from the Twin sixty two was the Indians knocking off the white Sox eight to six the a silence the angels for the thing that was the Royals with a five four win over the Tigers in US open quarterfinals now complete Rafael Nadal into the semis he defeated Diego Schwartzman alas nine straight sets six four seven five six two the table below there a teeny ousted Dale mall feast in the fifth set tiebreaker on the women's side Belinda bench it's eliminated Donna vekic Chen Bianca Andrea issue. defeated at least Americans in three sets. Ezekiel.

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