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"chemi adachi" Discussed on Japan This Week

"Shake, rattle and roll a Japanese firm admits to falsifying quality control data over its products. This time accompany responsible for earthquake shock-absorbing systems? No cause for concern there. A double homicide with all the plot twists and turns of a mystery novel. She allegedly killed her brother and her father and tranquilized. Her mother, the case of the artful daughter coming up. The youngest ever a fellow champ flown home to Japan on a n a by the previous youngest champ. Now that's a reversal. We'll bring you in a few minutes. Did you know that Japan today has a section called heavier, say for all readers voice their opinions on weighty subjects or not a selection of comments from this week, subject on bicycle manners later. In our last story we return to yesterday nineteen. Thirty seven. In fact, when an inspiring Helen Keller visited Japan on the first of her many visits, we'll bring you a little bit of her hope in light at the end of the show. So stay tuned. Hi and welcome to Japan this week. A quick recap of stories. We're following on the Japan today website for the week ending. October nineteenth, two thousand eighteen. I'm Jeff Richards. Thanks for joining us and let's get right to it. Let me shake things up a little in. Our first story over the past few years has been a continuing stream of revelations about major Japanese companies, falsifying quality control inspection data, think Takata airbags. Mitsubishi Motors, fuel economy, claims, Kobe Steel. In fact, car manufacturers condo builders foodmakers many more have all admitted to this type of data fabrication. In recent years, the latest company is k y, b corporation, which makes wait for it, earthquake shock-absorbers. These aren't the small shock absorbers on a car or a motorcycle. These are shock-absorbers for buildings this week. It admitted to fudging inspection data for more than a decade involving nearly one thousand buildings that include facilities for the twenty twenty Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. Government offices and the six hundred thirty four meter high, Tokyo sky tree. Not exactly the place. You'd want to be if a major shaker were to hit the metropolis government buildings affected include those of the Asaka come gala and Nagano prefectural governments, Yokohama city as well as Nagoya university facilities k be executives did their usual bowing apologizing at a news conference this week. This is the norm in Japan. When a scandal comes to light or least when they're caught Osaka governor issued, oh, Matt sui blasted k be for installing defective products and demanded compensation replacement of the devices. He also said the latest Campbell shows and I quote a decline in corporate ethics. Japan today readers agree with him, do the hustle rights Oga grief. It just never ends how many construction companies have come under fire for falsified data and sub-standard materials and workmanship in recent years? What are they going to do about sky tree? Can it be fixed or will it be condemned. To the lack of scruples and depends companies is absolutely disgusting and from halls Brown. They need to start sending people to prison for this kind of thing. It's an absolute scandal that once again puts thousands of lives at risk, both very good comments, my humble opinion, these types of things. Yes, they happen in other countries, but Japan being a country that prides itself on its safety, perhaps some real jail times are finally in order for some of these corporate executives instead of that usual bowel and apology. And I'll tell you another thing. I certainly wouldn't want to be in Tokyo sky tree during even a small tremor does this mean they should close it or stop people from going as a major tourist attraction, visit us at pan today dot com and let us know. Willer. Next story reads more like the plot from an Agatha, Christie, murder, mystery. So pay attention and I'll present all the details a forty four year old woman already under arrest for killing her forty year old brother by making it look like he committed suicide was rearrested this week. This time charged with the murder of her father by giving him a large dose of insulin. Police say that in January, a Chemi Adachi who is the president of a construction company in Osaka prefecture gave her diabetic father, a huge dose of insulin and some sleeping pills. He collapsed at home and remained in hospital for six months until he died. This past June before that, though, in March Adachi was arrested on suspicion of killing her brother must meet to at their parents house. At that time, Adachi had called muscle meet whose wife and urged her to come to their parents home because she said something had happened to him, meaning her brother when must meets his wife. Arrived Adachi showed her a suicide note and said that he had shot himself in the toilet sealing the door with an adhesive bond. When they did manage to open the door, they found mustard meets his lifeless body on the toilet room floor traces of charcoal ver- cats were found in the toilet itself must meet his death was listed as probable suicide due to carbon monoxide poisoning. However, an autopsy found traces of sleeping pills in his body. Furthermore, that adhesive that was used to close the door. Well, an empty bottle of that was found not in the Twitter room, but in another room in the house, along with a lighter police learned that Cami had been prescribed certain sleeping pills, which they believe she somehow gave to her brother like via spiked drink. A suicide. Note purportedly from the victim was later found by his wife who said the reading did not look like her husband's. Then police found the text of that note on a. Amies computer one more thing. The Adachi sixty seven year old mother was also found collapsed at the house. On that day, she told police, she blacked out after drinking, a much Latin made by a chemi-. A much latte is a green tea, Latino. That is very popular here in Japan, a Kemi maintains that her brother took his own life. She told Peavy media before her arrest in March that she had nothing to gain from killing her brother, but police suspect life insurance or a dispute over inheriting their father's business may be motives for her actions. Well, the suspect gets no sympathy from Japan today. Readers smarter has says, this is one of those truth is stranger than fiction stories. I would not want to accept a drink from that woman and Stewart. Gail simply says a few schoolboy errors there. No doubt folks them spot on comments. You know, for the most part, the sleeping pills and the circumstances are exactly that all circumstances evidence, but. I don't know that he's of being found outside of the room that year dead giveaway right there. What do you think what visit US? Japan today to common, let us know your thoughts.

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