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"chelsea yodok" Discussed on Bob and Sheri

"The excitement you want. It's the Bob and Sheri show, the two of us the music with Bob, I want to be here and Sheri's you think I wanna be there. Now broadcasting from the palatial Bob and Sheri studios is bobbin shares here. Everybody with us here. Yeah. The gateway is a weekend. And maybe maybe over the weekend, you're going to be eating something. Interesting something with hot sauce hot sauce. I got I got a new product to tell you. That's a hot sauce product. And here it is. It is called venom chili sauce. It's nine dollars a bottle, and it mimics type of pain you feel from a venomous spider by the research. Scientists with this came up with it. And they originally tried to get the actual venom from a spider to us in the sauce. But they discovered that it was too expensive to do that. So they came up with us and thank way of replicating, the actual heat from a venomous spider bite, and they have it. It's nine dollars. Bottle. You can buy it again. It's called venom chili sauce, and it is absolutely amazing. Evidently because it's sold out online as of right now, I love spicy food. But that is that one would not appeal a burning sensation that you get as if bitten by a Chevron tarantula, which are native to Trinidad is how they describe it one eat something, I don't either. But I'm so fascinated by people who can can say things like, oh, you can't you can't make it too hot for me. Really? You clip that there are people out from what what is it about that guy? And it's usually a guy not always. But what is it about that guy? Well, I read one time that the reason that people are attracted to really hot foods, host peppers and stuff. Yeah. Yeah. Is because you'll yes the pain, but the all of that triggers. This incredible flood of endorphins. Oh, is that you catch like, a mild high guess off of it? And that's the part where feels so good. It must be that must be the reason and others because if you go down the aisle in the supermarket and see the hot sauce area. When I was a kid, the, you know, you had Tabasco, and there might have been one other. There are like a hundred choices from all over there. There are so many hot sauces that choose from such purist. I want Tabasco me too. I mean, I'll I'll eat your taxes Pete. It's texas. Pete is good as good. Yeah. But I really only want Tabasco, and I've told you there are a handful of breakfast places. Kevin. And I go that don't have Tabasco. I just bring my own this yet. It has its unique flavor. I visited that island. I told you once the mcelhinney family owns I don't know if you can do a tour voted we were TV crew, I think you can but you can tour it's in Louisiana April. And is that is that the name of it? Yeah. And they have they had like exotic birds and animals wandering around and you could smell the peppers in the air. I wanted to go Kevin. And I were in in the area because he has family in Louisiana's whereas mom is from Italy. And so we went to visit his uncle and I desperately wanted to go on the Tabasco tour, but it was still it. It's not in New Orleans or near New Orleans. A couple of hours away. You have to go out. Yeah. It's on it's on an island and you enter and you can see the Tabasco leaves the plants as you're driving up to the warehouse. Where they do it. And they actually do it right there. They crush it right there on the island, and they they let you stick your head in a barrel. Yeah. Deniger they say go ahead put your head in their own. My God him was passed out. It was so strong. When when I was little little my before my pop-up died he and my grandmom had a beautiful big garden in their backyard, nigger, everything tomatoes peppers basil. Eggplants oregano, they grew lettuces. They grew gorgeous gorgeous of vegetables and herbs and they grew really really hot peppers like hotter than high milk. And I would watch all of the we we would have like pizza for dinner, and they would pass these peppers around, and they would take scissors and snip the peppers onto their pizza, and then they would all turn bright red gag and cry. Looking at that and going to be in a grownup, his awful. It's just an awful thing. What happens to you? When you become an adult that you want to do this. I will tell you something that happened. And you will say I understand the way you are more. Now, I was about twelve and my father ordered a pizza and brought it home from Pepys pizza and he got some hot pepper flakes and he sprinkled them on. And I guess he wanted the kitchen to get a beer, and he came back, and he started really going to town on the pizza. He loved really good pizza and elect taught food about ten minutes later. He started going. There's something wrong with me. There's something wrong with me. He runs next door to Charles lane, his friend. He said, I think I'm having a heart attack. Chelsea goes. Oh my God. Let's go. He gets them into the Giles's Cadillac and off they go Chelsea Yodok is I dunno. I dunno was the hut peppers. He wants to he went to Yar your. You ask me every other day. If the muscle you pull doing the daily burn is something that you may have to have your leg removed for I know, see your comes. I totally see where it comes from you need to set yourself free from that. I do I know. But you're not gonna. It's hard. You're just so. It is hard. It is it is hard by excess would would say to you. So you're not gonna change. But then so apparently, not something will happen. They'll say why didn't you come to the hospital? I thought it was nothing. He sure is said to ignore it who who the hell is Sherry I do a radio show with her. My godmother's machete sticking out of your head. She said don't worry about it. You know, your mansion spa sharing get Lamar's reviews, sit right to your phone text movie to eight eight eight Bob, Sherry, I was reading a very interesting article online about robocalls, which you and I have talked about them all the time. I have I think I probably am up to two hundred fifty blocked numbers in my phone now. And and so I was reading about this one woman her. She cons the store cons Zilin. She bought a couple of things a washer and dryer few other items from kinds back in two thousand fourteen as she made her monthly payments. But a couple of times just you know, like, you get a little tight here, and there she would send the payment, but it would be a little bit late and cons like like a lot of businesses. I'm not singling them out necessarily but legalize businesses. They have these robo dialer software programs. These aren't people that are calling you. These are computers that are calling you. And sometimes if you pick up a person will then speak to you. But your number and your data is in a computer cons called this woman. So many times that she began losing her mind. And she started tracking cons called her one thousand eight hundred times. Whoa. Does it say what the period of time was one thousand eight hundred times over the course of I think it was a year. One thousand eight hundred will certainly she paid the Bill before the year was out. Right. Not necessarily mean if you're paying on time, you can take years to pay something off thousand eight hundred times and think about that. And basically, here's here's the upshot of this article. Does that sound like a nightmare? Yeah. Good luck to you. There's nothing that you can do there's nothing you can do. It's not call the attorney general and say this is this is an abusive here. Here's what they said. Because of the way technology works. It is really difficult to make the call stop coming these call centers. Call more than one million people in our these robo dialers are making more than one million phone calls and hour, and you know, what it costs them to make that call just under a penny said they're going to get here. Yeah. They're going to long as they can legally do it. Yeah. And what ends up happening is he? He said, the it's an automated thing and the dialer is loaded for the day. The dialer has all the numbers it's going to call that day, and it's just going to call and call and call you would think you could call somebody and say, this is an intrusive abusive practice. How do I get stop? I've asked there's this one company that calls me, and they spoof numbers. So I block one number and then they call them the another. Yeah, I answer one out of twenty attempts men, tell them I know you have a job to do police take my name off your list, and they either hang up on me or give me kind of a surly. Then hang up on. You have to be on your game never comes off. I know you have to be on your game with things I didn't tell you this when Mary moved into her new office a couple of years ago she had to have furniture for the office. And I decided that I would give it to her as a gift. So, you know, it was a desk and a couch and share she's a therapist than she needed. No, something on the wall, and you credential and all that sort of thing. So I bought it. And there happened to be a deal of this one furniture store where zero percent financing. So I thought you know, I'm going to take advantage of that. So I bought it and shouted delivered in a it's not real expensive furniture. But it's good job. So the Bill comes every month, and I pay it. And I looked at it. I noticed now spend two or three years in the bills not going down. Evidently, I wasn't paying attention. Because after a year zero percent goes to thirty. Thirty not not ten not Wendy. I looked at that. And I went are you kidding? I didn't get a heads up on that you have to redefine. They have to read the fine print, which nobody does. So I just paid it off. I would not be surprised. I've clicked I agree to so many things come home tonight. Rumpelstiltskin is there for my baby. I really green too.

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