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"chelsea ingram" Discussed on KDWN 720AM

"Children steve taiwa kyw newsradio hey what are we gonna use time five fifty two sam's back traffic and transit on the twos or and brandon we have a problem now western schuylkill expressway heads up west of city avenue a ladder were hearing fell off of a trucker car partly blocking the left lane so again west schuylkill expressway a ladder partly blocking the left lane just past city avenue heads up their pen dot on the way to get that out of the way west of this we're looking good eastern the schuylkill expressway is all good at some earlier construction east of contra hawkin curve that's now cleared out of the way and once in town we're looking good on the vine expressway all reopened between the vine and broad street overnight construction and detour is gonna be back later on tonight weather permitting then we check ninety five south from the northeast we're not seeing any problems so far this morning at some earlier construction southbound between four thirteen street row there was only one lane getting by two lanes not getting by in the ongoing construction the act of work zone is gone off at the vine expressway into town from that side of town looking in great shape now other unusual delays or problems let's check the burlington bristol bridge still a backlog here because of a lift bridge opening a few minutes ago the southbound ship in the delaware so again the burlington is moving and again a quickly moving ship here possibly before sometime before six thirty we expect a coney palmyra bridge opening otherwise good in new jersey north forty two freeway up across other bridges we're fine mass transit no reported delays from the trumark financial twenty four hour traffic center i'm sam clover cbs three meteorologist chelsea ingram mostly sunny and slightly warmer today.

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