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"cheka bay area" Discussed on KCBS All News

"The warning is due to the heavy rainfall that could cause smaller streams and creeks to quickly rise and then create some standing water situations on the roadways. Areas that could see some flooding include Santa Rosa, Petaluma, healdsburg, sebastopol, katari roner park, and others. According to the national weather service, this is not a flash flood situation. It's more of what they call a nuisance type of flooding. And if drivers encounter some deeper waters on the roads, officials say to stay safe and turn back, meanwhile, Bart officials say there could be system wide delays this morning and that is because of the wet weather, Bart reporting there may be delays of up to ten minutes, officials are asking riders to watch their steps on wet platforms and stairways. That service advisory was first sent out just before 6 o'clock this morning. Well, if you want to avoid driving this New Year's Eve, buses or trains make a great alternative as kcbs as David Welch reports, many transit authorities around the Bay Area will be offering up free rides. AC transit Sam trans and VTA are all offering free rides on New Year's Eve and all three are running well past midnight. If you're planning on heading into the city for the fireworks, Jim Allison with Bart says, although it isn't free, Bart is running past midnight. And we'll also plan to have extra event trains to alleviate some of the crowding on the platform. Muni is both plentiful and free with extra buses and metro service from 7 p.m. to two 15 a.m.. Steven Chun with muni says if you're riding on New Year's Eve and you want it to be for free. Please don't tap your clipper card or else you will be charged. And if you're coming up to the city from the Peninsula, Dan Lieberman with caltrain says rides are on them. We'll be running free service after 8 p.m. on Saturday the 31st, and that will be going till the end of special late night service at 2 a.m. out of San Francisco. David Welch, kcbs. If you're looking for a way to help your community in the new year, consider volunteering with the Red Cross, you probably think a blood drives when you think of the organization, but Red Cross volunteer grant graves says they actually do a lot more than that. The number one thing we do over 60,000 times a year is respond to home fires. I'm really the only organization in the United States that does that. So when someone's in need, they don't know where they're going to sleep, their house has been burned down. God forbid they have had a loss of a loved one. We're the team that comes out to try to look at how we can facilitate them, connect them to resources. You can also volunteer at a local blood drive or even by driving that blood to the hospitals where it's needed. Graves says he's making a career change to emergency management because of his experience as a volunteer with the Red Cross. Just ahead on Casey BS. I'm Keith manconi, California saw fewer wildfire disasters in 2022. We consider why that happened. And that kind of saved the day. 7 O 8s with the cheka Bay Area traffic has just been crazy this morning because of the heavy rain. I'm sure you're overwhelmed at this point, Ted trying to decipher it all. What's a kind of top priority right now for motorists? Well, right now we've been paying attention to this accident in Oakland to 8 80 northbound right near 23rd avenue in exit, it has been blocking the three left lanes. It's gotten a little bit better in the last few minutes, so I'm wondering if they're starting to open up more lanes, but still right at that accident, you will hit the brakes pretty hard, as well as the situation in South San Francisco one O one southbound right near oyster points earlier accident had the middle lanes blocked. They're still working on that one, but in both north and south directions, there's flooding, particularly in the middle lanes, so that's causing slowdowns, both directions there. One that I do want to mention though is Bart is being impacted by all this. They said there could be up to ten minute delays system wide today due to wet weather conditions. They advise you to watch your step as you're getting on the platforms and right now there is a 20 minute delay between south Hayward and Union City on the Barry S align in the various at Richmond and Daly City directions. This is due to an equipment problem on the train. So if you are taking Bart, do be aware of that being a factor. And CHP and the Dublin area has advised to slow down in The Rain and that hydroplane into the new year is not recommended. Your next update 7 18 on the

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