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"checkbook manuel noriega" Discussed on Omnibus! With Ken Jennings and John Roderick

Omnibus! With Ken Jennings and John Roderick

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"checkbook manuel noriega" Discussed on Omnibus! With Ken Jennings and John Roderick

"Number one nine three four five operation. Just caug- Mr Purple. That sounds good to me. Poppy Mr Urban the purple. Some guy some of the job is Mr Purple. Your Mr Paint. Who CARES RENAME? That's easy for you to say you're Mr White Cool sounding name. I look if it's NO BIG DEAL TO BE MR PINK WANNA trade. Nobody's trade. Would anybody just 'cause what we we see that joke in blockbuster video about once a week there was a? Do you remember the early? Ninety s thriller. Just cause with Sean Connery. And Laurence Fishburne. No so I've never seen it either but there was a plethora of these kind of bad sean connery thrillers in the early nineties badly reviewed end a. I would always grab that one and be like hey do you guys want to get this and some say why and I'd say just because people love to. Yeah there's no pasta before the cause them. Yeah I feel like I feel like my desire to make that joke and then your story makes me feel bad about my. That's kind of why I wanted to give you the background have you. Do you remember you remember this time? Of course the nineteen eighties. Reagan era into the into the Bush era early ninety s with with some Clinton hangover of Of just being excited about. Us overseas military adventurism. This so people could not get enough of that on Cable News. You Know I. I was the target audience for late seventies early eighties military adventurism but after the invasion of Grenada and the Falklands War I transitioned into like a radical peace. Nick and so all this stuff. I was no longer excited by it. I was enraged. I was protesting in the streets. I was one of the one of the hippies that was out marching around me John. I'm supporting the troops. I know you were. I mean it's hard to imagine because we now live in an era of constant endless global war. Isn't that kind. It's fantastic. I know everyone. There's no downside. As an investor in several a munitions factories. I always interested in a new front. We're always looking for military contractors to advertise on omnibus. We're looking for Raytheon or somebody to buy some time to put your new missile system on the omnibus- just Just right at the omnibus project. That gmail.com we will load you on the bus and so it seems odd for people of this area and I assume I'm speaking to a future. War ravaged Earth where they are still in the middle of endless global war. Yeah they're just listening to US between raids right. Thank you by the way we appreciate being your voice of Voice of the blitz or whatever but there was a time not so long ago when the memory of Vietnam had faded a bit And I mean not for anybody. Who is there cut for anybody not for us either for Gen Xer? The memory had faded a bit. And the you know. The beginning of the current nightmarish war on terror hadn't happened yet. And so and Cable News crucially had just started. Twenty four hour hegemony in needed. That's right it's content within the first. What ten years of Cable News Right? I don't know when Ted Turner when when did CNN start going round? The clock early eighties. The problem with it was that it had a half hour loop. That never changed right. I mean they would update little bits of it but just David Good now on headline news saying the same stuff. It wasn't this con- It wasn't like a news anchor standing there like real new real time using you. It was. It was prerecorded. It was like watching the the Walter cronkite thirty minute newscast over and over and it makes me angry. That doesn't exist anymore. Like you turn on headline news today. They haven't changed the name. Maybe it's now but it's just reruns of cold case. It's like reruns of true crime shows from the nineties. Yeah but they still the CNN. Still call the station. H. L. N. But it just airs twenty cold cases in a row. I REMEMBER WATCHING CNN. In those early days. Just praying for something newsworthy. Because for whatever reason I would watch thirty minutes of news and then it would recycle and you'd watch it again. Just the idea that it was. It was happening that if something did happen. The plane crashed or or a war. Started that it that you'd be the first to know. It was super excited. We were the first people I think. For whom foreign policy and natural disasters and stuff became real time real time television entertainment and of course that led to the the end of the American experiment. Pretty Much Roselle but it was. It was super exciting back then to see what's going to happen to Mount Pinatubo. We'll get another update at half an hour last night. I logged onto twitter to tell some jokes and whatever the latest foreign policy disaster just rolled in as it was going down and I felt that I had to comment course and we're recording this early. Twenty twenty when we're at another. You know the endless series of flash points in the war on terror which is not reduced my terror at all no although it's really kind of a war reinforcing townhall though you know the terror that Americans kind of like to like to experience personally isn't real Iran. Iran. Iran has no capacity to strike against the United States. What Iran is going to do is set off car bombs outside of embassies for the next twenty five years so as long as you don't go to an embassy or overseas. Well Yeah you're fine. But what if you know anyone service as long as you don't know any will be deployed to as long as you're not in the military or do not have a child that's going on foreign exchange or do not do business with any multinational corporation and that's okay employed in live in? Seattle and you know. We don't actually know that many people who are deployed we do. I got I got a lot of messages last night from people who are either deployed or have family or friends that are deployed. And it was. It was shocking to me. A friend of the show who listens from his bunker said that the very close friend of his WHO's in the military police just went to Kuwait like three days. How I saw. He's like she's over there now. And what can I do? She she usually. I have her back but I retired and she just went on like a milk run. It's a lot less academic. Yeah for for hundreds of thousands of people and also the million eighty million people who live in Iran who are now going to find hardliners. Much more appealing option. The four hundred million people live in that region. Read who were already like Kind of amped up so really. It was really pernicious. This idea that the occasional Reagan era military adventure was a fun thing to watch on. Tv were you in high school in eighty nine. Yes Desert Storm Slash Shield right Remember they remember the the support? The troops we are the world like Kevin Costner engineered Asher thing it. Eight hundred nine was also the Oh. Sorry operation just costs so yeah shield is ninety one. That's true. I was in ninth grade in eighty nine and I remember really round the clock coverage of the invasion invasion of Panama and it had a neat three act structure that our cable anchors loved. I mean seminal moment there is Bernard Shaw John Holliman and Peter Arnett under a coffee table at the Sheraton or whatever watching the first bombs fall in Baghdad and everyone just watching it like it was a video game with night vision cameras and Americans just eating it up. That was released spoonful of sugar and the cool thing about all these military engagements is that they all ended about four days later in resounding victory and we got used to the idea that when the US declared war it was good TV and then it was over by the weekend. The problem with Noriega is that he was such a tinpot dictator. It did not feel like he was worthy of that much American attention and also even then they didn't thirty thousand guys for one for one drug lord even then yeah the connection to drug money laundering and the way that that had all just recently played out in the arms for hostages. Sort of scandal of the Reagan administration. We all were very suspicious at this point about CIA and involvement in drug trafficking. And so it very much. The stink of conspiracy was on the invasion of Panama and and particularly those named operation. Just cause really. It was a big big cesspool. See this is your peace. Nick take you and your buddies are already talking about how this is. Just cover up north all over again man. It wasn't th this was. This was the era when we were starting to recognize that the that the drugs from Panama get turned into crack and sewn in the streets of American inner cities. Creating an epidemic. You know we were. We were tying it all together. George Bush was the first president with a crack dealer. That's right as we've covered so just to set the stage in nineteen eighty nine. Manuel Noriega the dictator of Panama. As you mentioned had been a operative. He had been our guy in the region for decades but it turned out he was everybody's guy in the region for decades Reagan's secretary of State George Shultz said. You don't buy Noriega you only rent him. He's like beer. Apparently because at the same time as he is happily taking a six figure check from the CIA every year to advance American interest in Central America. Because I'll be cared about back then. The form just had one question that said the Sandinistas and Noriega was like wait. I got one hundred fifty thousand a year. Oh Yeah I hate the Sandinistas Eight home. Much eat them. But as it turned out he was also funneling aid to to the Marxist rebels Salvador. He was minute. He was giving intelligence to Cuba and other Warsaw Pact nations as a anybody with an open. Checkbook Manuel Noriega became their best friend and a few decades into his run as a US CIA asset. He also became president of Panama essentially dictator for life of panel and we had recently had very complicated relations with Panama American Public Relations. Wise because Carter had had negotiated the transfer of Panama Canal to Panama. During the late seventies leaving tens of thousands of US troops based there but yes giving them back the canal zone which was which was a very controversial thing and it was politically controversial in the sense that people on the right side of the spectrum felt like that was a betrayal. I will never forget my seventh grade. Social Studies teacher when we'RE DOING. Latin American history saying until the SE I. I saw the end of the sentence until the canal was given back. Thank you very much. Jimmy Carter and with such venom inner voice. Suddenly she thought about her anger. The Panama Canal Zone was no longer American. The bumper stickers said keep our canal giveaway Carter. I don't remember them. Yeah keep our canal giveaway cards Panama Canal Zone Anger Drum. If you retrace Carter Anyway so yes Ken. The canal zone had been given back but leaving the US troops in the area and has tightened his hold on power while he did a few things. First of all.

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