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"chaz mustard" Discussed on Inside Supercars

"Jamie wing cap has picked up his 124th race win in supercars as the greatest of all time comes towards the end of his racing career as a main game driver. He took the win in a race that was stopped because of monsoon or rains at Sydney motor sport park. Yeah, it was fairly turned into. I don't think they get much worse than that in the dark buck taming down. It was quite a decent river across the track at turn four. And ten, one was getting a little bit hey going as well with all the puddles and everything. So it was a matter of just tip it in and hang on. As I said after the rise to the driver and we wanted to keep going. But the team owner and me thought it's a sensible we're coming back next week. You know, we can't tear up 6 or 7 cars and have a grid of about 18 next week, so it was probably I believe it was the right call in the end. The race was marred with a number of yellow flags. But it was a wing cap, who got the win in the pits. He said the track had its moments when it was drivable. He's got wet track the whole way, but actually there was quite a once once four and two got going, then there was actually some dry patches where the cars were sitting on the grid. So you're able to get in a few draw patches, get some momentum when you get to the slippery bits. So it was much easier from the back there but got a good start. When aggressive had a bit of a lunch and a tent too. And yeah, that was a nice feeling, knowing that there's plenty of spry in the dark to be at the front of the pack, obviously the preferred position. Its wing cup second win of the season and potentially his last with just a few races till his retirement after the bathurst 1000 this year. I was in the grade that haven't had a win this year, so I'm not greedy. I got one back in tassie, which is great. And yes, I would steal another one this weekend. So for me, everywhere in every party, I'm trying to turn it like it's my last. So far, there's been two races that Sydney most motor sport park with two different times combinations. We can cap said having to run two compounds in one race, similar to Formula One is his preference. I like the dual compound as long as it's over one one race. Same as F one. I don't like it when cars stack this soft tires and completely rot one rice off for another. You know, I like it like to have it. The same for everyone and every rice. But the qualifying on bit torn on the qualifying, you should have a good set of the fastest tire for every part of qualifying, you know, rather than trying to save through one part to get to the next and whatnot. So you see chase you qualify 14. These 14th, probably not, you know, but he was sort of forced to try to save his tires for the last run. I didn't quite work out for him. So I like to qualify and just know no artificial just try it out fight and then the race bit of strategy to be part of it. I'm a bit of a fan of park for me as well. So what you cast set up that you finish with is what you have to start the race with. But I am a bit more of a purist. And I just think qualifying should be flat out. No strategy. Just the quickest cars at the front. The 5th quickest car is 5th and the tenth grade car is tenth. But then for the right mix of strategy, I want to see what happens. But for somebody on the outside yeah, from the outside, which measures out of ten, you know? And that'll make it exciting. But we're here racing. Everyone's got putting 25 people in their life on the line. And well, there's plenty of people down pit lane as well also doing the same thing. So we're going to make sure that we keep it as cape appear at the same time. Anton deeper squali over the course of the weekend had one race win in race 23. In race 22, he had a mechanical problem that put him from the back of the field, and then in 24, he came home second. And talked about the weather. Yeah, pretty sketchy. Especially once it's safe to car got cold then it really started buckling down and getting pretty wet. Pretty much what Jamie said in me wanted to go again and try and fight for it, but yeah, it was on the verge of being probably two or three corners, most of the trackers are up, but there's two or three that were pretty bad. Just rivers across the track and you kind of become a passenger for part of the corner. So you never want that. Especially restart into that. Something's going to go down for sure. One of the most remarkable performances on Sunday Night at Sydney motor sport park was chaz mustard, who started at the back of the field and drive his way up to third position in atrocious conditions. Yeah, I'd first say the spray for me was actually probably the bestest ever been in that kind of wet weather conditions. I think in a daytime when you have the spray that far back, it's so glaring that you really get kind of white like water that in the eyes. Here, you see the spray, but you can still see the track limits with the yellow lines and stuff like that. So I thought it was pretty good. I think just before the safety cargo called at the end was actually probably perfect timing, more the fact of this voice said, there was a couple of quarters on the track that would just get into dangerous turn one, especially didn't matter what line you picked there, but you felt like you're about to go off in the grass and there was a couple other rhythm for the track as well. So yeah, kudos to supercars are calling that. Obviously the fans in the stands want to see, obviously a fantastic finish, but safety and cars and all that kind of stuff it was a rock called the end of day. On Saturday night at Sydney motor sport park when the weather was a bit more accompanying racing, it was Shane van gisbergen, who took the victory, and he talked about having the two different tire strategies and also made some reference to the dick Johnson racing team where Anton de pasquale had to start from the back and will Davison was starting up towards the front of the field. Yeah, it was a cool cool battle at the start, normally you're driving right around 50% just driving to the top. I thought we were only going to do 5 laps or 6 laps in my case for the hard tire, so we're just flat out everywhere and Montage was done. When I pitted and gauti said, oh, we'll probably keep going because it was a bit of a bit of a gap behind. And yeah, just it hung in there pretty good, like you could just push flat out, whereas when you put the soft on your notes a long way. So yeah, and then when I came out, I was surprised that Jamie wasn't further ahead and just drove up to him slowly and then made sure I had coal tires when I got there. He didn't get any hard running in practice, did you? Did you save them? No, we probably missed the trick there, like, you know, you don't really qualify on them and the guys next door did a good job by running them getting a feel and knowing, same with earbuds, I think did it. So maybe we missed something there, but in the race, the car was pretty speedy on hearts. Thoughts on the two tire format that we've got going on this weekend. The two Thai compound format? Yeah, I thought, before the race said it was going to be we're all put in a box and going to pit early, but it actually was okay. And you know, there was differences in speed and stuff. So it surprised me. But yeah, we'll see what happens in the race tomorrow, once people have figured it out a bit and it's going to be harder, or it might rain, but yeah, it was good just to be competitive. I guess the good DJI car wasn't up front. So we don't know if we're really that fast, but we'll see. What can I be able to watch? Yeah. But you know what I mean? We'll see how fast we are tomorrow because he'll be up front. Davison, who immediately after the race was unhappy with some of his treatment, both out of our chambe and gis Bergen, but by the time the media conference rolled around, it seemed to be all settled. I just yeah, I just asked if he saw me on the outside of one. So I think he just understood him to me. So, yeah, it's never ideal. Try and go side by.

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