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"chaves kingdom" Discussed on NFL Live

"Parties and the teams appear to be in a great spot with drew. Lock is things are getting going. Oh there she is. You see the excitement. I'm in the front office. It seems is up on stage right now. Voiced that Lombardi trophy as the speeches are going to begin. Let's take a listen in now. All Right Chaves Kingdom. How does it feel to be world champions? It's amazing to see all of Kansas City here this afternoon. That parade is something I will never forget to share. Enjoyed together was one of the highlights of my life at our first meeting as a team at training camp in Saint Joe. This year I talked to the team of our goals is started with going back to the AFC championship game and winning that trophy. That has my dad's name on it and we brought it home home after that. I told them that we were going to Miami and we were going to win another Lombardi trophy and bring it back to Kansas City and guess what chiefs kingdom we brought it home. Aw All year. Long people spoke of the chiefs as a team of destiny. Fifty Years After our first Super Bowl win the sixtieth fifth anniversary of the founding of the American football league the hundred season of the NFL. Well that may be true. What set this group apart is how they came together as a team? These men believed in each other they had each other's back most of all they played for each other. That's that's the definition of a championship team and in the end. They did prove that they were a team of destiny. I'm so glad that we have so many of our great from the Super Bowl. Fourteen here with us today. To celebrate fifty years ago go. After the chiefs defeated. The vikings thirteen of those players had to tin the AFL all-star game and did not have an opportunity to ride in the parade. Nine of those men are still with us and all of them were invited to ride in the pray today. We're excited to have them here with us and to celebrate this new group champions. Let's give the super bowl four team around of applause. None of this is possible with an outstanding team of people coming together for a common goal as as I said during our trophy presentation Sunday. Our family is blessed to work with such a great team of people led by Mark Donovan Brett Right. Vh and Andy Reid. A lot of people believe this journey started seven years ago with the hiring of Andy Reid but it really started before that when Mark Donovan joined our organization. Mark has been the steady force that has helped make the chiefs a model franchise in the National Football League. He was instrumental in bringing Andy Reid and intern Brett to Kansas City. And he has done a phenomenal job. Bob Preparing US for success. Let's give it up for more. Just as mark has done an outstanding job on the business side Brett Vegan help build a world championship team. He was the driving force in acquiring some of the big time leaders and playmakers on her Rosser is like Anthony Hitchens Damian Williams Frank Clark tyronn Aaron Matthew. Oh some kid from East Texas named Patrick Mahomes. Let's give it up for in. The last part of the leadership team is the guy we call big red over the last seven seasons seasons. Andy Reid has made the chiefs one of the best teams in football and I can't say enough about him both as a coach and more importantly only as a person he's a man of integrity a tremendous teacher a first ballot hall of fame coats and after Sunday. Big Red did is a world champion. Let's give it up for Andy Reid.

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