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"chauhan williams" Discussed on Patriots Beat

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"chauhan williams" Discussed on Patriots Beat

"Then I, I've talked about this since back to free agency since the draft, they don't have enough outside corners. If Gilmore walks, when you face the bills, one of your, you know, one of your starting outside corners is dead. Either Chauhan Williams. Jalen Mills, or Michael Jackson. And I'm not saying those guys can't be good players. I'm saying, we don't know if they are and I said the bills. The Dolphins are weak one. So when you go up against that receive or yeah, DeVante Parker you got Jaylen waddle, you got these guys coming out. You, we want you want. You want you on Williams on Davante? Parker week? One, that's the question, right? And I know they have Joe Jackson. We're going to get to him in a second to hang on. Cuz somebody in the chat said we saw the Patriots Malcolm Moore last year, they had Jason McCourty. If they still got Jason McCourty, it's another conversation. Jason McCourty played 65% of the Patriots defensive snaps last year. He has gone. They didn't bring anybody else in. That's a true outside corner. So that's 65% of snaps. You have to replace in house and I just went off in house options. There is no Jason McCourty in those options. There is no sure thing in those options, you can like, John Williams upside and there is something to like there, but he's unproven, you don't know for sure. And you don't Reserve. I have an insurance plan. The Patriots needs to find Gilmore more than he needs the Patriots, right? So I put up the stat on Twitter earlier today of the Patriots defense with, and without Stephon Gilmore in 2012. And I know that there are some sort of caveats of this, right? First of all, much different front, seven this year compared to last year. So that's going to make life easier on the secondary. I get all that, but last year with Stephon Gilmore, the Patriots allowed, a passer rating of 80.2, which would have been top ten if that had been the entire year. Without Stephon Gilmore, their passer rating, clamp to over a hundred, right. So you're also seeing last year they gave up a touchdown rate of a TD, every six point, like five, percentage of points of throws without with life on Gilmore that dropped 3%. So this is a player that statistically makes a huge impact on this defense. And furthermore, when you watch the tape of this team, You see in Devin McCourty, said this in 2019, when Gilmore was having his Defensive Player of the Year campaign, it all starts with death and what he meant by that was sung, watch the way that they play. They play so much single Hai man-to-man. They play more single Hai man-to-man than just about any team in the league. And if you're going to only play with one deep safety, in the middle of the page, you are going to have to live with the fact that you're outside corners are more or less on the island you have posed, safety help. But for the most part, your one-on-one with your guy out there, and as we walk through the gauntlet of the season and starting a week long with DeVante Parker and Jaylen waddle, if you don't have a lockdown, number one corner in that type of coverage system. Your quarters are going to get exposed, so yeah, the Patriots can change the way that they play. Maybe they play a little bit more off manners, do nor too deep or something like that. To mitigate the fat to Stephon Gilmore is not out there, but if they want to play a game Our bread-and-butter cover one Robber with a one high safety, put another guy in the Box to stop the run, or rush the passer, or do whatever they want to do with them..

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