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"chattan pete" Discussed on You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes

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"chattan pete" Discussed on You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes

"It and I wanted to do a series of arch nemeses hugging cool things. It's funny that Kehinde late I- garold I was GONNA fuck sake get all this record. I wanted people to hear what it sounds like. When you're starting a podcast donut the grit Alva Sabi I was in here laying right where you are now? I sometimes just hanging out in here and I was like I'm going to take some of this shit down. I don't like the self serving doing like I did. I realized that you have to the guests. Look at a Wall Street Journal thing about the trade baby take that down. They get that out of here. I'm going to take it down. 'cause I realized I don't like when I go to other people's People's houses and they have their awards and accolades. It's not that I don't like it. I just I don't need it. Wow I hadn't thought about how I I feel about that. I do know that I do have a live concert poster and I've hidden it in the bedroom behind behind the bookcase so that nobody would see it except me when I go to put laundry in the half. I feel like that's different in our we call it the kosher kitchen. I don't want people walking into my apartment and seeing me me me me me me. That's what I'm cooking the same meal yeah. We're eating it differently but I have a show poster in the house. I don't find that to God isn't the deep house cool someone made it. Oh Wow that's cool image and if you look closely it's a poster for a show of mine for some reason. I'm okay with that just straight out. I don't know there's there's just like I kind of have an anti hoarding. Just let it go. The the new GIG learned late night move on ny like that. It's under a member but doesn't need to be on the wall. I think so oh Gerald you love me too good. Yeah I yeah you're just York. FM Times that doesn't do anything for you like let let me I mean this is a champagne issue but I wanted to okay so champagne issue so I have a good Gary. Goldman your special right. I they have a billboard up paths. You went to his voice. His voice is that Pesto like uh-huh shot Joe derosa by the way who he's the one who pointed out billy's to do shows joe and Joe would do him before and it would kill Jazz. Joe's bill is one of the best things ever. Have you ever seen tyler fishers bill Burr I haven't. I don't think I've Seen Tyler Fisher on my gosh. He does bilberry Boston teaching a master class us. He's a New York. I know from New York and it's on the money really. Is that a series of videos where you were in Oh oh yeah that was jail who does Louis Ck School of comedy where he tells children's jokes and he goes seven afraid of eight because fucking eight nine seven eight nine. I fucked it up but he would do all the classic jokes is Louie that that video was fucking perfect perfect jail jail Calvin C C a n look it up and then Tyler Fisher. I feel like we're overdue. Oh for a masterclass skewering I mean it seemed like there was an interesting opportunity to poke fun at Louis. You know what I mean rife life. I've been watching Gary Goeman clothes all day so like really you're such a delight. just start with the good shit. You're so good as I said when I saw you at at Largo but you have such a like a natural it's not forced you have a love of language I saw in your special and then you did on Conan a bit. That's on your special and there's it doesn't work as well on Conan because it was just like a cold crowd. You were fantastic a great clip. This is not you that passive aggressive community. It's a great clip. The audience isn't great and you said it was fraught and then they didn't really laugh and then you wait Laflin offline it is a Laflin. I think it is that they didn't laugh and your special they laugh because they know you and Gary. It's what I call a Gary Being Gary Laugh. It's a personality yes. Oh my God that's really insightful and it goes to have Chattan Pete being look. I need more. No that's not true you can't have enough off but that goes to that old myth that that Seinfeld crammed down our throats many years ago that only gives you five minutes famous Ramos Really. I said that everybody WHO's at your show their favorite thing is you yeah and that's okay. It's okay to ride that. Don't tell me you're only getting five minutes. It's I quoted that yesterday saying Oh. When Rainn Wilson did this yesterday was like aren't they just excited that you're there and I was like well first of all? I'm not on a huge network. Show like you said it's a smaller number. That's true right secondly. I quoted as thirty seconds but you're right. It's fine. I thought he quoted a lower number. Maybe I don't know maybe he gave himself so I loved watching your special just because you have watched it I well there was a little snafu. See carry on Conan you went it was fraught and they don't laugh and went fraught with what you added a line because I saw just the flames and you're not not anger flames mischievous. I'm driving the car. You guys just missed a road sign that I pointed out a billboard a billboard but I'm GONNA say it again to show you that. I haven't lost any ground here. It's a great moment fraught with what you double down. All your analysis. ooh Go and get me started on analysis. But what were we saying. I was saying that you want to the special and when you're doing it you're not ought you're not playing with scared money. I love watching you. There isn't that I don't know prickly. I don't mean to do bills voice here. We were just doing bill. Bill is absolutely one of my favorites for sure so I'm not putting down bill but sometimes I'll watch bill. It'll make me nervous because I'm like Oh. I got I got a fucking claw. Their throats like you got to claw their throats and then I watch you and I go it is another Seinfeld is another. There's so many any guys that remind Alexandro Yep that stand up Ken be more of a easy. It doesn't have to be like hey the buckeyes drinking who's drinking. WHO's drinking? There's something called the drink Lincoln I could say who's drinking is this you know what I mean in which is have fun and well. Don't you feel like that was a Boston thing you really had to grab the audience audience by the throat but also there was Roman. I think Steven Wright took advantage of this to the fullest where there was room to really stand out by being a little bit different. I'm from which is why he's a great or a lot different to use a BOT. You put Stevie right. I it's a in Boston. You know what I mean. He's a pinch hitter absolutely and Nat I used to look at the pinch hitters and I was like I'm not a pinch hitter. I'm a host that's. That's why the newly gig learned late night. You know what I mean hosting. I'm I send this face. I I have right come on. We got a great night. Good Stephen. It is great. I used to be a narrator for bad had mine one of the greatest sentences Jovi people when they're real voice saying it out loud. That's how I am with Menu Joke. Oh it's perfect. They are usually say caesarian section on this is Aaron section. You can't tell but every Winston Wilde when I leave the House I go out the window so brilliant isn't that great yes and because he's from Boston and because you and I are from Boston and and I want you to speak to this. I think we know what if I can hard town. It can be very exactly steven right so the fact that he's like the beloved son of Boston. I wonder how he feels about that. He did it against their will now. We all claim Stephen like we loved him right away going hang on after pretty much the blueprint of embassies which was Lenny Clark Yeah Yes yes just charisma in a flat top Lenny Clark. I'm not saying lending is not talented. Laughing off route risen and turning the crowd into an army that's exactly and then in Steven Reich goes on when I was growing up. I didn't think I was funny because I saw what made my father laugh and it was guys like Lenny Clarke. I think England great by the way that this is not anti now I just would sit with him. Yes and I've said there's a million on the PODCASTS. My parents are actually coming in today. If I feel like there's a vampire chasing. I feel like a little off. It's because there's an Indiana Jones Boulder landing at lax now it's deep claiming it's crushing. It's on its way to me. That's a great image GonNa Squash me as soon as it gets applying to ram one of the things I always felt felt that I missed about Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost Ark is the big boulder. Yes No backstory hilarious. I'm realizing thing in Jeff. I think they do a gag where he runs and it follows him impossible place. Oh my gosh that's hilarious. It was F- Great Movie Ooh every rebirth that's what people think it is now because they have no concept of those channels from the TV thirty eight fifty six fifty fifty six with Paul Wagner with a Standup no-ball Wagner. Yes I knew him. Yes I can't starstruck. If I'm Paul Wagner. WWL Kids Club Yeah. He was a really sweet guy and then but the kids club and then Dale Dorman used to do some voice overs when I was a kid. These are comics that did local Boston they. They used to have these these great contests where where you would oh my gosh. I don't know what you would win but you would try to they. They were like word scrambles but the answer was like Marcia Brady. I send them in. I never one it's it's my favorite that was how that was one of the early ways to be funny and to do show Biz is I would write letters to the editor of like a video game magazine and try to get a gag. I've said this I've said everything on the podcast before in the game mortal Kombat Shout Xiaopeng I think is his name. He narrates it. He's the voice that goes excellent. Remember and you fight him at the end and he's the last guy you have to beat Goro the forearm guy. You're picturing him right claim h yeah oh my gosh so have you beat Goro very difficult you fight shout song or whatever show Zouk something and I wrote in what if Xiaosong narrated the fight you the fight with him and then I just put in quotes finish me. I thought that was so brilliant Gary only buddy. We have this in common. I wait around Boston seeing my dad laughing at letting Clark's me going finish me yeah and we both came out of that. I don't think it's a I don't think it's an accident like now. That sort of environment actually grows other types of comedy absolutely can't do that. How do you follow that I I I to this day? You'll see if you come to lunch with us. You're invited. I'm just kidding. You don't want to the only way I can make laugh doing an impression of him. That's Boston. If if I WANNA be easily over here what is ragged cork out in my high no way at at our stand up my my my Shaw Day your Hsieh all right yeah I just I wanted her to come see you. Oh is she coming. I hope so I don't know though are you gonNa lock the screen. I have anxiety now. I'm not gonNA lock screen screen. It's like putting a baby carriage on top of a car and driver. I know except you could order grown on Amazon all right. You're right you don't have to. I love that you made a choice..

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