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"chase laporte laporte" Discussed on The Fighter And The Kid

"Friend. Mark harley takes your clothes board quarry nyquil freaks me out nine now and you don't like caffeine. Yes you're you're not you're you're mattie as protein shakes. I don't think take that now. I don't terrified terrified of everything you do. You do a little A little there in protein drinks so protein. Yeah you're you're going deep with this. Yeah he goes. Jimmy started doing the stitching time. Wanted to just push a little bit. Well i think now just accepted that. You've told me this forever. Just accept my size yeah. Fungi shift strong. I'm a huge fan. I used to be super self conscious of posting like workout videos because stand up. Guys really. don't do working out. i think they can suck my dick right. I've never. I've never understood why he would be shining fucking parties and he would stand with his legs like far apart. So we was a sizable buddy worth trying to party and he goes. Hey i'm enormous house again but more view right but be bigger and stronger than everybody with your ears. it's awesome. I feel you on that. You just feel like dues liking in girls. Yeah yeah what's the no problem. I've never understood it. Never instead it just be biggest john. Katie i get this video me. Dead lifting six hundred we posted. He's like what the fuck. Yeah fast. I'm like i'm worried. Just not gonna work bench fifteen like it's like nothing. I'm the strongest guy. Names stronger go. You are the strongest guy come. You can also beat up everybody. Rogan's really strong. Look at me like oh. You're talking about like now like now. He's don't get me wrong. he's definitely up. There doesn't matter no no no. He can't bench matter. You don't have to throw it heavy. Like because i said he is strong strong professional athlete and then comedian professional athlete football player heavyweight and ufc different bone structure and and also like so is that. How would rogan do against shop. Now you could ask broken and what jitsu fighting and but people don't think no. It's not a good question. It's not a good question is bad question. It's bad question but there are people that will say stuff like that The people guy said to me he goes bro. If you really fucking went out shop like if you really tried the other day. They said that because they saw my senior citizen that seniors news to chase something Chase laporte laporte chased bars. He's got funny he he he gets like. It was a news of an elder elder demand. Good man who did this. he's hilarious. Soup scroll down. This is my pate posted on your pos online. Does this page. This is genius. And i looked like an old. Oh this one okay. so funny. Assault wasn't tasted on camera inside a nurse for one live. Video was very disturbing again. This video is hard to walk. Set up the phone to take video. Is that suspect himself. Seventy five year old man seventy five and the young man can be overheard telling his victim something about staying out of his bed. A senior citizen caught on camera so far breaking by the arm very disturbing very disturbing. It's hilarious jimmy. Got all right so a news. Anchor freezes live on air. after basically having kind of petty fight there's one news reporter that introduces the next person. Who's gonna do a segment. And she doesn't like the way she's brought up so she starts getting petty and telling her no. That's not how you introduce me. This is how you do it. And the news anchor says. Hey we're live just freeze the hey before he placed in. Did you ever see that that. I i not famous comically like low level comic but he for some reason he was in trouble is on trial. And you know the reading the stuff in the oh and He he he actually worked as a part time host On a live tour with some become video towards the host stands sir sir feature future explain complex show. I saw sir feature in the judge. I sure okay i saw. I saw a pretty well known actress fighting about. Who's going to get into. I for the red carpet. I saw them with their agents. Getting into a major problem and i was like can be friends with everyone you or anybody here. You guys are all fucking cola finding ukraine this coming saturday and for more on this jessica jessica when we speak about sports. If i'd seen in good and you read a book.

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