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"charlotte n derby" Discussed on CharVision

"Hey everybody it's sunny in Charlotte N Derby. This is Derby. I fell in love with Derby. Because it's my front stewards dog in how I got sunny and I'm not gonna be able to hold them the whole time because we are coming to you live from Palm Springs California You know we're we're in a what's it called Quarantine Hornsey we're in a quarantine and so on I. I know I shouldn't be laughing because it's such a hard time for everybody but I I WANNA thank hurt. Who's WHO's on the engineer. Thank you no problem. Thank in the office in Michigan. Coal and I I WANNA thank to our president. Who's making all kinds of noise in the background? Who's so kind in purdue helping in producing those with us today it's It's such hard time put you know we. We really need to think about all the positive things in our lives and look at our cup. Half full half empty but And also the white light in the mirror tag that I teach everybody here. I'm going to hand derby overseas. Okay but I really had an amazing signed today and I got to show you guys this. Okay Sonny just went okay. Sonny does not okay so this is crazy. Can you see that? Can you see that you guys okay? So in Michigan and my home in Michigan I have a corral and I have only seen two turkeys at a time that corral. There's like at least whoops. Sorry there's at least twenty turkeys in there and there's a white Turkey and I think there's more than why turn one white Turkey and I've never seen that I've lived there since nineteen seventy four. I have never seen anything like this in my life. So when nature does things like this it's always assigned for me so I googled. What does it mean to have a white Turkey? And this is what came up which is amazing to me In mythology in Kalandria the Snow White Bird of Roman mythology could listen to this. You Guide enough flip out. Could draw illness from a man by just looking at him. Then send the ailment adrift into the Burning Sun. Is that crazy? Is they're crazy. He the Turkey they only had to look at the Turkey and the the animal would draw illness from the man by looking at him. Then send the AILMENT ADRIFT. Into the sun. Which says to me everybody. You know this shall pass to this this disease this horrible thing. That's going on show past two so Before there's there's this one other thing before invite my guests because I I I wanNA show you guys If you're stressed out my shock therapy tape helps. Balance shockers had music composed to balance your shockers and you can get it on. I tunes in you can get it on CD baby and you can also get it out of my office if you want and I also feel like you guys could benefit especially now from starvation out for oop. Sorry thanks Stewart it. The Universe is calling you So He me one second. I screwed up my my my nose so anyway I I am so honored today because Dr Wildly Keita. Who is a family friend is on the show today and I so appreciate it? Bob And I actually performed the ceremony for his son's wedding. You do have a good memory during much happier times. Yes of course. And unfortunately today you are joining us about this terrible virus. That's affecting us all so saw. I know how busy you are. I know you're going crazy you with with people needing you but you are an expert in in immunology. Yes that's correct and so if so if our bodies aren't strong enough it's we're more susceptible to getting disease right. That's right and that may be the reason. Some people get this disease and more severity than others. And in what how? How do we know who those people are in the problem? We don't we. Don't we have no idea and so here in New Jersey? We had an entire family that was affected where four people died. You may have news and two of the surviving members are on life support right now and that's very very very shocking and it's very very sad but it is. Yeah and I figured you know. There's gotta be something in that families. Genetics that really predisposes them to a fatal infection. Moves virus lack certain cell types which are very important into resistance. Stewart's sent me an article about how typo people may be stronger. The blood type is true. that's very very old old data. Yes he say. Act probably quite old. Oh my goodness you like you lake. You've written sixteen books on on immunology right. Yes rheumatology immunology. That's amazing so you are on the front lines of what is going on in New York and New Jersey. What are you seeing with your patients right now? Well this is a very complex problem right. Now it's come when it's almost surreal La Shar because what we're seeing is an uptick in people who are suffering from pool like miss the mass majority of which are doing very very well and when we see them. I'll stop and say in the emergency room. When a patient comes in who's has got a scratchy throat? A fever one hundred and two or three aches and pains much. Like you have when you have the flu. We send them out but we draw blood and we also take of their needle ferrings to see if we can recover the virus and send them home and we say stay home. Stay Quarantine do swell south quarantine now. That test takes about four days to come back right now it's actually being expedited so it's now more like twenty four to forty eight hours in the last two days if they the test is sent off to the lab until the state laugh for confirmation. We send that patient home when we say to that patient. Listen if you have breathing problems at all if you have a pressure on your chest if you feel like you cannot breathe call nine one one and get your back to the emergency room and I would say come back in. We then do a pulse. Oxygenation we test their ability to to pass oxygen into their bloodstream. We look at the patient. Examine the patient. We may get a cat scan which has typical markings for Kobe. Cove in nineteen when you get a cat scan that's positive and then we admit them now. We're proposing now to have specific floors for Kobe. Nineteen patients there are many many sets the ones as positive We'll go to those floors. The ones who are on the fence but have symptoms will go to a possible floor. They'll go to a floor and they'll be in a bed and we'll test them in wait to see if they're positive. Those were critically ill who stopped breathing. Wind up going to the intensive care unit and we have a fair number of those Which are pretty tragic. And that's when we have to use the big gun medicine. Wow that is there enough of that medicine. No there's There's enough of certain medicines as you heard our president say hydroxy clerk win which I'm sure it's flying off the shelves pharmacies. Now it's an anti malarial which I have been using for many years to treat immunologic disorders but now all of a sudden the Chinese have said that it's very effective in the Kobe. Nineteen epidemic so people have run out nurse buying it left and right and taking it and no drug that you take is free of side effects so the side effects of these anti-malarials are some people get a little nutty. Other people may have some visual problems with the drug. Some patients may start with psoriasis. Destroyed happens to bring around. Psoriasis if you have it in its latent so those are the kinds of things for that one drug Hydroxy Clark win and then Dr Foul on today and he said you know. We haven't done any double blind studies with this particular drug so we really can't say whether it helps or doesn't help. How how do you feel about like preventative? Medicine like boosting the immune system taking supplements. How do you feel about all that? Well you have to be careful that but with caroline you met Caroline. Caroline is an expert in supplements. And she's giving me ECHINACEA very lovingly every year. So you are you are taking. I mean I take all kinds of stuff you know I. I've even seen talks that prevents flu. I don't take these medications routinely under the auspices of my My Love I do a lovely and I totally between the two of you. You're a great team out. Thank you but she was just tuning of stuff. You do the scientific stuff in somewhere in the middle. There's a happy medium and I'm happy media. It's right that's right. You're happy medium I am. I am blessed to do what I do. So as a healthcare worker. Are you afraid that you could yet the virus as well so you know we had the we had the first emergency room? Doctor that was struck down by by Kobe. Nineteen a nearly died and he still in the intensive care unit a mind we went public with it so I can talk about it. The you know. We tried to protect the identity of many of our patients. This guy wanted the public to know that he worked in the emergency room. Thirty eight patients felt like he had the flu was tested turned out to be positive and then went into respiratory failure so we can happen and how old wore the more likely you are to have these kinds of side effects. Well you know. It's it's interesting because nobody is go- is immune to to this. I mean they're talking about Tom. Hanks in his wife Rita and Andy Colin he has it and You know I'm I'm sure you know I always say it doesn't matter how rich somebody is. You know they have all the money in the world are all the fame in the world but when it comes to your health there's no price tag on it. That's correct that it's the it's the leveler so but I I mean anybody can get sick and anybody can die so I went grocery shopping yesterday and I wore a mask and wore rubber gloves and I stayed away from everybody. I was trying to be six feet away from everybody and I'm trying to do all my shopping now because I'm worried that it's GonNa Mutate and get worse if I go shopping in three weeks or two weeks or whatever so are. Are we supposed to wear masks in in public or not? Because I don't WanNA breathe other people's stops. No you know. I'm going to be honest with your viewers and your listeners. We have a we really with regard to the cloth mask. There are several kinds of masks and one of our big problems right now is personal equipment. There's a big shortage nationally. The doctors in the hospital can't get specific kinds of mass called in ninety five's which means it blocks out ninety five percent of what you breathe in that's effect you have to be fit tested for such a mess right and it's really should be using the intensive care unit emergency room cetera but a regular cloth mask and I thought I had with my have them upstairs which I have a three mask in the kitchen. Yeah so the regular mass. The only good that does you is to keep your hands away from your face and your Mao all the most important thing. You probably said your were your gloves. Because you can touch you could touch packages. You can touch the shopping cart. You can touch the counter. Where the case Christian and somebody with Kobe will drop the droplets on that. Who scares her father? And that's where you pick up the infection. So that's why we say you should wash your hands as much as possible right..

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