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"charlotte bianca" Discussed on RAGE Works Network-All Shows

"Tori wilson. I know right was pissed off. There's no. I would just say what it would house the more shocked at the fact. That torey wilson lay out of everybody. He called a million other people. And that's who picked up i. I was more appreciative that they did the the rumble. The right way for me. Where they they brought in a nice grouping in the match. I love to see more than a more than enough women in that rain. And we could see how storylines compare off afterwards. When you have that it has. It's not as though that it's too much and is not that it's too little in the ring. It was a right sense of women in the ring at the right time during the whole The whole match Belair rhea ripley were the stars. Clearly i mean. Let's just be honest here. We ripley coming out It is clear that she's going on raw. She probably she probably will Will face oscar for or charlotte for the women's championship at wrestlemainia smackdown. It'll be the winner of the rumble. End the champion. Sasha a but but but the theme of the night was just rhea ripley elimination. She donated. I think the most women of anyone and bianca air was number lily number three and she fucking only entire only entire night. I those two th at the end it was charlotte bianca and rippling that ring. That's the bottom three. I want everyone to understand me when i say this. Those are the best women you could possibly get. Those are the threat of three best woman in the world in wrestling in professional wrestling. Right now in my opinion you can't get any better than those three. Please got bailey. Who started at one as well and and she went. Well she she was there and she. just she's a great sell. Not only was a shocker. Coming in at the spot and I and we were like okay. Whatever but she's she really showed improve. Gotta give another. Mvp shout out to shayna baszler Tony storm Also charlotte flair and For for the time being they were there for that minute. i have to say that Of course the biggest. Npr oldham the winner of lawyer was bianca. Belair i mean. Come on what she is. She is the best shot to have. Yeah and i mean you're already knew from last year that they had to do her do her right. They had to but to close it out for that that they put the final two people in the ring with rhea ripley and and bianca bel air Very i appreciate it. How they built that closing to match and how to finish was we we on this end. Want it rea- to win but couldn't be too upset that bianca one no not at all not at all and i think that with perfect choice. Her and sasha. I'm sorry that's that's the money match right there with bianca. Winning is still leaves. The door open what they do on role with riera. Yes exactly a-. And that's what i'm saying. I told her i was. We were all talking chatting And the first thing i said was what i was like at the match. I said either doesn't matter who wins this match. Both these women are fighting for the titles at wrestlemainia mark. My words doesn't matter as a matter They both will be. They both of the future of the company bianca that she is a future hall of famer in my opinion Deca belair is a future hall of famer in my opinion Mike was like. Oh bianca's gonna win. The bell never have a chance at it again. I'm like wrong mike. Zarian be a ten time woman shannon. She's all different. Brees is a different breed. Dog she is. I think she's the i think she's a athlete in charlotte. Mike and i am. I'm in the same boat. I'm definitely Because she doesn't have the the the legacy that that nope she square right up next to her. She's an athlete. she's a she's she's quick. She's fast her gimmick her mr perfect gimmick that the espn is not a joke. Ladies and gentlemen she is a fucking course enacting what they did for her. This year didn't have her do too much work than she. What she she she did last year. So this is why that her our position in the royal rumble and the way that they used in werchter was beneficial for her to be the biggest star that they made out from last year so i commend him for for protecting doing big business big business. When are this week this year next on ally. We have roman reigns vs paul subversive warming from. Yeah it's gonna be long. Roman reigns with paul heyman. Ver- defeating kevin owens and said that this was going to be the match tonight when it came to the cart and i wasn't disappointed We knew that romans gonna win. And why would a story i want to take. I want you to take the end on this part because goldberg recently spoke about him being the relief pitcher of the game. But i think you. And i know who's a real relief pitcher in when it comes to doing business in. Wwe it's gotta be. Kevin owens the man who you can throw kevin in any storyline and he will make it work. He is the dude that could play could stay in the bullpen for a few games. But if needed with rome in the game in the bottom of the ninth and he close it out for you man. Kevin owens makes stories matter and this entire story with him. Enrollment is just shown. Anyone that kevin owens a at anytime he is he is. Wwe safety net when in doubt. Coal kevin scholla's. I think that he's in that position right now where he has the respect from vince. He has the love and respect of everyone in the back of. He's in that he could do that at any time. Any knows it read. what what. What did you tell our group. Our group called with. Kevin owens cares about this point in his career wrestling all about wrestling. Loves the rescue. And let's make sure that creating content if he's not if he's not in that championship run. He doesn't care because all he wants to do is bring good content when it comes to promos when it comes to bring work when it comes to putting Others or himself over. He knows how to do it. And it's this. He's a wrestler's wrestler. Yup absolutely guys that. I think that when when the time comes in in The phone call Starts ringing for him to go outside of the ring that he will be a guy that will be a high guy in position to be in a back helping daniel. Yeah perfect is a perfect position. Listen fuck in fucking swan time bomb off the fucking off the top man Outside the arena. Even taking a bump off where the The thunderdome Screens were right. Yep even after that you all this match should be over but both of those guys that bomb and i. It was time peak pacing bump usually. I've been an arcade. That's the fucking match i was. It's over but his words hair the way he showed.

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