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"Not stop working until they've gotten to the bottom of the pile and recovered every single one of the families missing loved ones. Some personal items like cell phones and jewelry have been found on the site. Officials say those will be returned to the families of victims. A grand jury investigation into the collapse is being launched. Jill NATO Fox News It is 5 41 hang on to your wallet. Later today, the city of Boston is about to unveil a proposed budget identifying any specific dollar amount. At this point. It's still just speculation but a lot of people do expect the city's new budget to be more than the current $4.2 billion. Lot of interest will be on how much the city plans to pump into homelessness and policing as well as what the tax impact the budget may be considering the hardships the taxpayer has been facing during the pandemic. There was a lot of early speculation accounts would seek to raise property taxes by full 8%. But recently there have been some on the council have spoken out against that. And so the council will vote on a final draft of the budget next month. Patrick Osborne News Radio K LBJ, the Combined Law Enforcement Association of Texas in the Austin Police Association. They're both calling on a full investigation of Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza Clean executive director Charlie Wilkerson. He spoke with Fox seven news decide to turn the justice system on his head, and we're just going to release these folks. Besides not making any common sense, it seems to be, you know, something that makes the public last sighting. Now, the union say Garza has shown a pattern of bias and the way he handles cases and a possible corruption due to allegations of staffers are being ordered to destroy documents send delete emails pertaining to certain cases. Meanwhile, the crime and the spike in crime continues across our city across central Texas. Newsman John Cooley. He reports on the Austin bike shuttle shop owner that was left picking up the pieces after his store was broken into again. A J camp runs the peddler bike shops in Hyde Park in Cedar Park, and as of yesterday, his business has been broken into five times. So far this year. Camp estimates he has lost 70 to $80,000 due to bike That's alone, he says. Police have chased the perpetrators before, but Never caught anyone. I do think that between treated as a non violent crimes, so it's not being treated super seriously. But there's a lot of small business owners that are kind of hurting from this camp explains Bikes have been in high demand since the pandemic hit and other bike stores he called, have been hit at least.

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