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"charlie wasps" Discussed on WCBM 680 AM

"T 266 80 Start off in Cherry Hill, New Jersey the morning, Ray Good Morning Island. I have clearly a in a pot 14 inches in diameter. 11 inches steep now, usually when I water, I put my finger in and test for the moisture as one is that accurate on a deep pot like that? I do it and not a white bottles because I do it like in three different locations. Yeah, that's fine. Clivia in the winter likes to be on the dry side. Um So I mean, you can't get your finger roll away down there and I don't Exactly like those Elektronik meters. They don't think toe work very well. But when in doubt, just don't water The clivia, especially in the winter, Okay, I was afraid. I don't know whether it's underwater in a row over water and salt, Just Love. Water it too much. Yeah, Mine at the roots. They're so tight. I can't even get my finger in the soil. Okay, well, I just put them in list full. So that hasn't happened. You have the yellow or the orange. Of the yellow, Okay? Yeah, well, it's a nice one. Yeah. Uh, because I have both. Well, you're lucky. Yeah, they're big plants. Another. I've seen the pedal gardens and they still get quite big. That the people stop using see mate during the winter tons. A lot of people stop and pens on the plant. Coleus needed now. Um But most people stop until sometime in February, February that way. Well, I mean, December January, and then when the day's start to lengthen noticeably. That's when you absolutely to put it on early. February, is is you when people start Um Just do it all the year round because we're used to doing it. That's what I had been doing. But I wonder if I should stop for the winter. So you know it's so gentle. That I wouldn't. I just carry it home with it. Okay? I know I haven't seen any ill effects at all. From, uh, carrying on. Right? So you can use it with amaryllis than this time with a new bulb. Well, I wouldn't do the Ambrose until it starts to you know, if it's a new one, I do it. What water And then once it rice, then I withhold it. Still, it starts to grow. Okay? So once I said, growing that I could put it in with the same mate, right? Okay? Remember to keep it on the dry side to it starts to grow. Okay, Alan. Thank you. Take care. All right, bye. Go to things for Good morning, Roberta. Morning, Alan. Um, my brother's lawn is being overtaken by creeping Charlie. And I would like to help him get rid of the crease in Charlie and then re establish his mind. What would be the steps we would take and when we do it and what products we would use that he lives in Montgomery County. Isn't Montgomery County. One of those townies were not allowed to put anything on the lawn. Very much. Yeah, they have restrictions on what products you can use. But if if we if you you and I talk about what we could do like it on my lawn here and thinks, Burt, I might be able to, you know, coordinate it with his. Okay. This is what I would do. Um You know where I do on my lawn? What we do in your lawn and Finksburg. Okay. Okay. First thing God, please get rid of the creaking Charlie. Right. Okay. And You could spray it with either we'd Peter Ultra Or B k 32. War chickweed in clover killer From bar I've As soon as the creaking Charlie starts to green up. In the spring. School to take a couple applications to get rid of it. But you will wipe it out. And then I would also this spring. Um Hmm. Sometime at the end of March early April. Would feed the lawn with turf trust. Which will help it. Pick it up a lot. And take, you know, filling with the creaking Charlie Wasps. Would also put out a crabgrass preventer. Two applications, one win the purse empty of blooms. And one that six weeks thereafter. Because the Lord is going to be thin and you don't want progress to take over. Okay? The point and you may or may not with these applications. You may or may not need to re seed. Around Labor Day. If the one is pretty thick. In any event on Labor Day, I feed it again. Like Peters again sometime around Halloween. But you may discover with all that feeding of ter crust. That the Lord has thickened up. And you don't need to see Okay? So I mean, that's it, Get it under control. Take a couple applications, spray it with your your weed killer and then start to think about the long with fertilizer being sure also Put down two applications of crabgrass preventer. Okay? All right. That sounds like a good plan, and we'll try it and I appreciate it. Thank you so much. You're very, very welcome. Bye Bye, Mike. By the way, Ace and Edgewater has alot of those products. Speaking of ace, I was there. Day before yesterday, I got my Christmas tree. Shocked to see that they're doing 50 free delivery on all Christmas trees. The role for $50 live or artificial. Beautiful trees and fresh I brought it home. Have the base off its drinking water and pro long like crazy. I don't think it's dropped the dozen needles.

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