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"charlie maxwell" Discussed on E-14 Podcast “The Sailor’s Voice”

E-14 Podcast “The Sailor’s Voice”

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"charlie maxwell" Discussed on E-14 Podcast “The Sailor’s Voice”

"We've done a couple of shows him super super good guy in. There's a tragic academies good he does. He has some hard hitting topics. There's a few more in gaza forgot you. I'm sorry i should have wrote them down. And then the next month. Or so gonna coming out on boss. Rush games podcasts. With celeste ron yet. She has a good stuff. One one one it actually. It's not boss rush games. it's one it's one v one So we're we will becoming out on that podcasts. Scott lucio. From dr on podcast. Yes he has a good one and we're on his show coming up. Probably later this month. Charlie maxwell good royal out of texas doing some good things for vets. He's he doesn't good stuff. He's not a twitter guy but he's on facebook. I think maybe instagram. But no he's old facebook venture a follow him on. Facebook does have a of helping veterans suicide. It's important because twenty two veterans day commit suicide. That's the problem. That's that's significant and he's there to you know to help them. That support support. His fellow. Veterans support all of us in the military. And it's really doing really big things are really big in texas scotch really big arizona. He's he's really help a lot of vets around him to travel. And you know it's so cool is that hopefully we're helping people here in china and and then when we linked up and we network with everybody reaches get the feel like we're helping the country by bouncing ideas off of each other and talking and that sorta stuff linking lines throughout the country. You know like valerie lady. We saw facebook twitter Her her son was a a veteran. Had some physical wounds from from Terrorism in afghanistan iraq and. He ended up taking his life and she inspired. Inspired us to do to help a stigma. And i never really talked to her too much just a little bit here on twitter but just reading. Her story inspired me and jamie to do to hell with the stigma. That really put us up. We got to do something about it. 'cause she's such a gracious woman and she was like i let her know that we did this in honor over moore sign and i sent her the app some of the episodes because she was she really to hear it in an valerie. You're beautiful lady. Hope we did did you. And your son justice.

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