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"charlie doc" Discussed on WTMJ 620

"News Center. I'm Tony Braddock. Former Milwaukee police officer Michael Mattioli, fighting to keep the video footage of the aftermath of his altercation with Doyle Ossa vato from the public, many only currently charged with first degree reckless homicide in April of 2020 and the choking about Azevedo. Prosecutors allege Mattioli attacked in choked Azevedo during a party at Maddie Ally's home. His team says they do not want to release the footage or the 911 call to protect the potential jury pool. Eddie always also sued the city to keep the video private. He's due in court on June 4th the family of a man fatally killed by law enforcement in Brown County, appealing a judge's decision to throw out their lawsuit. Jonathan Tubby was killed after being arrested on a felony warrant his uncle Charlie Doc's letter, saying that the family is devastated, caused even more concerned. On how those that are supposed to protect our community and those that were supposed to protect Jonathan are unwilling to see the long term devastation hobby was handcuffed before being shot. Police say he managed to move his hands to the front of his body under his shirt, suggesting to police that he may have had a gun. Resident Biden setting a deadline of tomorrow to get a police reform bill named after George Floyd signed into law. White House press Secretary Jen Psaki with an update on where things stand. George has, unfortunately Elevated into the public eye, the need to put reforms into place the need to rebuild trust in communities, and we're certainly hopeful that that activism that engagement will help move this legislation across the finish line. Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of Floyd's death, and President Biden will be meeting with members of the Floyd family at the White House. Police have arrested a man wanted in four killings across two states after a seven day search in South Carolina. The Chester County Sheriff's Office is 26 year old Tyler Terry was found around 10 30 this morning,.

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