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"charlie  moore" Discussed on Courtside with Seth Greenberg

Courtside with Seth Greenberg

05:01 min | 4 months ago

"charlie moore" Discussed on Courtside with Seth Greenberg

"QuickBooks online accounts required. How about the other matchup? We talk about Kansas and Kansas is also another team that's gotten significantly better. Obviously Remy Martin finds his input. But I was watching today and Raymond Martin is really around part because she's shot creates and he can score it and he makes big plays. Is almost more comfortable when he's not on the floor. It seems. Just because they've played together more and he knows where he's getting it from. But forget about that. Their defense in the second half of the Miami game, a team that's hard to play against. To me, I thought it was phenomenal. They wanted defensively because they guarded individually. I mean, team defense is really good. They're switching everything. But they really started guarding the ball and making it really difficult for mcgusty and Wong. Charlie Moore was you don't want to say a non factor. But pretty close to it relative to what he had been doing. And look, when Remy Martin's in the game, they get Kansas gets way more offense on the floor. They're giving up some things defensively because Duane Harris is a vastly superior defender, but he's nowhere near the offensive player that Remy Martin is when they play them both at the same time. You can do that. Look, I think they're going to have to go at times, go small against Villanova. But David McCormack, I think he can have a big game against against Villanova. And they just have to make sure they're not going to get many transition opportunities against Villanova. That's going to be really difficult. But they have to run their offense with speed. And those pitch backs they make when they're instead of doing a dribble handoff when they pitch it, it's a lot harder to switch that stuff in Villanova likes to swim. But I think Kansas got a really run offense fast. They can't allow. And it doesn't mean they go recklessly. But run it with speed and work to get downhill because Villanova can make that into a slow game. Heartbeat. And if Kansas allows that, they're going to give Villanova a chance to win that game. Yeah, you make a great point, Jay. It's going to be important. And that's one of the great things about Kansas is they play with peso and misses Anne makes. And so it's going to be important for them to get it up fast. And on the other end, I think a guy that's going to have to step up is going to be Brandon slater 7 games in the middle part of the season. He was in double figure scoring since then. He's only had one in there. Yes. And I think he's had two I think he's had two games in NCAA term where he hasn't scored at all. With Justin Moore out and sorry, I told you guys, I couldn't even sleep last night after I saw because I knew what it was. Obviously we have to be professional and not say it until we know for sure, but man, my heart just goes out for that kid. He's invested so much in the game and he's such an important part of what Villanova does in terms of you mentioned it earlier, Jay, his ability to be able to defend the opponents best perimeter player while being able to give you 15 points and rebound and all of that. For his team, but I look at a guy like Brandon slater, 6, 7 long arms, lefty. He's got to be able to give them some offense in his absence. The thing about Villanova to me is they are going to have to control the temple to escape offensively and defensively. The one thing they don't do is they don't give up penetration. I mean, they do as good now. Obviously, without just more it's going to be difficult because Caleb Daniels probably not the defender. He's not the defender. Primitive defender that Justin Morris, but we know they're going to run the very comfortable playing deep into the clock, but defensively, if you look at how they defend, there is physical just physical a team as there is defensively. Like how they fight the post. Dixon's ability to try to get guys off their spot in a post. I mean, it was most evident to me when a hundred just whomever ended up not getting matched up with him. They're so active on the post, they forced a guy to post up just a little further out. Switching Jay, it is going to be harder because it is straight exchange. It's not like they're driving the ball at the defender and trying to screen them. They're almost trying to flip it so the guy can get a little downhill run off the flip. But I don't think they'll get spread out except for a charge hibachi. I think that's going to be interesting. He's going to have to end up with Wilson, who Wilson has become a key cog. He was good again today, especially in the second half. He takes some pressure off those other guys. If they can keep Kansas out of transition and as quick as Kansas runs it, their offense in the half court. I think this is going to, this is going to be an underrated game. Not very aesthetically attractive. I.

Remy Martin Kansas Villanova Raymond Martin Brandon slater mcgusty Charlie Moore Duane Harris David McCormack Jay Wong Miami Justin Moore Caleb Daniels Justin Morris Anne NCAA Dixon
Michigan State survives, edges Davidson 74-73 in NCAAs

AP News Radio

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Michigan State survives, edges Davidson 74-73 in NCAAs

"Three of the four games played in Greenville South Carolina produced no surprises in the west number two C. due to peace cal state Fullerton seventy eight sixty one and number seven Michigan state holds updated since seventy four seventy three in the Midwest number two Auburn beats Jacksonville state eighty to sixty one and number two in C. by me upsets number seven USC sixty eight sixty six on two free throws with three seconds left from Charlie Moore I just want to know your one sentence after from my teammates no say we need to make some plays no I just want to you know get involved you know make my teammates better make shots when needed no I was just no trying to steal my will to win to quote me Michigan state and Auburn will take on Miami on Sunday I'm Mike Reeves

Cal State Fullerton Greenville Charlie Moore South Carolina Auburn Michigan Midwest Jacksonville USC Miami Mike Reeves
 Howard Hesseman, star of 'WKRP in Cincinnati,' dies at 81

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Howard Hesseman, star of 'WKRP in Cincinnati,' dies at 81

"Actor actor actor actor Howard Howard Howard Howard Hesseman Hesseman Hesseman Hesseman has has has has died died died died from from from from complications complications complications complications from from from from colon colon colon colon surgery surgery surgery surgery according according according according to to to to his his his his manager manager manager manager has has has has been been been been was was was was eighty eighty eighty eighty one one one one marches marches marches marches are are are are a a a a letter letter letter letter with with with with a a a a look look look look at at at at his his his his life life life life hi hi hi hi this this this this is is is is Dr Dr Dr Dr Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny fever fever fever fever just just just just doing doing doing doing my my my my job job job job Howard Howard Howard Howard has has has has been been been been had had had had been been been been a a a a radio radio radio radio DJ DJ DJ DJ which which which which made made made made him him him him all all all all the the the the more more more more believable believable believable believable in in in in his his his his most most most most famous famous famous famous role role role role as as as as Dr Dr Dr Dr Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny fever fever fever fever on on on on WKRP WKRP WKRP WKRP in in in in Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati he he he he earned earned earned earned two two two two Emmy Emmy Emmy Emmy nominations nominations nominations nominations for for for for that that that that role role role role we're we're we're we're too too too too smart smart smart smart to to to to go go go go to to to to dances dances dances dances still still still still has has has has been been been been also also also also found found found found success success success success playing playing playing playing history history history history teacher teacher teacher teacher Charlie Charlie Charlie Charlie Moore Moore Moore Moore on on on on the the the the sitcom sitcom sitcom sitcom head head head head of of of of the the the the class class class class and and and and does does does does and and and and Romano's Romano's Romano's Romano's husband husband husband husband on on on on one one one one day day day day at at at at a a a a time time time time he he he he had had had had roles roles roles roles in in in in this this this this is is is is spinal spinal spinal spinal tap tap tap tap Billy Billy Billy Billy Jack Jack Jack Jack and and and and doctor doctor doctor doctor Detroit's Detroit's Detroit's Detroit's actor actor actor actor Howard Howard Howard Howard Hesseman Hesseman Hesseman Hesseman has has has has died died died died from from from from complications complications complications complications from from from from colon colon colon colon surgery surgery surgery surgery according according according according to to to to his his his his manager manager manager manager has has has has been been been been was was was was eighty eighty eighty eighty one one one one marches marches marches marches are are are are a a a a letter letter letter letter with with with with a a a a look look look look at at at at his his his his life life life life hi hi hi hi this this this this is is is is Dr Dr Dr Dr Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny fever fever fever fever just just just just doing doing doing doing my my my my job job job job Howard Howard Howard Howard has has has has been been been been had had had had been been been been a a a a radio radio radio radio DJ DJ DJ DJ which which which which made made made made him him him him all all all all the the the the more more more more believable believable believable believable in in in in his his his his most most most most famous famous famous famous role role role role as as as as Dr Dr Dr Dr Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny fever fever fever fever on on on on WKRP WKRP WKRP WKRP in in in in Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati he he he he earned earned earned earned two two two two Emmy Emmy Emmy Emmy nominations nominations nominations nominations for for for for that that that that role role role role we're we're we're we're too too too too smart smart smart smart to to to to go go go go to to to to dances dances dances dances still still still still has has has has

Howard Howard Dr Dr Dr Dr Johnny Johnny John Fever Fever Fever Hesseman Hesseman Complications Complications Co Colon Colon Colon Colon Cincinnati Howard Howard Howard Howard Romano Wkrp Emmy Emmy Emmy Emmy Nomination Detroit Charlie Charlie Charlie Charlie Moore Moore Moore Moore Billy Billy Billy Billy Jack Jack Jack Jac Howard Howard Howard Howard Hesseman Emmy Emmy Emmy Emmy Nomination
"charlie  moore" Discussed on CBS Sports Eye On College Basketball Podcast

CBS Sports Eye On College Basketball Podcast

02:46 min | 7 months ago

"charlie moore" Discussed on CBS Sports Eye On College Basketball Podcast

"College basketball podcast where we sometimes discuss camel fighting dodo birds and leaky black mat norlander is here with me and I suppose we'll start with the most interesting result from the weekend. It was certainly the most surprising, notable result from the weekend final score with Miami 76 number two. Number two from now, duke 74s inside Cameron indoor. The blue Devils closed at 15 point favorites, but they got Charlie Moore. Yes, Charlie Moore is still playing college basketball. This is his 6th year of college his 5th season, playing college basketball at his fourth different school. Started at Cal with the Kansas did two years at Nepal and now he's at Miami where he just led the hurricanes to win over duke. Got 18 points, 7 assists against the blue Devils, so Jim lahren egg is hurricanes are now 13 and three overall 5 in O in the ACC and on a 9 game winning streak. I moved them to number 25 in the top 25 and one. Dead leg I know you spent Saturday. Enjoying the beautiful slopes of Vermont, but every decision comes with a price. Are you comfortable with the price you paid this weekend? You missed Miami over duke in January 2022. Yeah, I'm very, I'm very comfortable with that. It was, yeah, I didn't see a second of this bad boy. It wasn't it was kind of an eventful weekend. We're going to get to all of it, but I will say as I was checking in on Sunday, because I unplug entirely. So it didn't watch the second college basketball. That's right. You're listening to a college basketball podcast where one of the two men on here did not watch a second of college basketball on Saturday, but I'm still well equipped to talk about what did go down. I see this stuff to talk about it. One of the great misconceptions about being a sports analyst is that you're going to see it. There's a chance you may be watching hello YouTube and listening hello podcasters, podcast audience. To two men who maybe not watch a second, I can't attest if Ferris watched, I'm gonna presume he did. I watched a lot of seconds. I was on CBS sports headquarters all day. Constantly tinkering with the top 25 and one and watching seconds of basketball. Do you fly solo on that headquarters? They get someone else to go up there with you. It was all me, baby, no problem. All right, there we go. Well, you know what? I'll return the favor in a couple of weekends, maybe there. But anyway, so yes, when I was checking in on Sunday and seeing I was like, I knew that duke lost. I was like, wait, Miami wins at duke? Yeah. San Diego state beat undefeated Colorado state by 30? 30. Hit basketball game? Alabama lost in Missouri..

Charlie Moore basketball norlander Cameron indoor blue Devils Miami Jim lahren duke hurricanes Cal Nepal ACC Kansas Vermont Ferris YouTube CBS San Diego Colorado Alabama
"charlie  moore" Discussed on Bruins Beat

Bruins Beat

04:51 min | 9 months ago

"charlie moore" Discussed on Bruins Beat

"But online, where the game starts again promo code CL Ennis 50. So moving on on a lighter note, there are better note I guess. In the win against Montreal on Sunday Night, it was Charlie night. Just Charlie what's going on? It was Charlie knight. I loved Connor's tweet of Charlie Moore trying to get on the ice. Log a goal, Charlie, more science, my checks, okay? So we stand Charlie Moore. We stand Charlie Moore. But anyways, coil scoring a goal, I know scored one off his head, but he had a really nice his second goal was awesome, came in, lifted the stick went in, put a top corner. Mcavoy had two really good goals. And I think the encouraging thing about this is people other than the top line score on goals. Which is what this team needs, right? We've said all off season. We say it now. Depth is going to be what kind of carries this team. That's what's going to separate. That's what's going to make it a good team. What do you see with that middle 6? Do you see signs that they are coming out and starting to get some better chances? I'll say, yes, because it's also relatively incomplete too. I mean, their lines make of them what you will the last few games because they're third and fourth lines were basically interchangeable with injuries, but that second line isn't entirely the group they wanted to roll with. The fact that they're getting any sort of life from contributors other than Patrice Berger on Brad Marshawn and David poster knock is encouraging. At the same time, I think Charlie mcavoy's on like a 70 point pace, so at what point do you consider him a secondary score versus a primary score? We're getting to the point where you almost expect him to be a near point per game player. Three quarters of a point per game player. The fact that Charlie Coyle is scoring, I think is very promising because Taylor hall will eventually break through. Craig Smith when he's healthy, will eventually break through. Guy throws so many pucks at the net. I mean, raw averages. A puck is gonna go down. The Charlie Coyle thing is, it's just nice to see him be assertive. That's more so what I look for with Charlie Coyle than anything. And that's what we get on my nerves watching David crate she is like, he had a good shot. When he was willing to use it, it was good. And if I were a bruins fan, my biggest worry with Coyle would be is.

Charlie Moore Charlie Charlie knight Charlie Coyle Mcavoy Connor Patrice Berger Brad Marshawn David poster Montreal Charlie mcavoy Taylor hall Craig Smith David crate bruins Coyle
"charlie  moore" Discussed on Bravo TV's Daily Dish

Bravo TV's Daily Dish

05:41 min | 1 year ago

"charlie moore" Discussed on Bravo TV's Daily Dish

"Bread dot com. Yeah nothing was for certain last year and Yeah so we're grateful to still be going. i think it's gonna be a killer objectively. I think it'd be a great season. There's a lot of is a lot of lows. Some really good drama some hilarious moments which. I would love to describe to you in vivid detail right now but i can't. I'm thinking about one in particular We're tom might was my coach for the day. I'll just leave it at that Yes so i i really do. You're going to get you know you're gonna get to know brock brock's new cast member. You're gonna get to know charlie moore. Yes really corey Corey this lowly. Some really great heartfelt moments a lot of tears tears of joy and happy end said tears and Get to see some beautiful vander babies. Yeah and i think it's gonna be fun the audience to see you know sheena la la as mothers and domino. Tom and i You know we're we're gonna have some more professional milestones so Yeah we've evolved but not so much to the point where we're boring. You know right you guys could ever be boring. Thank you in house business. House tom tom. It's it's doing really well. You know we've We were closed for fourteen. Months is actually very emotional You know i going back into tom-tom after not being enough for fourteen months was just i was crazy. It was like. I felt almost like the same excitement as did the first time i saw it like you know. I think you know. Lisa with all her businesses. You know feel like it was a very humbling experience last year for her. And you know. I think you're gonna see that too in this next season especially like was lisa and i think it's a very endearing quality in in very nice to see you know that with her on what awesome in all of our relationships together as whole Like i said like you'll you'll you'll see some changes in people for sure you know yeah and i feel going piggyback thomas saying i feel like we bonded with lisa this year more than ever. She's always been a good friend. A mentor almost a mother. Like figure for us but this year. I feel like we really bonded personally and professionally know to. What do you attribute.

brock brock charlie moore corey Corey sheena la la tom tom tom Tom lisa Lisa thomas
"charlie  moore" Discussed on Capital Allocators

Capital Allocators

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"charlie moore" Discussed on Capital Allocators

"Come to it and you see it now. Today now you see recurring. Revenue loans as opposed to loans are based on free cash flows versus died so it took a while for us to educate part of the industry but what that has done is drawn. A lot of capital into the industry actually created new expressions in expansions of opportunity putting credit into software companies which by the way now enables into grow much more efficiently because they can use a cheaper form of financing to drive businesses forward and how about public markets. Look i mean we've seen this. The public markets have re rated software. I think coming out of the pandemic. there's a few invest issue really understood it. The retention rates the resiliency the durability of enterprise software more have come to realize that because they realized companies were blind without software during the pandemic and many folks around the world frankly companies that i have to now pivot and build more technical infrastructure so have more visibility. I have more flexibility. In the way. I manage my supply chains or engaged with my customers et cetera. So went from being a nice to have to reduce cost to a necessity to be in business so that has re rated software generally but the short answer. You're still is ninety. Eight percent of software companies or private. So you don't actually have access to most of the software companies out there unless you're coming through private equity investors like us okay who are actually expressing opportunity in the former private equity investments in these private markets. Now what has happened. It's not just going to be the growth equity in the buyout. It is a full range our founder direct product. We just funded deal run guy. Charlie moore called rocket lawyer. Fantastic guy two hundred thirty million. I leaned senior secured securities to enable him to grow his business. And so it's not just going to be an equity. There'll be some debt that can support the growth of these businesses. And what we wanna do is this is really be able to supply the entire capital structure of need an opportunity for the enterprise offer industry globally. And that's what our ambition is part of his. We just intended to build the infrastructure maintain. But i'll call the sorts of returns and accelerate which we've been doing our returns cap and lowest loss ratios out there and that's an important part of building responsibly. The infrastructure to service the needs and requirements of rapidly growing industry which is in oppress osler in a business like this. That's proven show attractive over time underlying business. How is it that you're not just dell used with competition. There's very few competitors. Do the sort of deals that we do at the high end of the market which kind of fast-growing profitable businesses at scale. The middle market. I mean it is. There's a lot of capital interesting thing. is we do. Our analysis is only probably ten percent of the private equity firms out there in that space that have done half a dozen deals we've done over five hundred or so. The vast majority of looking to get an investment in software maybe one or two investment. This is all that we do and so we typically through the work that we've done with bg value creation. What we can demonstrate typically if it's a business that we like to say you know there's a assets out there and people playing a square prices for them because they want to have an expression in software. We still have a very disciplined approach. Our return show it in terms of what we underwrite to. Some folks will take lower returns because they may have fewer when opportunities in other things that they've done i am we've seen it. We bid here twenty years twenty one years we built. I think a phenomenal infrastructure that scales. We're constantly tuning that infrastructure constantly tuning our approach and frankly expanding our investor base as well. You mentioned rerating in the pricing environment. Couple of different times. How do you think about the marketplace understanding now. Far more than they did certainly twenty years ago that these are great businesses and therefore they have to pay higher prices going in. Yeah it's interesting. Institutional investors are investors for instance our understanding. That more and more. I have i don't know. Xm calls a day a week. Whatever it might be and there's still a percentage you're saying wow this seems like an over inflated market and the prices are high and if they haven't been in it like we have twenty years i mean three years ago. People said that five years ago people said it but as more and more investors become educated as to the value of recurring revenue hypertension rates mission. Critical business. Critical enterprise software. You're going to see more capital coming into the area because they'll see the returns in the loss ratios in save. Wow on a risk adjusted basis. This is a good place to be. Now how do i get in it. Well have you go to public markets. There's very few expressions right of how to actually participate in certain parts of enterprise software. As if you're in the private market we've got a very wide landscape of opportunity. And so there's an education process that has to take place and we do a lot of that primary education with our investor base but then as we start to realize it may move in that direction. It's been interesting to see some of the public market. Investors really start to come to more of the realization of it. And i think a lot of that is coming out of the pandemic. They saw what industries were durable. Which industries were resilient and then what industries also were called upon to solve problems remotely and that no one else software that fits right up our alley of enterprise software so again the basic fundamental demand of our products as actually increased over the last few decades but has accelerated in its increase in demand over the recent times because people realize without it. They're lost in either understanding their current business or reaching your customers are being able to actually manage their supply chain. You're seeing some effects of that right now. Globally where supply chains are still disrupted for various reasons associated with a pandemic and some companies are still blind to where they're going to get supplies and products because they hadn't made the proper investments in enterprise offer two three four five or eight years ago so going forward in the capital markets somewhere in between the public markets and private markets. We have this burgeoning spec ecosystem which i know you've been involved with. How are you thinking about sp- action general and near participation in this movement potentially some of these private companies to public market. Sure they'll see he's been around long enough. This is kind of the third expression of specs to the public markets. In my so far and like all things you will see a massive expansion of this opportunity because there has been less friction in the formation of them than in the past. There's been some changes in the rules. And i think people are going to embrace them for some period of time and then. I think there's gonna be some disappointments and potentially regulatory changes which were starting to see. The beginning of which i think are going to change the attractiveness of them for companies to be part of them are world of enterprise software. I tell folks if i don't get three calls a day from somebody about us back. That means i woke up late that day. Or they're looking to buy one of our companies or have some proposal and so from our perspective we look at look it as an interesting capital alternative. We of course have teams of people evaluating doesn't make sense for our companies. Something we should do and we'll continue to do that. And at some point in time you'll probably see some announcement about this has embarked on deal in one form or another evolving back. But we look. They are an interesting way to participate in the public markets in a short period of time than traditional live. L. that's at there's some advantages to them in some disadvantages and you have to weigh that relative to all the stakeholders that we constantly managing interest of as a firm. So you look out for the next twenty years. How do you evolve the next generation of leaders. At this. I look at. There's kind of pyramids of opportunity are aso's top to the investment team. Not top to be really. They've got to be fundamentally technically sound and underwriting periods in the story the news is we work on a lot of companies. Probably do fifty deals fifty sixty deals a year so they have a lot of completed. Which means we're doing multiples of that evaluation and so our people have an opportunity. Really become expert at underwriting. I was actually just encouraged yesterday. I got an email from one of our largest investors who completed a deal with us going best deal and this is a global investor billions of dollars they investment said. You all do the best diligence of anyone. We've ever engaged with by heads and shoulders and knowing that team in it as a md. Senior vice president associate. And i know the quality of the work that we do is just great to see that expression coming unprompted from a very large very sophisticated investor. That telling we're continuing to do the right things in the development when you start to get into the vice president level we have to teach a different set of skills which we commit ourselves teaching him how to source how to engage. Engage with man's teams. And you remember they ages of these folks. I mean they're engaging with senior executives who the age of their parents or grandparents in some cases and so we thought about this over time. How do you create the training methodologies. They know how to dress them in respectful way but also encourage what i call the adoption of the best practices. That we know are effective. And then when you get to the managing director level or the cohen level. You have to think about things differently. You're not thinking about on an asset by asset basis. You have to think about aboard the portfolio.

Charlie moore osler dell Xm hypertension aso
"charlie  moore" Discussed on Biz Talk Radio

Biz Talk Radio

06:52 min | 1 year ago

"charlie moore" Discussed on Biz Talk Radio

"More shoots. Welcome back cannabis Talk Agency and educational odyssey with Frankie Boy or Charlie Moore is with us today. We're so thrilled to have you with us, Charlie and Charlie's background. Is, um, he's involved in a company called Kush. It's a lifestyle, live life, and we'll talk about that in a minute. He is also part of Ah, larger brand, which is making a huge impact that's been around for a long time and that CBD unlimited Charlie. Welcome back and you were cheering with us that you're educating your kids. And I'm I love that you're doing that, because the truth is, is that we all have Endo cannabinoid systems and We don't really know. How depleted we are. And then I talk a lot about how Europe and Israel has been using hemp in fiber and making huge huge adjustments and living for companies. With even a fiberglass made from him, and I have a very dear friend who owns French Meadow Bakery and Cafe in Minneapolis and 20 years ago, she fought like the Devil to bring out a bread for men called him see bread and was involved in that and that was one of the early early pie still have the sticker on my refrigerator. That she created which was this gorgeous artwork. And and here we are 20 years later, not understanding the sustainable piece of the story and how it is so important in the balance of life that it was used in ceremonies back with King Solomon. I always share that. But it's true that they were etchings in the caves, so this plant has Had many, many on Many rounds added, and unfortunately Somewhere along the way it became very political. And then the morality said in Yeah. Yeah, that's in and where we are is we're as a society. It's in the U. S right now, which were growing towards tolerance of it and open it. I mean, you know, Look what just happened. You know, New York is just opening up a reform of legalizing cannabis, For instance, it's getting there. But there's still that big piece of missing and that's that education piece. Um, yes, you know, it's We need If CBD will in definitely wind up becoming a primary ingredient. I'm and I'm gonna say it like that as an ingredient off of products of our future, So it's going to be in the supplements as you know as readily. CNN's tumeric, for instance. Exactly happening because it's in a mega. It's in a mega fat. It's an important mega fat. Yes, so we need you know the whole education stems from getting the Children involved getting the Children to understand what this is what this plant is how to grow because you're teaching them so much more than just growing. Plant. You're getting them hands on with something that is going to definitely be a major part of our economic and ecological future. The other part is the immediate education now to the adults and that to me really has to stem from a physician network. You know, it's educating these positions to understand what this is so they don't feel like they're breaching of any liabilities. By recommending to their patients that pay CBD is something that could work because that's a lot of positions right now are are holding back from that because they just they're not educated enough to have that confidence in saying otherwise. Yes, absolutely. Tell us what pushes Kush is fun. Kush started in 2009, and it's he. It was started originally as a life long for hand, really promoting the whole hemp. And cannabis culture of community of people bringing everyone together of like minded individuals really, to show support of the independent community. And, Yeah, spread your independent musicians and supports your independent filmmakers and tired we went together. Fast forward after I spoke at the U. N on a few occasions on different industries, utilizing native bees for pollination. I was invited to be part of the STDs, which is the sustainable development goals. I was like, Wow, This is a great way for Kush to be involved because Kush is very much geared towards an interest of a younger demographic. You know really to that sub 30 age group just president Namesake. It's you know, it's a cool sound in the game. Return Kush also into an acronym of keeping US sustainably healthy, so sticking with the original mission and methodology of unifying that community within that cannabis. Culture, but at the same time now, identifying actual tangible, sustainable solution that we can engage in and be proactive and conscious of on our day to day lives basis. I love it. I love what you're doing. This is such cool stuff really wonderful stuff that you're doing. You know, we need more articulate. Speakers like yourself because we need the continuous education right now. And I still look at the economics of what hemp just him. And remember, you don't ever get high from him. You can take Tons and tons of him. CBD and you will never get high. I never never never, but when you are Looking at the economic picture in our country. It has the ability to truly heal us in many ways. And, you know, I mean, I just look at these farmers in Kentucky that were destroyed when tobacco with the tobacco industry that are now resurrecting their careers. Growing hemp and young people. There's a new surge of young farmers for the first time in in for her in decades, getting into farming again. Going back to the land. This is very exciting.

cannabis Kush Charlie Moore Talk Agency French Meadow Bakery Kentucky CNN Minneapolis King Solomon Frankie Boy Europe president Israel New York US
"charlie  moore" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

KNBR The Sports Leader

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"The Astros going to the second on a Randy Arosa Raina home run off Lance McCullers junior. Alex Bregman leads off the second for Houston. It takes a fastball inside ball one. Run Charlie more. It'll be Bregman, Kyle Tucker Annually Glory Ln the second for the Astros. Segments still trying to get going as he takes inside a ball to three for 24 in this, Siri's has not driven in a run since Game three of the division, Siri's and Morton a little lot of happy with the missus there on the first two pitches. Goes for a short walk off the back of the mound out towards second base to clear his mind. Re focus a little bit, too, and it worked right there with the fastball two and one. I'm going to do that. If I lose my focus. I'm gonna go for a little war and I'll get back for the next pitch. Okay, Power walk, Charlie's got it figured out. That good fish tail to the fastball. 21 and a swing and a ground ball up the middle diving. Stop it Thomas back to his feet on the first, and he got up. Oh, what a play by Willie Adama's Ranging behind the bag. It's second and still somehow throwing out Bregman throwback, defensive play right there. We don't see very much because of the shift in positioning. Not usually in the normal spot, and that is just tremendous. Didn't think he'd have time to get pregnant just because of being on the outfield grass pregnant a good runner, But everything was perfect. Any bobble any hesitation and that's an infield single boy. You can't Dive for a ball and get up quicker than a Thomas did on that play. And then the throw is really good and show I only had to do like 80% splits didn't have to do the full splits that we've seen him to so many times. What a play by a dominant. See that emotional Charlie Moore is a curveball for a strike from Kyle Tucker. Actually, no, I didn't.

Alex Bregman Astros Charlie Moore Kyle Tucker Thomas Willie Adama Siri Randy Arosa Raina Lance McCullers Houston Morton
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"Is the Game three starter in this series and Charlie Moore will be the Game three starter for Tampa Bay is really so strange because Masahiro Tanaka spend so great in the post season over the course of his career. Even if the regular season wasn't so great towards the end. It's like that light shines brighter in October, if you will, and he just seems to always kind of step up. Wasn't the case in his outing against Cleveland. David Garcia at all of 21 years of age, and with just a handful of major league starts will start game to tomorrow night. There's no one to her shell, and it's in the dirt. One ball one strike. And smell all of a sudden, doesn't Look like himself here. This innit? Behind Stan. Throw him a fastball eventually walked him now is one and one with her shell, but he just bounced to pitch in. And the Yankees have two men on here in the fourth inning try to extend the lead. Cents. Six ofthe second. Stanton off first a look back. And the 11 on the way and a change of grounded weakly back to the mound looks to second and then we'll throw to first and again through it into the path of the runner and a good play made by Choi. As nail was trying to decide what to do, and I think he made the right play, but he put showing a little bit of danger there. Well, he was the one thing I do like about the way you feel that this would he wasn't anxious. Where, right? He's going to just throw something into the outfield. I know that was a little tight at first base, but he took his time. Got a good look. Check down. Another receiver, and through that direction. He didn't throw a changeup to first. He threw a four seem to first he fired it over to Choi. You made a good play gin reaching into the path of the base runner. So to down is the runners advance pics of third Stanton. It's second. Here's Glaber Torres, who was called out on strikes his first time up now, a pitch in the dirt bounces off. Zunino about 20 ft to his right, But he hustles after it, and Hicks will hold his ground at third base. That's tremendous there in that. Could have been a lot worse could have gone all the way to the backstop. And sometimes there's a little bit of luck on the kick. But I think you give Zunino a lot of credit. He got himself in a good position rounded those shoulders, so a lot of that chest protector was in a position. For the bounce off the dirt. It could knock it down somewhere. That's exactly what it did kept it pretty close. Don't want to know the count on Torres, the Yankee shortstop. The Yankees leading 2 to 1 in the top of the fourth. Which on the way change up Mrs. Outside ball to? He hasn't been able to either throw the change for a strike or get a swing and a miss. It just hasn't been a pitch that's really gotten too much tonight. And it probably is his fourth pitch. You think of the both the slider and the curveball before you think of the changes for Blake interesting. I don't know what you have on the numbers, but it's says his changeup is supposedly his second most used pitch to Oh, I just threw it again, but he missed again. He can't He's just not getting any chases on what I'm also seen with that. Breaking ball consistently. It's not coming out of his fingertips there times when it comes out of his fingertips, and it's you know, this is going to be untouchable. And then other times were just doesn't come out. Right ends up YankeeNets spiking it down into the ground. He's done that a number of times. Rio on the way and a fast ball is outside ball for the second walk. He's given up this inning, and that one is going to load the bases singing for a guy who hit a home run off last time up in Clint Frazier. I'm sure I've got what you've got to change up. He throws 90% of the time more often than the curve and slider. It just hasn't been ineffective pitch for him so far tonight. And he's gotta have in the back of his mind that he threw one of his best fastballs tonight to Frasier and Frasier turned it around in a millisecond. For that changeup will be part of the repertoire here is well, is that breaking ball? He's got nowhere to put him so he's gonna have to pitch Mohr inside the strike zone, bases loaded, two down big moment here in the fourth inning. And the first pitch from snail. He starts with a curveball, and he drops it in there for a strike. Now we'll step off the rubber for a moment. Into the stands over the first base side. Frasier with a home run into the second deck in left field on a fastball above the belt in his first at bat tonight. There's the Owen and another curveball. This one bounced in Sonido blocks it but can't find it. He was running off to his right and the ball was sitting basically right at the feet of Frasier and the right handed batters box and he's fortunate it didn't roll further away. It's gonna be a bad feeling that second when you know it's out there somewhere but find it and that's where the picture Do not be a spectator. Better be moving your way down that mound towards the home plate area. Help yourself out. Help team out as Snell was doing right there. I wouldn't be surprised if he throws him just all breaking balls. Tries to get him to chase or just get some type off weaker contact. Some type of miss hit some type of a pop up. If you can't get the strike out, Bases loaded, two down. And the 11 change up. But again, it's like a foot off the outside corner, and it's too far away to get the Yankees to offer at it all. It doesn't really have downward movement. It mostly has horizontal movement away from a right handed batter, but it's not nearly close enough to the outside corner to get any chase. So he hasn't thrown Fraser a fastball yet. Snell is in a bit of a spot here in the fourth inning. And the 21 on the way. There's a fastball and it's fouled off to into another pretty good looking swing, though on it.

Yankees Frasier Glaber Torres Zunino Choi Stanton Masahiro Tanaka Cleveland Tampa Bay Snell David Garcia Charlie Moore Stan Clint Frazier Fraser Blake Sonido Mohr Rio Hicks
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"Badly right. That's the case. We have policies in place to go and deal with that we have for decades. I want to teach this type of stuff. It should be done in the home, not via the public school system via taxpayer dollars. And if you really really stood behind and believed what it was You said in that video, you wouldn't go on make it private. You leave it up there and go. I stand by what I say You got a problem with it. That's it. That's that that's on you, but you don't because you're cowardly. Your agenda driven is propaganda. You know, it's propaganda. And now you don't like to push back on it, cause somebody wouldn't called you on the carpet for Oh, no people were talking about it. Radio shows were talking about it now, So many people are negative. Now take it down right now. And then they're going to play the victim. I'm sure making an assumption here. I know that I am. But whatever. I bet they probably feel like they're victimized. Now, this is the problem. Look, it's over. Exactly what we're talking about. Here is a little light hearted one. This guy went up in front of a Nebraska City council meeting. And he said this Thomas. I won't take up too much of your time here. Who is Andrew Christenson? I 12 12 Twin Ridge Road. Lincoln has the opportunity to be a social leader in this country. We have been casually ignoring a problem that has gotten so out of control that our Children are catching, throwing around names and words. Without even understanding their true meaning, and treating things is as though they're normal. I go into nice family restaurants, and I see people throwing this name around and pretending as though everything is just fine. I'm talking about boneless chicken wings. I propose that we as a city movie tickets. Madame du seasons of fun. Serious. I propose that we as a city, remove the name boneless wings from our menus and from our hearts. These are reasons why number one Nothing about boneless chicken wings actually come from the wing of a chicken. We would be disgusted if a butcher was mislabeling their cuts of meat. But then we go around pretending as though the rest of the chickens its wing. Number two boneless chicken wings are just chicken tenders, which are already boneless. I don't go to that order boneless tacos. I don't go in order boneless club sandwiches. I don't ask for boneless auto repair. It's just what's expected. And number three. We need to raise our Children better. Our Children are raised being afraid of having bones attached to their meat. That's where meat comes from. It grows on bones. We need to teach them that the wing of a chicken. I don't know if he's from a chicken, and it's delicious. I don't know. I propose that we renamed boneless wings in the city of Lincoln. We can call them. Buffalo style chicken tenders waken Call them wet tenders. We can call them saucy Nugzar or trash trap. We can take these steps and show the country that where we stand on that we understand that we've been living alive for far too long. And we know it because we feel it in our bones. Yeah, I do Love his closing because you feel Editor bodes E this way. And this? I got this article from crack dot com. So I I assume It's a joke, too, but no, I think he's totally serious and I am with him. I stand with chicken guy, he said. The article says, Here it is. Boneless wings are not wings. He's true. Boneless wings were not made of wing meat or dark meat. They're just rejected chicken tenders under sinister rebranding and they usually made with and they're usually made with breast meat. I'm with a guy. The reason for this charade and how it's allowed to go on, of course, boils down to Right money. The cost of chicken wings has risen in recent years, making it somewhat of a premium item and the prime rib of a chicken if you will write the prime rib of chicken Labelling a chicken nugget, which is essentially what these are, as a wing allows chains like Wingstop and Buffalo Wild wings to sell more, and they seem like they're cutting the customer deal. Wingstop CEO Charlie Moore isn't even admitted. He's saying this. It's a little less expensive for us, and so we try to provide a value to our consumers for the boneless. Then they go on two point. Fortunately, one brave euro has stood up to the tyranny of misleading advertising in the food industry, and they have done so in Lincoln, Nebraska, the council meeting and it was glorious and they posted the video up. We're following Christians is lead and demanding the restaurant's be transparent with what they're eating. Right down to the letter. In the meantime, if it doesn't come on a bone, then we're not trusting it. I don't assume they're joking, but I don't. I don't know. Maybe maybe Mike and Minneapolis could provide clarity. Good morning, Mike. Welcome to Justice and drew. So what do you make of the boneless chicken wing controversy? So I won't be taking too much into this, but I honestly feel like he might be making an argument for the idea that our society is systemically race. What They are. There's something different, and I think what he's saying is This is just a vernacular. We've used all along while we go about changing it when nothing has really changed, and I don't know. Maybe I'm thinking too much. I don't think that's going says that's not a bad point. I wouldn't say this if we want to tap our inner woke nous in this whole thing. There's no problem with calling them boneless chicken wings of you. You're just identifying that them as that, John. I don't know if I have ever disagreed with you, Mike. I think this is a very serious issue that needs very serious conversation would identify it as a boneless chicken away that identified both chicken. It's a bigger social commentary is that you're saying that I don't know, man. I really I really don't know. We're at a time I'm bummed out. I'm going to see 10 and today I'm very excited. Oh, no movie theater. I'm going to a movie through the whole family and I are. We're going to throw caution to the wind. Screw you, Tim Walz. Oh, we're going to the movies. And I'm gonna have a bucket of popcorn in my lap that I'm not going to eat. Just went on to wear a mask. When he looks at me. I could take a Colonel bite didn't have a chance to get into because we're out of time. We got to find out what Sam learned today. But there was an article about an individual who went to see tenant in this feeling very guilty about it. I went to see tenant like an idiot. It's it's the article is so it's so It's so like. Oh, I feel so bad. I load my load myself for having gone to see tenant during this cove in 19 pandemic, Sam. Yeah, anything today? Yeah. Around 6.

Mike Lincoln Sam Nebraska City Wingstop Andrew Christenson Tim Walz Nebraska Editor Justice John Charlie Moore CEO Minneapolis
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"All right guys we have baseball finally finally finally back. I know. Ardent our tweeting about this in. A reassure, can we actually call it yet let's let's let's not jinx anything but I think we're back. We're starting in a couple of days and we WANNA go back through these alias previews and make sure we're up to date with everything that's happening on the teams that were playing for near the highest percentage of time. So today we're going to be going into the Blue Jays talking about the whole situation with the team and what they're doing as far as where they're playing and everything that's going on around the Toronto. So welcome again to the show Arden's dwelling from sports. Toronto who is he's he's become our Toronto, Guy I. This point on the show are welcome back man. They savvy man There is still a party that is like waiting for today's open on Friday. So I'm going to need to see Charlie Moore on the mound, the raise the baseball in his hand over. End into the box ain't GonNa need to see those things by is before I'm really going to believe this is actually happening. Yeah. I don't blame you. There's there's still a part of me. That does this I'm trying not to talk about it as much. Just because I feel like if I if I imagine things and I talked to them true, they will happen that's where I am at this point so. I want it so badly that I think it's being will happen. No matter what so. Yeah man so welcome back let's let's. Let's talk a little bit about what the the last three to four months. Last time we talked was in I think it was in March April right before everything shut down was the last time we'd spoken. So how is quarantine in this whole thing but treating you still you still doing well and and keeping keeping safe. Yes. Yeah. When we last talked I'd like chess gotten back from spring training right and I was in quarantine as all Canadians Muslim to get back in the states of quarantine for fourteen days. So yeah I was like confined to my whole about point and the obviously continued then throughout March April and May and most of June, and then Kinda midway through June. We kinda started opening things back up again we're able to get haircuts and stuff and Sit on Patios and injuring pints and stuff. So that's been nice. It's been good that we've gotten the case numbers under control here, and we've been able to get back to something close to normal life, but obviously, the viruses not gone away. So we're we're still still being somewhat vigilant here and we'll see progress. So. Obviously..

Blue Jays Toronto baseball Charlie Moore Arden
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"CERN villain in to walk when there is an accident involving three that's on mas stellar willow crescent ville chucking removes radio seven hundred WLW well this forecast scattered rain this morning and the little mix over to snow this afternoon first into the wintry mix and snow forty one is today's high about a half an inch of snow the best we'll get overnight the other twenty four then flurries thirty four for Thursday and I think again on Friday a look that up it's thirty nine seven hundred WLW seven hundred WLW sports the sports reporters brought to you by rising star casino in rising sun Indiana college basketball last night Naji Marshall with twenty three points later hit a season high twelve three pointers musketeers down the pole at the centaur center seventy eight sixty seven how about a big night for Marshall coach Travis Steele any true six files you know like he was he was aggressive I thought from start to finish that's how it's gotta be you know he's got to be a playmaker for sin well that score make guys better man you can do that he's a terrific defender he did a great job on Charlie Moore also last night we top it with nineteen points fourth ranked Dayton beat George Mason sixty two to fifty five flyers clinch a share of the M. eight ten at regular season championship with that victory date now has the longest win streak in the nation in seventeen games the flyers twenty six at two fifteen and in the A. ten Immanuel Quickley poured in a career high thirty points eight three two Kentucky tops Texas a and M. sixty nine to sixty coach cal we wanted we had to play a game that we use to the game was scrambled up and we had to make decisions and we talked about them leaving corners they did a manual took advantage of it some of the other guys didn't quite do it but he did we will gain also last I can state beat Miami seventy four to sixty one read sept eight cactus league baseball yesterday angels over the read seven three Sonny gray gets a start today read up against the mariners baseball is back here on seven hundred WLW this afternoon with the pre game shows a two thirty five after the game hot stove league live from Arizona bangles update Joe burrow met the media yesterday at the NFL combine in Indy former LSU quarterback stifling any speculation that he will play for the Bengals have pick number one in April's draft about meet with the.

NFL LSU Indy Arizona mariners Texas Kentucky Dayton Indiana college CERN Bengals Naji Marshall Joe burrow Sonny gray baseball Miami cal Immanuel Quickley George Mason Charlie Moore
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"The Jones Scruggs touch past Jones now operate and how the lawn but since I double team turned shoots a travel your dad but he travels in a bullet county gave the body body then snatched the chair out from underneath them and Jones is kind of stumbled it is a good defensive play sixty one forty eight savor the lead nine ten to play football with the basketball Charlie Moore walks parallel the timeline takes it from the left side of the for the right side of the right point right wing now what's with the basketball Jones give me plenty of space top of the key Lopez with it turns hands off the Charlie Moore the box he fakes a hand off back to Charlie market supply side of the floor former lands with the drives it to the free throw line a jump stop a figural shots blocked by Jones a veterans issue three a one quick good is found on the perimeter right Charlie Morton was trying to pass it back into the lane for a teammate with the falcon on the floor on the pants that'll be the sixteenth fell on the Paul the safe smart a vow by Charlie more jokes it was a two on one and he was able to file before the site got up in they will have to take it out on the beach that was the easy layup opportunity saver basketball's brought you in part by woody Sander for I. seventy five at Mitchell Avenue right in the middle of everywhere card with a basketball downloader Paul Scruggs working left side of the floor two or three girls in a region by Charlie Moore tried to steal the drivel and he's called for a foul that will send Paul Scruggs of the line for one one opportunity yeah that's a seventeen file what the Paul Davis it was before for to themselves they risk picking on Charlie more this half these small and there's big guards and wings are taking turns taking turns driving him to the bucket imposing them up smart office by Xavier last five minutes and thirty eight seconds acres outscored DePaul eleven to one Xavier leading sixty one forty eight with a thirty two to play a friend of the wanna one is all the way from.

football Charlie Moore Lopez Charlie Morton Paul Charlie basketball woody Sander Paul Scruggs Paul Davis Xavier DePaul Jones Scruggs Charlie market
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"Win shooting the ball game Xavier musketeers are twenty one or forty three for forty nine percent the Paul Boutin was twenty one of forty five or forty seven percent three point shooting the ball for the level thirty six percent the musketeers fifty percent ten of twenty from three point range the musketeers four five from the free throw line and the ball they are two of four from the free throw line a bartender a twenty for the musketeers all ten will be the first half yeah Joe Davis only taken one three pointer this half and we still have eleven thirty six to go I think they've got a couple more in them are they just going to have to but but it's really hard to get three point shots when you don't have time Rick Jones in the game because no big is really requiring DePaul to double down with that Tyree Jones is re entered the ballgame with three files sorry Scott three thousand seven points two rebounds it'll be Paul's basketball musketeers have panned the Marshall couldn't get Jones and carver on the floor Charlie Moore catches the back work crosses the line of the poem and one is a starter we've on the perimeter Paul with back to Charlie Moore left side of the floor all the boys title all the fake smoke rise right and knocks over quick good and that's a great defensive play by Clint good he's just plow the ground home made up his mind he's fake flat edges started to go straight down the right side of the lane and it was almost as if good good was a tribute and it took me three or four steps before toppled for heating go right now go right down.

Paul Boutin Joe Davis DePaul Tyree Jones Marshall Charlie Moore Clint Xavier Scott basketball carver
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"To the left hand drive over the left point back to the right point to Scruggs labelle low to Fremantle working inside against puts those approach shot off the glass no good left it short rebound taken by the ball blue demons Charlie Moore drives it a miss is that we've got to go by Scruggs a break out the Marshallese chase the ball catches it don't sit for too the questionnaire was whether Marshall could catch up with the ball before that remember the baseline he kind of easily took one step above the room to have slammed the release fifty to forty three like Xavier tak an early transition Joe before departure had a chance to set up their defense we drive to the basket rivers way blocked by Fremantle make it read comes back with a three back to back outside to wait G. with fires up an elbow jumper knocks it'd just ride of the lane Walgreens is a good looking athlete Joe the six foot seven two hundred twenty pounds only a freshman it's got six points and four rebounds that was it and he's defending nice you Marshall make anymore car from Detroit Michigan averages eight points of all getting better inside is Paul Scruggs he is covered up nicely inside big pass it back in the Paul Scruggs after tossed it out the Marshall now is working on the left bloc rippling phase when a twelve footer off the are no good rebound taken by Retallick pastor Charlie more along the left sideline the weeds finds a cutter and it stung by box gotta get back in transition fifty forty seven but the good job running from room to room the ball was brought down the left side it was fired into any discretion as to the wing is the flag that Marshall try to chase for the musketeers okay we have a whistle and I'll Falcone's gonna begins Nagy Marshall the pass to the wing was deflected Marshall was going after it'd been the scramble Marshall gets.

Scruggs labelle Fremantle Charlie Moore Joe Walgreens Paul Scruggs Falcone Nagy Marshall Detroit Michigan Retallick
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"Eligible orders over thirty five dollars restrictions in details and I was on the call basketball here's how this court went in the game tonight for the Victoria's blue demons Charlie Moore led the way with twenty five points you also dished out and assess well that was not his season high by the way but it certainly is among them twenty five for more twenty four for Jaylen botch a career high for him thirteen for Coleman lands all of those the second half eleven for Paul reed all of that in the second half a two points for Jacobs two points for weed was appalled ended up shooting forty three percent for the game thirty one of seventy to thirty seven percent from three point range not a twenty four sixty percent of the line twelve of twenty they out rebounded the Wildcats barely thirty nine thirty seven they had nineteen assists eight turnovers DePaul had one block and six steals the Wildcats boo boo he led the way with twenty five Miller cop twenty one young had eleven Turner had five eight points for Spencer for each for naps in Jones the Wildcats shot fifty three percent thirty five percent not at twenty six from three of seventy percent seven of ten from the free throw line we're joined now by head coach Chris Collins brought to you by our friends from Gold Coast tickets remind you that when it comes your favorite concerts sports and theater events you've got a guy it was a great game to watch coach I'm not sure if a game like this is as much fun to coach for you because it if that comes down to the end you have a lead there they had a couple of three is the where in your mind that this game how to get away from yeah that was a stretch you know we yeah I thought we weathered every storm throughout the whole game you know every time they try to make a little potion make little run we found a way to score we found a way to execute I thought both teams played really hard I thought was a high level came a couple teams really wanted it and then the office the the little stretch where was the the three for more the four point play from common lands and then we turn it over and you know but says a break ways of forty percent free throw shooter you know instead of taking a foul making him.

basketball Victoria Charlie Moore Coleman Jacobs weed Wildcats DePaul Turner Spencer Jones Chris Collins Jaylen Paul reed Miller
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"Megan Anderson isn't Chris sideboard so I'm really curious to see how she responds I think it's a little too soon for Felicia Spencer I've been wrong before but again so much at stake you for Chris sideboard not only an opportunity to get back on track not only an opportunity to be a rising star fishes Spencer who called her out but it is the final fight over USC deal by the way are great producer here Charlie Moore had just sent me a video of Chris side work who just arrived at Rogers place an admitted rocking the Wayne Gretzky old school Oilers Jersey she's so smart when it comes to the the marketing side of things she was the the the face paint that the summer ceremonial ways I love everything she does coming here rocking the Wayne Gretzky Jersey that's a nice touch from Chris cyber alright a couple minutes left let's get these calls and Tom in Boston what's up Ariel keep this short and sweet I got a prediction Julia Roberts was marked with it yes let's hear leashes spent that I got two word's live dog will get hit and she will walk through those punches and she will choker out rear naked second round take it to the bank Ariel I love it Felicia Spencer I like the accent live dog what about main event what will be sidewalks lap fight in the UFC okay Wu a lot of bold predictions out of you I like it would a main event main event I hate to say it Frankie Edgar he is going to sleep this week early all right okay so you're going with two adults and now one but I love it let's squeeze in Winston in Philly Winston Philly thirty seconds what's on your mind Ariel I want to give my with addiction.

Felicia Spencer Chris sideboard producer Charlie Moore Tom Boston Julia Roberts Wu Frankie Edgar Winston Philly USC Wayne Gretzky Oilers UFC Philly thirty seconds
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"Lineup works at Dietrich loss. Struggled today to muscle. The lane sends it out to more drives down to the baseline left, which neither shoot up. Top drives. Quick pass Garrick into the corner. Datsun for three that's good first shot outside the paper. Kansas made at the eleven fifteen Mark to go on they needed it. Too late now cut the deficit here to fourteen but amazing the fifth foreign to the game. Unable to get anything going outside the paint finally devan Dotson stepped up and knocked down one of twelve from three point land fourteen point game Iowa State leading a little trouble in the corner. Lost it safe in his past bike rides. He's trying to crowd half court does to dry spender. Roll. Good Kansas, making another run down twelve one thing. I estate cannot do again, you're giving points away Marriott at senior vacant acute mistake. They're saving the bond. His aunt starting to break for Kansas. I always state will spread the floor here. And it'll be all in the hands of lyndale Wigan tin, George conduct on the floor. Gatti's tried to set a high screen now we're going to file it as he made his move toward the lefty hit a shop before the shot at was the call at Iowa State inbound from the left side of cyclones love that action. They love to run a ball screen Hyatt. Lyndale Wigan slip the screener and just allow him to use his speed to get to the basket which Bryant having to file they're saving a drive to the bucket fell grinds. Inbound a Wiggins ten twenty three to go fires a pass Halliburton three quarter air ball. Overshot the red pamphlets the cash and again down twelve Marcus Garrick dribbles to the right dribble. Handoff to Dr. Stephan. Senate to more inside Cedric Lawson. And try to get going Kansas draws living ten did his work early there. He absolutely sealed George it under the basket. Easy, bucket forums. And again, you're wondering can this get him jumps Starling going on the to the floor below nine fifty to go. I will stay. Stay with Wiggins. Hi, how did by Marcus Garrity backs off with a screener coming uses the screen drives and to Halliburton that one's good? A big answer retirees how about the gut from that kid brush been planning his big twelve tournament airball right back at you out drills that three and a big one Bri with St Andrews down thirteen shot. A goaltender was a block that George pounded head on his way down for the rim. Grimes will get credit for the basket Kansas within eleven fifty five forty four the fans from Ames didn't like the call. Today at its apex. I don't know. I honestly thought it was a block I won't surprise on the call. It was close. They will out the bucket for Kansas fifty five forty four I escape nine thirteen plots to go second half. At the top against DASA look to penetrate. The Arkansas center to the light to Wigan with tender shoot. Wiggins. Thirty five feet from the basket now celebrates style delay draw foul. Flexes the arms and go to the line and chance Berkeley poi- the same play. They run that big fell out there. George slipped out on the ball screen, and for whatever reason, Quinton, Brian's, relaxing. Not sure if he's hearing the ball screen covered didn't call now, but live del Wigan look into drive that basketball. That's the point at Iowa State run never gonna be strain. You have to understand that the scouting report deal. And that is with four fouls Clinton Grimes at eight fifty eight zero three point play complete for Wigan Iowa State goes up fourteen so Grimes is off the floor. And so is Dietrich loss in it. Just went out in Kansas beat some points. Dow fourteen. Charlie Moore at the top right side. The dots is looking inside for only seven minutes. They want the ball. But they go to more. Charlie more entering with a triple Ariel falling asleep and just lose sight of this banning bought walking the basketball, Charlie Borthwick inside to the core. Ended up in the corner. All alone. Fifty eight forty seven Iowa state's lead is at eleven. Avenarius passion back and forth. Gotta Halliburton but sit atop. The baseline driveway Kinton close at high in the air shot came up short as he was fouled by Marcus Garrett. Two free throws coming for the sophomore from Canada Lyngdoh Wiggins such a physical driver. I mean, he really punishing view as he puts the basketball floor going right at Marcus Garrett that time such a strong kid, and a great athlete. Also has the ability to knock it down from three years a tough guard of a floor started thirty one games last year as a freshman with all those injuries tested, the NBA process over the spray came back to stores, he hits the first free throw and was a reserve this year with all the health and won the big twelve sixth man of the euro award. At the line for one more. Tickets. He's got twelve Iowa State hit the sixty point Mark, and they leave Kansas by thirteen with eight fifteen to go. Fans Leisler Datsun for Kansas from the right up top Garrett. Charlie more left hand tangible. I couldn't come up with a Datsun does tried to flip to McCormick before. He did he got fouled inside by George pounding. That'll be number two on conduct. And it'll take us to the under eight minutes time out here in Kansas City. Iowa State skilling command, but can Kansas make a comeback times winding down seven fifty nine to go cyclones sixty Kansas forty seven. This is the Phillips sixty six big twelve championship on ESPN radio and the ESPN app presented by Scots Kirk building. With.

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