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An Honest Media Take on President Trump with Breitbarts John Nolte

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An Honest Media Take on President Trump with Breitbarts John Nolte

"Thank you for listening to this podcast. Wine production now available on Apple podcasts podcast one spotify and anywhere else you get your podcast. Hey everybody today in the Charlie Kirk show. I have a great conversation with John Not who is one of the first employees ever at Breitbart news was hand picked by the Great Andrew Breitbart very thought provoking. Everything that he says in this episode, but I grew with most of it and I. Think you're really going to enjoy it. Email your questions freedom at Charlie. Kirk Dot. com freedom at Charlie Kirk Dot Com and thank you for supporting our program. We're putting on anywhere between ten to fourteen podcasts a week. Definitely the most productive conservative podcast out there if not all. All podcasts out there so if you guys go to Charlie, Kirk, dot, com slash support. We greatly appreciated Charlie. Kirk Dot com slash support. Thank you guys so much for listening. You'RE GONNA love this conversation. Buckle up, everybody here. We Go Charlie. What you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk on the college campus. Want you to know we are lucky to have charlie. Charlie coach, running the White House. I WANNA. Thank jollies, incredible guy, his spirit. His love of this country's done an amazing job. Building one of the most powerful youth organisations ever created turning point USA, not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom campuses across the country. That's why we are here. Hey everybody, welcome to this special episode of the Charlie. Kirk show I have with me, someone who is probably one of the most intelligent funniest individuals in the conservative movement, and really has has written brilliantly on a variety different issues. Just giving idea his twitter. You could change your twitter name. Not your twitter handle their easily. It says let's start our own Maga- Chaz so with me is John Nolte John Welcome to the Charlie Kirk show. Pleasure Beer. So the country is burning there is a new sovereign country in Seattle where I think we now have two people that we know of that have been killed within that Chop Chaz. SUFFERIN COUNTRY I've been looking at your twitter. Feed recently and you alongside. Many others seem pretty irritated about the direction that we are headed as a country. You knew Andrew Breitbart. You got your one of the first people that actually was at the. The beginning of kind of Breitbart news or I think it was called Big Hollywood back then and Andrew Breitbart. My goodness, we need more people like Andrew Today. Can you just give us an update of how you think things are going or not going and what you think our audience can do to to help of course correct I think overall the important thing that people should keep in mind is if this is just a cycle. And it will probably if Joe Biden wins, it will definitely come to an end. if he if you'll mind, doesn't win. I think that we're looking at a at a pretty long cycle is we went through something very similar in the sixties. And it took a while to shake itself out. In what we're going to see happen because and we've seen this before is the cities are going to get very very sad because you have the Democrats going along? With what is basically a soft on crime position I. Remember Bill Clinton got elected in nineteen ninety two. As a Democrat, who rejected the soft on crime sloughs, and that's how bad things got the Democrats. Everything that you see happening culturally everything happening. See you see happening as far as the police. It's all going to lead to disaster these terrible ideas they don't work anywhere except in the mind of the dumb Utopia, but we forget that after. We forget why New York elected Rudy Giuliani in nineteen ninety-four. They did it because the soft on crime policies proved to be disaster. And, so we're probably GonNa go through phases of urban blight where where the get very very bad and then eventually, people are going to be forced to wake up. And admit it stuff just just doesn't work, and it's making life intolerable, so one one thing I will ask though is. I actually sometimes say this is not a cycle because we're seeing things we've never seen before. People in private businesses having to take a knee just because they're white black. Only the return of black only dormitories schools like University California. I think it was UC Santa Barbara. We'll get the exact name here, but we are seeing things. We've never experienced before in our country and especially A. Predominant generation that we're trying to work towards that have bitter resentment and hatred. For everything we care about cal state Los Angeles I'm sorry and you see boulder have black only dormitories. How much of this do you think we can course correct? How much of this do you think is actually? Now just the new normal that we're going to have to live with you know white kids having to apologize for who they are. Just I'd love to hear your thoughts on that visually. It's GonNa. Shake itself out because like I said. This is such an intolerable. Way Not only for people to live like you is ready, have to watch this nonsense, but it's intolerable for the people that are demanding this kind of fealty. It's a terrible way to live. We saw very similar things. I'm not saying you're right. It's not exactly the same lack. Social Media's a lot different does good and bad thing because of the sixties and Seventies. Wigan have alternate media. We didn't have podcasts. We didn't have social media. But. You're during the sixties. Everything was so please and young people were so politicized than it was just this constant everything their music. The way they spoke, it was of nauseous it was. And, then their little brothers and sisters came of age, and they just said I really like this, so instead of listening to Bob. Dylan Joni Mitchell they grabbed led Zeppelin and they had fun and seventies were awesome. If you look at freedom. And? I do think you're going to see people just get tired. Of living like this and they're going to mature their way out of it and young people tend to reject. What the the establishment is and young people are going to reach yet. This very stifling. Less politicize everything mentality because it's exhausting. It's no fun at people like you Charlie Breitbart News. We offer free to. We offer fine. We offer that alternative. There is an alternative in America. And I think people can find that. Find, that refreshing once once we get through all of this stupidity. And the question is, when do we? When do we hit bottom? And how much damage do we have to go through? When you have a Sacramento Kings radio announcer that gets fired when he says all lives matter I mean when you have the constant digital annihilation culture. I think that is one thing culturally. That is different I mean they tried to do that? In the nineteen sixties has just. Just to your point, they didn't have the same digital mechanisms to be able to expose and boycott and create a mob swarm within a moment's notice like they do today now they can say. We want to wipe this person off the face of the earth. One of those individuals that they've tried to cancel for quite some time you wrote about this is Jerry owl junior, dear friend of mine. Runs Liberty University one of the few good colleges in our country. You wrote about kind of the how he was attacked for attacking exposing Ralph northerns racism. Can you talk about this? This is one of the most outrageous stories I've ever seen. Jerry Falwell junior doesn't like a relic governor. Ralph North on the. Virginia governor doesn't like his mandatory mass policy so what? Did. You know was put up a tweet that said if going to be forced to wear masks in so many words I'm GonNa. Wear this mask picture of black face on in what he had on the master or the picture that he put on the twitter on the tweet. Was that infamous yearbook photo? Where north of his either dressed up as a clansman or dressed up in black face in none of it is good nature. This is not a good natured anti-racism. Fail. This is a malevolent malicious stereotype. making very light of of racism, which is what you expect from Democrats at that time because Democrats were the pro segregation party that time. It was Falwell who was attacked. He was attacked for putting the photo op. Did people claim that they were re traumatized over the photo? And of course that's all B. S. and we have to remember that is all. The problem is that Falwell is a trump supporter. North, Missouri Democrat and people. Don't walk Falwell reminding people that North is racist because they're not retraumatize every time you see what happened at yours, Floyd. They're not retry me if if Falwell was a democrat. And there was some somewhere picture, a donald trump in black face, and he did the same tweet. But US DONALD TRUMP in black face and I want to make sure made clear. There's no photo donald trump black face a dave. They would love it, so it's all politics, and it's all away way to protect north them in a way to protect to attack Falwell simply because he was, he's a trump supporter. What he was doing was attacking racism. He was ridiculing racist and. They turn it around and they hit with it. It's just it's just absurd, and what it reminds me of and I know you mentioned that it does remind you the sixties, but it does remind me of the fifties other blacklisting cycle that we're going through. Only this time is from the last. We've been through this before. We've been through this before. Net lasted ten years, so it's GonNa. Be a tough slog zinc. We're GONNA. Get through, so you also wrote a piece. That says Joe Biden's rope. A dope is working brilliantly against trump What do you mean by that? And you say right now? Trump is running the stupidest and most self destructive reelection campaign in modern history. Let us have it. What do you mean by that well? I want to make clear I want to win. Swarm but Everybody when you talk about. What's happening right now? I hear this over a thousand dot, literally thousands and thousands of times on twitter. Don't believe the polls well. What People Forget is that in twenty sixteen? The national polls They were spot on the new they said trump was gonNA lose by three point three percent. Lost the popular vote by two point two percent. Two, point two points, so the national polls respond on, and he lost the popular vote by two point two points. He barely beat Hillary I. Know Him Bluer out of the in the end the Electoral College, but if you look at the vote margins and some of those states, he barely beat Hillary. Now the national polls, the average of them shows that trump is losing to bind by nine point two points and I think he is setting himself up the I. Think the election were held today or do blow our think you would be humiliated and he's in my opinion making one massive mistake after another. In not understanding that when the country is facing all these crises at what? Just one Christ Jesus bad enough that he we have three crises going right now. We have the corona virus. We have the economy and we have these nationwide riots. Instead of rising above it, instead of being steady, instead of being calm and cool. He's the same guy that he was employment was three percent he's. He's popping off on twitter cheese. He looks agitated. Everything is about trump. And I think his killing him I think one I think he's disqualified himself and I'm always reminded of George W Bush in two thousand four. I watched that election very closely. It was the first year I was unbeaten. New Media. Two Thousand Four. Iraq was go into Hell In two thousand four, the economy was slowing down in two thousand and four. The media were trying to kill Bush just as badly as they're trying to kill trump now, but Bush stayed cool. He remained calm. He stuck to his talking points a won the election and what people want from a president. When everything is going to hell, they want steadiness. They want competency, and even if you're not competent, even if your management is incompetent, they want you to. At least present yourself is competent, which is one of the reasons Andrew Komo's doing so well, because even though he totally screwed up the coronavirus New York, he presents himself Latino. Every day as someone who was in charge, who has an answer for everything again? Trump let those corona virus briefings just devolve. Devolve into these grudge matches. These endless marathons grudge matches against the media, and that's where I think. He started hurting himself. He's never recovered from that. He's temperamental. He's prickly. He's thin skinned. He's not being careful about what he treats tweets out like the guy screaming white power. And so Biden is hiding out in his basement, saying I'm the acceptable alternative and he's just letting trump punch himself out. It is very demoralizing to watch. Well. So, what concretely do you think? Trump and the trump campaign can do to course correct. There's a lot of members of the trump campaign that listened to the show and. Day They WANNA win. We all want, Donald Trump to win. And I. What what do you think that you say this is what they can do? Do you think it's personnel? Do you think it's direction? What do you think could be done to actually? Fix what's happening right now. I think the problem is trump i. don't think anyone could troll, but I would just say it's time to be boring and presidential. Get off twitter for God's sakes. GET OFF TWITTER! Nobody wants there's one hundred twenty six thousand Americans. Nobody wants to hear about you being upset with the polls. Nobody wants to hear that you're upset. Because Cable News segment, said something bad about you on Fox News. What are you doing? Spreading conspiracy theories about Joe Scarborough when I'm employed. Twenty nine people are out of work. He needs to stop making everything about him. It's fine, you know. He goes to these rallies and he wants to do a rally. He wants to have fun. Fun at a rally I understand that that's fine. That's a different situation, but you do have to be president of all the people in. He just needs to be presidential he needs to. He needs to lead you know right now. He's just reacting to these. Riots instead of instead of leading assist presenting himself as the president and say here's the plan. GonNa we're GONNA protect these monuments in the in the end. The governor's at Galway restrict their funding wherever you have to do, but the first thing he needs to do. Is Get off twitter. Stop making everything about him in take very good look at the two thousand four election, because the similarities are striking, he's also. George W. Bush was up his guy. Everybody knew for years and he was up against a Democrat it. He had terrible approval ratings, but he mustered through, and I would very closely watched election, and but he he really needs to get off twitter. wrote. On BREITBART DOT COM, the left's demand for racism far exceeds the supply. I totally agree. What do you mean by that? And let's just talk about this now. Hyper focus on race in America on how the left wants us to be almost a they want us to be a very hyper racial is society where we look at people's skin color first and foremost. With the thing that that. Prompted that piece was I was watching. Ball Wallace Nascar driver bubble while SANAL SHARPTON ON TV after we discovered that. The so-called news left in his garage was not a new slept in his garage. It was tied at the end garage Paul. And I saw hawalas on TV that night, and he was still complaining, he was still claimed pretending to be the victim. Instill still using the word damaged. To reflect themselves even though summertime loop at the end of the garage garage. No one could have known he was going to be. BECAUSE THEY TAGGING LAST YEAR And that I watched Al Sharpton at MSNBC and he's Theresa well. Somebody might have seen the news and then assigned Bala to that garage. So that tells me that he might still be the victim here or someone tied at Deuce, assuming someday Baba would show up a net garage and I thought to myself. These guys are willing to make. Massive idiots of themselves just to keep this narrative alive, and it's just a reminder of how little races of there is America there is racism in America. You don't have to make up racism in America. You don't have to tell the world. The Hispanic George Zimmerman who shot trayvon. Martin is self. Defense is a white racist killer. You don't have to manufacture hands up. Don't shoot when the guy was killed. Michael Brown was killed, trying to take a police officer's gun. We've had countless hoaxes countless racial hoaxes over the past ten years over one hundred of them as documented at Breitbart, dot com, and this is the ninth noose hoax so. Tell Sharpton is plugged in I. Mean if anybody says anything insensitive. He's here about it, and he's still forced to invent nonsense, and that just tells you how racism. There is an American who was going on now. We just had two terms of the black president. Donald trump just signed colonel justice reform into law. I don't know of a single human being. I don't know even even have the cesspool that can be social media. I don't know of a single human being. Who thought what happened to George Floyd was okay. We were together on that as a country. And this is what the rioting over even though everyone in the country things will happen to George Floyd was despicable in. It just tells you there's there's no racism in this country. There's no institutional racism. There's no systemic racism. You're always. GonNa have a few racist idiots, but they're so little racism in America. They have to invent it, says a about the great country. I completely agree and I think that. We. We are actually systemically decent country. Where Systemically unraced racist, if you will I think that you have to have to go out of your way to conjure up and conjecture, you have to just create the hatred, and it's not to say that there's not it's not. They're in certain very. Related incidents, but it is not widespread. It is not sustained, and so so here's a question I have for you. Do you think that the moderate progressives and the centre-left Americans can ever put down their hatred Donald Trump and essentially wake this. Wake up to all this craziness I mean when wind is the window, the Bill Maher's the world who are starting to kind of signal of signal. This starts said this is enough and you kind of have operated in that world of Hollywood. You've kind of been in that world world where they're, they're. They're happy to advocate for all this nonsense until it actually comes for them. I mean the National Basketball Association is painting their courts black lives matter. You're you're I think the NFL says you could put things on the back of Your Jersey. That will be a social justice. Statement of the might have done that which is interesting I don't think any of that will have free Hong Kong on the back of their NBA Jersey, which I think would be the ultimate social justice statement. I get this question all the time John. I'd love to have you help on unpack this for me. When when will the left stop this this? Campaign of destruction for our country I think they never will stop there a force that must be stopped. They won't stop themselves and I. Love to get your take on that. You what you're going to see happen is the. What they're doing is what they did. The boy, scouts. So you take a a? A program like the boy scouts, which everybody loves in everybody every you know, it's just part of traditional America. In a new attack, the boy scouts because they won't accept homosexual scout masters. An which is a perfectly valid. Thing for the boy scouts not to do I. Don't WanNa Straight man. Overseeing young girls in the same way I don't want a gay man overseen young boys. It has nothing to do. With opposing or being prejudice against gay people. It just don't do that. You don't put men in that situation whether it's young boys girls depending on their sexuality, but then you you, you beat up. The boy scouts boy scouts What happens to the boy scouts, they destroy themselves because no one wants to be part of an organization is. Going to do something like that, but that's the plan. They wanted to pressure. The boy scouts into the boy scouts cage in. They destroyed themselves. So what's happening was happening will off. The radar was happening throughout. The whole country is their localities. Localities are having their little boys. Get together in their teaching OUGHTA hot, and they're teaching them how to fish in cinema national organization that the left can attack. It's just happening very organically. Organically at the local level were boys are getting together and matter showing them how to this manner showing how to do that. It's very healthy. It's it's better for Balkanize. That way is going be the same thing with sports the reason that they're going after the NFL going after the NBA is to destroy these institutions which go see is what happened during the whole Kapernick thing. The ticket sales are going to go down. Go down as cost the money in where we didn't do as Americans. We're going to be more involved in college. Sports ready get more involved in high school sports. We're just GONNA turn. Locally now, eventually, this stuff is gonNA. Wear itself out. Because people are going to get tired of it. Eventually, the people that are doing it are going to grow up a little bit. There mature a little bit of the CIGNA. We gotta make some money here. And, it's just an instead of it being a loss, you know donald trump says stop kneeling. Okay, the NFL says we're GONNA stop kneeling in the left field loss I think it's just GonNa. trickle its way out, but again like the cities that are about to be hit with urban blight. It's GonNa. Take a while. We're probably looking at a decade before. This works itself out. And so yeah, this kind of idea of when we actually think this is this is going to end is when I get all the time. People say well Charlie wins the the left going to stop destroying the country, and then that convinced they're capable of that I. think that is actually what they want. I mean they're a the force of destruction. You can look at almost any revolution. The last hundred years. It's not exactly like the leftists masters at building they are. They're quite determined at at Societal and cultural destruction, and this is of course more like the French revolution are still trying to figure themselves out all the way back in the seventeen eighty s in France, they still have I. think some revolt every other week in some ways, and they have not essential Canon that allows them to believe at first principles and. In a republic so. Other question would ask your John. which is just more broadly, I got a lot of conservatives that is to say, what can I do? What can I do to fight this? Because they feel like they're losing their country. You were you fought alongside the amazing Andrew Breitbart who made the world? As seriously, and his legacy lives on still to this day. What what can good patriots do from all across the country to help fight against this just advance of of leftist carnage everywhere we see across our country. I would i. Just tried to have perspective on it. This is a very small segment of the country. It's even a small segment of the left. and. It's just been blowing up right now by by. The media is being blown out if you look at the polls. Overwhelmingly, it's a little disturbing. At twenty five percent of people wanted to fund the police, but it's still seventy five percent don't. Right now you have the Democrats like Biden in Pelosi. They're playing in all of this because they know that they have to. But when push comes to shove I mean, are we really going to define the police and if we do? How long is that, GonNa, let so I think people just need to keep him. Don't let yourself be demoralized. Because everyone's trying to make you feel like you're outnumber right now. In honestly with with people on the left ninety seven percent of things, we have in common with them. And media devices because they focus on the things. We don't agree with, but. On our basic humanity, we a lot congress. But. Do not surrender, do not Neil. Do Not spout racist things like black lives matter be confident I mean when I lived when I was working in Hollywood, people ask me if I was a Republican. I would always say I don't like to be called. A Republican I prefer right wing extremists. Just tell them right than their. You know don't ask me. Don't ask something like, but you don't like Ann Coulter. Do love and coulter. Don't you have to be confident what you believe that you have to stand up for it? Do not them intimidate you because. Part of my persona online is belligerence, and and I'm not like that personally, but it's just you need to let these people how that you are unafraid that you believe in what you believe in and that you walk into any arena. And answer, don't back down. Don't give a little bit That's the other thing and. Online work towards it Let your opinion be known and the other thing I would strongly recommend everyone do if you live in the city, get out because things are. I've seen this before. Things are going to get bit have to get out of the city and the other thing about getting out of the city is if you live in rural America like I do. You gain some perspectives. The world is not insane. Things are not going crazy. It's only happening these Democrat run cities, and that perspective is very very helpful. At least when you turn off repeater, you put down the phone. Things are saying things are called. Things are normal and I. Think you know I didn't watch Cable News. Three years still covered the media, but I didn't watch it three years because it's so were my perspective i. Wasn't doing a good job. So it doesn't help to hate watch cable news doesn't help to think you have to be on twitter twenty, four, seven, saving the world. You know you need to get away. You need to get some perspective. I think that's that's crucial to. John Nolte was handpicked by Andrew. Breitbart, Andrew. Breitbart is an American hero, absolutely incredible. We all miss him. He actually passed away about a month before I got officially involved in the political movement when I was a senior in high school just about eight years ago. Incredible and so God bless Andrew Breitbart Breitbart News, and all the great people over there Alex. Marlowe John Not Matt. Matt Boyle Larry Sola of all of them over there doing incredible work for our country in a variety different ways. Email me your questions. Guys freedom at Charlie Kirk, dot com freedom at Charlie. Kirk Dot com type in Charlie Kirk show podcasts provider. Hit that subscribe button for those you do. That screen shot an email. The freemen Charlie Kirk Dot Com. You'll get in the running. To win a free signed copy of the magazine. Doctrine get involved with turning point USA. GO TO USA DOT COM teepee USA dot com God. Bless you guys. Thanks so much for listening toxin.

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