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Barstool Sports Dave Portnoy Rant on Coronavirus Goes Viral; Pennsylvania Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine Misgendered; State Representative Marc Lombardo chimes in on the Reopening of Massachusetts; Lawrence Mayor on the Reopening Advisory Board; Greta Thunberg on CNN's Coronavirus Town Hall

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Barstool Sports Dave Portnoy Rant on Coronavirus Goes Viral; Pennsylvania Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine Misgendered; State Representative Marc Lombardo chimes in on the Reopening of Massachusetts; Lawrence Mayor on the Reopening Advisory Board; Greta Thunberg on CNN's Coronavirus Town Hall

"A Today on the Gerry Callahan. Podcast to believe it's nine weeks now that we've been shut down nine weeks and we've taken sides. God knows we've chosen up sides now. We have a face. We have a captain for each team today. The people who want to open economy the team reality who want to get back to work the face. The captain is Dave Board. Noy Who Went on a rant that has gone round the world already soon to be re tweeted by Donald. J trump will play some of that for you and on team apocalypse on on the alum. Leading the lockdown lunatics is a woman name Rachel Levin Ritual beans the Health Secretary of Pennsylvania and She sent Many many elderly people to their death in nursing homes. But that's not the real crime. Rachel arena was mis gendered yesterday. Yes we'll tell you who did that and we will We will send thoughts and prayers. His his way as he will probably never be heard from again. We got all that and so much more today without Guy Turtle boy turtle voice kind of the guy who chronicles all the madness during this in saint time. We'll talk to turtle boy. I'm Jerry. Kelly this is the Galahad podcast brought to you as always by friends at DC you digital Federal Credit Union deal of your car but h your car payment no problem refinance your car today with DC. You and they could help. Lower your monthly payment low interest rate or both applying. His easy and the loan. Experts will help you find the loan term the payment that fits into your budget get out at high rate loan and get the interest rate and the payment you deserve from DC. You learn more and apply today at TCU Dot Org Slash refinance insured by NC membership by gone. Let's go this. Is the Gerry Callahan? Podcast I turtled boy. It's been score the two months more than two months now since we shut down the world more than two months of the biggest new story of our lives in. We've you and I've always been news junkies but I think a lot of people have come around there on the news closely and what we have today what we have announced today as we have the face. We have two faces two faces. One is the face of the lockdown and it is not a pretty face after say and the other one is the face of the resistance. The face of opening up the economy. And that's a familiar. One day Portnoy. Sitting in his whatever's apartment in New York decided to whip up cellphone? Phone do a little Was He called emergency. Press conference at emergency pressing. Was that because it went viral. Like nothing he's ever done including his fight with Ao. Say None of that stuff with Adele Portnoy as as a as Mayanja old front Kurt would say the smart as dumb guy in the world and he is He he knows how to go viral even when he's not really trying to. I mean you least expect it. He grabbed a phone. Goes on a rant wonders why we are still locked down and suddenly. He's re tweeted by everyone. I checked a minute ago. It three thirty six thousand retweets. Thirty six thousand likes you. Don't see the thirty eight thousand retweets one hundred fourteen thousand six hundred forty one hundred fourteen thousand legs. The podcast get gets every time it goes live on facebook. The book right now all right now bear it up but but portnoy stint say anything new original he just went on a rant a good Emotional rant wondering why we are still locked down wondering why They changed the goalpost every day. Nothing you haven't heard on this podcast. Nothing Turtaboi hasn't written here at every day on on number shows. But you know it's Portnoy and he did it his way and my girl ant colony just re tweeted him as we said a moment ago for we came on that any minute now Donald J trump will re tweet him and then Portnoy goes to all new level. Trump's got seventy nine million followers. Donald Junior will definitely re tweet them the Today. Portnoy will be the most viewed video in in the world and again it's money it's it's nothing new. It's the same thing we've all had say. What the Hell Are we? Why the hell are we still log done? I mean this is Rhona rant time whenever I do occur half the people fucking Hayden half love me. We'll see what what the fuck is going on. When did this become flat occur? Flat occur flat curve to we have to find it here or everyone's GonNa die like Pouch cheesy like a nice enough. Do I've always and guy no agenda could be made to the grandfather in wedding crashers gets in front of the Senate. He's like reopen the country. Too quick around debt without come from La Anger. We're not opening the city till we find a cure. What finding clearer. Who SAYS WE'RE GONNA find a cure? We haven't found a cure cancer AIDS twenty years or whatever do even have care so the economy. Just shut down. All we've heard forever. Flatten occur flatten occur. Make sure this hospital as there now. All of a sudden like a one eighty. He's like taking a cross country flight. Six hours. They tell bite six hours five hours and a half ago by they get on the intercom. Oh just kidding. They're Ten hours you can't do that. People have been mentally preparing. We're doing what you ask. We've done exactly what you said. Now you're changing. The rules in some states are open some La shut down your shutdown Arizona's opening Florida's opening seems long political. Is What is going on it. Along is the right three and a half minutes. Yeah he goes on for another yeah. It's good but it's again stating the obvious. It's all along political lines. I love like Matthew mcconaughey as making the rounds doing some interviews and saying we can't get political. I got news for him at the. It's too late. It is the most political story I've ever seen. I mean all the the blue states all the liberal governors the liberal mayors including the Liberal Governor of Massachusetts are GonNa stay down stay locked down as long as possible. They know it hurts trump than what makes them look compassionate and they know it makes the soccer mom. Suburban Soccer Moms feel good not the once who are losing their homes losing their businesses. Those people they're they're with us you know they're there with the the red states there with the Republicans the ones who have no skin in the game the people who worked for the state or the people who teach it in colleges and they get a whatever four five months vacation they don't mind lock thou forever plus it hurts trump. That's very important. That's what Charlie Baker Massachusetts wants. New Hurt Trump The people as Boorda points out in Arizona and Florida Texas. They want to get back to work. Is a great divide like you know see except on election day this kind of divide and feel good about our side because It we're going. We're going to be right turbo in six months ten months. Whatever two years we're going to look back and say this was madness with this. New One in history is one of the great blunders of all time like remember that time we intentionally take one of the healthiest companies in American history because of a virus that specifically preyed on the elderly and we did pretty much nothing to protect the elderly. As a matter of fact we did the exact opposite by throwing sick patients into enclosed areas with the elderly while cutting off civil rights of people who are healthy. Yours is the first country in human history to intentionally tank. Its ECONOMY THE FIRST TIME. The first time that a virus lead a country to quarantine the healthy not the sick the healthy And and on top of that we all. These unintended consequences such as releasing prisoners. Who in a half in New York the prisons of already been caught and sent back to prison surprise? Big Surprise I mean it is Born out of this thing are so many insane policies that it's GonNa take years to just catch up on all the crazy things. The blue state governors and the little tyrant mayors have done. But I WANNA get to the face. Portnoy's now at least mcclay. At least for probably a few of trump re tweets. Them is the face of the the resistance. The face of reopening the economy. Get back to work. He's making sets. Porno is making a lot of sense here but the face of the other side of the shutdown of the indefinite locked out by the way. He mentioned Garcetti when he said that. I checked I literally went back and listen to what Garcetti said. He said exactly that he said quote will never be open until we Completely Open until we have a cure at porno is right. There's no cure for cancer. There's no vaccine for AIDS. There's no vaccine for malaria improbably. There's no back for all the other Corona viruses. They may never be a vaccine for this and this absolute idiot. Eric Garcia this full. Who wants to you know? Shut off the water and the power who headdresses and cigar stores that dare open up to serve their customers that tyrant says we will not open. Until there's a cure if you have people all around you God knows probably as a staff of ninety seven hacks the any of them tell you yoga mayor. We might not have cured. There's a good chance they will never be a vaccine you idiot then even happen or at least people just live in this bubble that they go on TV and say we're not going to open. We're going to close the next three months. Los Angeles of the next three months is going to be like ninety degrees every day. And this idiot is saying the nut can open until we have a vaccine because the funny thing is Jerry that they've poured pretends that he's you know apolitical. I don't do it. There is no way in this day and age. You can be like a normal rational person and not be conservative because they literally the opposite party is for in favor of shutting the world out that's same and he's a normal human being he's got a business to run stuff like that and how I mean. How can you not be? It's I don't understand how this is become a right left issue. There's no liberals that kind of thing like you know. Maybe we should not stop. The world is not the greatest idea ever They've all bought into it. Nothing I re tweeted this Letter somebody said to me on twitter about the atmosphere in Washington and how all the Democrats are reveling in this and literally hoping admitting they want it to go on as long as it takes. I mean when you hear them say you know. We're going to go through the next three months. We're GONNA wait for the summer. We're going to cancel school in the fall. Which the California University system is already done canceled school in the fall with USA. One goal in mind and UCLA USC not even a state school. But think this I if they start. Seeing trump's numbers go down of Biden comes out of the basement and know coherent which is a big F. They're going to say why. Stop now. Let's keep this going. Their goal is to is regime change in November. And they're not gonNA let up until that happens. I mean you can't see you're never gonNA see one of these blue state idiots like Tom Wolfe Pennsylvania or Charlie Parker Massachusetts. Say Now president was right. We gotta get back to work. We gotTA take Americans take risks that. What's that's what we do at. Portnoy said what I said a few weeks ago. It's been said a million times is if you gave a small business person a choice. Someone like turtle boy in has a small business is life. Depends on his family's kids depend on it. You're in your thirties. You have a choice. You Lose Your Business or you get the virus and keep your business. You're taking the virus right. Absa frigging Louis. I'm not scared of Iras not that. I'm like a tough guy. Look at the numbers. It's like if you get. I probably had it and other like half the people listening right. Now you've had you didn't know it because it's a week cuisine disease. It does not kill people who are healthy and you know it preys on the elderly. The sick morbidly obese. There's nothing to be afraid of corona virus of course not. And but here's amazes me and you probably have this experience to every time. I tweet something like this. I tweeted boat. I criticized early Baker. Who is determined to just to crush the will of every small business person in Massachusetts? Never give them any hope. Any light at the end of the tunnel. Says we're GONNA talk Monday about reopening some Some phases some parts of Massachusetts. But he won't say which he leaves everybody hanging. It's the most is indicative. Do something like that. Well it's not. I'll tell you on Monday. Who gets to open like what kind of Dickhead does something like that? And you do this to you. I talked to my friends. I got a friend who owns a couple of hair salon. I got obviously my my best friend's a paver my brother-in-law's and and concrete and all these other small business people and they are literally hanging there saying what happens Monday. Tell me there are people who own small businesses whatever. They are hair lawns who are trying every day to convince their employees not to bail on them. You know not to just give up going unemployment not to take another job not to go work at Amazon. Or lowes every day. They're saying it's going to happen anytime soon. And this this fool Charlie Baker this absolute embarrassment Baker sits there and says I'm not going to tell you he doesn't give a shit about small business people. It is amazing. He's still puts an our next to his name but he could care. Less could not care less about small businesses. He lives for two things. He lives with his approval rating which is good because they sucker moms and hiding in the basement in the suburbs. Think protecting them and he lives for the approval of the Boston Globe and Linda Pootie and she loves him so far so he feels fine even though thousands of businesses are gone under. We'll get to that because it is frustrating as hell like tweet about Baker and I get so many responses saying you still even tastes and you want people to die Baker saving lives and I'll casually tweet back and say how the hell he saving lives as well as long as we wait. Yesterday was a big guy. Went after me. Twitted said we have to wait for the The peak the climax of this virus to pass. Then we'll be fine. Just totally ill-informed idiotic Jerry dozen socially distance Charlie Baker Son. Whatever happened to that story? It was Berry Jelly Baker's son who has at a what would you say molested a Fellow plane yeah a little grope a little grow kid that that gets buried but that was you know. That's that's what the state police I really like. I don't give a shit and obviously you guys don't give a shit about the commenters who are just giving their opinion based on emotion right I give a shit about the elected officials who are basically making decisions based on emotion versus data. Raw agreed to amazed eight or nine weeks later. The people are still that stupid that I think they think Baker halting construction helping is helping slow. The virus people are still. Ill informed a guest there watching whatever cartoons watching the office. Do not reading up not paying attention. They still think like if you go for a run. You have to wear a mask it's just idiotic at I've got a question and I think you know the answer a urine. Are you earning enough interest on your cash will according to J. P. Morgan individual investors are currently holding over one point five trillion in cash? Earning NEXT TO NOTHING ZERO. We recently saw bank. Cbs mature at less than one percent. 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We are learning that we are being a governed by absolute morons. These mayors governors. I mean again Cuomo. Was You know the soap opera star at the beginning people were like throwing the panties? Adam at press conferences we learning the CUOMO is an absolute moron. Who's not fit forget governing a state? He's not fit to run a frigging hot dog stand. He's incompetent. He killed killed thousands of elderly New Yorkers which me to the face the new face. It was Cuomo right if he's not as handsome as he thinks he is. But he's not hideous. I tell you who is hideous. The face of the lockdown her name is Rachel. Levin we now. We learned this morning formerly of Massachusetts formerly of Wakefield and Cambridge what to Harvard? Of course she's the secretary of Health in Pennsylvania. You may have seen her. She's on camera. Occasionally you know one of these Crazy tyrannical liberal lockdown liberals that never in a wants to arrest people who dared a what opened their hair salon or Open their bar them mean that she's threatening people. There are bearish huge swaths of Pennsylvania by the way who have that. Have no a coronavirus patience. No outbreak no instance. None have no deaths no cases huge swaths of suburban Pennsylvania. There Governor Tom. Wolfe is worse than ours their governors worse than Cuomo literally. Says if you if you dare open against my wishes you're a coward you are giving into the virus. If you don't lockdown hide your basement you are a coward. He says this. He's just the most repulsive of all the governors and then there's is Health Secretary Rachel. Levin Rachel is transgendered individual. Not Anything wrong with that used to be named Richard. I believe And she is making decisions life and death decisions for people it Pennsylvania. She made one depth decision which broke which we learned about Two days ago They were preparing to put corona virus patients nursing homes in Pennsylvania. Just like they did in New York New Jersey I think we'll find out. They didn't Massachusetts. I think obviously somebody did at the soldiers home in holyoke killing seventy something now. The death toll is rising Heroes were to vets out vets Charlie Baker but in Pennsylvania. This woman Rachel Levin. She knew they were going to do this. She knew they were putting in Corona virus patients into nursing home. So what did she do? She got her mom out of there. She snuck her mom out of the dark of the night and put her in a hotel. Now let me ask you this you guys. What do you think this were? I'll republican just kind of a mean look at all Republican Richard Burr. This was written someone to look like Richard Burr who yanked his mother is ninety five year old mother out of the nursing home before they Transferred the infected patients into that nursing. Home what would happen? There would be national outrage there. They sold for this happened. You know they literally. They remember Kelly law flour and a couple other senators got caught. Dianne Feinstein. Yeah they sold stock based on information that they had about the so. That's just them profiting. This is this woman literally saving saying her mother's life is more important than everybody all the other elderly people in the state now. What she's doing is admitting what they're doing is going to cost lives. She knows it can't say and I heard her explanation. She said well we tested all the the nurses and all they aids and we were quarantined. This she's lying. Obviously she's like she's a repulsive human being. I don't care what her gender is. This is a vile human being knowing what they're doing. The measure taken is GonNa kill elderly Pennsylvania and I just checked the number. It's over twenty. Six Hundred People. Twenty six hundred in nursing homes in Pennsylvania dead because of this woman and this governor who decided to send corona virus a positive patients into nursing homes I'm looking at the total live. Total desk thirty nine hundred Nursing Home Desk. Twenty six hundred so a large majority of the deaths were in nursing homes because of incompetence of this woman Rachel Levin used to be Richard Means. The name that up is rich. Rabin snuck her mother out. Ninety Five Year Mall put her in a hotel and then sat back and watch the carnage Lynn. Dragging dead bodies out all these nursing homes. I wonder you think she feels good today because MOMS Ao Mums Waking up today. Having a breakfast feeling good because she saved her she saved her mother's life and let all these other people die that's not malfeasance and that should be criminal if you're not if you're Pennsylvania and yet demanding this woman's head on a stick you are just not paying attention. Let's let's let's hear lovely Rachel Levin Mother requested and my sister is her children comply to move her to another location during the cove nineteen outbreak. My mother is ninety five years old. She is very intelligent and more than competent to make her own decision. That that is amazing. So this lying scumbag says her ninety five year. Old Mother spoke up when they said. I don't WanNa be in this nursing home anymore. I want to move to a hotel. Can you see if he could find out what hotel I love to know? I love the note so here I would hotel the first of all. Why would any ninety five year old person do that? Be generally when you're in a nursing home. You're kind of settled. You know your stuff you have all those pictures on the dresser while your grandkids if those little doilies on the nightstands you know you get your meeting kid over here and you stuff your clothes in the drudge. You know what time they're eating. You know what time the plan margin you know what time the plant a movie you know. Four o'clock they put on Casablanca. It's you're there you're comfortable at your home. What a lion piece of garbage this is that that is the most blatant lie of her not told by Adam Schiff and a long time when you think about it even spayed David Spade. When I heard that is if you haven't seen the picture She's on. She's been woman probably many years but She is she's not Not exactly a attractive young woman anymore. Beautiful Stay yes inside. He's probably beautiful. But here's I was GonNa ask you this. The will what is so far in your mind in twenty in India last nine weeks. What is the ultimate twenty? Twenty story like people have said on twitter. That is so twenty twenty. Just Bizarre Story In this season of insanity in this pandemic pandemic endemic year. Just crazy crazy story. I would say this. On the day. Most people learned that this woman Rachel Levin doomed thousands of Pennsylvanians to your to the death wall sneaking her mother out of the nursing home the big story in Pennsylvania. Kind of like it would be here. You know the media. It's not a lot different there. The picture they've got a picture nobody's put up a video or whatever yeah rich Levin think about this turtle the big story and you can google it Google Rich Levin and I tell you what will pop up I I believe will it be. Will it be twenty six hundred dead? Will it be you know her mom staying at the You know best western down the street ordering Room Service Breakfast Right now. It will not be. The big story is a radio host. They Marty Griffin in Pennsylvania. Get ready for it. Mis gendered this tyrant. Mis gendered this monster. The story is not the big story is not the two thousand six hundred dead puppy many of them. You know veterans and heroes and just great people. They're all dead because of this woman and the governor but the big scandal is a guy in Pennsylvania. Radio Guy called Rachel. Wien Ready Sir Sir. That's there's there's she is adult get get your gender we can't Miss Gender people who You know murder. Oh sure up. If you're not on facebook we had a picture. And that's a good one dave. Because that's the governor behind her Tom. Wolfe this arrogant pompous puke. Who MAKES NO APOLOGIES? You know people dying by the thousands because of their competence of these two and this monster is upset is upset because someone called her Sir now I. I think I know what's going to happen now. He Mardi Griffin has already apologized. Probably Apologize One hundred times over. You think that's a mistake. A probably is but I know I did it because his boss made him. Do it said you have to do. The mayor of Pittsburgh was ready to do an interview with that radio station. Cancel in potent protests. Because this Woman Killed Twenty six hundred old people no no no. That's store that happens everywhere. It happens everywhere. Thousands of people dying. This is the big story. A radio host called that person that monster that killer sir. That's the big story in Pennsylvania today. Oh and that's ultimately. What is going to save Dr Rachel Levin what she claims holds her back and that is her transgender identity. She'll always be able to have that the high behind when she kills a couple of thousand people here there get retake. Shaw spilled a retreat to say. Well you're coming after me because a member of this protect the class which is destroyed other playbook it never fails. They might as well do it. Now here's the thing Jerry. What people will ask They'll point to places like you know Mass Maryland Massachusetts these have re- quote unquote Republican Governors. Why would they intentionally take their own economies if they are trying to win reelection because they the shows they care the governor of Ohio? I've heard he's a Republican. He's got extremely high ratings and bend kind of Guy I'm told he's a shutdown guy de wind wing or Doug I the Psych Baker Minnow Baker is trumper in Massachusetts is a never-trumper he does not want to be on the same page. As trump does not wanNA appear insensitive. I mean he wakes up in the morning. His goal is to show everyone he cares. That's white cries on cue. You've seen it you've written about it. He weeps you know like he's like he's Brian stelter on Q. Says he thinks about somebody dying in the you know the soldiers home at holyoke. He's crying and you know it works. The suburban soccer mom and Wellesley says he really cares about me and she forgets that. He's a Republican which I do too. And she supports him. I went over this last week. It's heartbreaking eighty five percent approval rating. He's not a horrendous job. A horrendous job in this state again all the small business people and all the people waiting to go back to work. I don't even know what's going to happen on Monday. He said who will let you know you can't prepare. I mean if you own a restaurant if you own a barbershop you can't prepare. You can't make sure your employees are ready to go. You got a lot to do man. You got to disinfect. Wear masks and how all these take. Temperatures and Baker will not even give you a hint. It's it's it's so offensive. This guy is the worst. I shouldn't say the worst. Because he's not Rachel Levin Tom Wolfe or Andrew Cuomo. He's a he's a minor league compared to those tyrants but they don't give a shit about the people whose lives are hanging in the balance you know they're surrounded that those Levine Wolf surrounded by people who are completely comfortable that not only are. They still going to paycheck but they have very little work to do. It's like summer's coming. It's like summer started early. What's the big deal watch? Tv take a walk to the beach. You know it's against the rules but you know the rules enough for US. The rules of the little people and they're making it very clear that they have the plan now in shame on. Us Jerry Shema on all of us for not seeing this. It was so obvious that we trusted these people that their plan was not to win the election in November. That's when this ends. It's very clear at this point. They've canceled the entire summer in Boston. Evidence canceled including the Gay Pride Parade. Which seems kind of homophobic if you ask me But they've canceled everything California pretty much wants to cancel the fall already. There got so that would be what cal Berkeley Not GonNa Report Ball team this year. Ucla is that a state school. They cannot is. I mean Stanford the private school. They're gonNA play for for the no you can't that's against the law you're right even though USA at Stanford a private. They can't do it because you know. Having a big gathering is against the law you. Garcetti literally said we're going to stay lockdown for the next three months well locally Harvard Med. School just said all new students are going to be digital all night. They're all going to be online returning students. Only some portions of the campus will be a win win a when in doubt turtle boy. It's what hurts trump. The most they they're looking at their candidate. He's feeble he's pathetic. They don't feel good about their looking at trump saying if this reopening works and so far it has. It's been twenty three days Georgia Atlantic magazine. Said would Georgia was doing three weeks. Ago was an experiment in human sacrifice. It's been twenty three days and there's no great wave of death and destruction in Georgia and Florida thinks couldn't be going better. It's amazing. They shut down the nursing homes. They they quarantine the sick and the vulnerable. The way you're supposed to And and Descent this is now offering all these pro sports baseball. Football come to Florida will accommodate you. If other states won't allow you to play. We will he wants to have all he just said. This morning. I saw what Fox and friends this morning. He said the University of Florida their stadium as big and it's nice and it's ready for. Ut US every Sunday if you want have an NFL game. So he's willing to host. Nfl Games. And I heard People keep saying no fans no fans alike the Joe Buck thing. Joe Buck San. They're gonNA pump in crowd noise because they're not gonNA have fans he's wrong he's wrong. You can't tell me goodell wouldn't allow whatever ten fifteen twenty thousand people in a stadium and just tell everyone. Hey they're they're keeping their distance. They're being safe very often empty stadiums. No way no way it would kill me so the. Nfl wouldn't be the same with an empty. You need people there. You don't have to mean if you have a big stadium. Can't you have no problem? You can see people five seats apart. No problem right so you got are not GonNa do it sure. People will go enforcing that for Gillette's security is another thing but because people are going to obey anything people are. GonNa your other you. I drove around Worcester. And there's this law. Nobody's wearing a mask goes remain south always wearing a mask. Nobody's doing it. It's impossible to enforce. It's a stupid law. The only knows doing it jerry soccer moms and Wellesley that are taken that oxygen. And they're doing it. They are doing it man. I was out yesterday almost everyone. I'm getting look I'm getting this guy. 'cause I'm not doing it especially outside. I mean you've gotta be kidding me get stupid. But people don't ask why they just say. Tell me what to do. Mr Mayor they don't ask. Is My mayor really. Smart is the on top of this. Does he make sense? They don't care I'll run. They just want to be told what to do. I'm GONNA to wooster bone ride today. I'm GonNa Drive our Western pictures of people in the natural elevating. How many people wear the masks? We'll see what happens. I don't think it's GonNa be that many. We probably not but another place right in the suburbs. They're doing it they're they're shaming those who don't do it you had the great blog about the the NPR guy. What's an Henriksen Santo yelling down? Big Tough Guy. Now that was a great plug. If you haven't read it he's this old guys. Npr Guy and he was yelling at a family of four including three and a five year. Old He's been around he's been around forever by the way. F- Ex Guy morning show guy never even heard of. I never heard any of these. Mpr salary to live out Brooklyn. You didn't you didn't walk into the Program. Director's meeting in the EE. I and say like what's wfan drive against now they weren't actor and PBS doesn't even Conan PR. They're all much of welfare kings and Queens comments or saying that like because you live in Ritzy I mean you're Charlestown North End. Maybe the Back Bay. You're not in Roxbury. Are you not wearing Max in Roxbury? I'm not saying our you know zero time Alex Rima. Let's reimers hood through Y- you've talked about it there in the you know in the hood. They're not respecting these rules. You've seen the pictures hardee's their gatherings they have there like that. They're ahead of the curve. They're not scarcely yet. So what if I get it? I'll be better at two weeks and I'll be immune I mean. They didn't need to watch planned. Democ in Berry to decide not to wear the masks right. You're not obese. If you're not old you don't have to and the idea that you should wear outside. They came up with new rules in. La and you know. Obviously the mayor said we're GONNA stay shut down for three months which is madness. But they came up with the beach rules. Did you see these yesterday? Rules at the beach. Not about the Oh you can't swim right and you're allowed to run and walk but you can't stand still you can't sit down and you have to wear a mask so people in La if they're gonNA follow the rules. Have to swim with masks on not masks like scuba masks that Jerry. That doesn't seem to me. That doesn't seem and when you get out of the Water. There's no loitering allowed. You got to start running somewhere. Doesn't matter where you have to move just running. Plays you stood. There sat there that there was some danger. Maybe that's a good thing because we haven't started that public health initiative that we should have started during this process. Or maybe that's the start of this whole thing two old right and according to the law he asked away or out. No thought of putting a mask on this child in him somehow consenting to it have they ever met a two year old boy like are they insane do they. I think it is funny. I want not that yet. I want to give the look of the skulled. Those parents that have their four five year olds with masks. Because they're idiots. I think we're learning a lot to this. Let's be honest. Lessons will remain for us to our lives and beyond a elected leaders of frigging morons. They're just dumb. They're just ignorant they don't care about the science they don't care about the facts they care about power and they love showing up every day flexing their muscles and make people do something that makes no sense. We're learning that without a doubt and we're learning that they're you know the these people lost some people. Don't mind living in a police state. They don't mind being told what to do. It doesn't have to make sense. They don't mind like what have you say I'll do curfew. I'm in but RENA curfew for was curfew to a virus. Doesn't matter just tell me to do it. I'll do with. I don't know if that holds true forever but it's still nine weeks in around where I am at the city. There are so many people that are I was walking my dog yesterday and a guys running towards me and he has no mask because he's running and I think he's a normal guy grabs. His shirt holds it up over his face. Just go buy me like this and I'm going. What do you think is going to happen? You absolute eightieth. I mean that's how you're GONNA go through life holding assured of your face because you're afraid a little virus will here and he was probably twenty five years old. He's a young guy fit guy thinking he's doing that to protect you jerry. It wasn't the other way positive. Whatever it was I'll say this there are people black turtle boy and Portnoy say. Give me the virus. I don't WANNA lose my job. I don't WANNA lose my business. Just get this over with. I got a good friend. Owns a business. And he's you know a little overweight and he's like my age and he said. I don't care I'd take the virus right now over what they're doing to my business. I've told you this before. He's a contractor. He has twenty five jobs in the city of Boston. There on hold. They're just waiting. He's got people work form. Who Say I'm going to collect unemployment. Call me the end of July and now this is crazy. Why why should I work when I can make more sitting on my ass? This is the rule this Democrat. You know mentality stay home and he has to beg people come back and work for him and a win these the allowed to go back to work because they're making doing it so well not working the to the faces of this resistance beyond Portnoy today. Who Kinda stole everyone's thunder? We know. Shelly Luther. That's fine face by the way unlike Richard Levin a fine face rick savage the the restaurant owner in Maine. Oh again euro who by the way? Janet Mills the governor if you saw this Tucker last night the governor is going after him and tried to ruin him they wanna put them out of business. Because he dared defy the queen there And this New Jersey gym owner is opening today. I believe against the rules. He's going to get arrested. He says fine. They're almost like they're you know they're These around this these heroes. Ah leading the fight around the country in different places and I think on Monday. You're going to be you're GONNA see some in Massachusetts. The governor's GonNa say you can't go to work. You can't open a business. There'll be some whatever I don't know if it'll be a salon owner or a restaurant owner JIM owner. But there'll be some turtle boy you'll be writing about it they're gonNA say Fu Charlie Baker. They're going to get shutdown. Baker will be vindictive as governor main. You'll try to ruin them. It will look at them as you know like Disrespecting him and he'll try to crush them it's going to get nasty. It's get the everywhere by the way. That's the only natch inevitable outcome you know. The these governors are never going to give an inch. They love 'cause mayors. You're going to have to have the civil disobedience and I'm going to sit there and I'm going to join nominal plotted while you know some restaurant owners in Boston writing lettuce. I think it was Charlie or to Martin forget who that they want it? But I mean they've they've had enough of this they need. This is the how long we were told two weeks. We did our job and they feel like to. You know to win now. They're all we had. I think a stay Red Mark Lombardo at a couple of other people were pushing reopened Massachusetts and they're Republicans they should have the ear of the governor. He's he's hanging on for us. By the way you want Mark Lombardo. Who is a is a rebel? If ever there was what he's a Massachusetts and he's taken on the establishment every day when he shows up unfortunately he's gotta take on the governor. A former Republican turned absolute a dark red dark blue liberal. Who is As as anti-business as any governor in the country who is determined by the way? I think I think Charlie's go governors goal is to be the last state to open up. He wants to be the last state he does not want to appear like he's following you know trump's lead or following the Republicans lead at all But we'll we'll check in with mark. He pays closer tetanus than we do. What's happening Mark Lombardo? We're we're battling out here you know. Tell us what's going to happen Monday. Mardi won't tell US Mardi says may may eighteenth. He'll let you know and I know you know a number of small business people who are hanging on. They don't know if they are supposed to hire people that day or you know. Bring him into work that day. They're not snow. They don't know if they'll get to open their business. He just won't tell them what is the what is the point of in what is going to happen on Monday. Like anti the legislation doesn't know either because we're not being told anything not even the the Republican Caucus What we know is that the yesterday. The governor's this he doesn't want any leaks Pretty disheartening position. Because no one's asking for leaks whereas for clarity right business one. Can I open? Not You know how long and if. I can't open. Can you give me some prep so I can do what you're asking me to do? Whatever that might be I can only guess that we're GONNA see an extension beyond mateen. I guess June first. I'm here rumblings of stage. One phase one whatever the color coded chart that was released was orange. No it was light green. It was kind of a Pastel green. Mondays Yep yeah yeah well. I don't think I'm not convinced that it's going to happen on the eighteenth so in. May and I hope it. I hope we start kicking off but Alexander guaranteed with the Happening has been slow. Slow slow what's the point the objective of keeping everyone hanging? I haven't seen that in other states where the The governor is so nebulous and just mysterious will let no know. We don't want to give any hints and I said earlier mark. I got a friend who owns a couple of hair salons. He is so frustrated right now because he doesn't know if he supposed to bring his help back as people back next week or not. He doesn't know whether it's supposed to hire them back. He how how could he know? There's no hint to what's whether his business will be included in the next phase. Yeah I think that's the problem is nobody knows. I don't know what the governor's waiting for as to why can't start to prep businesses but Jay. I also have a neighbor. Who's who owns a hair salon. And she she would love to have cars of that the salon business owner in Texas end of opening or business But what she's worried about is that you know unlike the governor of Texas that you know basically made sure that that woman didn't Sur- served time in jail. She were in Massachusetts will for licenses in forever kill her ability to have the is an hour you as her stay representative could be her advocate and have a bigger voice. Well there's no doubt about that would certainly have a choice you know. She has to have a certain level of comfort that she's taking some risk opening up. But you know I've encouraged her to get ready to be open. There's a pent-up desire for people in the Commonwealth. To get out there and people to get to work for businesses to open when I did find a little disheartening yesterday. At the governor's press conference was his comments about opening up Massachusetts Would be irresponsible now in. I don't think anyone's ask him to flip the switch and go back to what we were doing. Three Cope it on day. One Responsible as having multiple industries opened with masks and gloves. And you know we can figure this out right where the business people business people in Massachusetts. A pretty bright. They'll find a way to do it safely. We can open up multiple. We don't have to have government picking winners and losers An acting as the king deeming. Who's able to open up some incredible that people support Liberal Support Baker a essentially picking winners which are Amazon Lowe's and Home Depot and Walmart and target and losers. Are Your small business people? You neighborhood no small hardware store. They're the loses the winners Walmart and liberals are okay with that. It is amazing. He said when when he was asked that mark it was a chance to give the small businesses a little hope just a little glimmer hope and he said no putting up would be irresponsible. It's GONNA be slow. It's gotta be painful. He's enjoying this. I swear to God. He's enjoying this because as you know the globe likes them now and the people you know the educator Harvard people like him now. They applaud him. Oh He's not like the others he's not like trump into Santa's abadi. He's careful he cares. And if you were sure occasionally a tear will come down his cheek and he'll show you how much he cares of. Baker is just an embarrassment. Yeah I I'M NOT SURE. He's necessarily enjoying the shutdown. I agree hours enjoying his new hours new duties and responsibilities because I think he is. I mean he does a press conference every day every day. It's got a little you know. He's aroused the thought of everyone listening to him waiting for him to allow them to go back to work. Well one of the things I don't understand is if you look at the makeup of the reopening committee There was a fifteen points to that committee. Thirteen of them were Democrats to women were unaffiliated enrolled individuals not a single. Republican was apparently qualified to serve on the reopening committee on while I love highlighting a mayor Dan Rivera of larence the capital of the North East. Who Sits on the reopening committee? He announced that he's going to have a masks squads out there forcing. I wish he would send federal squads out in his city so so they can stop the drug flow from larence into my community in. Sala communities up and down the northeast of the United States. But that's who the governor is listening to on his reopening committee Dinner Eric can't manage his city. Never Mind managing the all the business owners Pity they were non-existent mask laws there but not actual existent federal immigration. Lots exactly all the drug dealers must wear masks or they're in trouble Here's and he I don't believe there's no republicans I don't believe there's any small business people on their either mark. I think it's all access and bureaucrats and big people. He doesn't care. I mean there's no evidence that he gives a damn about any small business people. The the make is deputy shaded towards large businesses and it's almost like small businesses need to go kiss the ring of the Of the larger group. Here I mean I. I like to mentioned a guy named Rick Green. Say The guy who is out of Pepperell out of his garage a multimillion dollar car part business. A one auto. He happens to be a Republican. He's very well respected. He's known by the governor and his team didn't even tap this guy. I mean this guy is the ultimate success story of the American dream and he's a small town pepperell kid now. Not even taps men like you're receiving a steady paycheck. You can't be on the committee. Listen I I think what we've done here is In Massachusetts is you know in an effort to flatten the curve. We've driven other curbs through the roof including unemployment bankruptcies suicides overdoses so so there's other curves that now needs to be flattened But yet we're not listening to you. Know the the the business part of things to get people back to work the feed their families. And we're really stuck on nothing. With health. Officials moves. Listen to their job is to focus just on so I appreciate the perspective as as a government. Though you're supposed to now find the balance and I don't think the opening businesses op safely in protecting public health mutually exclusive things If you look at the death rates I'm sure you guys have been checking out the state rates you know. Ninety five percent of all deaths have been from from people. Sixty and above eighty five percent have been seventy and above It's it's certainly a older population that that needs to take extra caution but sixty percent of all Massachusetts deaths were in nursing homes or long term care facilities right so look we can get the public back out safely. Wear masks store social distancing whatever it might be but we can open businesses at the same time bubble. The thing that Baker takes advantage of the ignorance. He'll sit there and cry and said we have to keep people safe when we know how to do that. Now we know how to quarantine the sick vulnerable protect them. Unlike nine weeks ago we know how to do it. There is no reason again construction company. Keiko back to work and build a house or a painter. Roofer can go back to. Of course they can. He doesn't want to give them permission because he wants everyone to know how. Careful incapacity is it is maddening. I think it's time mark that they get the hour away from his name make him an independent or Democrat whatever. He's not a Republican. He doesn't care about small business people. He doesn't care about unemployed as a million unemployed. Now a million I mean. Yeah that's way kept say we? It's time we gotta get back to work. I'll tell you what your neighbor might not. WanNa be Shelly Luther but somebody will turtle blood writing about it on Monday. There might be dozens if not hundreds of people saying screw it. I'm opening up due to me what you want. I have a family to feed just like the the guy the guy the restaurant guy in Maine and Bethel Maine just like Shelly. Luther just like the Gym Guide and in New Jersey. There's going to be this uprising. They're tired of it and you know what they know. It's not dangerous. That if they do everything right if they don't if there's no seventy five year old obese people coming into their place of employment the they're fine they're fine. They know how to do it now. Everyone understands how to do it. They don't need Charlie Baker anymore. They don't need them. You talk to then Rivera's one to talk. He should be quarantine for many years. Become quite frankly is at risk can understand him not WANNA come out. What about everybody else? That is assured then reverse on that task force because there's a one hundred percent. Sure I mean it. Just screams to so the challege. Look at New Hampshire sounding open up. We've got a Rhode Island. Oliver New England states are finally rolling out some strategies on giving information onto into their businesses to open up Massachusetts. Can't be the only state in the northeast that doesn't know how to open up. Its business owners and let them figure it out Tell them what they need to do. And then get out of the way. Let them go do it. How come there was only three state reps? That signed your thing as you. The guy from the cost I think his name is from the south shore and yet one more on the phone. L. Ellison Sullivan. Where was the rest of the? Republicans in the State Senate in the State House. Yeah I think there's a couple more that are probably onboard action. I think is probably more than a few more. I think there's actually a pretty broad group of Republican legislators that agree the challenges I think people feel like they`re. They're worried about jeopardizing the relationship with the governor. They'd come out and say that they disagree with the pace. He's opening up and listen. I think I got a good relationship with the governor. I'm glad that he I can talk about issues. That are important but you know just like with a lot of my friends. I disagree with them on this on the approach. He's taking I think he needs to speed it up. It's okay to Dien Tran not wanting to piss off to stay in the good graces of the governor. That's what that's what we're waiting for yet. You know I'm not gonNA speak bring individual but I can. I can tell you a whole I see the text messages. I've seen the conversations. I'm having with my fellow Republican. Legislators and they are frustrated. The Houston They're hearing like I am. They're small business. Owners are screaming that every day. The their shutdown. They're losing money. That may never come back in their business may never come back. Would they're getting calls from their constituents? Who WanNa work? Don't WanNa get checks from the state for unemployment that just WANNA provide from their families So we're all hearing it And then we looked in Hampshire island. I mean I I have a buddy. Who's got a haircut scheduled to New Hampshire? I think tomorrow So you know if New Hampshire can figure out how to have their barber barbershops open gotta think Massachusetts Business Owners can probably figure out safely right. It is amazing. Right New Hampshire and cut hair Rhode Island Massachusetts can't because our tyrannical governor hasn't given their blessing. I can't wait 'til Monday. Mark Lombardo keep keep up the fight. Manno you're outnumbered but you're on the right side of history. I don't know when that day's GonNa come against six months six years or fifty years from now they're gonNA look back at people like you and us and say we were right. These people were wrong. I it's it's become clear if governor Baker doesn't allow most businesses to open Monday when have a little revolt on our hands? We'll have you back on because I think is going to be more than a few. Shelly Luther who opened up and say you know. Baker be damned we got. We got a support our family. It's going to be interesting but we'll talk again next week when this all happens. That sounds good. Guys have a good day. I xe Mark Mark Lombardo I always talk about how I grew up around here. Just being outnumbered in in fights whether it was in high school or college anytime we argue politics I was always a right wing zealot. I was at UMASS. It'd be twenty two one arguing about whatever Reagan in the dorm so you sharp visual of you sitting in South West in the quad down there and just Reagan. I'd be defending. They'll thought he was devil. Because that's what you're supposed to think when you go to Umass or grow up around here that's Mark Lombardo. That's way so good because he's skills sharpened by the fights where he's outnumbered every Muslim idiots. Umass was the year that George Bush won the contested election and the election. Got A lot of outrage. Or whatever you didn't even notice it you didn't notice that I feel like the political climate on campus. Today is completely different from what we in college. It's not I was there turtle boy when Reagan got shot and they were people celebrating people celebrating hoping he wouldn't pull through but that was a long time ago. We are watching. I think we're watching history unfold before our eyes and they'll teach it in schools. They'll teach thieves liberal version. And you'll find you'll find Rachel Levin Andrew Cuomo are the real heroes of this pandemic but some people will deal in facts and the fact is that we know how to go back to work open businesses and protect the vulnerable protect elderly. It's disappointing Charlie Baker and you know Andrew Cuomo and Mark Wolf for Tom. Wolfe whatever your name is in Pennsylvania. We don't need you anymore. I we need haircuts. You know we need restaurants. We need construction. We need roofers paper. We don't need you. I we got our people have their own mommies and daddies. They don't need you. Daddy get out of the frigging way and let people go back to work. And it's just so frustrating. I can't wait 'til Monday. I'm telling you right now. We're GONNA have the names and the faces and we're GonNa have the stories of the heroes who tell Charlie Baker the second and open their businesses up And face the consequences just like savage in Maine? Shelly Lutheran Dallas. We're going to have people in Massachusetts to do that. And they're right he's wrong. They're they're the ones they're the Americans. This is the American way to do. They don't want to. They don't have the palms out saying GIMME AN X. Six hundred dollars and let me say home and watch Netflix. They want to work. They have they wanNA show their kids. You know that this is how it's done. We don't just sit inside with our masks on washing our hands and say please tell me when it's okay to go outside enough doing it's kind of fucked up that we sit here and we wait for those people to have to have those reactions like the watch. Use a country club. She was scared shitless to do that because she knows there's going to be retribution for her fifth. Seen it what she did work which worst the hand of government you know. Governor is going to go after them when they do this right. So they're scared shitless to not only know they want open. They're probably willing to open and rip up cease and desist letters. But they're scared for the retribution. And we don't have elected leaders like I would have loved Lombardo to come on here and be like on Monday. This is what you should do now. He has to play political politics too. But I would've I WANNA HEAR. Elected officials have balls. No I think you got it back with the private sector people. The Hair Salon. Whatever the construction guy leads the way Lombardo will support him. That's how it's GonNa work by the way if you tweet out my rant that I just went on an coulter will re tweet it. Maybe maybe Donald Trump Junior. I don't think I think. Check check Portnoy's numbers. Now it's to be over like two hundred thousand likes and he's going to get retweeted by the president There's rimmer checked in at all because we did a little Transgender talk in. That gets him going as rimmer checked in this morning. I haven't seen anything out of Alex. Ricker say that was quite a quite a moment the other day when you called internal boy and Alex I had no idea he hated me that much I before even setting before. He's like Turtle Zik. I'll fuck you. Walk Him in the past. I'm you know a couple times the the thing that was even that kind of agree with them on that one. That's the thing it's like I. I'm a free speech guy so on like good calling. You shouldn't be five or you. Millionaires kid a pissing ship. She's being a Pissy and who cares Thought that whole thing was over so I thought he'd be Kinda cool but man man. I was not expecting that he. Because here's the thing. Remember he said in there. He's like I was. Some substitute teacher was on the morning. Drive in was you did nothing. You came on literally anybody could have been the third wheel with Kirk and Callahan which is an established entity literally anybody. You would just a token guy who is willing to get up that early in the morning go there. Nothing nobody. I'd built something I'd bring audience. You see the numbers today. Forty people were watching Alex hundreds of people every time I'm on their give. A ALEX. Reamer is nothing that he's threatened by name. Alex is I like Alex. That's why have on here because he's he's not afraid he's not afraid turtle we had lots of liberals on the old show and we'd have fights and most of 'em ran and hid and they won't you know like Trendy doesn't want to do this anymore and ruin the Tomasi doesn't want to do it removes not afraid he'll go. He'll fight anybody any time. He took a walk around his better than we didn't storm off came back he'd I didn't know hated you that much but I do think for whatever reason the whole subject of transgender whatever track stars tra- runners that that gets him gets under his skin and he didn't handle it well but it just hates you can. I say it you got man. He hates people who built a new thing for you to deal with turtle boy. I think you're heated by probably ninety percent of in Alex Liberal. That's like easy to get along with. You can get a lot of liberals couldn't come on your show. Training can't do it. I thought he was the guy that could you could get along with the other side even though we could crap on each other back and forth. It's just you and it's you your name. Wherever due to him. I don't know but there was something I'll bet you when we talked again. There's something you wrote or something. He doesn't like you've marked these transgender kids before it pisses him off. He's not transgender. Is Gate that's what I I always ask. What are you have to do with them? That what is your fight their fight but I guess he feels like they. They're both like marginalized citizens and he's written a lot about it. He thought a lot about it. We fought about it many times but It's too bad. Maybe we could have got him on today to defend the Rachel Levin this monster none. I'm not talking for Jerry Conspiracy Theories Jarrai. I I WANNA talk more about the launch because you blog about it and we talked about with Marc. Lamont of people. Really have to have the details of that. I did not know he was on. The governor's Task Force. That is amazing. And if you have any questions left about the pandemic and you still wondering if you haven't really read up and paid attention the way I have turtle boy has. Cnn has ahah panel. I believe tonight. A town hall with a panel of experts we are Garrett. These are real experts. We're going to know everything there is to know about the pandemic after we watch this show unseen it tonight but I say about Shea. Concrete Shakoor creates a fourth generation owned and operated business. Working Hard Day in and day out to be your trusted pre cast concrete putting. You know what that means. They're working today. They're working now. They're they're in this nice spring day to take care of your pre cast. Concrete needs their local company. But they're all over New England four state of the art facilities. 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Let me get your blog up here in front of me. WanNa make sure it's it's a good one you've been on a roll yet. Your this is fertile. Ground for you in. It's going to continue to be. I could feel it. There's going to be a couple of turtle boy blogs in the next week about these heroes. These haircutters in these restaurant owners who say screw you Charlie faker. We're going back to work and turtle boy will have all the Info if you want. You might not. You certainly won't read about them in the globe not that anyone reads the globe. I don't know where else you've read about them. But Daily News is the place to go. Yesterday you would written a read about Lawrence Mayor. Dan Rivera let me see if I get that up in front of me. He is a A. What do you call morbidly obese? He's a overseas the worst city terms of drugs and crime an immigration violations in Massachusetts one of the worst in New England. Worse you country. It's the federal capital. Everyone knows that. Hell New Hampshire officials have pointed out that this is where their dealers their druggies get their their product in Lawrence. Switch if you WANNA get some sentinel and Odeon. Die Is the place to go This guy while doesn't force any immigration laws and now they're pretty lax on the drug laws If you go outside without a mask you are in big trouble. They have a mask where they call it. The Mask Prevention patrol. Something something really mask enforcement patrol ask enforcement patrol again. I'm sure the cops they could silly. The cubs are busy dealing with gangs and MS thirteen now. This idiot mayor wants him to go out and bust people who are properly wearing their mask and find them three hundred dollars Jerry. What's forgotten medicine? It's I'm surprised right. Wingers pushing them more is that the. These outbreaks are happening in cities with a high concentration of undocumented immigrants Jerry. There's a lot of people in these cities who have no paperwork who are not here on on the books. We don't know who they are because they didn't come here legally of course and they are the more people you have in an area like that undocumented the more likely to catch and spread the disease and of course Lawrence is a What's a sanctuary cities magically? Don't apply there so they can. Essentially you know be here illegally. So that they're not interested in enforcing real laws in Florence. They're interested in forcing imaginary laws. Which are really just orders. Which have no teeth to them whatsoever and haven't passed constitutional review and when they have gone in front of course by the way you see. Wisconsin yesterday. They said the lockdown Saigal. Yeah you could find forever no mask or for not being the proper distance and they literally give you a fine of three hundred. Five hundred dollars are you. Aren't you going to challenge it? I mean I could literally give you a stack of data right here on my analyst log on Google of people. Doctors experts sang that. That mask doesn't help like you could say here you to have proof and Oh God knows. This doctor knows this better than that. Idiot Mayor Wherever you are. I mean won't these I mean I guess it depends on the judge but if you challenge these things challenge people getting like tickets citations for like running on the beach walking on the beach they really GonNa pay those. Are they going to pass from chicopee in that body of the day I spoke with him yesterday? I'm having him on the live show tonight. He's not paying it. They're not they're not paying the fine and good for them. I would not be you. Don't have to pay A. Are they going to do? If you don't pay it not enforce it would seem that way but His what the mayor and this is amazing. The mayor says this is a serious matter Not since the civil war have we had this level of crisis across our nation so starting Friday. Our police officers will be conducting enforcement patrols regularly. These are policemen in the most drug addled city in New England gangs guns fennel and he wants the policemen to have regular enforcement patrols to make sure people wearing masks. Most of the people are not most. Many of the people aren't going to get word. They're not even GONNA know they don't even know. There's a corona virus there in. You know they're in a small hayes a heroin Hayes. Cops ARE GONNA go up and say write him a ticket of a mask on my guy like I said good. I swear to God. I'm going to do a slum sociable today I'm going drive through. Was there mean south and stuff like that and. I'm just going to say how many people are wearing masks and how many people are not and I have a good feeling that many many many people are not going to be wearing masks. And guess what Worcester Police? Aren't going to forget enforce it Jerry for many years and cellphones was the battle. We could not win with kids. You cannot stop kids from texting. It was literally impossible to sneaky and so eventually we kind of gave up. I hate to say we just gave up. And that's what's going to happen. Where masks cops are just GONNA be like? I can't enforce this out crime I supposed to enforce this. I'm not doing. This is not doing it and if you read up they don't help they don't matter where to mask and by the way a month ago. Dr Foce the Saint at one was telling you not to mask a month ago. He was telling you they don't matter they don't help. So it's it's it's debatable. It just makes people feel better. That's all it makes to government. The governor's the mayor's feel like they're in control. They see people wear masks. They like you know looking listening to me. And it makes people feel better image. See yesterday the president. He still sits around a room with all these governors and senators awebber of around a roundtable. And they're all wearing masks and he's not he's still won't do it he refuses and hopefully you know it won't matter but He doesn't set a great example. The people are without she to we we for Awhile and now I mean portnoy made that video yesterday. He's an influencer Tucker's turned on him rand. Paul's had quite enough. And I think people are starting to realize that. Wait a minute. We never elected this guy to anything. Why are we letting him control policy? All he says is closed down indefinitely. That's all he cares about. I think it should be simple to understand that you can respect them and like them and say yeah. He's epidemiologist he has no. He doesn't care about the economy doesn't care what schools you'll only cares about the virus so you listen to him. You know what you do you have in the meetings you have him on the task force you listen to what he says. And then you'll know it you say okay. Thanks doctor you can go now. That's what you do. Y- patronize him. You Pat him on the head and say thank you. We got owing need. No but the virus. We need to get the country back to work. He literally doesn't think people should go back to school. Ever think we should ever shake hands again. He's got all these nutty theories and now that trump is turned on and people love him. Even more focused matters even more. But you're right Portnoy's turned on him. Tucker's turned on him a lot of the big influences. Have he's become a flash point? All the Democrats are gonNA love him while the Republican Rand Paul last. I heard we were supposed to listen to the doctors right rand Paul Rand Paul. Just savage him the other day and it was great to see because people are afraid. You know. It's like one of these untouchables. These these These anointed ones. You're not supposed to criticize vouch. I like the fact that we're actually criticizing some of what he says. Now it's about time you don't let an an eighty year old epidemiologist make your economic policy for the the greatest nation in the history of the earth is just nuts but I think you know th Ouchi in. He's okay. He knows his stuff about viruses. But what the real experts are going to speak tonight on. Cnn is it tonight to have the time the date correct the not all the big reveal. Don't let it ever be said the CNN is not a serious news network. I mean they had Brian stelter. Who Weeps himself to sleep at night said the other day cannot believe how obsessed Fox News is with this Russia story mental like is a conspiracy theory of CNN and MSNBC advancing this insane conspiracy theory that that trump was it gets totally debunked? We found out that Adam Schiff and Nadler maddow and they've all been lying to us for three years. We find out the other day that it's all one big lie and stelter says when can you believe obsessed with it? It's just like why don't they get back and yesterday. He gave a Obama credit. Because Obama didn't WanNA talk about Obama Gate. He won't talk about the pandemic and you believe that. What are the art stelter said? It's refreshing with some prominent public official. Wants to get back to the pandemic. Might be because Obama got caught. This is GonNa be Great. Tv watching during this pandemic when you had enough Ouchi you can watch The scandal the biggest scandal political scandal in. Us history unfold before our eyes. I gotta say it's it's a good expert on what? Cnn lied. They don't like conspiracy theories. So who's their expert tonight on the? Oh we got a former. Hhs secretary that's one former CDC director. Dr Sanjay Gupta there. The and and the star the panel Greta Thornburgh a child a truant a successful thirteen year old truant from Sweden will be on this panel telling. Us Industries. You know like she'll be they're telling all the CEO's and the union leaders and the small business people in this country and it will safe to go back to work Greenwich even do his show tonight. I feel like he has to react to that. He's on the scene for me. Dave what time. And they're both at eight. I feel like not react to that. Pirker should have a live looking at Greenwich Thornburgh. And the I mean there are lots of offshoots of the pandemic that will last lifetimes and again things we've learned things we've learned about our leaders and our economy and I think first and foremost will be people have lost trust in certain federal officials. Didn't you always have a sense that if something like this was on the horizon that we would be protected by the really smart highly paid people in DC in these in these various NIH isn't CDC's that they would know if a if a virus was? You know ten thousand miles away that it might come here and they would be ready instead. We see people like Th- Ouchi in berks and Jerome Adams. A month ago saying that or two months ago now saying no big deal. Fau Chee in March said you should go. If you have a ticket to cruise you should go on a cruise in March march. We know that these people are smart people who are making these big decisions at setting. They're not that smart. That's what we've learned above all else that they're not that smart this virus. Why are people acting like they're an expert on the virus? Nobody knew anything about the virus. All of their predictions about it were were wrong. That's why when they say you know trump was late. It doesn't matter everybody was late. Trump wasn't nearly as late as other people. God knows he wasn't as late as it. Cuomo or BLASIO OR PELOSI OR FAO. Cheap but he was late the you know the as he likes to point out that that ban on flights from China was pretty early January. Thirty first there was like no dead. There was like fifteen cases in the whole country. That point he was much early or I should say less late than so many others but anyway it's a stupid argument. I'm so tired of it. I'm so tired to listen to trump. Talk about it but another thing a positive offshoot of this is. Are we going to be done with this? Climate change you know hysteria. We done with at least one of the grocery stores. Give me plastic again. Thank God that's because no longer matters by the way I mean. The fact to climate change was considered a serious problem is the sign of a healthy economy. If your if your world is so good and your life is so comfortable that the biggest thing you have to fear is rising sea levels then. You're pretty Goddamn Safe Deborah at sears. Except I mean. I guess if you're taking your advice from a child who doesn't go to school in Sweden troll by definition but I think when this when we're all over this or you know Whenever that is three months six months when the pets in the past I think would spill set screaming idiots like Ed Markey's that screaming about climate changing. Say Give it a rest. You know we've been through a real national emergency with survived. You know. Let us just go back to normal. Leave US alone. Another good sign I think was Joe Biden named AOC to his She's the expert on climate. Change that that absolute moron. That dummy is unjust binds campaign committee. Which is a sign of Biden being absolutely lost in the wilderness looking to shore up his fringe support among radical nutjob. So he brings that dummy onto. Tuck to to talk to him about climate change and by the way to campaign for him which is a gift. Donald J trump you also has John Kerry on the committee so he's picking some winners but say the fact that she's attaching herself to brush. She's done nothing but crap on this guy for the last year racist bubble now she has to accept because ultimately as much of a fighter as she pretends to be. She knows how to get in line. She knows how to be to sustain the good favors of Nancy Pelosi and she no longer believes women. You talked about the biggest twenty twenty story of the year in my opinion. The one that pisses me off more than all of this is just the widespread all of a sudden from Democrats that Tara. Reid is a filthy dirty lying Russian. Whore that's the biggest one after is also a is the death of the metoo movement the metoo movement is dead defunct. I mean all the leaders turned out to be hypocrites and liars. They all before us and they said believe women in take women seriously. They didn't mean they meant believe women except when they're accusing a Democrat so there's a list I forget who put it out. I think it was daily. I forget daily caller or one of those of the I think it's like a hundred hypocrites all politicians and celebrities and actors and singers who supported That Liar Christine Blasi Ford an attack Cavanaugh and absolutely flipped. Flip the script now that that Biden's credibly accused so. I think those were the leaders of the METOO MOMENT. They were the metoo movement right now. The metoo movement is one person rose McGowan. The only one has been consistent She's a little nutty but she has a pointed out the hypocrisy of these. These other women all the you know. Listen Milano out there. So that's another good thing. It it exposes those hypocrites and exposed the the insanity listening to it a teenager from Sweden as we sit there and worried about the fate of the earth. But we'll get to listen to her one more night tonight. She has been affected by this as she a small business owner Greta. Well maybe she probably millions this hassle affect our speaking fees. I mean that you can't do any big. I assume that's how she makes your money right going. And speaking of wards she wins big awards. You know those might come with money. She doesn't know going to go to college. He never went to high school now. Arts and you know good for her. That's going to be as can be really enlightening. I'll probably be watching. Took off to tape it. But you're right. Maybe it'll maybe tucker left to have a little live looking was the best one as before appointing the conference she literally came out and said. Oh I believe he raped you however Donald Ray twenty people saw them go. I have to vote for Johnson's There's a few of those Lisa Bloom. The Guy who founded politico and other guy said that yeah. I'd probably did it but he's better than trump. But you know what I don't want it to be too damaging because I don't want him to have to even this revelation that he was unmasking. General Flynn. He get caught ally Stephanopoulos. He's ended up to his eyeballs. It's a huge scandal. I don't want it to be so huge. That Biden has to step down or Biden gets taken away in handcuffs. Because I want the trump by debates. I want that's going to be the most entertaining thing of the summer. The hell was sports. You really think baseball is going to be as entertaining as trump versus by no chance now. Nobody likes baseball anyway. So unlikable I true is one thing. Nobody's getting football. That's all they care about and talks about like are the Red Sox GonNa play because I really want to insulate run up. So you're right. I think it doesn't matter it's too late to save the E. I forget it. It's all did you see dale's ratings wall and it's it's the worst I've ever had and I don't think they're going to get any better anytime soon. There's no twitter. My problem my cherry. Who Do you ale deal? Pob My twitter block chair. He was the first person to block my new account. When I got back on got a royal but it turned out to be Dale because I retweeted him going to royal's restaurant and I said that It it's amazing that somebody was such low ratings can afford to eat out at such an expensive restaurant But it's just like it doesn't matter he's the perfect example of like you don't have to produce anything and you will stay on the air so long as you don't piss off a transgender activist right right well. I don't know how much longer let's go last put Good luck to. They'll be that guy in Pennsylvania by the way probably never find his body the guy who called the transgender woman Sir Large Griffin R. I P rest in peace Marty Griffin but I turn a boy to appearances this week. You Oh that's right and we get Alex to call today. We're hoping Alex Micon check in but I don't think he wants to play. He doesn't he doesn't like you. That's pretty clear. But that's okay. We do a good job on the blog. This week's interesting stuff. Keep up with turtle boy at TV. Daily News Dot Com. You can fall into two. But he's chrome issue. I don't know who is going to be. But you're going to see a profile encouraged what's going to be a profile. In courage turtle boys going to write about some small business person or maybe a few who opened up against the will against the orders of a tyrannical governor on Monday. I can't wait to see it. I hope it's a hope it's my friend. The Haircut Opens Mike the Haircut because I need a haircut but it might be. It might be pretty pissed but I think there'll be a group of them. We'll see what the state does. I'm sure Kelly's vindictive man Gerald try to to ruin them away. The governor of Maine has tried to ruin rick savage. The restaurant guy. That's going to happen in mass. I look forward to. We will be all over it. I promise you that thanks and thanks to shake concrete. Thanks allied paving. The can't wait to get back to work. Hopefully they'll be able to go back to work on Monday. Thanks to our friends at DC. Thanks for listening rating review in Apple. Podcasts find give us a little star one-star forced on. Okay give us a star. Lot of the trend right now and the reviews is to rank all the guests turtle boys not looking. Good in those turnaround going Gerry. Callahan facebook now. He's GonNa Ruin facebook page. It's the apple. Podcast review is where the rankings apple podcast preview. And be honest. Don't if you don't think I'm number one. Don't say it but rank it and do it in because he he stacking the deck not always number one this guy on the latest one of the latest reviews. He put you at number seven hundred thirty nine. That's hoppy this is all this is this is stacking the deck. This is obviously orchestrated so getting their charter is anything you can do that. I appreciate. This is CAL podcast. I'm Gerry. Callahan Weekday talk to again. Why am I stopping? You know one else? Can I go home to Gerry Callahan podcast?

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