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"charlestown north end" Discussed on The Gerry Callahan Podcast

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"charlestown north end" Discussed on The Gerry Callahan Podcast

"You can't tell me goodell wouldn't allow whatever ten fifteen twenty thousand people in a stadium and just tell everyone. Hey they're they're keeping their distance. They're being safe very often empty stadiums. No way no way it would kill me so the. Nfl wouldn't be the same with an empty. You need people there. You don't have to mean if you have a big stadium. Can't you have no problem? You can see people five seats apart. No problem right so you got are not GonNa do it sure. People will go enforcing that for Gillette's security is another thing but because people are going to obey anything people are. GonNa your other you. I drove around Worcester. And there's this law. Nobody's wearing a mask goes remain south always wearing a mask. Nobody's doing it. It's impossible to enforce. It's a stupid law. The only knows doing it jerry soccer moms and Wellesley that are taken that oxygen. And they're doing it. They are doing it man. I was out yesterday almost everyone. I'm getting look I'm getting this guy. 'cause I'm not doing it especially outside. I mean you've gotta be kidding me get stupid. But people don't ask why they just say. Tell me what to do. Mr Mayor they don't ask. Is My mayor really. Smart is the on top of this. Does he make sense? They don't care I'll run. They just want to be told what to do. I'm GONNA to wooster bone ride today. I'm GonNa Drive our Western pictures of people in the natural elevating. How many people wear the masks? We'll see what happens. I don't think it's GonNa be that many. We probably not but another place right in the suburbs. They're doing it they're they're shaming those who don't do it you had the great blog about the the NPR guy. What's an Henriksen Santo yelling down? Big Tough Guy. Now that was a great plug. If you haven't read it he's this old guys. Npr Guy and he was yelling at a family of four including three and a five year. Old He's been around he's been around forever by the way. F- Ex Guy morning show guy never even heard of. I never heard any of these. Mpr salary to live out Brooklyn. You didn't you didn't walk into the Program. Director's meeting in the EE. I and say like what's wfan drive against now they weren't actor and PBS doesn't even Conan PR. They're all much of welfare kings and Queens comments or saying that like because you live in Ritzy I mean you're Charlestown North End. Maybe the Back Bay. You're not in Roxbury. Are you not wearing Max in Roxbury? I'm not saying our you know zero time Alex Rima. Let's reimers hood through Y- you've talked about it there in the you know in the hood. They're not respecting these rules. You've seen the pictures hardee's their gatherings they have there like that. They're ahead of the curve. They're not scarcely yet. So what if I get it? I'll be better at two weeks and I'll be immune I mean. They didn't need to watch planned. Democ in Berry to decide not to wear the masks right. You're not obese. If you're not old you don't have to and the idea that you should wear outside. They came up with new rules in. La and you know. Obviously the mayor said we're GONNA stay shut down for three months which is madness. But they came up with the beach rules. Did you see these yesterday? Rules at the beach. Not about the Oh you can't swim right and you're allowed to run and walk but you can't stand still you can't sit down and you have to wear a mask so people in La if they're gonNA follow the rules. Have to swim with masks on not masks like scuba masks that Jerry. That doesn't seem to me. That doesn't seem and when you get out of the Water. There's no loitering allowed. You got to start running somewhere. Doesn't matter where you have to move just running. Plays you stood. There sat there that there was some danger. Maybe that's a good thing because we haven't started that public health initiative that we should have started during this process. Or maybe that's the start of this whole thing two old right and according to the law he asked away or out. No thought of putting a mask on this child in him somehow consenting to it have they ever met a two year old boy like are they insane do they. I think it is funny. I want not that yet. I want to give the look of the skulled. Those parents that have their four five year olds with masks. Because they're idiots. I think we're learning a lot to this. Let's be honest. Lessons will remain for us to our lives and beyond a elected leaders of frigging morons. They're just dumb. They're just ignorant they don't care about the science they don't care about the facts they care about power and they love showing up every day flexing their muscles and make people do something that makes no sense. We're learning that without a doubt and we're learning that they're you know the these people lost some people. Don't mind living in a police state. They don't mind being told what to do. It doesn't have to make sense. They don't mind like what have you say I'll do curfew. I'm in but RENA curfew for was curfew to a virus. Doesn't matter just tell me to do it. I'll do with. I don't know if that holds true forever but it's still nine weeks in around where I am at the city. There are so many people that are I was walking my dog yesterday and a guys running towards me and he has no mask because he's running and I think he's a normal guy grabs. His shirt holds it up over his face. Just go buy me like this and I'm going. What do you think is going to happen? You absolute eightieth. I mean that's how you're GONNA go through life holding assured of your face because you're afraid a little virus will here and he was probably twenty five years old. He's a young guy fit guy thinking he's doing that to protect you jerry. It wasn't the other way positive. Whatever it was I'll say this there are people black turtle boy and Portnoy say. Give me the virus. I don't WANNA lose my job. I don't WANNA lose my business. Just get this over with. I got a good friend. Owns a business. And he's you know a little overweight and he's like my age and he said. I don't care I'd take the virus right now over what they're doing to my business. I've told you this before. He's a contractor. He has twenty five jobs in the city of Boston. There on hold. They're just waiting. He's got people work form. Who Say I'm going to collect unemployment. Call me the end of July and now this is crazy. Why why should I work when I can make more sitting on my ass? This is the rule this Democrat. You know mentality stay home and he has to beg people come back and work for him and a win these the allowed to go back to work because they're making doing it so well not working the to the faces of this resistance beyond Portnoy today. Who Kinda stole everyone's thunder? We know. Shelly Luther. That's fine face by the way unlike Richard Levin a fine face rick savage the the restaurant owner in Maine. Oh again euro who by the way? Janet Mills the governor if you saw this Tucker last night the governor is going after him and tried to ruin him they wanna put them out of business. Because he dared defy the queen there And this New Jersey gym owner is opening today. I believe against the rules. He's going to get arrested. He says fine. They're almost like they're you know they're These around this these heroes. Ah leading the fight around the country in different places and I think on Monday. You're going to be you're GONNA see some in Massachusetts. The governor's GonNa say you can't go to work. You can't open a business. There'll be some whatever I don't know if it'll be a salon owner or a restaurant owner JIM owner. But there'll be some turtle boy you'll be writing about it they're gonNA say Fu Charlie Baker. They're going to get shutdown. Baker will be vindictive as governor main. You'll try to ruin them. It will look at them as you know like Disrespecting him and he'll try to crush them it's going to get nasty. It's get the everywhere by the way. That's the only natch inevitable outcome you know. The these governors are never going to give an inch. They love 'cause mayors. You're going to have to have the civil disobedience and I'm going to sit there and I'm going to join nominal plotted while you know some restaurant owners in Boston writing lettuce. I think it was Charlie or to Martin forget who that they want it? But I mean they've they've had enough of this they need. This is the how long we were told two weeks. We did our job and they feel like to. You know to win now. They're all we had. I think a stay Red Mark Lombardo at a couple of other people were pushing reopened Massachusetts and they're Republicans they should have the ear of the governor. He's he's hanging on for us. By the way you want Mark Lombardo. Who is a is a rebel? If ever there was what he's a Massachusetts and he's taken on the establishment every day when he shows up unfortunately he's gotta take on the governor. A former Republican turned absolute a dark red dark blue liberal. Who is As as anti-business as any governor in the country who is determined by the way? I think I think Charlie's go governors goal is to be the last state to open up. He wants to be the last state he does not want to appear like he's following you know trump's lead or following the Republicans lead at all But we'll we'll check in with mark. He pays closer tetanus than we do. What's happening Mark Lombardo? We're we're battling out here you know. Tell us what's going to happen Monday. Mardi won't tell US Mardi says may may eighteenth. He'll let you know and I know you know a number of small business people who are hanging on. They don't know if they are supposed to hire people that day or you know. Bring him into work that day. They're not snow. They don't know if they'll get to open their business. He just won't tell them what is the what is the point of in what is going to happen on Monday. Like anti the legislation doesn't know either because we're not being told anything not even the the Republican Caucus What we know is that the yesterday. The governor's this he doesn't want any leaks Pretty disheartening position. Because no one's asking for leaks whereas for clarity right business one. Can I open? Not You know how long and if. I can't open. Can you give me some prep so I can do what you're asking me to do? Whatever that might be I can only guess that we're GONNA see an extension beyond mateen. I guess June first. I'm here rumblings of stage. One phase one whatever the color coded chart that was released was orange. No it was light green. It was kind of a Pastel green. Mondays Yep yeah yeah well. I don't think I'm not convinced that it's going to happen on the eighteenth so in. May and I hope it. I hope we start kicking off but Alexander guaranteed with the Happening has been slow. Slow slow what's the.

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