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"charles sullen" Discussed on Parcast Presents: Summer of '69

Parcast Presents: Summer of '69

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"charles sullen" Discussed on Parcast Presents: Summer of '69

"Brunner was like thousands of other young people who flocked to California for a chance at an exciting new life she worked in the U._C.. Berkeley Library and met Charles while he was hanging out around campus playing guitar. Mary had only recently moved to Berkeley from Wisconsin and she hadn't yet made any friends upon their first smeeting. Charles teased her trying to get a rise out of her. Her temper flared until she realized he was purposely trying to goad her then she laughed and dropped her guard Charles coaxed his way into her home and essentially became her freeloading houseguests very relationship wasn't immediately sexual but Charles would sometimes bring other women back to her apartment to sleep with them eventually they she became jealous of the other women in order to compete for Charles's affections. Mary began to sleep with him to Charles was happy to take Mary to bed though he didn't stop collecting other women like eighteen year world Lynette foamy linnet had a troubled history of drug abuse and self harm. She ran away from home after an argument with her father. Charles was naturally drawn to vulnerable people he could manipulate women who were desperate desperate to be loved when Charles Sullen net crying on the boardwalk. He stopped and told her she looked like she needed a friend. He easily persuaded her to come back with him to Berkeley Charles now had his second follower. He didn't stop there. Charles picked up another woman Pat Krenwinkel after enticing her away from the home she shared with her drug addicted sister. Then he added twenty year old Susan Atkins whose his life had taken a rough turns and she lost her mother to cancer five years prior. The women were thrilled to be part of Charles's grew hat wrote a letter to her father stating that for the very first time in my life I've I found contentment and peace Mary Lynette hat and Susan all projected vulnerabilities that made them susceptible to Charles's influence. Nearly all of them had troubled relationships Russian ships with their families and Charles validated the anger they felt about their unhappy home lives telling them they were correct to rebel against their parents. Nearly all of them had self esteem issues and Charles told them that they were pretty and desirable. These were women searching for.

Charles Sullen Mary Berkeley Library Berkeley Susan Atkins Brunner Lynette California Wisconsin Pat Krenwinkel eighteen year twenty year five years