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"charles spivey" Discussed on Here & Now

"Be important, but it has certainly increase. Our range of possible future behaviors of Anton stream particular will. And if the worst case scenario that you're talking about comes true. What are the implications of that pretty grim with token about Xs, stencil threat to small island nations like Marshall Islands in the Pacific, another rattles Pacific? They will become a to meet its seal of those, those small island states will become uninhabitable. Which took in about a massive loss of land, you know, an area, the size of Libya, which looking about displacement of up two hundred eighty seven million people potentially. That's that's. Awful lot of people, you know, while going to have to move to somewhere else. Edge just to give people a sense of how many people that has one hundred hundred and eighty seven million people. There were a million people who came to Europe as a result of the Syrian refugee crisis and that overwhelmed, a lot of countries. Absolutely. Right. It's cool. The social discontent sexual people political upheaval throughout Europe. On was what like almost two hundred times smaller number of people, so you kinda get get an idea of how incredibly disrupted something like to me to see level rise with bait. It doesn't sound like a lot, but we're talking you know, I mean places like Florida. Some of the major coastal cities, New York, San Francisco. We genera of Shanghai London. We're not necessarily saying loss of life, but we're saying that, you know, massive. Parts of the infrastructure of these huge cities will become unusable and you know, rather than kind of nuisance flooding that you get. Now you're talking about daily, flooding events, really pretty grim consequences. And yet, you know, when we think about all of the stories that we hear all the studies that come out that say things like what you're saying, maybe not exactly this, but pretty similar. It seems like it comes and goes without any real change with regard to climate change regulation legislation all around the world that saw halt comment from a point for me, Komen home, because I mean, not that really relates to I think response from the from politicians and policymakers certain isn't that what has to happen in order for something real tight to change on this issue? Absolutely right. And I think that, you know, the Paris agreement that was signed in twenty fifty. I think was a landmark agreement almost two hundred night nations signed up to that, that the trouble is the, the minute seems that it was largely kinda rhetoric raw than reelection. So even since twenty fifteen we've seen an increase in greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. So things aren't going in the right direction. But having said that, you know, I do sense that there is a change in mood. I mean, not just a amongst the public, but amongst politicians as well. So the UK government of declared it a climate emergency. So I think there is a sea change taking place whether we act quickly enough to of some of the worst comes coins clump, change remains to be seen, but it is inactive to do that. We can't do it. It's not an insurmountable challenge that Jonathan Bamber, who's a professor of geography at the university of Bristol ISA lead, author of a new study that says the world's seas arising faster than previously thought professor, thank you for joining us. My pleasure. And here now is production of NPR WBU are an association with the BBC World Service. We want to thank our hosts here at Louisville public media in Louisville Kentucky, including Stephen George, Eric Peterson. Kate Howard Ryland Barton. Caitlyn mcglade Jeff young Charles Spivey, and our engineer Russell wells are Kentucky broadcast, was produced by Chris Bentley. And our stories were mixed by Mike. Mosquito, I'm Robin young. I'm Jeremy Hobson at Louisville public media in Louisville Kentucky. This is here now.

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