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"charles spawn" Discussed on Parcast Presents: Summer of '69

Parcast Presents: Summer of '69

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"charles spawn" Discussed on Parcast Presents: Summer of '69

"And blameless innocence. They loved hearing this and they loved him still win. Charles lost his temper he became violent when he wasn't pleased with the women he might punch them or pull their hair but like many abusers he always knew how to sweet talk them into forgiveness a classic perpetuation of the cycle of abuse this was only the heightened by their isolation from other relationships and their dependence on him in the study from Translational Psychiatry Journal Antisocial personality disorder is found in forty to seventy percent of prison populations in Cortex studies review psychologist. John Burke notes that many Colt leaders at the diagnostic criteria for antisocial personality disorder. Two of the most recognizable traits of the disorder are the desire to control others others in a tendency towards crash in a cult leader revealed these treats by demanding loyalty from followers and by doling out physical punishments to transgressors in the same article Burke described evidence of dependent didn't personality disorder among followers. These individuals are more likely to exhibit depression anxiety and feelings of powerlessness that makes them all the more likely to fall under the spell of an authority figure these these dynamics were certainly found within Charles Manson's burgeoning colts in late nineteen sixty seven bolstered by his flock of admirers Charles decided it was time to pursue his larger ambition of becoming a Rockstar Dr. Mary Brunner gave up her apartment in the bay area and the group decided to move to Los Angeles. Charles packed his followers into a V._W.. Minibus and set out to become famous in Los Angeles. The group stayed in a home known as the spiral staircase the owner of the house enjoyed being surrounded by interesting transients and he allowed many artists and eccentrics aboard their here. The group continued to to expand they met fourteen year old Diane Lake and lived in a nearby commune with her parents Diane Leader wrote that becoming part of the Manson's was like a raindrop joining puddle. I blended in easily. We my loneliness disappearing Charles used his existing followers to draw in more people were more willing to listen to his ideas. When they saw the he was already surrounded by an enraptured crowd the group group swelled to around twenty members mostly women and a few men they increase their numbers and other ways to Mary? Brunner got pregnant and in April of nineteen sixty eight gave birth to a son Valentine. Valentine Michael Manson Susan Atkins also became pregnant she would give birth and the fall of that year during the same period the country royal with discord Vietnam. Tom were protests dominated. The News President Lyndon Johnson announced that he would not seek reelection be assassination of Dr Martin Luther King Junior triggered riots and over one hundred cities but no matter matter what was happening around him Charles Manson remain myopically fixated on his own destiny his plans got an injection of energy when two of his followers met Beach Boys Drummer Dennis Wilson in Hollywood Wilson invited the young women to his house for milk and cookies and they spent an innocuous afternoon together after their snap Wilson excused himself to go to a recording session and the women left but Charles. I was thrilled when he heard about the encounter he demanded the women's show him the way back to Wilson's house. When Wilson returned he found Charles and his flock harding in his house Wilson was not one to turn down a good time so he let them stay over the next few days Wilson let Charles philosophize to him and found some of his ideas profound mike the Women Charles collected Dennis Wilson struggled struggled with feelings of emptiness and loneliness he had previously sought meaning and transcendental meditation but he was open to anyone who might have some answers and Charles was an expert at convincing people all he had wisdom to share for Charles's followers Wilson welcoming them into his home was just another example of their leaders? Magic Charles told them that he could make good things happen just by envisioning them he wanted a music career and a famous musician came into his life in reality he was just manipulating easy targets like Wilson into giving him the things he wanted but Charles is disciples. It really really seem like he was conjuring. Good fortune out of nothing they saw almost godlike power and it only made them clean Charles Moore that's summer Wilson introduced Charles to some of his industry contacts talent silence Gout Greg Jacobsen and producer Terry Melcher Charles trying to get in their good graces by encouraging them to sleep with their pick of his followers. None of the women objected as if they had much of a choice ace one of Charles's rules probably borrowed from the pence was that each woman had to let go of all her inhibitions and have sex with whomever Charles told her to if she couldn't do that he wasn't interested in keeping her around. If any of the women ever wavered Charles used other him tactics he'd guilt them into obeying questioning whether they really loved him while also instilling fear ear with the threat of a slap or beating Charles's manipulation tactics worked on both ends Wilson and his frequent visitors Greg Jacobsen and Terry Melcher were enticed by the offer of unlimited rule rule free sex and for the next few weeks the family became Wilson Semi Permanent Guests Jacobson even flirted with the idea of making a documentary film about the group while riding up a film proposal Eve referred to the group as the Family Charles like the label and the group adopted it Charles now had the attention of a wealthy benefactor and several music and film industry contacts but as the summer of nineteen sixty eight stretched on Charles still didn't have what he wanted a recording contract melcher seemed to have the most clout in this area so Charles kept trying to get closer to him he knew Melcher true lived in a secluded house on yellow drive and he often tried to score an invitation. The melcher always resisted keeping him at arm's length Melcher found Charles off pudding. He wasn't the kind kind of person who searched for spiritual advice or metaphysical answers but the Gregarious Dennis Wilson introduced Charles to plenty of other less self-assured people who found Charles Captivating Wilson like to invite all kinds of people to come hang out at his house even strangers he barely knew twenty one year old Charles Watson was one of these guests Watson was thrilled to be welcomed into the home of a famous musician like Dennis yes Wilson but he was even more impressed by Charles Manson and his Legion of Obedient women. The family accepted the young man into their cohort and gave him the nickname tex by the end of the summer. Wilson Wilson was tired of financially supporting the family. When the lease on his house ended he moved out and the family had to find new lodgings but family members sandy good had another suggestion for where they could stay? She had a friend who lived on a ranch in seamy valley. The property had once been used as a set and TV westerns but it was falling into disrepair. Charles convinced the ranch owner Charles Spawn to let his group moved there in in exchange for helping the old man with cleaning taking care of horses and whatever upkeep the property required and at the sprawling ranch the family continued to grow that Fall Charles came up with new strict strict rules to keep them in line for example he forbade the women from carrying money he didn't allow them to read books and he banned watches clocks and calendars but his followers were willing to put up with the rigid policies because the family gave them unconditional love and acceptance that they could never find the harsh outside world and if they didn't follow Charles's rules they'd be kicked out of the family ripped away from that supports system daily use of drugs like L._S._d.. Also help keep them docile. David Smith was a physician and addiction expert who founded the Haight Ashbury Free Clinic in northern California in the nineteen sixties Smith met Charles Manson and his followers in nineteen sixty seven while they were in the bay area two years later Smith studied the family at Spahn ranch and he even wrote a paper on the group in the Journal of Psychedelic drugs hugs prior to the families murder spree in recent years reflecting on the Manson family. Smith has written that we now know that drug infused mind control is a very real phenomenon amongst -ceptable youths Charles needed to use every tool he had to keep the groups focus and loyalty by the end of nineteen sixty eight he began to see ominous signs all around him. His followers noticed a change in him it it had always been a regular ritual Charles to preach to them through lectures or songs but that winter is daily sermons became less about love and more about the violent downfall of civilization now many of his lectures involved a coming race war and which black people would rise up and kill the white population according to Charles it was black people's turned to be in power after years of oppression Russian with these visions of violence Charles instill fear in his followers encouraging them to withdraw further from society and closer to him. The family had already found isolation at Spahn on ranch thirty five miles from downtown Los Angeles but Charles wanted to retreat even further away from civilization. One of the family members mentioned a place her grandparents owned and Death Valley called the Barker ranch. Charles thought this sounded like the perfect place to hide out during the coming Apocalypse Diane Lee was afraid she had joined the family at the age of fourteen because she wanted to be treated needed as an adult but to her that meant becoming Charlie's lover not as warrior still according to Charlie let shed was inevitable and they had to prepare for it. Don didn't know what to make of this latest rantings about race wars and uprisings. They were terrifying to be sure but Diane was certain that Charlie could protect them from whatever lay ahead what frightened her Moore was was that Charlie was acting differently. Just a few months earlier he'd been affectionate and playful. He showed love to all the women but Diana had believed he loved her best now. She no longer felt like a favorite favorite Charlie had withdrawn when she tried to bring out that warm side of Charlie he looked at her with contempt that more and more often erupted into violence and beatings only one thing seemed to improve Charlie's mood the thought of fleeing to the Desert Diane hope the change of scenery would fix things after all if it was what Charlie wanted it must be the right move. The whole family tracked out to Death Valley in October of nineteen sixty eight to scope out the property Charles got permission from the ranch owner to stay there but he soon realized that the group wasn't prepared for settlement they needed to stockpile food drugs knives and guns in order to make the ranch a suitable fortress Charles left a few members at the Barker ranch to keep watch while the rest of the family returned to Spahn ranch in Simi Valley over the next few months they started collecting whatever weapons they could get their hands on they stole Dune buggies and motorcycles from car lots and made alterations on the vehicles adding extra armor Moore.

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