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"charles schwantz" Discussed on WBAP 820AM

"Or sanction them. Peace agreement signed in 2020 by the Trump administration and the insurgents explicitly says the Taliban is not recognized by the U. S as a state, But the deal was based on the premise that the group would eventually join the Afghan government, not overthrow it. Steve Rapoport, Fox News Locally based group DFW. Afghan Unity says refugees from Afghanistan have already arrived in North Texas and more on their way far ahead. Nayef is president of the nonprofit and says members are reaching out to Afghan as soon as they get off the plane. One of the local volunteer went to El Paso because some group already arrived at El Paso there at the air base. And we're going to find out. You know what? What's going on? You know if they want to stay there, and when I come to Dallas, the group plans to help with medical needs and schooling for refugees and their Children. A Texas House committee on Monday advanced the controversial GOP backed election reform bill after Democrats broke Corum over it. For months. Leaders of the House Select Committee on Constitutional Rights and Remedies read the intent of the voting bill. The application of this code and the content of elections, be uniform and consistent throughout the state to reduce the light. Hood of fraud in the conduct of elections. The committee heard testimony from advocates who said the bill enhances election integrity and from critics who believe it discriminates against communities of color and people with disabilities. The committee meeting came after the House achieved Quarrymen late last week. Clayton Neville W. B. A P News and as a high school student and his father were killed over the weekend when they're small plane crashed in north taxes, FAA officials say the single engine Eric Kana Seven A C crashed just before nine A.m. Saturday near a cell. The Tarrant County Medical Examiner's office identified the victims as 18 year old Jack Schwan's and 55 year old Charles Schwantz, who was piloting the plane. An investigation into the crash continues from the W B A P News desk. I'm Nicolo say you're next update is at 6 24.

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