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"charles sarraj" Discussed on Con Artists

"Officer was supposed to keep an eye on Robert just in case Charleston. Should he looked the other way. Three handsome bribe Charles. Marie and Jay were allowed to flee Bangkok. Once the police discovered that Robert Grana slash along not yea had disappeared word of his escape spread to the international law enforcement community Dutch diplomat. Herman Canadian bag was was furious. When he heard the news he had been conducting his own investigation into the deaths of Hank Been Tanya and Cornelia Hamkar and he was positive? Tiv- that along goatee was the man responsible. He pressed the local authorities to let him investigate. Canadian bag was given permission to search houses apartment. Unlike the Thai police he and his men were able to find an exorbitant amount of evidence against Charles else including identity papers cash incriminating receipts and a slew of items belonging to Teresa Knowlton. Batali Akeem and Cornelia Hencke. It was clear to Canadian bag. They had found them man now. All they had to to do was catch him. Surprisingly Charles had not run far. He Marie and Ajay had mainly mainly fled one country south to Malaysia. The trio hit out in the old colonial town of Pian while they're Charles sent the J. on a mission after only a few days. Ajay returns with a packet of gems. Worth about forty thousand dollars over one hundred and eighty eighteen thousand dollars today. Charles wanted to fly to Geneva Switzerland and sell the gems there but I he ended J. needed to take care of some business on their own. Charles instructed Marie to meet them at the airport. That's afternoon yet. When Charles showed up to meet her he was alone? Marie asked him where. Ajay was but Charles refused to say a word. Marie was concerned but felt there was nothing she could do. She and Charles boarded their flight and flew to Geneva Without Ajay. Ajay Chaudhary was never seen again. Most people believe Charles killed him and buried him in the jungle a brutal and final goodbye to the person who was once his right-hand man. Charles Marie trip to Geneva was is brief but lucrative. They left the city as quickly as they had arrived then flew to Paris hoping to reconnect and Leech off of people from Charles's passed yet or of his old friends and even his own mother rejected him and turned him away. Undeterred undeterred with Marie by his side thirty. Two Euro Chelsea set to work assembling a new group of companions. A new crime family early in June of Nineteen seventy-six. Charles Marie were in Karachi Pakistan when they invited a young Australian woman. Mary Ellen Ether Sir to join the group as Gem Courier Mary Ellen was in Pakistan after a bad end to a relationship the Middle East seemed like the perfect place place to do some soul-searching what she found was Charles Sobhraj with the potential of making some quick cash. Mary the Ellen agreed to go with Charles Marie to Thailand unfortunately right after they laid out this plan Charles Marie discovered that Thailand's land's top. News Channel was broadcasting their faces in a search for along gauthier and his girlfriend. Monique while Marie was rattled. Told Charles shrugged it off as he told Marie people were looking for Alana. Monique not chose Marie. However to ease fears Charles decided to change the plans slightly? They would go to India. I Charles Marie and Mary. Ellen flew fluent Bombay in search of new opportunities. There Charles found one in a young English woman named Barbara Smith. He convinced her to to join his new crew as well always looking for his next big scam Charles Lund from Barbara that the large group of French postgraduates was on their way to Delhi to Charles. This was a potential bonanza. He greedily envisioned all the cash he could flees from sixty. You're so gullible students. But to make the eight hundred eighty six mile journey to Delhi. The group needed one more small-time score something that not only get them there but also bankroll their stay until they hit the French students. The the victim was a young Frenchman named Jean Luc. Solomon details of Solomon's death are scarce but it is believed believed that he was poisoned not with the intention of murder but simply to immobilize unfortunately the dosage proved fatal for two days Solomon suffered in agony and died at the hospital after a hotel mate discovered him when they investigated his room. All of his valuables were missing and Charles and his gang were long gone on their way to Delhi to lay a trap strap at the beginning of July. The tool group of sixty French men and women flooded the victim hotel when checked in and many of them were swept into a conversation with a man they had met earlier. That day at the Taj Mahal whose sole purpose was to make sure these tourists had a memorable time came in India on each arm was a beautiful woman for two days. The three ingratiated themselves with the French group drinking. Hang Seng Seeing folketing. It was as if they'd known abroad and his girls for years on the final. Oh night in Delhi. They all gathered for one last dinner. Sabaj pulled the toy leader aside and asked if he knew about two recent dysentery. Harry breakout in Thailand. The tour groups next destination sobhraj offered the group some preventive pills. Though only a third of the the students took them after dinner. The pills kicked in men and women began to key Lova in agony violently silently. Throwing up all over the hotel lobby. The hotel manager ran to the kitchen to see if the tour fell victim to food poisoning but a few of the students this quickly realized that the only victims were those who took submerges medication as all eyes turn towards the friendly local they. They saw that he had already started for the door. A couple of the stronger and faster students managed to tackle Sobhraj before he could escape and when the police arrived they found him subdued tied to a chair. Charles Sarraj was arrested bright then and there and it would be nearly two decades before he saw the light of day again. Coming up Charles finds a new home in Tahar prison now back to the story in July of Nineteen seventy six thirty two year old man and serial killer. Charles Sobhraj tried to rob a group of French tourists in Delhi but Charles. Bits off more than he could chew the poison. He Fed to the group kicked in too quickly. The tourists put two and two together and manage to apprehend Charles before he could escape ape. They called the authorities. The police took Charles into custody and went about searching for his three female companions. It took took them two days to capture Mary. Ellen Barbara Smith and Marie Andre Leclair the Indian authorities quickly sussed out that Mary Ellen and Barbara with the weak links in the group in less than a day the two revealed every crime. They had participated in since joining joining Charles which included various robberies around India as well as the drugging and accidental killing of jean-luc Solomon off to getting getting all the information they could from Mary. Ellen and Barbara. The police turned their attention to Marie. Leclair but she refused to give up her man. She believed that even after all sheets scene and all he put her through that. Perhaps that Charles who wrote those love letters was still there deep down inside. Perhaps she could bring him back. The police leveled with Marie Mary. Ellen and Barbara had already confessed. Charles was facing prison time no matter what Marie staying silence would do nothing to help him but maybe she could help herself. After thinking it over Marie gave a thirty two. You page statement detailing her life with Charles Sobhraj and every crime. She'd seen him commit Charles on the upper-hand refuse to cooperate for two weeks. He maintained that he was a Parisian merchant. But no one was buying it. Charles was not nearly as good at covering his tracks as he thought. Law enforcement agencies from all across the globe had accumulated mountains of evidence against him and all of his. Aliases Interpol wanted him for trying to rob a jewelry store in the Ashore Hotel. The ties wanted him for the Bikini. Keeney murders the Dutch wanted justice for the murders of Hank Been Tanya and Cornelia Hencke. Nepal was interested in discussing the murders of the wrong carrier and Connie Joe Bronze Itch but at the end of the day it was India's justice that Charles would face as they were the ones who captured him he was charged with the murder of John..

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