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"charles philosophies" Discussed on Crimes of Passion

"And Charles gave it but their attraction to Charles wasn't just about their own weaknesses as it was also about his magnetism he knew how to turn on the charm and his followers love the way he showered them with compliments. Charles was also older than most of these women by a decade. He used his age as the advantage or training himself as an experienced sage. It was extra flattering to these women that someone they perceived to be so wise was willing to pay attention to them. Charles Philosophies were not particularly really original but he was so charismatic when spouting out a jumble of ideas drawn from the Bible Scientology and Beatles lyrics that people couldn't help listen he spoke with the confidence and authority ready that discouraged anyone from questioning him Charles also had the self-awareness tied some of his negative attributes for example he was vehemently racist but he did not reveal the extent of his racism to the women in his group as far as they could tell Charles's way of life was all about feeling good letting go of inhibitions and pershing bad feelings. Charles told the women in his thrall that no matter what may have happened happened to them before they were special.

Charles Philosophies