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"Charles Gobert is Cook County Public guardian anywhere from 1 to 2 Days to 1 to 2 weeks, their urban kids 10 days, 11 days, and during this time these kids have nothing. There's no therapy, no counseling, no activities, no recreation. Rarely go outside, no schooling, no school, Um the kids, they they sit around on the air mattress on the floor and play with their phone all day and all night. So far, there's been no response from DCFs. 50. Chicago public schools have until tomorrow to decide if they want to keep police officers in schools. Local school councils can choose to remove the two officers assigned to their buildings or keep them The Chicago Tribune reports. Most schools have voted to keep at least one of the resource officers. At least five schools Jones College Prep Sarah Good Stem Academy, Lakeview High School. Salorio Academy High School and von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center have voted to remove the officers. The Chicago School board voted in August to renew a contract with CPD, but only for $12 million. Down from 33 million the year before the Museum of Science and Industry is keeping the learning going this summer, more than 3600 free science kits are being distributed. Chicago Public Library is part of the museum's annual summer Brain Games program. Kids include everything The kids need to do their own experiments, as well as tickets to the Museum of Science and Industry. Now, with WGN SPORTS Here's Dave Bennett. Good morning when Duncan Keith broke in with the Blackhawks, Patrick Kane was still in driver's Ed Keith arrived two years before Kane and Jonathan Taves alongside longtime defensive make Brent Seabrook. And now only Canaan Tabs remain the Hawks. Sending Keith to Edmonton along with forward Tim Soderlund in return, getting defenseman Caleb Jones and a conditional third rounder next year. Speaking to Oilers media, Keith said, Thanks, I'd like to, uh, thank the Chicago Blackhawks and the Black Hawk organization. Iraqi work standing words in the entire words family for For allowing me to be on their team for the last 16 seasons. We had a great memories and great run and Chicago Blackhawks are always going to be in my heart, Keith acknowledge. He wanted to be closer to his son and thus asked the Hawks to get him to a team North and West Baseball's All Star festivities are underway The home run Derby last night one by the Mets Pete Alonso for the second straight time, he beat Baltimore's tray man seen in the final. Tonight, the main event that 20 the 91st All Star game starting pitchers Shohei Otani, the Angels for the American League, Max sure, reserve Washington for the National League. Dave and it w.

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