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"charles denton watson" Discussed on Hollywood And Crime

"Greg jacobsen had been impressed by charlie manson though his musical gifts might still have been raw he was a charismatic figure with his own brand of philosophy the lyrics to his often spontaneously improvise songs were original even compelling the police were interested in talking to the talent scout because he had been the one to introduce manson to record producer terri melchor who owned the c l o dr property when la pd sergeant frank patchett ask jacobsen if he knew a family member named charles tex montgomery jacobsen nodded but taxes last name wasn't montgomerie it was watson on november 30th deputy d a bully olshey ran a check and discovered that a charles denton watson had been arrested in van nuys on a drug charge on april 23rd when watson's fingerprints taken at the time of his booking matched one of the leighton's found at the tate residence it was the first piece of physical evidence tying a manson family member to the murders teams of detectives were sent out to watson's former addresses with no luck in but when they checked his hometown of mckinney texas sheriff tom montgomery told them watson was living in a small apartment downtown in fact the sheriff was well acquainted with charles watson they were second cousins montgomery being a family name text sometimes used rather than sending officers to pick up the murder suspect sheriff montgomery called texas uncle maurice who picked up his nephew and delivered him to the local jail later that same sunday sorry.

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