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Man Cave Happy Hour  Joe Louis Bourbon Author Charles Avison  Episode 61


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Man Cave Happy Hour Joe Louis Bourbon Author Charles Avison Episode 61

"You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT network visit. Www DOT PODCAST DETROIT DOT com for more information standing by for live on facebook. I said Hey man cave. Hey Welcome to Medicaid Van. Going to drink whiskey and smoking really finds gone. We're ready to begin to accept. We don't have a serious into facebook. This is man cave happy hour of it. Here he is. That's why it is time for happy hour. It is the man cave happy hour whiskey cigars. Spirits is stories that go along with Jamie Flanagan. Hey good afternoon. Good evening in podcasts. World I am at Fox and we have Joe Louis Bourbon on tap again these days with Joe Louis. Bourbon guys. Thanks her Always being such great hosts and having US along to have some fun with some Bourbon and stories and we have both today. We have a bartender on tap and we have a master storyteller on tap for today as well Jj Peter. The owners are here with us. Michael is here. He's getting the word out. Nationwide and tear is going to be pouring some drinks. Charles Charles Davison. He wrote a book called Detroit city at champions. It's all about the nineteen thirty five year and how Detroit became such a conic city for sports. And how Joe? Lewis is a massive colossal part of that icon Iq Sports Heritage Detroit and Yeah we're excited for the conversations tonight. Peter you what is your main question. Peter was like so excited that he got got to talk to Charles. Was there something in particular Peter that you wanted to ask Charles? I was really amazed when we back. Liz at Joe Louis is life we just keep finding somebody more of Americana and I think people my generation don't really remember Detroit as the roaring thriving metropolis where everything was cool and in to me. Nineteen thirty five was moment. Timely Detroit was coolest place on even have holiday called the Champions Day. I know you're kind of a harder that dying to know where whatever happened the champions and where whereas whereas in Detroit East End. That's like one of the best question that I've ever had. I just WanNa let you know that I can. I mean the reason I say that is because I never get a chance to talk about Champions Day. I never get a chance to talk about it on unless of course. We're doing on champions as April. Eighteenth and we usually. I usually do a speech over at historic museum on the eighteenth. We have a big group of people that still celebrates the day. So that's about the only time that ever that conversation every comes up saw on both west and so they got the idea just. We just talked about champions. Eight per minute is that Is that throughout the course of the year so in Detroit nineteen thirty five thirty three championships in the same season. All right which is like a Riddick I mean thirty three championships like is there. Even that many sports I call the dancers yesterday was in the ad that the further answer is that they want them all that year and so at its with the finale of the season they threw a party at the Masonic Temple in Detroit off the the. The Governor of Michigan declared Champions Day for the State the Detroit City Council Detroit Champ Declared Champions Day for the city. It was a huge party. Jolo Lewis was the guest of honor on Tigers. Lions redwings were all there all the other athletes from the season. Were all there it? Was they call it. They call it the greatest gathering of champions under a single roof In history. That was sort of the the bill for the Party doesn't how they build the party. And so yeah I mean it was they. They did a radio broadcast that day. They are the Detroit time which was the third newspaper at that time they issued a they were actually a ones that sponsored the party in Saudi issued a commemorative newspaper for that day and If he'd notion that you were Gonna ask that question I would actually have had my because I had. There's only one known original copy of the newspaper that was issued on Champions Day. And I have it like at least in the story of acquiring. This newspaper is actually actually wrote ups passage in a book about how it was acquired sole on crazy but it's actually signed at the top of the newspaper by three. The Tigers. Best pitchers in one thousand nine hundred five is like literally priceless. I wouldn't celebrating what that question. I would actually have that albums. I got it like in a glass case the equivalent of glass case. I don't really know it all but can you imagine. Can you imagine today getting the members of the You know if they were even having a moderate season The lions and the In the wings people from from boxing together. I can't even fathom trying to get all those people together in in today's culture. So why Charles? Why do you think The day is celebrated as overtly as it used to be. Well I mean that's a question that ties into the entire into the entire forgotten component of the story itself like. Why is the entire season forgotten? You sound like this forgotten I mean that was the very definition of word. If you look in virtually any I mean any Detroit. Sports History Book Is. There's no mention of first of all is no mention of Champions Day. That's number one. I mean there's my my book was the first one even mentioned the fact that champion even existed with a friend of mine in myself created the wikipedia page four champions day which has become like all of a sudden. It's like we started off as like one page. Wait I made it now. There's like thirty like the equivalent of probably thirty pages. Long stuff this is attached to it. But the season has been forgotten. I mean every once in a tiger history book you talk about the Tigers winning their nineteen thirty five read read alliance history both talk about the lions do it. But there's nothing ever talks about all doing at saint time or all the other championships want at the same time in so that's saying like it really ties into the larger question of how the season itself was forgotten. And you know besides because if there's no nobody remembers the season how can they remember the day celebrations So that's I mean. That's the part of the larger question that's me. That's a longer Story I think what's on but the idea what the ideal with anything like somebody told me one time like you know there's chapters there's holidays for everything. There's like national milk-drinking day it's national. Whatever Day in in my response you know there'd be so they tried to diminish the concept of the Champions Day going. Oldie champions they so rarely and I set in stone. I said you know. Of course it's only worth celebrating. If you WANNA celebrate it I understand that concept but that I think this is something that should be celebrating all. It's not trying to bring it back. So when I read about champion activity around one of the things are at saw the Unicorn on was when he said. How do you bring back on all day and and for us with Joe Louis of when the really discovered who he really was? You know he was a great fighter. One of the big challenges we face is how really connect the brand all those same margin fools champions day was and that's what we're really trying to make certain of is that we we look very carefully at at Man. What he meant was Detroit. In chitlins religions name was certainly all teams but Joe Louis from Ravi recognizes the most. That's the gap at fully agree. So it's Pretty Amazing Swan. I was thinking about that in the things that you've written in reminded me a lot of our challenge. Reminded me a lot of our challenge in making this all. I really appreciated that a lot. Yeah well he'll Joe Joe Louis I joe Louis emerged. Spent Years Story and Joe Louis really emerged. My favorite after all of this story is just remarkable. Her they real inside plot you for your for your efforts and everything too so now you know a lovely lady in this audience. Not Tara. Tara is a bartender and win bars. And places of business are open. It's Detroit it's Detroit or Detroit Detroit or the Detroit club and there's a bar inside. There called the The library pub-. The library bar and it is. It is swanky it is. It is gentlemen. You want your Bourbon in there. Because it is one of the fancy pants places in Detroit it is. It is one. The destination craft cocktail. Bourbon lounges in the city. Tara thanks for hanging up her. So you're going to have you on a few concoctions or recipes cocktails for us. But you've been hanging onto the to this bourbon for a week now. Has it been difficult to hang onto this and not least give it a taster? A smell to kind of figure out what you're going to do with it. I I did take a little bit of it. But I've been really good okay. I can't keep the occupying softener all right so we asked you to come up with a couple of recipes so when you when you tasted the urban As far as compared to other bourbons. What were you tasting? What were you were you getting out of? Outta Joe Louis Urban well I have some. I guess some but me. I promise me. Get some of that. Love that much of a feeling really good. Everybody's while the sweet at first hits your Palette these to me it starts out super sweet and you get a lot of flavor right in the middle and then it finish it but the majority of the height of it to me is right in the middle of it so sweet kind of goes up finishes. Nice and smooth people say that it might back by my son. That's wealthy discount. Repeat exactly what we would say about it in. Yeah we've got a high Farley Bourbon draw on the back and he goes slough naturally the houses a bit unique read it. You allow corn Corner there what is your mass belt? Sixty six fourteen. The doctor had a sixty six corn. And then Michael. What else is in there? It's sixty six percent corn fourteen percent Ryan twenty percent bar and look out at the height of the Ri- meatloaf say about two hundred. Three's not are Tara when you when you tasted the sweetness in the Bourbon. And you're like okay. I'M GONNA use this in a cocktail Where are you going to go with it? What's what's the first recipe. You came up with so the first line. I have all the ingredients. I can't make them right on that. Yeah Yeah Yeah do it. I wouldn't. I'm jealous that we won't be able to try but I'd love to watch it. Watch it I'll get for you. Work your magic in together here at. Shane and I am going to take off so I made a just a simple syrup. I used Black T. In mind which is brewed some regular but to you like a cup of hot tea and then added Echo Park sugar. Nothing nothing kinda maker sugar minus long. Because it's what I had on hand so I'm going to do a half ounce of eight I have at SOM- blind. Jus I keep fresh lemons pretty much all the time. I'm always thinking Aktan fractures the best to use. But if you have something else like on our lemon concentrate you could use that. I would just use a little bit more throughout his that sense. It'd be a little bit more than I am going to do. Owen for half ounce elites in that. I'M GONNA do two ounces of the Bourbon jumping and then you have to excuse me because I had to grab ice. I didn't bring it with me. 'cause I got a while. Tears grabner is Charles. When she's done making us I drink I want. I want you to kind of tell us just give us the you know the elevator pitch on the book about the Detroit city a champions And and what's what's in the book. But we're also going to find out from Al and from Ron Where's available is. There's a whole lot of new places you guys been taking names and kicking and product into some stores so we're gonNA find out Allier from down south right covering the the southern hemisphere for us. I've actually in Michigan. Oh I thought you were a little further south knowing Michigan. Oh Metro Detroit North suburb. Starting High Register Register Hills Clarkston missy all the way North. So all right we're gonNA find out what places Are carrying it after Tara. Mixes it up a little bit. You got your ace and you see this home to the half. The shakers either art that noise that sound. Just dump it. Right in your. And then I'm gonNA hotline with a little bit of a bidders you can find these at Meyer target pretty much store by label fall off. So I'm just GONNA go right over top with some betters. Delicious guys ever. That's fantastic question when you make your simple syrup use specific entity so you get us any part black tea because black tend to be the strongest in Long. Black Tea was what I had on. Hand you use any bacterium's earl grey brexit's or anything like that. I have an ingredient that I want to ask you if you've ever played with eighteen twenty one tenture. It's their ginger lemon at specifically not that one I have on some ginger bidders at work that I keep on hands. They're really good. If you're just looking to add a little bit of a white flavor to depending I've been using this with basically doing in place of bidders for Manhattan Manhattan other words not a lot of rest and listen. It's been really nice with the job armchair spice to it and then I got one more. Let's see so. Where do you get all the wonderful toys biscuits because it has a little bit of sweet in almost prudence but a little bit better on that so Jamiat the answer? Is that eighteen twenty bidders. I don't know if you guys haven't been Michigan. They're they're pretty much getting all over the place but they are made right here in Atlanta I'm in Atlanta and what's cool about it is. There's a place that is called market here when it was opened before we were all shut down. And there's a lot of different shops in there and they actually have their kitchen where they make this but they supply all over the country so they'll have cocktail glasses. Gone to a number of them and you get to experiment and try new things so we have to get them some Joe for their next cocktail class. Yeah come back to Charles with a couple of questions. Yeah for sure. So Yeah Charles. So the book you wrote the book Just because it was like such an undiscovered history. Just what what? What is the crux of it? What caught your attention. I about that in one thousand nine hundred five year well on the whole the whole thing for me started. I was a senior at Western on in two thousand five and I had a sports history class that I was taking and I just come back from the University Edinburgh Scotland without a research history. Like I was like spitting year. I've been studied B. Like research historian your whole life. Kind of thing and In my senior year at Western taking this this sports history class again like it's like a basket weaving class right like I'm like this is GonNa be fun. You know something like you know. Burn a couple credit solvable. Saving something like this anyways. At some point I will want me and my friends hang out by my apartment one night and just like drinking beers and that and we had one of my friends had a Detroit Tiger Media Guide and we were just going through random trivia. Questions I guess and one of them. I was like what you're the Tigers when their world series I'd never even known that and so So we looked at it was nineteen thirty five in that at the bottom of the page. It said Did you know that not only did? The Tiger wanted the championship but the lions and Red Wings at one. There's two in the nineteen thirty five and I and I was like I never heard hard choice or span of a red automobiles at least know enough to know the main stories. That seems like a pretty big story to know about house. I wasn't sure how how was I never knew that before. So anyway. The subject to this for the sports history class tried to page paper for this class in in could not find enough information to fill a two page paper. And that's what really jumped out to me was like I mean like I say I am a research. Historian I just got back from the University of Edinburgh Scotland. I can't write a horrible researcher because I can't find amazing favor. Or there's no information out there. You see in so in so I kept on following pursuant a little bit and I made it my sister Brad from western and that when I saw when I watched the original newspapers is when it really opened up I was like. Oh my God like this. Like every single day is like Detroit. City a champion. This team just did this and this team is that it was like I was worried. You know worried about filling a thirty page paper But then once I opened up the original newspapers on my thirty pages isn't even going to be enough like this is. This is the biggest story I've ever seen. It was just an unbelievable and so did the thesis And I you know I did thesis and then afterwards after I graduated it was like I kinda put it on the shelf for for a couple years but the more I was like on the shelf more was like Pakistan. It's not finished. You know it's not finished you know and so I went back so I Actually thought about the idea to start my own company up like a book. Publishing Company Brighton at you know writing a book on this thing you kind of launching the the company with this my first book and And so I did so. I going to Detroit Public Library and really make a full-time investigation of a in in Phnom really the Big Real. The big thing for me was like miles right in that first book is. I'd never heard of camping day. I'd never heard of it and I was just. I remembered that I'll never forget the moment I was sitting there in front of this microphone. Real in just reading about Champions Day and I'm like my God like there's a holiday that celebrates this year I mean I couldn't believe it But I'm split at the more unbelievable thing is almost like a sense of light like It was more of like a sense of like beer than anything. It was weird sense of like now. It's your responsibility to tell the world. I if if I like. When's the next time? Somebody's sitting in a microphone. Web Looking for information on this particular year. I mean nobody's done anything about it for eight years like when's the next time Giles? Giles April eighteenth will never be the same for me again. Okay excellent have a look at the case. Because it's fascinating the wick like ninety percent of the wikipedia pages just like I check it every once in a while. It's just new information. That every time somebody puts their newspaper archives online it just gets linked to the page. And it's like I learned just reading the wikipedia page. We should at least party. For God's sake what we do every every April Keith. Huge party at Masonic Temple in Detroit late last year was free beer the east or the eastern market brewing coffee where it was my invite. That's what I wanted. We were all. GonNa throw a big party on April. Yeah when that was when Joe Louis was supposed to debut at the Michigan State Golden Gloves Tournament. Restorick museum has the has a replica. Lindell Bar Seaman late insulate. Use that as a double occasion to bring an kegs of beer from the Easter market ruin. Cosby's been great. They've been fought sponsored party last three or four years and So they brought in Kegs. They actually have it actually have a city of champions. Ip a which is like ten percent liquor whatever as as rows drink in their last year. They had a couple of too many. But you know maybe not to to not enough so it's just a ball vault. I've had some snacks delivered. Wonderful also wrote the first book on the story itself and then when I was done right in the first book on the story I realized that there was still way more that needs to be done because even when I was finished the first book I was I was the players themselves. Were Justice forgotten the story and so I kept on pursuing sussman up six years work on I. I wrote two more books on it called the players and so I've got three really. Does the city champions trilogy in the now I've actually got a screenplay for movie. I wrote about seven hundred pages. The I spent a year writing that so I actually have a screen. Play for many series like Netflix mini series. All already to go miss ready to go since I can build it around Joe Louis. Man All Jolo. He's assume the first two episodes saw the first fell in love with Joe. Louis and you know I told the story two times. I went to his grave site and going to tell you the energy is there. Yeah well the thing about Joe Louis says that you know. There's there's been all these Hollywood movies by like Muhammad Ali. There's been a movie on James Braddock for the Cinderella story when he took place in nineteen thirty five. He'll there's only there's there's there's one on the raging boll. There's numerous boxing movies out there. Thing is there's never been like an a-list Hollywood movie made about Joe Louis so crazy like I mean the story Joe Louis the night especially nineteen thirty five. Nineteen thirty five Joe Louis. On my favorite comparison is that is the is to use Cinderella Movie Cinderella Man. If any because you know we all have seen Cinderella Ma'am starring Russell Crowe Hundred Million Dollar Hollywood movie when when I look at some of the old when I look at your fellow Joes life. Those films were made in a period of time where African Americans were not provided with platform to really presented the way they were well. But I'm saying like there's a lot of relatives alleged from those early movies. Well Yeah but I'm saying like nowadays in the twenty first century has been y'all a movie on Ali on James Bragg this movie on all these guys worse Joe Joe. J. J. J. can tell you a little bit about that. Jay J. J. One of those digging. I founded this together by the way Charles are in in J. Why don't you talk a little bit about that? Yeah the Muslim factor save Joel Project. Yeah we we needed to do a presentation and all of a sudden we got an email that asks us to watch video and it came up. Charles view sent me an email at. Jj AT JOLO IS BOURBON DOT com. I will send you the link. It's not a public video but it's It was a story of Joe Louis and save me. Joe Louis was the movie you had Mugadza. Junior over Winfrey Denzel Washington at about a three minute trailer. That would just you know really goosebumps and you mentioned the moving alley. What happened with that movie as it got bumped it at the last minute? I got bumped out but I think by the movie. There was only so much boxing room. Michael I don't know if you've got that I can see you thinking you know. I don't have it accessible lights on for this environment but my point is but my point. You know what I'm trying to get at is like now. It's like if not the JOE like the story at Joe Louis has got everything it's got everything I mean. I mean this is. This is this. I mean it's got everything it's got love stories. I mean fight against racial injustice. I mean he's got he's the guy that opened the door for guys like Robinson I mean. Joe Louis broke the color barrier Dauth. Y'All later on everything. You know what I mean when we when we first got going on this we really didn't stand Matt all you know it was it. Was We without a great grand. We saw a great opportunity but long before we ever got to a moment. We were wearing Bermuda audible. We really found ourselves in the midst of goalless his legacy. And it's Joe Louis. His legacy aside point John Lewis's legacy is tied to America and World War. Two and yeah just so many amazing things in the context that that we we get involved with talk about Bourbon brand. Is it just as endless? Well here's the thing is like you know it all starts. Everything starts summer so like I say I've got the screenplay for a movie in so it's ready to go. I mean it's I mean it's not perfect but it's like but I mean it's ready to if there's any of you guys have any interests or if you mean the twenty thousand cases whereas I'm not saying you know you can talk about I guys finest but I'm talking about like the more people. The more people have organized around something the more that something can get done something where it's like city. Detroit. It's involved teams getting bought on all of these teams. I mean it's just it's it's to me it's just something I've been actually been holding off in in Putting the screenplay like senator off the Hollywood because I've been trying to figure out a way to maybe keep this a little bit more in Detroit like a little more local projects where it doesn't get Doesn't get highly. That is the truth gets lost behind the fiction. So Catch up with you offline. We'll talk a little bit more approved boxing and how that all ties in the legacy and we've got drafted you know. I've been friends for Keiko. Speed sillier spacious by me. Yeah we're here watching the video going across so lan. Ron You know you guys are really you're here in Michigan and Detroit and You guys are really here to get out. Sue or local watering holes than to our local local liquor stores. I guess for lack of a better term to really help them understand what the Joe Louis brands all about. What are some of the things that you're doing Right now with everything that we're going through through this crowd through this pan-demic what are some of the things that you kind of have to tweak to get. The job was burned out there a little bit more The everything to be tweaked. We did a kick off with the southern wine and spirits team in it was a virtual Isuzu meeting kick off the first time in my in my career. We launched a brand in platform. So you gotTa do what you have to do and work with tools available and move forward on it and in take this story out to market. Show some folks. In an ounce hasn't success I am success with it gives you that minute to pause and tell them that forgotten story yet her show Serena. There's the Joe Louis Monument downtown. The story really isn't out while remembered in detail now on a percentage of people who want to connect with it in in in a really resonates as you share a hundred with that statement that you being a neighbor. Because you're kind of here on because you know we're actually a couple of miles away from one another. You don't know that but I do because this is what you said earlier but You really focus more on. The East side of Michigan were wrong. You're more focused on the northern part of Michigan to understand that right but Al Cross. His pants cheesiness. He's GonNa be territory pretty much kind of like big BIEBER and heading north so move helps me. Sorry I'm in Detroit. That's that's our local fire truck. Want someone earlier. I walked into one of my accounts and before I even said there were Joe Louis. He goes hey you know who good job Louis. Bourbon low I okay. As it needs at the minor leaguers. Probably one of my favorites was when you walk in Denver. Police say or is it. Questioned Tara Tara. How how are you guys? How are you and your friends do? And I mean we're the we're actually in the hospitality business ourselves here. How are how are people on the street doing in Detroit Holly Your Coworkers? Managing Time of Ryan away is a lot of us have been making cocktails at home and just oh sing to instagram. I'll somehow from local chapters. The bargains that a lot of us are involved in super. How all I started teaching virtual cocktail classes. Which has actually been super success? Oh Yeah it's been a lot of time so fun for sure. I could use a few lessons for what it's worth. I'm just getting out and teaching people things they can do while they're in home cocktails from everyday items and our pantry or I know while magazine started a video you could do using our kitchen. It was like you make the video yourself and this is how you can tell your kitchen starring like local. Non Shot some tech. So there's a lot of those things you've been doing just to try to stay busy and and that kind of thing. A lot of us have been reading boxing. China further our knowledge while we're often at home were all back to work soon. You're tearing your regular patrons. Are they able to reach out to you in any way shape or form not just for cocktails but you know because you we a lot of folks in the Bar? They thrive on tips right. So are they able to reach out to you in any way shape or form to tip you if they have if they enjoy what you do? Yes was actually a website called. Goto THEM THAT. Nick risky certain owning it has all the bartenders that has over twelve hundred bartenders at this point. And you just look for our state and name and then some links to like our or or anything like that so you actually went into registered for in that. Yeah was curious how that worked out have heard about it. I'm just kind of curious how you're trying to get the word out to all the bartenders out there. They all need to get in there and do that right. Yeah Yeah all you have to do is go on. And there's a it's a lucky unfiled the website and you can click an ad yourself. It takes about twenty four hours before your name shop on the site Europe. It's like forty. Three different states are represented by bartends. It was such a great idea. Yeah go typically speaking of chips yes my off. Jimi had anything to say an excellent so all right. So Tara's your teaching bartending classes at home. I you said you had a second cocktail using urban. What's the what's the second mixture actually a classic cocktail a Manhattan to grab my class? I'm going to disappear for like two seconds. All right John. Ask Her about the bidders As well how to box by Joe while she these are also original sheet of stamps. Long you can collecting go all right so Tara Manhattan Manhattan out from my favorite cocktails and it's pretty easy to make because you can buy the ingredients at the store just need a large class. Read a pint glass or the bottom of a shake or something that you can mix them and that you're raised you typically tuttosport ashes of bidders. I happen to like migrants extremely but our side do a little bit mark. Six to eight footers is right in. And now we're GONNA do an ounce of so you can sleep removed or you could use a dry. I like sweet hoagies. One of my favorite brands. Because you can drink it by itself. Drake can't even with by itself is super smooth really rows out any bourbon or any spirit. That apparently Mr Bisky. He's on Mute. So an ounce sweet promote writing to your fixing us and then you're GonNa do hugh ounces on your Bourbon. Joe Louis Bourbon. Yellowish right in this agreement looks like and then you're gonna add your iced bracket and stir it so when you're gonna it up so you can see. Make sure you never have your hand around your table you on Syria On the outside on the mixing glass or whatever it is that you're mixing do and I screamed to strain right into I glass. I woke up one second cigarettes income. See you're you can do it off in a cocktail glass? That's how I like my Manhattan's or you can you it on the rocks. And then you'RE GONNA guard ship with a cherry or you can do an orange. I like oranges. I'M GONNA take my form and my and then if you're gonNA use an orange or citrus angry that you just WanNa take appeal when the pants turns you and the outside of it and go right over the talk of your cocktail get all the oils from inside the peel right along. It's GonNa take a drink your that citrus smell right off the topic. Who doesn't it? When you do it that way would like the citrus around the room kind of set your penalty for something different. Yeah Yeah No. It's good I I love because I don't like super sweet. I always prefer to chose to Cherry in Manhattan. It's all it's all preferential. Bourbon is such a fun fun. Yeah and I only bigger drinker in general saw all right so tara the Detroit club and it's the library bar inside of there. How would you describe that place is because I was swanky but how would? How would you describe it to folks for when it does reopen so we actually very private cloth? The bars actually open to the public at the moment. It's very laid-back tables in there. It's all lounge seating. Lot of couches chairs. I think that the menu in there is all of mine and actually a bartender that I work with. We make all of our own syrups. Bidders juice aren't centrists. Everyday cocktails are the wall is there is not much that we won't within a cartel so angie's or any kind of random players really find on the menu. Dvd's avenues that yet but it's just it's a fun atmosphere and super laid back the time and the people behind the bar. There were all super knowledgeable. At least we were always learning more. So it's very good at making off my new items or catering to what you like specifically here's channels each other every once in a while to You know who's got the better drink? Recon you're trying to fool them as what's in the glass and what's not in the interest of possibility and what we do. We challenge each other only available. Is there a food menu as well so we have small bites in the library? That's what's on our mind you what you do have access to the grillroom avenue which are fine dining restaurants a lot of entrees in there and that we have sent a cigar bar on the third floor of the club on which. I KEEP PRETTY BOURBON SCOTCH. Heavy up there. And they have some small bites up. So is it a place see? You definitely need reservations. Can you just kind of wander in? You can wander off. I if you're going to have dinner in the restaurant. I recommend making reservations on open table but to get into the live. Where you can wander was anytime. It's a pretty big space and we have the hotel. You're always open to the public spa. It's it's a full nation. I think the real answers. We need a cell phone so you can call you. You know able to come in real things. We needed to Oakland so we can all go nick. We're using your name in vain Right before you got here because we were talking about tipping Tara and right now tipping bartenders servers waiters and people that aren't in a physical location and you set up the website. Go tip them. Yeah Okay Yeah So. It's one of many out there but we thought of a very similar idea where basically we reached out to bartends from across the US we actually have representation from forty nine states and DC. And that's over four thousand bartenders where we've included there vento pay pal cash APP or a combination of the three so the thinking is every time you post a drink on your social media which we do almost instinctively now in this modern world Go ahead and tip a bartender. That would've been with you. That Tara would have been right across from you. Sent her a tip because it's going to help her get through this time and then next time you're going to see her. She's going to have a smile. She's going to have a job and everyone's going to be like oh we're back to normal. So that's way developed go Tim We actually just released a fun video. That was a playoff the witcher. Toss a coin to your witcher. Go check that out. That's the stream right now. See You got something sitting on your desk. Nick about annoyed What what is that? What what are you guys sitting there I am. I missed the party. This is the Djilas Bourbon. I haven't even opened mine is mine is taken a hit apologize apologize. There are way more bottles needed in Michigan Right. Yeah there is. I could definitely yeah. That's why I want. Everybody is the problem is the problem. Is that that we WANNA make sure we can do that. But the corporate situation has a whole situation totally screwed up and we can get a bottle of our own urban out of the warehouse. That's right there in Michigan Right. It's a little bit crazy so you know when you watch the watcher websites watcher socials because a Susan becomes available we will let you know. Let everybody know that it's available. Get over to your your honey spot and and and you know. Tell them to go out and find the Joe Louis Bourbon. So now I think thirty eight locations that we updated the website with Ron. Is that how? And you've got a you're working on another twenty or so. Yeah when we win thirty eight right now. We got another twenty that we heard about. We'll have more on the weekend. So what was rolling day by day. Why can throw a few out there just to kind of southeast West? If that sounds good yeah please. Anl LINE SHOT ON STADIUM IN IN IN ANN. Arbor brass mugging the loan. Yeah in Kagan line and Redford Alpine online shopping by me. Clocks in in one of my favorite names I've ever seen for a store. It's super fine wine liquor in supervisor if your mother just Oh yeah. You got aimed at a vintage wine. Shop on Orchard. Lake in west won't feel area Farmington West Bloomfield area. So you'd add they join us and I've that gestation which is the one that took claw bottles on Happy Hour Arben House also got some This last few I sent to lose to Peter of your accounts that are gonNA end up avenue very excited. There's there's a locator on the website. If you if you go to Joe Louis Bourbon Dot com you can find find the locator there and get you in the right direction for a store in a retailer. That's GONNA GONNA have it nick. I saw swirling things around over there. he's very pencil. He's very Nicosia's when it comes to drink serious character. Nick a what do you got. What do you what do you? What do you feeling well so right off the bat I did it because it is forty five percent and it doesn't drink like it. You know this thing is super smooth. It has just enough bite on it I think it has a nice balance I feel like I taste a little bit of barley in there a little bit of wheat. I could be wrong but this is a A tasty mix. I think the the bottles absolutely gorgeous. I love the cutout. I love the crowd in the background. I think this is a good Combo. And I think it's a it's a great play for Metro Detroit that I think you're right on the barley. I definitely picked up deeply on the end terrorists talking about how it is bit sweet across the French fronting the ballot licensed me. She's a little bit pepper. That's what I love about. Bourbon guys guys and Gals. Is that Bourbon? Everyone's palate is so different. Everybody gets a different flavor. Known as one of my most favorite things about drinking bourbon in itself is is that very everything is so minute just your talent is so different and you have to really try things to really figure it out so thank you everyone. You know for for Sherry but Charles all right. Let's let's go back because Charles. We talked about the book in general and like thirty plus championships and the the the championship celebration The book that you wrote Detroit City champions Well how does Joe Joe Louis? Enter into the story when he enters your book. How does House Joe introduced into your book is always Joe? Joe Always starts off in the beginning. I mean he's always. I mean he's always y'all y'all you always leads off. I mean that's that's really I mean. I think that's the best spot I mean really almost kinda chronologically to Just because like the nineteen thirty five season when you know when we think of the thirty five is like all these championships. That's for like a lot of times like every the conversation begins but the reality is that is that this the real. The Real Story Begins Nineteen thirty four Because like I thirty four. Detroit was a completely different like sports atmosphere than it ended up becoming really shows you like from nineteen thirty four to really the end. Nineteen thirty six when the whole thing ends on like how much different Detroit was. Just on account of this one single year Bree prior to nineteen thirty five in nineteen thirty four. Joe Louis like didn't exist. I mean he existed but nobody knew who he was he was he was. He was still an amateur at that time. On prior prior to nineteen thirty four the Tigers had finished in fifth place of five consecutive years. They were dreadful team. Their attendance attendance was had not been as bad as since one thousand nine hundred seven. They were I mean they had. No money are too nobody. Nobody wanted to go watch tigers in the Great Depression. The team was terrible The red the red wings had changed their names thr- three times in five years. The lions didn't exist prior to one thousand nine hundred eighty four. The only moved to Detroit on account of the Detroit Tigers when they came out of nowhere nights and thirty four. I mean like I say that's in really like to start with Joe Louis because you know here's this guy that nobody knows who he is. I mean that's where he is. The stories is just this one man living in Detroit you know he's you know he's an amateur off and he's he's coming he's coming up through the ranks to the amateurs really strong but now he's not ranked by ring magazine. He's black fighter by fires back than it. No chance I mean you John. A very interesting wait. There just wanted to dive onto that stab at Mormon. At that moment tyne white man considered given a title fight since Jack Johnson. Exactly What Jeff? Murder Years why was given the opportunity to fight in. Joe Louis Through. Who will a lot of very complicated stuff? Some of it's not that great story was able to rise up and you get that opportunity and boy. Did he take advantage? Well actually. That's a great. It's actually a great story to tell the the the the mechanics of how we got the opportunity. I think it's a fascinating story and I can. I can shed some light on it if you got interested in it league yet. So so anyways as you mentioned as you mentioned in your the The Jack Johnson. What Jack Johnson? Jack Johnson was the first black heavyweight champion. So but what in Jack Johnson be more akin to like a modern day? Nfl Wide Receiver than than it was Encino. Where every time you WANNA fight? He was like really bombastic about it. You know he's rubbed in people's faces you just you know there's debate about whether you know she should have done nattery but at the same time it's like you know some people say well he you know he's he's an American. He can do whatever he wants to do. But and that's fine but there's no doubt about the you know the effective in having done so was that it is sort of created this mentality in the media that like no black man will ever have a chance to do that again like he's this door is shut for for black boxers forever so and so when Joe Louis came along. He was incredible. I mean he was incredibly. Everybody like recognize his ability right off. The Bat they recognize ready was so they've all these people sponsoring managers that were put all kinds of money and doing all sorts of stuff to train amount of boxing and all that but they knew that him getting a chance at the heavyweight championship was like an incredible on shot. I mean it was incredible long shop on them but at the same time there was there was a hugh boxing at that time was in was on life support. There was gambling was rife. There really was no massive Draw like Max. Bayer was somewhat of a draw but on an but he was you know he was because he was a total entertainer. Max Baer you greats do but But he's still. There was no like Super Super Draw. Like Console. Instantly idea was in even more specifically. There was a war going on for Madison Square Gardens. Which was at the epicenter of boxing in this country for the first half of the century in so on and so anyways so so there's a guy looking on from the the guy that was looking on from the outside in looking at Madison Square Gardens wanting to to use a boxing promoter named Mike Jacobs and so he looked situations like he was trying to basically. He was trying to break into big time. Boxing in Madison Square Gardens was how he wanted to get in but he needed somebody a a superstar order to you. Know to have the biggest and best fights in. That's why he saw Joe Louis. This guy's Great. He say he might be black but he's also destroys people. Every single time he gets an array like just leaves. It's like a bloodbath. And he's like that's what that's what fans like. The watch are just y'all a blood bath. You know that say so anyways so fully so. He came up with an idea of how to make this happen in the idea was is that the Madison Square Gardens with headed had the benefit for for years. They had the benefit of free advertising. By the hearst. Newspapers in the idea was that every time there was a boxing. Match or whatever event message were gardens than the hearst newspapers all the reporters would give him all kinds of height. Like this about the be. The biggest FI is about to be the biggest hockey game. Whatever like it all just free height. In an exchange the Madison Square Gardens would give a caught of their gate. Receipts took to William Randolph. Hearst wife Millicent in Cochet charity called the Milk Fund for babies and so that kind of that gate would go to the go to the hearst fun for babies but has a great depression. Song can the that that amount of money that was come from the gardens got less and less and less and less and so Mike Jacobs was smart enough to recognize that and go to them? Reporters themselves say we're going to if you turn your attention towards me and give me that same height and fighters promote that. I will give you a massive cut of all gates that we do and I might even find a way to chip in a couple of coins for you the reporter as well you see and saw that was the idea. And so. That's how diverted that that attention from From from the Mattis from the people that were currently running Madison Square Gardens which actually literally denied. Joe Louis A chance that they denied they even set. Set some racist stuff to him over the phone. Saying you'll you'll never fight here in. So that's what may Joe Lewis want to add slough signed with Mike Jacobs and say that you know and so must make Mike Jacobs came up with the concept of saying what we're GONNA do. Joe Is used my new height machine to build you up We're GONNA send you out to the West like Pittsburgh and California and every time you went to fight there. Were the newspaper. Reporters in New York are GonNa like hype up the fight saying there's this invincible warrior out West. Detroit and he's making his way east like eventually he's GonNa get to troy or get to New York and then this kind of you know he's just going to change everything that was the idea is sold. That's what it was Joe Louis. Did this basically hype tour. So read the five fights and after every fight there was just crazy newspaper coverage talking about how. This is incredible. Boxer's been discovered and all this is so by the time Joe Louis came to New York for his first fight on and it was against promote Carneiro. It was actually a Yankee stadium instead of Madison Square Garden. When Joel was got there they all the porters net much excitement for Joe Lewis arrived in New York for the first time that carried him off the train like whether there was like a mob of people in a carried him off the train. How many people do that take our wonder there? There is actually a photo. There's a photo accident at my my my second book. Then those Jo- getting carried off the train you know it's just and then like his his is training camps in a training camp in Pompton lakes in there was like I mean it was like an entire city of people gathered there for like nothing was two weeks That they were just there every single day. It was like a small city gathered at the training camp and they were just. It was just Joe Louis Mania in that what he fought Primo Carnera. Who was the they call them? The man mountain from Italia on six monster was that the giant giant. He's six six. Though at the biggest man you ever see it biggest in some ways in some ways it was really a prelude to the smoke because Prima basically one of Moose ladies guys it was all wrapped up in the whole larger fascist Nazi were. Yeah they definitely. They definitely hyped up. Because at that moment Mussalini was was attacking Was attacking Ethiopia like as a colonial power does is so they hyped. It Up is a is a Italy versus Ethiopia type situation. You know the media dead. It was like a nationalistic type of situation but Zomba Primo was Primo. It's like you know the Watson that Primo fight is lost in a loss in the stuff that Joe did but Primo Carnera and then like even the newspapers there even after the fight there like Joe like just destroyed Primo. But if you watch the fight I'm telling you the fight with Joe Louis I. Primo Carnera is one of the best flights you will ever see. Joe Love Primo. Carnera does not stop swinging the entire fight. It's a nonstop barrage approaches in Joe. It's like you're watching. It's looks like a little kid. Fighting a full grown man in this full grown man in the full grown man does not stop swinging no matter how many times Joe Hits them and knocks him down. He does not stop swinging the entire fight. Like I dare anybody to watch that fight in say. That was a walk over. I mean it was a walker for Joel like wash dismantling but but I mean you have to be gathered as right there you have to be you have to be an absolute I mean he's Joe. Louis Dance Toe to toe with this monster and it's just it's just like Dodge Dodge dot co ponts. You tweet just crazy. How can you not love? Joe Louis on are easing Dad's from San and then so but the say the sad thing is that like you know the rate at this moment. Max. Baiter loses his fight to To James Braddock loses the title. So now Joe Louis Indus. Incredible Year in Joel can't even win the title this year. You know that's what was really sad about the whole thing. Like sort of the hidden the hidden loss behind the Be You know the movie. Cinderella man was talking about like you know it prevented Joel from getting the belt for For another two years it was only and then when he got his chance of the belt he had to give up ten percent of his next ten fights earnings just to get a chance to bell. That's a that's a whole different story though isn't it? I mean you know we get stock. We'VE WE SECOND INTO THAT ISSUE. We're going to be with. Today's I look at the size of Primo. He's huge he's while we're doing it to an unbelievable so man. Charles we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA hang out until a whole bunch of Detroit stories. We expect whenever man. I'm on Lock House. Lock writing and telling stories. I love doing trade city of champions as its own podcast and that's coming very very soon because I just I just got just I. I'm so enamored when he starts talking good storyteller and the supreme shakedowns so hey there's people watching and following long we got stuff streaming on facebook and Ongo chimed in David Gi. He wants up some up in Maine will else in David wants to know if Is there any Online liquor sales Coming out of the Chatroom Corey Abbott Question. Not if a vote is not for folks were not in Michigan. It appears as though will be available online for sale shortly and when? I shortly hoping within ten days wrong. That's to you in in. You know inside a Michigan. It's a little bit more of a challenge against ship and sign a Michigan today in folks inside of Michigan illegal out find retail location. You can look online honorable. Find a variety of places on untold. Bhai album will have hundreds of stores soon and very easily and we'll all be looking up jarring acid again Mitsubishi's work. I found folks Chatman. I did a watch party on facebook. And they've had folks chime in from South Carolina. We've had folks from Georgia even down in from Florida. So no cannot thank everyone enough for their support. You know a letter to know that there that there is a bourbon called Joe Louis. Bourbon and You know I asked for it. That's all you gotta do. You know we're trying to get everyone that you know. We're we're GONNA stay as fresh as we can't enlist on. The website in terms of locations have Michigan than habit. But frankly call just call keep calling and asking gotTa do just. Where's Joe used a? Let's do this again next Tuesday. Everybody up for another another another. Look great more samples low over here working on the working. You're good Peter Lewis Bourbon Dot GIF happy hour dot com nick drinks. What's the old unique? I honestly I'M GONNA PUT NICK DRINKS HOLD GOTO DOT COM G. O. T. E. M. And we can look at Nick drinks and a couple of months so all right so and and I'm I'm GonNa go there right after the show and I'm GonNa lay down a tip for Tara because she you're awesome. Thank you so much on and porn a couple of for US. We really bar barbaric is there. And if I showed we're actually We're GONNA talk to terrorist friend Roger Tonight on Nick Drinks and we're going to talk to Matt bustard from Bob Cat Bonnie's along with my friend Joachim and we're GonNa talk about just how it has affected the industry both on the bar side and the restaurant side so if you are still hanging around and you're still sober around eight o'clock you know it's funny. It's funny everybody your thank you tonight.

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