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Trades, Trades And More Trades!

Fantasy Focus Baseball

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Trades, Trades And More Trades!

"<music> the fantasy we focus baseball podcast here your hosts Tristan Cock Roth and Eric Era Bell. That's right. It's fantasy focus baseball beautiful Thursday morning August first two thousand nineteen August different right. Yes cut calendar what what pictures on your calendar. It's a big month factually Ashley Fantasy Not Fan- fantasy baseball of course but fantasy football. This is when most of the drafts are going to be held. It's like I was thinking of fantasy football the other day talking to people Mike it's only July. Can we wait till August August August fantasy football draft. You've got to have it like ten minutes before the first kickoff. You need to have all the news. It's like baseball. Come on and of course we've got you covered with all the fantasy football stuff you could possibly need whether it's editorial when the podcast which starts going daily next week check out our APP as well. Do your draft anyway. He's tristen. I American weird join one last time a researcher and producer extraordinaire Kyle Soppe. I guess he's not that extraordinary. He's going to football. They want him. They get him. Don't I'd say a word Kyle editorial watchdog Corp nurse here. I don't think the last time but I don't really know what anyone does anyway on today's show so many traits to discuss we spend hours our doing it but I think kyle only contractually has like forty five minutes plus more injuries carousel in the closers. We can pitchers Mir it has branches and I know you WanNa talk but let's get to the buzz in order to get everything in along with the ads. Hiring used to be hard multiple job sites stacks resumes confusing review process but today hiring can be easy and you only have to go to one place to get it done. ZIPRECRUITER DOT COM slash caravel ziprecruiter sends your job to more than one hundred of the Web's leading job boards but they don't stop there with their powerful matching technology ziprecruiter scans thousands of resumes to find people with the right experience and invites them to apply to your job as applications come in ziprecruiter analyze each one and spotlights the top candidates so you never miss a great match. ziprecruiter is so effective that four out of five employers employers who post on Ziprecruiter get a quality candidate through the site within the first day and right now our listeners can try ziprecruiter for free at the exclusive web address ziprecruiter dot COM com slash Carabello. That's ziprecruiter dot com slash K. A. R. A. L. L. Ziprecruiter dot com slash caravel ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire Zach Cranky to Houston and I don't think this changes him a whole lot. Statistically we were viewing them as a borderline top ten starter but maybe you differ. I think he's a pretty a good bet for the top ten as a matter of fact. I think that this is likely to improve his prospects quite a bit. <hes> keep in mind that minute maid park has been a pretty pitching leaning Ballpark for quite a long time now. If you take the five year data for park factors and just go with runs scored it was the twenty sixth venue for run scored an extreme pitcher's park and and nothing that <hes> Arizona got back will help them this year so don't worry about it in fantasy beer. That's great yeah but like they're not. GonNa Promote them to the majors this year Christa Walkers doing doing fine. I just like the opportunity say Seth Beer. It's very interesting prospects and for the Dynasty Leagues it's some intriguing names down the Road Oh and speaking of beer I tweeted. I didn't tweet this because but I took a picture of you out of baseball game this week. I'm sure you use the proper APP or whatever to get the tickets and from seek and he was he was wearing a Turkey leg T. shirt which by the way is way too tight. Okay Yeah you really should awe drought but like you know revealing and we miss your he throwing bar it. Was this one from like a Turkey leg eating contest. I think he lost. We all laws further record here. The shirt is not too small. It's that I'm just just too big or whatever you know tomatoes tomato anyway. There's a picture I'll tweet it out later of him devouring a Turkey leg which was really big. That is the biggest Turkey leg. I've seen scene you get into. That was really good. I'm impressed and I'll tell you that is that is the king of Turkey from Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia the Bulls Barbecue and man. I mean like I was done with my little pulled pork sandwich and then you start fifteen minutes left of your Turkey. We missed all inning anyway. Is that great. He's all use the good for them. <hes> Jose or creedy did not pitch well yesterday. I'm sure I'm saying his name wrong but I'm not doing it purposely. I think between him and Aaron Sanchez what's going to happen there. Is there or anything here in a deep fantasy league or Ale only yes because the astros as I wrote the other day. Do you have a very good August schedule so it's an opportunity for whichever of these two is in the rotation. Now I do think it's going to be Aaron. Sanchez I feel like and Sanchez has been a terrible pitch or one of the worst and all of the game for the entirety this year. We're up till now. I think Houston might have seen something in them. They have brought in a lot of reclamation. Projects Wade Miley being the most recent example. He's having a very good year. I don't think many many people at all expected anything from him. Why can't they fix Sanchez. They could have seen something in the scout in that they can tweak fix and he can give you some good production going down the road. I love him as an ale only add a stash. What about that gallon leaving Miami for Houston for Arizona. I assume he's in the rotation now so it was Mike leake but we don't want Mike leak that down. What do what are you making him. The ceiling isn't high but the floor is and I like that the main problem with this is that he was calling home one of the best pitcher's venues and that I think eases any of the sting of adapting to major league play also with the Marlins and their competitive state. I think the pressure was very low. Take him out of that park. which by the way was the best for pitchers best in all of baseball pitchers put them into Arizona even with the humidor? It's still raining as one of the more hitting friendly environment so I think he's really just a streamer Zack Greinke. You're Trevor Bauer the rest of the season Gretzky but it's close isn't it. It is why because I'm not so I would say cranky now and going to that team that mark but trevor bowers that are not not as good as seasons last year obviously but as you note here would not facing the central this season to fifty five year one point zero eight whip. He says he's that with injuries. Maybe healthy now maybe he's not but I mean he's going to give some home runs the Cincinnati but he's also facing some Pittsburgh's offense and the whole the vision who's got a great offense the concern I have with Bauer. Is that if you look at his splits let's. He's played to the competition. He tends to bring his best when he's facing the tough teams. The winning teams the competitive teams so you can't look at this as a straight matchups type. There's nothing into Glean from that at all he actually had some of his worst numbers against Detroit Kansas City and the white sox so that concerns me a little bit that when when you throw them into the National League league now that there's no benefit by facing these weaker teams he's probably GonNa play up to the cubs and the cardinals and the like the league switch so Eric Eric. I WanNa talk to you about the leaks which are low because I think it impacts these two. I was very surprised to learn that the two leagues or performing relatively close in all categories offensively this year including the pitchers pitchers in the National League and not only that there have been more strikeouts in the American league this year if you take the pictures and the D. H. is out of that and you kind of balance the rest of the lineups so to me. I actually think rickie might have gotten at least a bump compared to our. I don't know the power's going to gain a lot by going to the National League. It's not significant enough that I put him ahead of Cranky. I agree I agree with that and pictures aren't even going that deep and National League Games so pinch hitters are coming up instead of them for the third time they come up so it's the difference in the League is never been a small since the D. H.. Right I'd have to check every year to make sure I'm not missing one but it is unusually close. I was very surprised to see it and as a matter of fact the National League has been the the pretty noticeably Superior Superior League when you extract the Pitchers D. H.. which that's a surprise it was more noticeable the difference taking those out than if you kept them in <hes> in terms of what the A._L. had ahead of the N._o.? Are I look at some of the hitters now yes yep and friend mill rasco to Cleveland in the Bauer trade deals basis. That's the difference with even Fran Mill <hes> and also maybe temperaments a little different but for him it was on his way to forty home runs as I predicted back in March. I love go pat yourself on the back back a little gotten there yet so I can't yet. I'll ask you tweet versus Frem. Who would you rather have the rest of the season. I think it's worth asking I think it's worth asking. I feel obligated. We're here to pick week because as you mentioned the stolen basis what I wonder though is that he did get green lights a little bit more than normal in Cincinnati. Is that going to happen under Terry Francona Kona. I wonder whether he'll see a few more red lights than usual and that brings them a little closer together. Yeah I would say that that's interesting as well and I think they're going to bat like four or five six somewhere around. There were Jose Ramirez one before him. Maybe one protecting him something like that the teams they left behind. What are we saying fantasy because often. It's not about the players trade. It's about WHO's left behind. Will Myers is a winner in the San Diego outfielder. I doubt Taylor Trammell plays this season in the majors. I think yeah yeah now. We'll Myers is doing nothing. I mean he's twenty twenty guy guests but are you in on terminal for the Dynasty Leagues that I think it's important ask because here for Powell had year. I mean I know he's got the plate discipline and he can still basis and they can play center field so things that we don't care about as much fantasy maybe but if he's going to be men while more go like guy. He's probably better than that. I mean he's GonNa hit ten home. Runs is my question what if he's Ramon Laureano except with the ceiling a little bit higher than twenty outfielder Buehler right. I think that there is a path that this could be what he is and I feel like the padres made a statement here that they are all in on Taylor Hermel. So that's that's of interest to me clearly are because they traded it. All how just one player back and Cincinnati's outfielder I think Josh van meter's now a regular player and you might say who cares but second base is open right field is open. I think Josh van meters kind of interesting. I Fill Bourbon should play a lot more to but I'm watching van meter. I wish I had spent a buck on him in labor which I'm watching. I like where you're going in this direction. They'll probably mix'n'match obit. I'm I'm an urban guy all right so between Formula Nicholas Casts Janos ranked them so you already said tweet over race this Kosciusko over either or neither I don't know I think I rank them third here. How deep am I gonNa Push Castanos Down. He was twenty nine in my most recent update and I feel like if I threw route thirty. Eight is the number that's about right. That's probably behind both of them. They have to be a presumption here that because he's on a contending team now. He'll be motivated hit better. I mean we're assuming the reason he was having a great year for four months because he was slog down by the mess around him in Detroit but is that the case what if he's just not as good as we thought never really had that monster season season and now it's Chicago isn't going to bat like six or at best or the role is really the question. I mean figure where custody fits into this team team. They like to mix and match Joel Madden thing. That's a cubs thing. They liked to rely on defense defense. There was an even game the year they won and now he's you get you can't play third base ace and you really can't play right field so I guess he's improved right field but are they going to just play them every day anyway. The point is like if you're saying to me like castle versus frame the rest of the year. I guess we're both rostered in every league but I don't think this is a guy I really want to like. I guess only a bit on whoever coming comes over <hes> I think people are going to overbid. I think that's that were endangered. Overbidding I and I you know I like Huseinov's as a player. I see those metrics and I want to make the case that he's number one of these three outfielders. I think it's a trap. Don't think it's the best fit for him and the metrics have been very good. I got a point out. There's another guy at great metrics. A couple of years ago people talked up Randall Grischuk. It hasn't happened yet. Sometimes it just doesn't happen and that could be the case here. You're gonNA laugh at me but CASSIANO versus Adam duvall rest of the season Casio's but I attack took a flyer divall after we discussed him right. I've got him everywhere and I'm telling you I yes. You have to say the word Castanos here but I'm not so sure your you know now. It's a fair point. I'M NOT GONNA I wouldn't I'd have a hard time fighting on this all right there you go. 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Yeah I mean check out on twitter to see exactly what the result was only four teams the Tigers in two thousand and two of the last team to have an entire month without a safe and it's not like they blew saves saves they they only won four games the entire month now. That's not Shane Greens fault and he's GonNa get tons of safe chances with the braves. They're really good second best team in the National League but man I mean you gotTa get if you're in an Oli boy. I am scared like Shane Green Versus Hector Narus which you might think that's a joke Eric Harris's terrible and Shane in Green as a one point something era who take yeah yeah I you you have to say green but you don't want to do I yeah and the next thing I think is who is setting them up. Who's going to deliver them the ball and a save chance Sean Nukem I do too? I think it's the phillies nothing green but yeah to your point I agree and by the way hecker narrows will not be getting saves for the next three days because he's serving his suspension. God only knows who will get the chance if they have one out of more than yesterday and it's like here hit this one over the fence is Pablo and he did and I honestly I don't know who's going to get the save who could possibly Blake Parker might literally in his first appearance with the team gets yes the safe Jan Rutta also wasn't too hot to owners or walk. We were watching the game there and he two homers the first three batters as pinch hitters so I mean the phillies have a clear bullpen problem and it did not get solved by picking scrappy speaking of wishes we buried late on that one but lots of suspensions coming down tweaked. You'll get a couple of games doesn't seem fair bill. How is he still in the game like if you're Cleveland? Aren't you calling tonight. Get him out. Get Him out of the game that was really a wild forty five minutes or so just following the mechanics of that trade and then that that Bra that's one of the crazies solve two decades Garrett. I he's not on any fancy teams but man that has got to be a long time and anyway other pitchers here. Let's okay lots of but save save situations did change even though there weren't that many trades so let's get into that ever so briefly are you. I'll say I am and you tell me if you are too two. I have now avoiding the potential situations in Detroit. I think it's show him as I don't want Johann that effectively as a matter of fact the guy behind him. I'll say his name properly buck farmer if you say that three times let's go watchdog. We've got here. We're going to say his name once once and one time only. He's proud that I said properly Tom. Do Your job very careful. Don't so the first thing you'll say for too many players so we're just going east Afam yes so him and has the guy but I'm going to view him. As the way I do like the way I was viewing ruin his Elliot's the Seattle I yeah you'll get a good. That's a good value putting ladling the price point now Seattle Michael with Anthony Baths or Sam to Villa UH. I don't know I mean they could also go with Austin Adams when he gets healthy. There's interesting guys but it's all speculative and it's down uh-huh. I am avoiding Seattle and Miami I guess at least we know who it is but man. That's a Miami there is what are you thinking Charlene Garcia do you you think it's Tehran Guerrero who doesn't know where the ball's going when he throws hard. He's a hard thrower so that's a possibility down the road. He's hardly he knows where it's going thrower. That's the problem I I I actually think there is a path for Ryan stanic to step up as the closer. I'M NOT GONNA put a big announcement there. That's a good point. He just got traded there that I hadn't thought of that House Way Davis still still closing now. He hasn't blown a save like six weeks but I mean isn't it read home. Games is eleven point zero nine for the season six point eight to the dodgers was like please. He's coming the game yesterday. Please and they hit two homers off that I might even dump Wade Davis in a standard. This is greater than the number of minutes. It took me to eat that Turkey leg. That's a problem. Oh it's it's like trip for most relievers in baseball yeah come on that's saying I eat them quickly. Whip bigger than is bigger than over the I._R._A.. More saves wrestling your Taylor Rogers Archie Bradley ooh great question. <hes> don't save on Monday night lesson that happened with seven or more games. Come on the intern tweeted out. He's not listening to like. He listens later or tomorrow but but I thought the phone what's wrong with you. Boy Today might be the daytime that you actually have to do something. Okay Buck Armor. I say confidence I can read ads. I could say set up in a three another no for me in this assumes the health of the Guy Ahead of and Ken Giles didn't get traded Toronto out if when he's entered out yeah I'm going to include them with Seattle and Miami. The schedule says that on E._S._P._N.. Plus today Thursday Tampa is recalling Brennan Brennan McKay Yup you face Andrew Cash ner now you might think why do I care well. McKay is one of the top pitching prospects and enter casher. I don't trust them but maybe you do so your thoughts on these pitchers recipe because we can't avoid everybody and when Mackay's should be good but not today at fenway and Kastner with that offense behind him I mean he could Portillo his way into twelve wins. I don't know I am as a verb. Now I like it. Yes <hes> but I don't like enter cashing out the pitch to contact nature. He has which we mentioned at the time of the trade is an issue issue and the regression has shown the three starts as a red sock. He barely qualified for the quality start in his most recent outing the other two fell short. Who are you Rostro in between Danny Salazar Oren Brennan McKay neither today mccay mccay yeah? I don't know that Salazar has the durability here to work workup to a meaningful count yeah workload down the road. I would agree with that. It's possible he helps you big time in September but it's a real wide range Friday night on E._S._p._N.. Plus the padres and the dodgers late at ten ten PM Eastern Time Eric Lower. You'd really don't want your fancy. Lee and Dustin may making his Major League debut and this guy is fun. Look at his hair and he's good too yep so I can say doesn't may versus Chris panic the rest of the year and I might take may having not seen him because I trust the dodgers <music> I trust their home ballpark and he's not going to be on these limit like paddock is that these are good points and if they could lock him into an equal number of starts. I'm on board with you. I'm not sure what their long term plans for this year. This could be like last year where they snuck in a couple of the prospects for spot starter three and that's all you get that said these are rookies people. Oh I like him now. The good very good prospect very good prospect but rookies they break hearts and are inconsistent especially when when their pitchers is be careful here like I said you Chris Archer sure Dustin may if you WANNA drop archer to pick him up I have no problem with that but using them every time he pitches. That's another thing you know so. Let's see what he does on Friday night who knows he might not. You're right. You might not get another start. I I want to ask you this John Gray. I Home Jon Snow on Saturday against San Francisco. He shuts out the dodgers earlier earlier. This week didn't go the distance but he pissed great. I feel I got the trap. That's an obvious trap against a bad San Francisco offense. You trust strong grade home well I must. He's got eight thousand more doesn't he. He actually leads every pitcher always Easter. I can't believe that you know the pitching leaders are in our producer. WHO's leaving now anyway and probably cause of this prediction is going to hate this but Mike minor leads all pitchers and be ward? Let's say he's pitching real well since we had this discussion cyber last night you're saying it's a fact he leads the major Lawrence cy young to. I'm just saying you can't wait one fact. Who would you say Oh yeah? That's that's true to its how quickly forget I'm not saying that is good but he leads everybody in war. Okay elite Sherzer. He Lever Lander He leads Garrett Cole in war are using John Grand Saturday. You're going to say yeah AH I see your point here. Trust them cores and the giants have shown some punch lately. They've also shown a couple of days. I'd say in the past as ten or so where they don't show up so I lean towards the I hear. I don't feel great about it but I feel like I am by push one that cy young. I gotta be clear that you're right right. You're right up in here and now we're going back to Detroit's settlement anyway next. It's buck farmer Tristan. I don't know why you have a problem with this. Why does anybody anybody else trump tweets ever properly every time you're wanting me to? I could put an Internet if you'd like me to yeah. I want you to sprinkle it. In the later. One I go buy tickets on seek to watch buck farmer. Please do it Sunday night baseball on E._S._P._N.. Check out a rod and J. Lo and the whole gang David price versus J. APP that should be fun final score twelve ten yes or no oh God well Dan prices pitching terribly and people are really using thing him. He's he's almost single-handedly ruining my points league. My Points League team and this is the thing the Yankees Red sox games. Are you're right. There's the story and it's not it's nothing to do with London. It's like they brought that stadium back with them. I I'm out. I'm both about out well. Price won't have to face Luke voight. Let me ask you ever so quickly because I've glossed over this on my note and I wrote about this today in the blog that I'm sure Tom's working up right now injured players final L. Two months. It's August now. How long do you wait? You keep Joey Gallo. You keep Blake snail. Keep Luke void. What are you doing here as a guy who wins always leaks I tonight? I'm at in the standings this year. I'm in striking distance. Focus your common my oh goodness. I tend to get more pessimistic as the year goes on and you know I challenge you a lot about this idea that teams that aren't competitive. We're GONNA shut down their injured. Players Eight is relevant relevant. I don't think that it's a cut and dry where everything goes in that direction but I think it's increasingly likely that happened so if you got to cut them you need the spot do it. When I hear the Rangers say we hope Gallo plays in September? I'm like I'm moving on Snell. There obviously contender I think he comes back in mid-september well. They need him. That's a different story than story luke avoid. They just need them in October right voice out until mid to late September right where you and I differ on this one I think is that I do believe teens find value in getting being an injured player back on the field if he is ready to do so just to get some reps before the year ends Oakland Needs Ramon Laureano and so to my fantasy team. I think he's back late eight August. I would try to keep him lorient or Gallo. I'm keeping Laureano. I mean I. I don't think either makes the cut here and I think you'd cut <hes> yeah. I think he's I think you're going to have you're going to need that spot for something better. I think make sure pitches in two weeks and if that might be the guy you have in which case oriental by really good man. He's like the number twenty hitter for the season on the play writer for the keeps up well. Why would it not right? I mean I assume when he comes back Oprah's not doing unless he's ready ready to go you think maybe he won't steal base because he has shin injury. I'm thinking well. He's he's a star. He's doing the best that he possibly possibly could. He's got the injury. There's the risk that even when the player comes back afterwards and at this stage if there if a Come on glad insult to injury. You could've used those fifteen blob fish minutes to switch your motorcycle insurance too Geico Geico Fifteen fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on motorcycle insurance time. I can't sing that song. You can say whatever you want our podcast. This is this is your podcast comes first. I want to hear you sing sing like we got to celebrate. I'm not celebrating that got. You gotta come in here and you gotta ask us the aspirin questions pop in now. He's been stolen stolen away the mad group that gets whatever they want use. I'm not I'm going to be down the hall. It's not like I'm far from you guys. I can make things coming. Interrupt US can't do it. I'll be like I popped in last year. Grover was thrown in the minor leagues. I popped in when he when he had a few shot out of things. I'll be around. I remember yeah that's why you popped up with a monster all right anybody have any questions many questions based on some of the conversations we've had today around buck farmer farmer but spenser Lord Buck farmer Tristan say it's just intimidating Eric. It's not that it's a hard name to say. It's intimidate got my finger permanently on the dump button the clash Oh man we're all going out of slaves. That's one way to go well the football she'll pick me up to. I don't know if they'll have me back if we let go by but I do write a weekly fancy basketball com tom can attest to it may not be good but it does get posted number. One great number one pick is Maurice Cheeks. Interesting is a little bit and Sedale three three in round four pack. You'll be available barrows around ten. Even though I've never heard of these guys I will read this column. If your finish lines with things like he writes sarcastically sarcastically he left that into I love that in Marion added on that one all right well ask a question yeah sponsor chimes and he's on the twitter machine. He wants to know which struggling star this season do you think will be the most value come next offseason aw man. Where do we go with this? No names to contrast opened pretended he wants all the advice you can get from league winners like you guys I mean they're GonNa Challah Alan League winner Kristen's League winner. I just got outbid for Jose or quitting. Are you kidding. I know who it was. You know what I should have told him he wouldn't even notice it wasn't me no. You're not even paying attention that lead but by the way don't ever make trade your last place just leaving all their you wanNA bring up now. I dare you to trade I'm going to we're GONNA put that twitter. Poll now is a bad offer but like you're cutting the guy anyway all right points league. What what should I ask for for Chris Sale? If I'm rebuilding tell me what I should be looking at a dollar I can't trade you Lord escorial for Chris Sale and you might think that's crazy but I'm not I should be doing that in a heartbeat. I don't know that would do it but if you were that in a heartbeat our lord scorer yell for all dollars. That's what I like well. Oh that's who it is. I'm like I'm in second place in this league but I'm a thousand points back at a Guy Wind my point about this was not a superstar having an amazing. He's not a franchise chip for you that you would. You cannot possibly believe he's a franchise chip. I need guy. I know I'm keeping I know I would keep him. That was my point. You wouldn't keep a two hour score. You know it I just said I would. I'm saying that for you. The the thing that makes sense here is that if he is not a franchise chip for you and he's not a piece you need absolutely right now. You've got to trade him for a player who's better even if he's a rental you might need them. I don't know I haven't look I think the guy in first place by thousand points yeah he's real and I think I think Chris Sale would only change that a little bit so instead of using by fifteen hundred dollars by thirteen hundred. I want to play for a second. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA try but I mean it's. It looks like it's over right discussion of as to what you you should be the rental versus the future building trade is and I don't. I don't believe I would keep the prospect. You're offering me okay. That's fine fine so who's bouncing back next year. I mean Jose Ramirez the obvious guy but he's already bouncing back from now like I'm trying to think here if we could see the average draft fibers live drafts but it's not posted up a couple of for you like who I wrote about this the other day. There's somebody that know Mitch Haniger. Everybody's he's GonNa Forget about Mitch Doniger next year. He's probably not coming back to Seattle this season. I mean like maybe he is but he's not maybe won't play as well as you could but the point he's like you're gonNA forget not you but everybody's GonNa Forget about Mitch Haniger and I'm like if you drafted him around seven this year drifting around seven next year but nobody will. That's my point right like give it up on vodka obviously but somebody who's younger and operate some names have a Chris Davis the Oakland one. I assume the one that matters when we bring I don't think I will rank him in the top hundred again next year but there could be some value there some value but yes. I'M GONNA say no Mitch Haniger. Yes yes bounces back to what we thought Chris Davis No. I think that's this is the beginning of a bad and I don't think we could save for Giancarlo Stanton because the name brand I think is going to drown but I'm not I don't want it's draft him. In the first four rounds. You might be on my do not draft list. So how about James Paxton. I just don't like him that much okay that I don't WanNa. I don't WanNa rank top twenty thousand pitchers anymore and I think I will ever update my ranks. Carlos Correa a so overrated so overrated look a good player round six or seven people not around two or three. He's not gonNA steal you any bases anymore. I will throw you this question. Cory seager and Carl Crawls Carreira are two of the most overrated middle earth fantasy. I'm sorry Dynasty League Javier Vazquez. Oh No have you have your hobby your bias and trae Turner on my to shortstop stops Carlos Correa has also on this roster. I could trade him. I had this opportunity and we will. I was going to deal him straight up for Josh Hater to WHO's not know on on which side I think really any relief pitchers are good investments in identity if I need the relief pitcher right now and I need the strikeouts that he has it's GonNa win now. Wow that's different do you trade career for hater and should haters team trade him for Carlos Correa to build. Yes yes and yes. That's a different kind of situation. If you can still win I mean I can't win on points the get Chris Sale but you can win. If you can win that league withdraw share of course you do it. I know my brother loves me for saying Mr Farmer and now he hates me for bringing up that trade which didn't happen I mean I've studied ten ways to Sunday how to win in Labor with nothing to trade away and I and I'm not going to get any any other good players that came to the N._F._l.. This weekend the Guy I'm fighting for for I guess his pick is the most money. I assume he'll get castanos because R._B._I.. One through ten is like like every night changes and I have nothing to get I. I'm not even GonNa get the closer. I don't need the closer I could use a starter but I can't. I'll get outbid so if you've been win now do what it takes. If I could win the points lead with sale I would give you but I don't think that's a situational thing. I wanted to get an idea of were you were valuing correa for next year. I mean just Korea. Make the top hundred I think barely I think you should make the I think he and cory seager a really really similar her. I think they both could end up twenty eighty to ninety but neither steals bases. They're just not as good for fantasy as we thought they would be. That's all they're so good players players but like I'm thinking around eight or nine. Where are you on Matt Carpenter? I'm out man man what a disaster and he's is like offers last twenty on his rehab assignment. I mean like we kept thinking. We kept talking about him because of what happened last year and we got burned not my top top hundred. I think there's GonNa be a year for carpenter and I think we're going to have an extremely difficult time telling you when it comes Oh yeah yeah and that makes them. I'm very hard to draft. I'm with you on. I'm out there like I would like in late. May I was Kinda out on Josh Donaldson but now I'm back in because he'll be elsewhere. The Atlanta has to go with Austin Riley next year. Who else makes that? Were you on Jesse winker. I can't you hit for power and average dude like what's up yeah. I'll tell you why we're more Laureano is in my top hundred where he on Stephen Piscotty yeah around twelve ooh fifteen special. It's tough. Did you see the problem is there's so much information on these players and I think we're GONNA have to see exactly how some of these injuries play out over the course of the next I'd rather take Laureano and around six or cussing Huron around seven rather take a young guy with upside that can still basis than some of these guys that are late twenties or thirty eighty and we've seen him and maybe we've seen their best then. That's the thing about some of these players I just. I don't want to write you know I feel like I'm investing in the wrong players. That's trying to find a guy who's Arrow. It was very clearly down to just go in on at the stage I mean I guess Hannigan fits that I'm trying to find somebody you get one. Ah We mentioned his name before I think Castanos Nicholas Castanos is going to be one of these. I what is what is in his profile tells you that all of a sudden he's going to be three hundred guy. I think this is. I think there's a very real possibility this goes so badly that nobody is in next year and he is not in Chicago next year. If anyone around Jewish in either way wouldn't he right and that makes them a great value because what if the true value for Nick is a top seventy five over a player and he's going in about two hundred that's fair. Marcella Uzun was flipping drafts. Oh yeah that's he should get one. There's nothing wrong with him when he's healthy well. There's nothing random is obviously that makes little sense but I just said you know what I mean like. He's a he's a top seventy five player if you can get through season Dee Gordon Out al I have to. I'll say like that one. Yes I say this about Dee Gordon obviously points lead. You're crazy to even invest in stolen base guys except for Mandis U._S.. Power but maybe not the power we thought I'm just Allen Dee Gordon overall even at a road league I- overpaid for him and appoints a lot of points league and in a row league last year because I I was lasting steals now. I'm like eighth and steals last in every other hidden category like you can't Rostro guy like him anymore. You can't everybody has power. Everybody in your team asked him for power now you can can you can't roster in a row leave anybody Gordon. I love the going for a bunch of twelve to fifteen steel guys and if you do it with twenty twenty s I mean you have to pay the premium but just piecing it together. I I like it no more Dee Gordon for me and it's nothing personal by the way baseball season is well underway really underway away and there's no better place to get your tickets that on seek seeking polls millions of tickets into one place that you can easily find the seats you want for a price your willing to pay. There's nothing quite like being there in person and seek we'll get you closer to the action for a great value in fact it got Tristan closer to the action for a great vow earlier this week seek and you should just see the size of that Turkey leg and the size of that t shirt I mean come on. I want people to judge anyway. Speaking of AH stains all over now to speaking of being there in person seeking aspect fans from all thirty teams all across the country which stadiums have the best experience here is from the food to the traffic they ranked. It all want to know where your team ranks. Check them out at W._W._W.. Dot Seeking Dot com slash stadium desk is and find out what fan said. What about your favorite stadium that's W._W._w.? DOT CDC DOT COM Slash Stadium Dot slashed guides but whether you're a team ranked higher low make sure to get out to a game this this season with seeking to help you get even more savings on tickets listeners to this fine Shoghi ten dollars off their first seek purchase just download the SEATGEEK APP and enter Promo Code F. F. B. Today Eh that's Promo Code F._A._F._B.. For Ten dollars off your first seeking purchase seekie license event we had the tickets and if you get tickets to seekie you you might see Tristan at a baseball game with a way to small t shirt and a way to Turkey picture. This is the Costanzo at the ice cream at the poem my God Sir. I'm loving the visual painted by that that I know Seinfeld yeah that I've seen man parents were big Seinfeld fans so it was always always thinking always eating that and by the way I just checked on the ranking citizens bank park plummeted like eight spots after that video of meeting the Turkey Lake came out trending in the wrong direction. I only took a couple apple photos. People around me were like what are you doing taking a photo and said you're posting this tonight. I treat right now. It's just like I don't know if the results are going to be. Let me look at it right now. Oh my goodness I mean social media is fine well. That's that's what Now this is crazy man. Oh I mean you can't even imagine guys like shirt. You can't see see from the photo like like the size of the shirt. I'm not trying to let me know gonNA come offers like really mean but that's not really what I'm looking here. It's not I what I was in for where that shirt and you weren't in public so confident it's Eric. That's confidence at its highest level. Is What's your thing here. I'm going to put the two of you on it. Oh Gee I just tweeted it out and route of who I am love what you're doing for the community here just in my being proud of who you are and I love what you're doing eric by calling them on the it's out up there. Oh Jeez doing this. During a show. I mean honestly like Oh. My God and people are going to listen to the show then check your twitter feed. We're going to blow it up. It's going viral. That's that's a good photo. Good share those incredible. Oh yeah eating the Turkey like one. It's classic yeah okay. I mean you're owning that like what a lion is out in the Wilderness and he sees a small antimony shreds walking. Pray Him the credit next time we use that photo Tommy Technology. I got a photo what was I doing. I took a photo all-star game right no before that it was when they sent me to Houston and Dallas Joey Gallo in batting cage and I thought hey time like I need a photo credit. I need my resume anyway obviously so new E._S._P._N.. Profile picture all love that EAC we do that though I still have the Harry Potter glasses and my pitcher from twelve every time I send you an email right. How is that possible by email thula literally the photo from two thousand one okay? I'm sorry now is the time off the rail as time. The baseball has happened over the past anymore. Okay Tom Producing next week. You know I'm reading browse. What's the difference Tom You? Do you know how to produce right sure I don't mean appropriate versatile run that thought apples and pineapples at the store not produce <unk> or on your I can definitely produce any more questions here yeah considering. We've gotten to one so far yeah. We got a lot of information in that one answer. I mean the question was who. Do you like to bounce back from what I heard. We've got a lot of answers who you don't like to bounce back channel. This haggard is Dave wants to know position eligibilities looking like next as far as value what positions look good depth wise you. You're talking shortstops. You hate shortstop going to be deepen a value next year. Yes that's deep now not so deep somebody pointed at second base on one of the recent bass might not be a couple of losing it Moncada lost. It is lost it I would say first base is always the deepest third base is just like I sure stop the same. I shortened third pretty first versus the deepest is it not I I I would I will go in on shortstops before I base. That's interesting interesting. I think first base is all that exciting anymore. I think it's deep in the lower tiers. Okay catchers never for deep. Although I do have al eleven catches for my top ten two weeks ago I had like six. Do you really feel good about eight nine ten well. I feel like like why are you hitting on Travis d'arno like he's doing it and he shouldn't be doing it but he's doing it as his regular okay but like he's still compla- catcher some of the time and Roberto parades like you're like. I don't believe well. He does eighteenth home or your two homers last night. He's not stopping Tristan. You cannot stop Roberto. Perez is buck farmer cannot retire roper is I'm quite certain of it but the point is that for next year. Oh no no no you can't but this is this is what we're looking at I. I don't think we can hang our hat on either of those. I'm saying for today. There are wrong with that. He loses a couple of at bats. That's a little yet concern but I'm I'm with you on the news if you say to me how many cats are my top hundred next year I say zero if you see how many are my top two hundred four just the big four that's it it may not even any other catches in my top three hundred because I'll just wait until the last round yeah I haven't seen enough from for example Hail Farro and Danny No. He's not even two of my top eleven right now but for next season I mean just in terms of the engineer. Is Danny Janssen. Honestly what are you. What are you waiting for? You got to speculate the next two months in this position edition. It's so unbelievably bad that head for those who can't hit at this level. Do you think are no gets any better the next few months. I can't see how oh no no no. I'm not saying it's better the next two months. I'm I'm just saying if he just does what he's doing now. He Be Roster Leagues. There's one guy we totally Francisco. He is the one who over the next two months could make a statement for himself as he can but he's not doing it and I've watched him and I think why are we still talking about Danny Janssen Francisco Mahir. They're young okay. They can get better or L.. Pharaoh swings at everything yeah. This is what he is a twelve homer to sixty guy and the injury chain lately just bothered me he you can't you can't succeed when and twelve walks in one hundred strikeouts so we have to somebody's getting ranked tenth next year. I'm not going to be in my in my in my ref ranking right but you're still going to be ranking them. We are going eight eight in the he. I'll take chances on these guys sure but I'm not taking chances until the last round right but if you're going ended if we're going to project the today you're GonNa take one of those guys and it's not GonNa be Roberto Perez. I agree with that. I don't even remember the question was what was the question that positions that are deeper zapped there yeah all right. That's enough of that. Picture is going to be shallow but like why does that answer even matter and fantasy like it doesn't affect how you draft who you want wine and take the best player available. Don't they'll say well. I can wait on this position. Don't do that anymore. People like you shouldn't be doing that anyway but it's dramatically shifted. That's why I think it's a relevant question. I think relief pitcher after that market has changed dramatically. I think shortstop has remember what it used to be that first and third where we're just amazingly deep and then I'll feel was just basically behind them and second in short had nothing thing yes that I'll agree with that and I'll tell you this. Don't take a relief pitcher in the first ten rounds. Don't make look blige with that Blake. Training was supposed host you ha- you ranked trying to sixty dude and he is not even closing anymore. You're going to do it next year. Kirby Gates and you're GonNa ruin him to look at Kimber. Look at a raw Ross looks terrible right now who are Kenley Jansen. You're going to bank on him next year. I want you to take Hanley Janssen around seven while I take. I don't know who in round fifteen. I can't believe you're in wasting sixth. Round picks on relievers still okay and if I can dig up hater might be different if I dig up the fifteenth round from this preseason. I'm going to bet that guy. I'll take my chances because I do not want to do have crime round seven next year and you're going to rank them that so in retrospect we're going to declare it correct to go with the Fifteenth Round Pick that gives you absolutely nothing nothing over Blake Trianon where he went this preseason look Blake Shelton is good right now no but blink trying and by the way had competitive who is the one I was throwing the the numbers for I think it was glossiest easiest. Maybe it was chained green. One of those were comparable numbers for the year for Blake China into these two. He has he had had a bad year. There's no question about by that but he hasn't given you know but like I feel like I could have found somebody in round fifteen to do okay for me and okay is good enough as opposed into your passing on testing Ura so you can draft Craig Kimbrel I I don't I don't believe in doing that. I just won't do that. I never do it this Korean hater example. I gave view the reason I'm going to that's different use that league is because I did not address closers with premium closers yeah but if you if you would address close on Draft Graf Day with Chapman I still be in very good shape Olympian next week I if I had drafted around this Chapman I would be an excellent shape right now all right. If I drafted Brad hand the preseason I would be an excellent shape right now I did not do this. Brad hand has done well. I'll give you that but the fifteenth round this taking it. You'RE GONNA take I'll come on. You're going to take a relief pitcher over Carlos Correa or Ramon Laureano or Nelson Cruz these are all guys were going and around six or seven or eight next year and you're gonNA take Kimbrel or Auroras instead of them. I I might depending on how the early rounds go. I think it actually is important to take those lockton closes and I know there is risk and I get the whole. Don't pay for safe thing but if you're gonNA wait until the fifteenth round I'll make three relievers later and hope two of them pen out. I'm GonNa give you the guys that went. After from fifteen on Jose Jose Leclerc Ken Giles Way Davis Jose Alvarado Cody Alan Will Smith Good Payoff Andrew Miller good of you but you and I weren't you're doing that. You're not. We're not taking cody Alexandra Miller quite certain but we're taking relievers that we thought could be good. We you and I were taking Jordan Hicks. That's just bad luck you when I were taking who is that I wanted to mention Alex Chola. May We knew you and I were taking res L. glaze around fourteen. He's been okay as denies Miss Thirteen okay well. What's the difference I'm just saying I think that there is a premium to pay for closures that ends up going in the top one twenty five for a proven guy you could choose to go there and I can endorse that now I would tell you otherwise I would have waited in Ben with you on Greg Holland and as you mentioned guys like that who had grabbed jobs at the end and cost it's nothing I would not go for the middle ground at all Ian Kennedy is going to win people more leagues than Blake Trenton the San he cost less than nothing yes? He was a free agent. Emilio Pagan is going to help people win the league's May when he may be drawing Garcia Miami will but there's going to be a chase for that on the waiver wire in there. You're not guaranteed to get them and you have to hit on these players Sobhi. You're right. You're right you have to hit. You have to get lucky but I'd rather take my chances then then pass on here verse Kenley Jansen. There's no way I'll take the closer <hes>. We need to finish this show because we have an N._F._l.. Mock draft and football everything at our company so like let's one more question I guess that was a great conversation and and it's and it's good when he and I are you when your parents fight. You're like Oh my God. I'm GonNa leave the House now. Stop throwing things we just went and celebrated a Turkey leg at a baseball game now with the picture. This is very tenuous G. for it. The you've come on he asked for it. He wasn't able to see that he did request. I complied enough. We got one more question here to help John Out. He wants to know what his expectations rotations moving forward and it is dynasty league should be for Tanaka God. He's Tanaka yes. He shouldn't be as bad as he's been all right. He should be a guy with a four twenty five year and right now he's not he. He can't get Boston now okay so be careful this weekend if he's base twelve outing that ruined that he array come on is still four twenty-five without it though isn't it. I don't think it was uh not that high no it was it really obliterated. I'd have to I'll. I'm not going to run the number right now. It's not worth doing that. I he's not authorities not a top forty starting pitcher Oh yes he is. Yes Tanaka Tanaka Versi stroman the I think it's Tanaka there. It's competitive but I think it's tonight. You don't have stroman in your top six year. Tanaka your top forty so it's not competitive you like Tanaka Lot. I think it's warmer talking dynasty angle. I think it is compatible in dynasties different Tanaka Zolder but but that's where he's going with this I mean do you lock into Nakas at Dynasty Guy. I know no I look you know I talked to tons of Yankee fans. There is this belief that Tanaka's the number one star in the playoffs and there's absolutely no question about them. I am a little shocked by that. If it's a dynasty league and a starting pitcher if it's not a top fifteen guy I would rather just take Dustin May and rookies and hope they become stars. That's what I that's my dynasty have you. I'm with you on that. We're starting pitchers. I think that's why you know see if see Pablo Lopez becomes a star as opposed to keeping Tanaka. My Lopez isn't the blue chip kind of guy that Dustin may be a bit everybody does doesn't May and Chris Paddock a rostered and every league you might be able to get but who says at your. That's you know the opportunity you could trade Tanaka for me in a in a dynasty league second right but in that's what I'm saying. I think that if you're not a contender you've got this opportunity right now to trade trade away your rental pieces in your aging veterans and get good prospects and then I'm on board with that do that now for this year. I'm going to try to May for Chris Sale. I only had them. We're done for today. Thank you so much for listening to our little show. We will have two shows a week. I believe in August is September but I will be producing them. Thank you so much kyle. You're a good kid. Enjoy your

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