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"chari debrincat" Discussed on WGN Radio

"Seven for twenty one the past six games power play goals in five of the last six lane. Faceoff win by Berge around from the left circle out to the left to posture. Knock he rolled into the high slot and rip the wrist shot on goal. Plus save made by Warren. They'll do it again in the circle awards. Right. You look at first Ron boy, you gotta win these face special teams bursar on so good. That's puck possession rate away. He wants another one. Got it at the right point, spins the puck into the right wing corner. Dalstrom was able to tap it away from Marchand there to get the puck at the hawk line and spend it all the way down Marcus Krueger back behind the Boston net. Hoster knocks got the puck and wheels out of the left wing side gave it a crew Bruin line head. The Jake depressed over the hawk line down the left wing pass across for posture knock over his stick and then a dry for the right by Berge, stop, his pastor, confront soups. David. A loose puck in front of Cam ward and shot at passing through his legs. It's a power play goal for the Boston. Bruins who have tied the score at one Blackhawks momentarily had an opportunity to get that Parker was Carl dalstrom, but he didn't get it out of the zone and quick transition left passer, not wide open in front of the net. Crawls a quick rebound. And then fires at bleeds through the equipment of Cam ward for Pasternak twenty four goals on the season to lead the Bruins. That's eleven on the power play. The Blackhawks old for one on their man advantage. Bruins capitalize on the Pelly to Anisimov goal twelve thirty eight of period number one Bruins one for one on their power play posture. Knock from Berge, Ron. The ruins of titan beside the Bruins. Oh. Paka spun up the fireworks. And all the way down at goals by Carlo behind the hawk net or guys that are on the right side to Kane. You'll pass ahead. Destroy them. Over the line to him off left corner. Sharp angle shot hits the side of the Bruin net. Loose puck in the right wing corner. She got up darriel put it up the left wing boards. Abreast tried to clear the puck out it ends up out in front of the benches. Eric Justice in wheeling back into the hawk zone with the puck put it over to Duncan Keith hawk line left wing side. Keith now carrying out the center ice next to the logo passing. It ahead for Strom. He tried to redirect the pass over to Kane front of the penalty boxes. Taken back momentarily, Chris Wagner, taken back. Now by doing thrown, here's Keith with a dry from the line and that deflects off Wagner and wide out the center ice, Sean corallium with the center ice circle. Fires it off the end boards at bounces away from ward to Wagner, the left circle. He fires that's turned wide. And we're going to get I believe another penalty here. A hand pass. Sean corral goes down in the heat next to Cam ward. And we're going to get a penalty pass. Okay. Hand pass by the Bruins for the face off will come out into the neutral zone. Doing so dangerous. The top line out there. Blackhawks not able to clear the zone after the Bruins won the face off. They kept after the puck found a way to corral it in front of the net and passer knock able to bury a task Cam ward win those stay sauce, and when you have an opportunity against that top line, especially their number one power play. You gotta get down the ice crew in front of the benches will win the puck down the left side boards in behind the hawk net. Wore out the play off the glass, it's indicates that David camp pulled out of there by one of the Bruins. That's Nola Sherry charring now behind the hawk net. Paddling they're lost the puck taken back by joking Nordstrom. He leaves the puck in the near corner in the hawk zone. Forsling. Takes a hit from Chari clears it up the right side not out of the hawk zone. Chari winds the puck into the corner. Seabrook reaching fort fell down lost the puck to a cherry cherry behind the hawk net. He was given a buck there by David camp. Who then pulls the puck free moves it around at the Westside Alex debrincat. He makes a rink white pass for secure hill racist down to the Bruins zone. He and Tori crew group got to the puck behind the net. Now, spun it around the right side for Chari debrincat came along and took it away. And then lost the puck at the hawks blue line as this not three by Nordstrom. Then Murphy clears it ahead to center ice. And then got the puck back at the hawk line. Hawks. Regroup dolphin with a castle left wing to center ice taken away by the Bruins down the right wing side Rishaad the clubs save is made by Cam ward. That was Marshon with plenty of room down the right side got away. Pretty good shot war stopped him with the glove. We have five zero seven left in period number one here at Notre Dame stadium. The hawks and Bruins are. Tied up at one here in the winter classic. This.

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