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"chardonnay mcdaniels" Discussed on True Crime: By The Book

"Now the very very next review was from Chardonnay mcdaniels and it read one out of five stars. Where the facts? Highly questionable claims. It lacks significant evidence. All the victims look like mom. I don't see it fan. Best Junior photo in the sodium sketch. Many people could have been seen as being reported bearing a resemblance to sketch. Perhaps there is something to handwriting but too small of a sample of Earl van best juniors writings in my opinion to give so much potential of a match even from a professional lastly no DNA test. That's like in caps known. Dna tests and the ciphers seems that many people have found various names with no definitive answers with confidence so despite varying opinions the book was a huge success and earlier this year fx in. Hulu teamed up to give us a four part Docu series that takes a deep dive into the life of Gary Stewart. Who is an adoptee who needed to find himself? And the research he'd be it that apparently uncovered Zodiac it was directed by Academy Award nominee Keith. Davidson and Ross. Diner Stein. And of course they were very committed to shutting positive light on Gary but also to explaining the truth so we met law enforcement. Officers are the handwriting analyst. Susan Moustapha Judy Gilford who is now estranged from her biological son after. He wrote that book without giving her a heads up and so many more people who Gary says substantiate his story the series was well done and I found myself wondering if this was it had the Soda Yak Finally Been Name Sadly it appears he has not the documentary fairly laid out Gary's evidence and told his story of searching for his identity and it shed light on the struggles of many adoptees who have little to no knowledge of who they are made me. Scratch my head and ponder whether there was a conspiracy to keep Zodiacs identity a secret. It made me look forward to the final episode. Aptly titled The truth. We learned Gary Stewart was an unreliable narrator and it finally revealed enough truth to make me doubt not only Gary Story but his motivation. It seems that Gary saw that sketch on cold case files and immediately became married to the idea that his dad was a serial killer. Now all the evidence he found was carefully manipulated to his narrative. Yes Earl van. Best resembled the sketch but real talk half of the white guys. In his documentary resembled the sketch certificate was filled out by the judge presiding over his parents marriage not by van best. The handwriting analyst who definitively said certificate was filled out by the Zodiac was debunked by his own peers the DNA Gerry submitted was never matched against the known sample of the Zodiac. All of the evidence that placed van best in areas that Zodiac was known to be in was stretched by geary to fit times and Dates Susan Moustapha and Gary turned on one another each blaming the other for failing to check and double check the facts surrounding the case. Gary accused his biological mom of selectively forgetting details of her life van best. And if she did. Could you blame her? I mean she was a real victim of Van. Best also final episode was Real Shit. Show thus I spent four hours watching this show and the only thing I'm sure of is that Gary Stewart was obsessed with the thought that Earl van best less Zodiac killer. An obsession is one of those things that lets you. See what you want to see. Gerry needed his biological father to be a monster. It would explain why he took him to seven thirty six North Boulevard in left him in a stairwell. It would explain why he never looked for him. It would validate his worth if the person who threw him away was a fucking murderer but even if van best is not the Zodiac. He was a terrible person. If this only crimes were against Judy and Gary that qualifies him as a Shitty individual and city individuals deserve shitty endings. Earl van best got his. He died in Nineteen ninety-four choking on his own vomit in a bar in Mexico City. And that's according to Stewart. Of course he was buried in an unmarked grave where Gary and his sons were. The first visitors shit happens to Shitty people. That's it that's all the most dangerous animal is finally in the books. So what do you think of Gary Story also who is your favorite Zodiac suspect. Let me know I'm still at? Tc BY TB on all the things including my blog at TC by TB dot com where you'll find sources and shit. There's also a little donate button in case you were so inclined and my email is still. Tc BY TB Edgy. Mail DOT COM. If you like to catch up with me that way. I can't wait to Holler at you know next week until then stay out of the shadows piece..

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