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"chao president trump" Discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)

MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)

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"chao president trump" Discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)

"Of millions of dollars in financing from banks controlled by the Chinese government. While Elaine Chao has brought her father who runs that company to in his words talk business with President Trump. Elaine Chao herself as transportation secretary has attended at least one celebration of a deal made between her family's company, an another firm that has lots of mass transit contracts in the United States and think about that for a second. I mean, that would be a really terrible. Look, if she was the kind of high ranking federal government official who had anything to say about mass transit funding in the United States. She's the transportation secretary. So in that case we've got a firm with huge mass transit contracts. Right. So that means we've got a firm in a position to benefit from mass transit decisions by her, and that firm chooses to do a hugely remember it of deal with her family's company. And then she as a federal official shows up in person to celebrate and bless and applaud that deal. I mean, that would be something right? That would be Elaine. Chao President Trump's transportation secretary and that was a leading up to the story. We covered last night from politico dot com in which we learn that Elaine Chao has also designated a special liaison inside the transportation department specifically to help her husband. Her husband is the top Republican in the Senate. Mitch McConnell political reports, and nobody involved denies that Elaine Chao as secretary of transportation, she has set up a unique process just for him inside the Labor Department to make sure that a special intermediary is always on hand to facilitate federally funded transportation department projects that her husband wants steered to his home state. While he runs for re-election bragging about all the federal dollars. He's been able to steer to his home state, according to politico, so far, this little special, arrangement inside the transportation department has paid off for McConnell to the tune of at least seventy eight million dollars in federally funded projects, so far. It's funny new other Senator has a special liaison in the transportation department to make sure their projects their chosen projects that might help their reelection efforts gets special. Attention. Nobody else has that. And so, and so, and so here come the democratic presidential debates. I mean, in any other year in modern American history. This much scandal around one serving cabinet official would be the theme song and the proposal force behind an entire presidential campaign to oust an incumbent president who had overseen something this rank. I mean as all of these stories have snowballed about Elaine Chao just for the past two weeks. I mean her department is denying that there's any impropriety whatsoever. But literally, this is the transportation secretary of the United States secretly profiting off her job by investing in the country's biggest road-building company while she's transportation secretary also using taxpayer resources to try to hook up her family's company in China and maintaining a whole parallel project approval system, specifically to benefit her husband who runs the US Senate, and who oversaw her confirmation there, and who has been given millions of dollars himself by her family. Why do they have millions of dollars because they run that company that she has used her office to promote? I mean. This is be- movie stuff. But I mean, this is that amalgamate just those two weeks stories about Elaine Chao is so much worse on the surface than what Tom Price resigned for than what Ryan Zinke resigned for than what Scott Pruitt resigned for. I mean, this is being movie stuff. But it is it is our B-movie. This is our small now. Oh. Nothing else. It does signify that this would be great time for there to be the start of national election. Joining us now is Chris Liu who knows how presidential cabinets work from his time up close as the secretary of the Obama cabinet. He also served as deputy labor secretary in the Obama administration mister Lou it's nice to have you with us. Thanks for being here, always. So I tried to put this in context. Against the fact that we know there have been a lot of scandals in the Trump cabinet. There have been a lot of resignations..

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