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Episode 22: Tara HughesUnexpected Career Paths

Hope for the Introvert

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Episode 22: Tara HughesUnexpected Career Paths

"<music> hello and welcome to hype for the internet. If you had a one day at how an introvert temperament can be compatible impossible leadership than you are in the right place join us as we chat to injure mitsuko leaders and influences in various fields they talk about the challenges they nice as they feel temperament is contributed to that success. Our host is ben welk an integrated leader himself. Where king is the program manager. In the information. Security is at the what does the institute of technology leader of the society who technical communication and and member of the high education intimation security council awareness training wedding greet you can contact them at ben tape for the internet dot com or on twitter at internet support hope for the introvert on patriae on you can find us the patriots dot com slash hoped for the introvert a special. Thank you today to christine christiansen in her support of hope for the introvert visit patriotic dot com for more information on supporting the podcasts joining us today is tara us air is interim manager of administrative services at california state university channel islands. I met tear at the twenty nineteen edgy 'cause security professionals conference in chicago or terrorists bocon. You're all a bunch of phonies. Imposter syndrome and information security presentation was standing room. Only in the attendees describe it very impactful given the struggles with self confidence. Many of us have as introverts. I thought it'd be helpful to chat what about imposter syndrome on the hope for the introvert podcast. You can contact tara via email at tara dot hughes at c._s. u._c._i. Dot dot e._d._u. or through lincoln terra hughes and twitter at tiny tara. I encourage our listeners to visit hope for the introvert dot com where you'll find complete show notes including a transcript of today's conversation hi tara allow thanks for having me. I'm excited that you're going to be on the podcast. It was great connecting with you in chicago and i'm really looking forward to our conversation before we get into a discussion about imposter syndrome. Let's talk a little bit about your career in your background. We're can you tell us about what you do. What is your workplace like channel. Islands sounds like like an intriguing place to work because it sounds like it's on an island. I have no idea if it is or not. Tell us about what you do and how you got there sure so so i guess the most important question straightaway is no. We are not on an island so i don't need to take a boat tour but we are are more representative of the surrounding area. It used to be a california state mental hospital and it was closed closed. I wanna say in the eighties by reagan. Although i'm not a hundred percent on that and then california state university was able to you acquire the land opened a california state university named at channel islands because the channel islands are just off the coast from where the <hes> the school is located and they wanted it to be representative of the surrounding counties since it is more of a commuter school a my path to my career is a little unusual or at least is not the the path that i would have envisioned. I am currently the interim manager of administrative services. I've been at cal state channel islands or it'll be five years in august and what i currently we do is kind of built off of i was initially hired to do so when i was hired back in two thousand fourteen our president's office their main telephone number to contact them had accidentally been put on all of our marketing materials and our website as the main campus telephone number and so after a couple of years of the president's office fielding calls and kind of just not loving the experience the president at the time. I'm had requested our c._i._o. At the time michael berman to come up with some sort of way to address the issue because it was causing things is to come straight to the president's office and not giving other departments the opportunity to address issues before it got escalated all the way to the top and so he had kind of his brainchild of having a one stop shop called the solution center and so they hired seven student assistance to be campus is operators for what was the main line and then they created a new extension for the president's office and then they needed someone to manage the students because no one wanted to do it and so at the time. My husband has worked here since gosh. I don't even it's been pretty thirteen or fourteen years. So at the time we had just moved back to cameo he'd been commuting for the previous four or five years and so i was looking for a job and he said my wife life would be great and so they hurt me as an emergency temp higher and turned into a permanent role and six months after i i they gave me the commencement hotline because no one wanted to answer that extension and six months after that they gave me the i._t. Help desk ask because they were having some trouble with managing the students and felt like they were having trouble multitasking and so we took the help hoped ask extension and routed it into the call center and so the students that work at the help desk only had to help in person and kind of separating those duties and simplifying them a little bit and then last summer business finance had acquired i._t. As a sub abuna and so when we were brought over they had asked that i lead their shared services in a more official capacity and turn the solution center into a official shared services and take over the h._r. Main line so our students now answered human resources mainline as well and the goal is really to be able to triage all basic tier one kinds of questions actions that typically are answered on the website were found somewhere but that people might have trouble locating or just feel better to have a another human being confirmed that information to them and so i- managed that and i manage the help desk still so i have about at any given time about eighteen student assistance that i employ and we train and they have to know a lot about a lot and so this is coming in as -mergency hire. You said which is interesting 'cause. That's basically how i got into r._i._t. Also oh was brought in because there was a worm at that point in time that was wreaking havoc and i had worked with the information security officer who was here at a previous consulting engagement and he found out. I was available in wanted me to come in and help manage the emergency communications around what was happening with worm. Now that lasted maybe two hours and venit was while you're not going to be doing that but i was able to move into creating a whole lot of really interesting process stuff and they'll security awareness program in all sorts of things like that but none of that was envisioned when i actually took the position in was supposed to be temporary three and it has been a month ago. It's been fifteen years since i've been at r._i._t. So it's funny how these paths go the other the thing i wanted to ask you because my background has nothing whatsoever to do with what i'm doing for a job now at all. What's your background coming into that position. Your husband said on my wife would be great at this and they agreed with it. Of what was your background coming in so i i guess i should start off. My husband and i met my freshman year of college. Got married a year after and so we got married when i was really young i it was eighteen. <hes> we'll be celebrating seventeen years in september or cool and super cool but not <music> necessarily traditional and so i ended up we had family much sooner than we were anticipating and so i took a lot of time off from school and didn't go back to get my bachelor's degree until my youngest went into kindergarten and my goal was really to get my bachelor's before corey turn thirty and so i got my bachelor's degree in counseling at a small private liberal arts school where we had met and his dad dad and mom both worked there and i graduated with my counseling degree at twenty nine. I'm so i made my goal which was very great but really i was so drawn to people and relationship building and feeling like there were so many things that i cared about connecting with people on a really authentic level. I'm not one for more superficial relationships. That's not where i shine and so with counseling. I really wanted to have meaning to whatever chose to do and we talked a lot about as our the three girls were growing up that at some point because we got married young and had kids young that there was going to be this whole life life after family to some degree and what would i do to utilize that time well so working was always going to be in the scope in some way shape or perform. We just didn't know what it would look like. After i graduated. I worked at an insurance company. My boss was fantastic but i didn't love the work because it didn't feel meaningful and it wasn't that relationship building that i craved and then right after that we moved back to camarillo and it was like well. I don't know what i'm gonna do for work and so my husband just my biggest cheerleader thought you're gonna manage student assistance you you could totally do this and it was been incredible is that so much of the mentorship and coaching very much aligned with mike counseling background and so that has been what a just a wonderful surprise but not something that i could have pinpointed until until i fell into it if that makes sense no i think it makes perfect sense and i mean we we were talking before the podcast started about temperament types and we'll talk about that a little bit more for and what you find on the temperament type was i._f._j. Which is councillor is the way that that's normally interpreted so that that all fits together very well and i would think in terms of working with students with what i'm seeing at r._i._t. Amount amount of stress that they're under now to be able to have someone who is managing down but who has also attuned to the fact that there are people bullen not just students who are filling a position to get things done. I think is probably very very good for them and and i think the like you said you were interested in relation ship building and you have at least eighteen students to build who have some types of relationships with as well or but it's interesting my background i went to a large urge state school in florida ended up being an anthropology graduate because a- honestly couldn't figure out what i was doing and i had terribly my first year and 'and all my initial plans of what i was going to do just in workout but to work for my dad for a couple years installed floor covering. I did not wanna do that that for the rest of my life got accepted to university north of chicago and so we moved from florida to chicago oh with fifteen month old not knowing where we were gonna be living when we left knowing that they might have an apartment that was opening ending up kind of putting everything into fourteen foot u-haul caravanning three days of the chicago no clear sense of where we were going to estate but a very clear sense that that's what we're supposed to be doing and everything worked out and fell into place in different things but doing what i thought was going to actually be up in christian education and that ended up changing over to doing a master's in church history which i'm not sure what exactly. I thought i was going to be when i came out. It's interesting because you come across. People and one of the professors was just so passionate and so engaging that i was really excited about it and i ended up entering doctoral program at the university university of rochester which is why brought to rochester thinking we'd be here for four years in that was in nineteen eighty seven and were still here did not finish the doctorate but through a series of circumstances and different opportunities now doing cybersecurity definitely not a straight career path it all in it will be interesting when we start talking about this impostor syndrome base in their absolutely been. They're coming in with a liberal arts background in. I'm trying to work in a technical field with technical people other gonna see through me sort of things so it's just really interesting because i don't know maybe for some people. It works where it's a very clear repack for me. It's really been what his opened up in. Do you take the steps forward <unk> or not so it's really interesting to me hearing about out your path to get there. We also did the getting married before my wife finished college. He said thanks but she was able to finish for our son was born still it was after we were married and it was it was a struggle finances and where we're gonna live and all of those pieces john still persevere through it but it's intriguing so we mentioned you talked about the i n f j peace and how sometimes that's closer one of the three times she took it. It came out to the n._f. J. in i know how this works for me because i play with the questions nations just a little bit in say off so that change that coming with awe counseling background. I'm sure it was even more. How do i look at us in how how can manipulate it but one of the little bits of changes so i can do with this so basically typing as is an introvert but very interested in relationship building. I don't think it's not a disconnect at all. What do you see in terms of being an introvert. Do you notice the different in terms of how you deal with people very tough because the suspect drought and i think i've become more and more extroverted and it's not always very clear for me. It really comes down to how do i recharge in. What do i need to do that on a given day. If i'm at a conference nobody is going to think i'm an introvert because i just don't tend to present that way. So how has that been for you in terms of personality -ality type counselling degree so you ought about some of this stuff at some point but how does that work in terms of your strategy for how you approach work what you do in the workplace in life in general yeah it's interesting. I think growing up everyone would have said i was an extrovert and i always consider myself an extrovert eating. Stay at home mom for the number of years that i was. I thought dot confirmed that i was an extrovert because i would get really lonely being at home all all day and was so excited when my husband would come home because now i could have that human interaction with an adult kids aren't humans but it's different and so i really was surprised when i came to work full time to find the and i was exhausted at the end of the day and it wasn't just physical exhaustion. There is a mental exhaustion of having to be on all the time and i think entering into i._t. Was another compelling part of that because i wasn't coming into i._t. As a an expert and so i i had to work really hard to be able to speak the same language as my colleagues sometimes sometimes and then take not language and put it into language your average user could understand and talking at their level and not at a more technical level so dot relationship-building started to take really different forms which was great but i was was so depleted at the end of the day and found myself thinking of myself more as a an introverted extrovert where he's still really he wanted to be around people but then really needed to find the opportunities to have quiet time and be alone and recharge whether that was just zoning out watching t._v. Or reading a book or going running i would say exercise is probably been the number one thing that has helped helped me be able to process the day and not have to be on in terms of building those relationships but just that physical exertion helps me decompress from the mental exercise of always having to engage with people conferences. I would say similar the other thing. Though is the when i came into working fulltime it channel islands. I was really struggling with panic attacks. I'd never struggled without before and there was something about being busy and having to think about other people that really almost eliminated it entirely. I didn't have time to think about myself or what i was worried about and that was great but it it eventually started to crop up in moments where i had to present at one point that was very scary for me and and there's a lot of internal dialogue that goes on if i have to go into a situation where i'm just not sure of myself and i think is an introvert specially as is an i n f j just constantly assessing and reassessing so if i go into a situation when i come out of that i'm evaluating how did i do could i have done better and then that totally informs the next time that i'm going into a situation and i've kind of setup all of these different obstacles in my mind to some degree that i need to clear even though those were former obstacles in the previous situation that might not necessarily present in this next next one and so you're just in your head a lot and so that's where i do like being in a field where i'm forced outside of my head but then have to constantly bring myself back to a place where i can recharge and be by myself or get some exercise in so that i can get back to it and so whether that's work or a conference. I have to coach myself myself into getting excited to put myself out there. I never regret doing it but it does take something out of me that i have to eventually find a way to retards yeah absolutely and it was interesting because i said we did meet at this edge security professionals conference and you're you're coming in from a different perspective different backgrounds many people especially when they're on the awareness cider coming in from non technical background sand. There's always this question of whether they belong there or not and i had some really interesting conversations with a couple of people soooo. I don't feel like i'm a cyber security professionals while you just presented at a security professionals conference so i think you can kind of claim that out outweigh. Yes you know we we haven't arrived. We absolutely have arrived but that's something you can point to. That's a bit of credibility for yourself or credential in a sense yeah one of the things that you had told me earlier also you're were part of a leadership program with an edgy 'cause and i meant to ask you about it before we got started but could you talk a little bit about that and you've just i spent the last week at this leadership institute and i'm really interested in what attracted you to the program whether you felt ready the program or not and what this been like for you and what you've taken away from it so i went to the leading leading change institute which is affiliated with edgy 'cause and seal and it was an application process and i had to submit a resume and get a letter of recommendation and absolutely was i wanted to say encouraged but even more than that kind of hounded by a mentor of mine to give it a shot and i thought no i don't. I don't think i'm at a place where they'll accept me. So i really talked myself into thinking will all apply but i know i won't get it so it's not much of a risk and then i got in and i uh-huh no what have i got into so i think our cohort was about thirty people from different institutions <hes> across the nation. We actually had someone from dublin ireland and someone from australia and i think they both worked in the libraries at their institutions. It's a nixon i._t. Professionals and librarians and it was i. I really had a hard time wrapping my mind around. How did they let me in and why these folks are c._e._o.'s and a._v._p.'s and and they're just at a slightly higher level entitle end just place in their career than i am. They have much more experience and so that was really intimidating and again we can talk about later but that was where the impostor syndrome was definitely rearing its ugly head and and i really struggled to understand how in the world i included in this group and so i went into it thinking actually when i went to the security professionals conference i thought well i'll just try my best with my presentation and i'll try my best at l._c._i. And or something can happen is that i'll learn from it. If i make a mistake and for i would say both instances. I was shocked to discover over the i did well and but i had a place there and that wasn't what i expected going into it and it was a really lovely surprise coming out of both of those experiences and really the leading change institute it expects that you understand certain management management fundamentals really what they're getting is more of the vanessa of not just managing but really being a leader and how do you implement climent change with things that are very difficult to grapple with especially if you have even things on a national level and how to keep that broad perspective but still be effective and very specific ways so it was fantastic. D._c. was wonderful again. I hadn't been to d._c. Since i was in high school and so it was really wonderful to go back with new eyes this of appreciation and see things with more experience in my life to be able to really enjoy the history and the remembrance of what so many of those memorials call for us to do though i just loved that it was really neat and it was great again to network with people but again had to really coach myself into making the most of that opportunity the and putting myself out there and the worst that could happen is that it doesn't go the way and then it's only for a week and then you're okay. It sounds like a really really cool thing to be involved in and honestly i would have probably some of the same concerns that you do because i'm not a navy p and i'm not in in information security officer or a c._i._o. And there were times where i aspire to that but now don't know that i want to two. I'm a role enjoying what i'm doing but i'm also enjoying exploring mentoring and podcasting and things like that so i'm finding that that's providing a great deal of satisfaction. I think it's really cool that. You're involved in that group tara. Thanks for a great conversation. I look forward to our next episode where we will talk more about the educow- security professionals conference in why you spoke about imposter syndrome your experience in speaking and one thing i noticed the reception and thank you for joining us today on the internet and we hope you feelin spawned encouraged by today's discussion you can find out more about introverted leadership on this podcast at hopefully intimate dot oh come and if you have any questions or comments on what you've heard men would love to hear from you. Contact him at ben that type from the internet dot com or on twitter take internet and join us next time support hope for the introvert on unpatriotic. You'll love the rewards from a discount on merchandise to joining the online community of introverted leaders like you. There's something for everyone three one you could even join in as a guest on the podcast. We appreciate your support. You can find us at patriotair dot dot com slash hope for the introvert.

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Episode #1400: The New Phil Hendrie Show

The World of Phil Hendrie

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Episode #1400: The New Phil Hendrie Show

"Hi, it's Phil Henry. And if you value your health and your wellbeing, and you really want to live a better life. I need a few minutes of your time. We have a very special guest that's going to help you stop making excuses and get some things done for yourself. Join me in welcoming, please a friend of our shows he's known as the king of weight loss. But to me that's just the beginning from the home of the only full body klenge you'll ever hear me suggesting from D ABS dot com. Mr. AD dolphin and AD. How're you doing today? Hey, I'm doing great, listen, I've got a few questions for you. I happened to be trying to lose weight myself these days eighty and and I got quite a bit weight to lose. So that's my motivation for doing the cleanse. But first and foremost, I some pretty big misconceptions about cleansing based on other cleanses out there. So can you start by letting everyone know how the herbs cleanse is different than other cleanses and programs the audience may have heard about no problem. Well, when people think of cleansing, they think they're going to have to starve themselves or drink somewhere. Concoction, the full Clint is nothing like that. You can eat as many fresh fruit. It's vegetables, Ronda Rousey on the cleanse as you like. So there's no calorie counting whatsoever author. I cleanse doesn't just focus on your colon which can give you the loser of cleansing actually focus on your entire limit of channels. And that's a gallbladder your heart your liver. Your colon your spleen lungs kidding jer during Glazer, blooding your skin. So it's going to help you flush out the impurities in those particular area. And lastly are herbal formulas themselves which are one hundred percent natural down to the capsule themselves which vegetarian capsules so easy for your body to consume. So what kind of results can members of Oregon's expect? When they do the herbs full buddy cleanse. So the result the typical results people tend to see our weight loss between ten thirty pounds. I huge booth the energy stronger immune system, clear skin, you'll be able to focus and concentrate a lot better better sleep in stronger. Sex drive. Those are the typical things people tend to see. So you recommend this cleanse for folks with diabetes and high blood pressure pretty important areas. Can you talk to us about why that is absolutely think about it? Ninety percent of diseases today are dia related where literally eating our way into thickness. And that's the purpose of the class is to help you change your eating history and your lifestyle. So by doing the cleanse, you're going to help modify your lifestyle that not only help prevent those things from entering to your life. But also begin to help your body heal. Well, guys, you can do this for yourselves and do yourself a big big favor. And believe me when I say, this this cleanse will do amazing things for you the deer. Abs full buddy cleanse will help you lose that toxic waste. So you can lose that talks weight and feel so much better. Go to derives dot com right now and get a nice discount at checkout only for our audience, and it's only a few days by using promo code fill HI L. That's the letter D herbs dot com promo code, Phil. Or call eight six. Six four D herbs. That's eight six six the number four D herbs. No excuses derives dot com right now. Thank you for your your time and your advice as well. AD -joyed having you on and we'll see soon. Thank you. Absolutely. That. So you're you're buying the boom, I'm thinking of buying a boat. Yeah. That's interesting. I'm thinking of buying a boat. And the reason why I'm thinking of buying a boat is because I. You know? My I grew up on a sailboat here, you feel here we go with this. You grew up on a symbol, your father owned a sailboat, you know, your father owns sailboat feeling you've been sailing on the sailboat we know that there'd be done translate. You live on her something did I say I lived on the sailboat I said that I grew up with my dad's sailboat what does that mean you grew up with your dad sailboat? No, he he's talking about. He grew up around the sailboat, I know that sounds like your group maiming grew up. I grew up my father at us. Welcome to the show, folks. By the way, I didn't know that we'd started. I'm sorry, the Philander so of this show. Really good, man. We'll try and do it better. I, hey, hey, wait. I grew up around sailing as a young man until you know, my father mother got divorced. But my father had the sailboat for years, and yeah, we went down, and we and I thought, hey, you know, I live near the ocean. There's a harbor right down the street. What the hell am I doing? But you know, what do you think you're some kind of a David is thinks he's what it kept in a ham or something? Oh, you're not doing for Moby. Dick. For the dictionary. Hey, wait a minute. Like, those these little asides in but watch it will you talk about Moby, Dick. It's a book, man. It's a book a guy wrote a book, you never heard of Moby Dick the book. Never mind. You check both. So what are you trying to tell me? You're some. Hey skipper. I'm just saying I think it would be really fun to to relax go out on a sailboat. Do you? Remember anything about sailing? Phil I understand. I don't know. What if you about? It's very specific. Yeah. There is a lot of specificity to. Well. What are you know about it? Man. Nothing any of you. You all you out there. Listen, I was in the army. Okay. Well, what do you know about sailor? Yeah. I know how to sail I don't know. I'm not gonna take on a thirty foot sailboat syllabi myself right off the bat. But there's people that I know friends we can go out. And I think it would be a lot of fun. Let's talk about price. She, you know, you're not the richest guy on her. But I bet you anything I could find a used sailboat what kind of a sailboat. Did you follow him? Is this a mustard, and you didn't have your dead had an old one that had been you know, like that had been what wasn't used as a frigate or something. What do you mean a frigate? No, it was a thirty. It was a thirty three. Foot road sloops sailboat it had would hope right. Oh, what it had a Woodhall? It had a woodville teak deck. This is back when you still saw wooden sailboats. What do you want from me? They don't have samples anymore. I don't know. Yeah. I don't either to be honest with you. I don't I have no idea. I probably not probably having as fiberglass or some kind of new kind of material. I haven't seen a wooden feel. But by God, I thought the other night Franken, we're watching he Largo, you know, the movie key Largo, general key Largo, dammit mortgage. Yes, jahmai. What do you do that? I don't know if the man can hear me, I'm not one hundred and fifty years old. Yeah. I know key Largo you talk. What do you mean the movie? What is she talking about? Have you seen the movie key Largo? Yeah. The one with bogert. Yes. Now that movie featured I think that film featured bogies own powerboat, the inboard the sent the santee any right? No, the Santana, the the San. Tanna that was the name of Humphrey Bogart's both in a movie in real life. That's the name of his boat in real life. And he had it right out of Newport Beach is a matter of fact, an interesting story. All right, Phil we've got to settle in for one of his stories. Okay. Well, excuse me. I won't do that. Then, you know, filet that you're going to check the levels because they're all over the board. Yeah. I got anyway. So we're glad to have you with us, folks. Sorry, I'm talking around you and above your heads. And but he threw and I don't think anything we've been saying over the audiences head believe you me. Well, I don't think so either. But I don't think of knowledged the audience and thanks for being with me, folks. And thanks for being with us all last week during our art bell roll out a lot of people like that. Yeah. Got a lot of good feedback on it. We did. And who knows we may do something similar like that in the future? No, what's up? Try caster tonight. Who knows man says jumping all over the place real jumping all squirrelly a video tonight's kinda jumpy. So we apologize for that, folks. And maybe I moved to fast who knows. Seven a hard time keeping up with you feel interesting little sketch. I don't know how many of you were here for the pre show, but Phil did a sketch. You know, what I, you know, sketch? Yeah, I know. All right, Phil. And just anyway, and he pretended. He was the Tri caster computer giving himself a hard time. You know? Well, I thought it was funny. I did skews me. There's no coffeemate well, then make it. But once you go make some cough. So we will. Yeah. So we hope that we can repeat that that fun fun thing. That was our art bell. Of course. I don't want anybody to die the things. Don't somebody's gotta die for you to Jim who's going to die. If you didn't something similar, nobody. Nobody don't worry about it. Don't worry about it. So we were happy to do it. It was a lot of fun and all of those, of course, are available at podcast one on soundcloud. They are available on the free feeds that exist on those two platforms. We keep it free for a day. Then everything goes behind our pay wall. Here the Phil Emery show website. But as I mentioned the platform the podcast one. For instance, has our our our podcast Hillary show podcast. This little thing that we do. And it's there for a number of weeks before it again retreats find shelter goes behind the pay wall. Now, the whole reason why fills bringing up this boat things because you wanna talk to west Winston over there at the challenge yacht club. Right. I do I get on the phone in general taco say that again, but I'm gonna get him on the phone in general talk to him get him on the phone and the general. Yeah. Okay. This is what it sounded like, but it did. But the. Just to fan. Yeah. Yeah. Westwood's to please. Is this the flip with your? Here. But Dickman what do we do this on the air? Yeah. Where we do sh- TIMMY, the full they west Phil Hendrie yet. They talked to him wis. Yeah. General show. What's it? Look like. Yeah. Well, let me tell you something Henry's here. Yeah. He wants to buy a boat. I don't know. He thinks he's skipper Frank or something. Anyway, I have the phone please for high Westville Henry can I put you on the air? Can I put you on ear not right now? What are you doing laundry? It was going to teach a washboard. You're only kidding west. Hold on west high general Shaw, he wants to put you on the air sun on the air. Why are we doing this now sh-? Yeah. You know, we being by on the air. Don't you? It's a term it meets west. I'd like to put you on the air. Yes. Or no. You don't know going on the air means let me west. Hi, Margaret grey now, we've never met you right here. Yeah. Thanks, wes. I'll do Kimmy too. Great. You disconnected it. But I didn't just connected. You grabbed it he grabbed what you asses when the guy when we get the guy back. I talked to him the understand, wait a minute, son. Don't call me and ask smile when you say that general Shaw, I when we get him back. But all right lanes busy. It's probably trying to call us back. This is west Winston, folks. He's the Commodore at the Channel Islands yacht club down the street. All I'm going to ask him about is what I'm going to ask the guy about is is a purchasing a boat. I know they sell them don't they got a lot of boat sales over there you go to the boat basin. Mr. over there too. Like the the boatyard yet. What about the boat yard? What about the boat yard go there? I've been to the boat yard way. I don't know if he's just one of its wonder if you've been to a boatyard I've been to a boat yard. Yeah. Okay. Was he's in his core. He's going home right now. But we can talk. Hey whisked. Yeah. There's fill Henry and Michigan. Get. Hi, west is Phil Hendrie? How are you buddy? I am very good. How are you? I'm fine. I wanted to talk to you. We haven't met the Commodore there at the Channel Islands, right? Yes. We have not met. I'm interested in purchasing a boat. Okay. You want to powerboat? He wanna salable. I'm interested in purchasing a sailboat. Okay. What size how many mass, you know, how well a sloop single master. Maybe thirty thirty five foot. Okay. Well, we've got some litter. We got the a journey and we've got a couple of cows. Those are the brand the names of the manufacturers you'd wanna come over and take a look at him. I guess. Yeah. When do you are you there everyday? I'm here every day. I'm here a couple of hours a day. Now, you wanna get a boat with a again, it's a sailboat, right? A sale to sail boat. Okay. So that has a big sale and. Okay. Now, the the mast how many are there on the sloop? Yes, sir. What's the single best a single masked? Okay. We were very informal. Phil. I need to tell you too that the yacht club burned former we don't adhere to a lot of the old aways such as what well some of the terminology that a lot of the old timers insist on okay, I had a father that sale. They learned you know, they they were pretty hard ass about it. Oh, I know that they all everybody wants to show the big sailor. You know, they want to show up for. Hey, look at me. I've got I got a friend of mine. Mr. Henry has sale buddy says, hey, hey, a winch in that means full sheet. And I'm like, you know, I mean this rope. Oh, he goes nuts. Oh, yeah. Well, that's the way. So you send you guys don't do that. No. We I don't I don't know about anybody else. But I'm not gonna have somebody threaten me because I didn't say line. So. Mean some sheet? What's the what you said the main so sheep, what is that? It's a bunch of ropes. It's the their lines that are attached to the boom that that essentially they control the boom. Well, the yeah. Okay. If you wanna call it. They're a bunch of ropes that are tied to the thing comes to match, you know, and you can if you you can tighten it or you can loosen it you went you went you down very goes. If you want to do what you do Mr. Henry villes fills using the right, medical terminology. Right. Sure. I mean. But like I said, and I'm not attributing Mr. Henry, but we've got a lot of these guys who think they want to go, you know, let's put the let's we're wedding before the wind. I heard a guy say that the other day. Well, okay. Speaking of that does the do most of these come with spinnakers, they come with what you mean, the big balloon type sale. That's the big balloons. I've seen that. Yeah. It's a big balloon guy ask if they come to the balloon sale. You call them the balloon sale. Yeah. It's the one that the big spinnaker. Well, you don't hey, look west Phil wants to use those is that what he's supposed to do when when you're over here at the Channel Islands yacht club Ville, I gotta tell you. It's all different. So when you say, hey, guys, people are gonna look at you like you came right out of some freak show. If you say spinnaker, and what what else do you call it? They have another word for it. Just the spinnakers what I call it. I mean, do you the different sales that that that run for the that are you mean? Oh, boy, this guy was so when you the Genoa the Jim oh triangle sales. Yeah. We got that what you're talking about. Of course, the big the big triangle sale. You mean, the mainsail the main slew? Well, you you sound like you're Bobi. What's the guy staying Bobi? Booby dick, Moby, Dick. Okay. Look, sir. I I didn't want to call up an antagonist you. It sounds like you wanna get into a thing with me. No, no, no. I I don't not at all feel. I forget me. I I make we make fun of guys on the do that. And I don't mean to make fun of you. I understand that. But you. Need understand? I communicate a certain way. So the you're talking about the sales at the front of the boat right yet, the bow about okay, if you will is that that's one thing. I don't know if the general there. What is the the front about the foot? Well, I'm not wrong, the French the bell. And the back is the stern. Okay. I had it reversed. Somebody was saying to me the other day that they had fled. They quote had a clean missing on that on the bow. And I kept looking for it. I said you must be you must be drinking your breakfast. And he said no up there. They said don't forward. And I said go forward he's had up toward the bow. Yeah. Head up to the bow. I said why don't you just say put about and that's where it was missing. I I'm not even sure where we are right now. So you're looking for a thirty foot sloop. Okay. Yeah. Thirty one loop filled. You know, Bob Hitchcock, or Tim swinson or again on my St. no, my son, Jack, I've afraid I don't, sir. All of those guys are involved in both sales over here. Tim is primarily the stink pot. You know, the the cabin cruisers. And then. My my son is involved in the sale of the sailboats sort of on the same page with you in terms of nautical terms. Well, it can come on over here from guys my son. Hi, hi, Tim. It's Phil Hendrie. All right. Hi. So you sell sailboats, right? Uh-huh. Okay. And get closer to the phone. Okay. H Phil just you know, Tim, turn around for me Kim's. Tim's at twelve. Okay. Less. Just wait a minute. Okay. All right. Okay. So Tim, I want to buy a sailboat. Okay. And you have those and tell me for instance, do they come complete with a set of sales. Okay. Hold on that he wants to do it. They have. The canvas bag started. What do you call it fell below? You just you go down into where the people sleep below got to canvas bag is is below you. We gotta do. I didn't say blow. I sent. Oh, he said boil Bela Bela, E, L, Ohio. I'm sorry. It's okay, son. I'm Carrie, no, no, it's fine. So I'm sorry. He's very mortified so we have it. And so what do you wanna come over tomorrow or to let me let me make it for the weekend because it's a work week for me. And I'd be talking to your son, Tim. Yeah, he's the one even charge and that right, Tim. Yeah. And Tim O show you around he'll show you the whole show you where the boats were where the boats we where we parked to where we tied them with ropes to the to the thing. You know, were you tie them off? Yeah. Okay. I the only problem with the way you talk is some people think you're trying to show me up. No. I would never do that. I just it's the Phil Phillip for look around sale. Votes with his father. So he just talks. Oh, you're oh. You know? It's like second nature to you. No, not at all. I mean as I have to think I have to remember to use the right terms. Well, okay here. This is what we do. You wanna go see the boat that's tied up. It's got a rope tied to to big would is that what you want to see. Yeah. I'd like to see the boats that are tied up with rope. Yes. Okay. Well, we'll pick you and then you can go downstairs go to the front. Go to the back. Look at a little round hole, and like Bradshaw said and Joz, and then we have the big stick. That has the big thing that makes the wind blow in it and in a balloon sale right at for when you're running ahead of the wind. What do you call that running before the wind you may want to win blowing blowing blowing us forward? Yeah. Okay. We got the running ahead of the win this. Okay. All right, Tim. I'll see you there then this weekend. Okay. Like, it's mine. The my phone not yours my phone. Okay. Just over there and sit down now. Okay. Hold on for minute fill. Tim put on this. There's your skipper head to to Atta boy say her things doing at the club. Oh, it's fantastic gates lots of membership lunch. Bama party this weekend. We're gonna have our fourth of July party this weekend mortgage rate. You're having a fourth of July putting this weekend. Yes, we are. Because the fourth July's coming up. So why wouldn't we we the fourth of July is in July. This is still it's still April, but Burke site about where side about the summer, the summer months are the months for for any yacht club anywhere in the world. And as you know, general, Sean you fill right across the channel from us and the Channel Islands, and we take our boats, and we have the wind. Oh them over there. Or we start up the motor, and we drive them there. And we always looked to our right and look to our left. You don't say starboard or port. No, no little around with that. And then we drive our boats. And then we throw down the, you know, the mental thing that's the anchor. I know it's the see this is what we're trying to do. Are you are you trying to discard all these nautical terms? What we're trying to do is discourage nautical terms. So that people can chill out, relax. You can come and go. Hey, wow. I love it here. This is a wonderful yacht club. And oh, look look to my left, and no one's gonna break the break at anchor over your head to. It's supposed to be the way. You gotta talk that way. What did what did they say? They are. Isn't it expected that you speak in article fashion? No, not at REI club. Now, we say, hey, go up to the front and get that rope. And then tight around that metal thing, and we do it really loud. And we do it in your face with it. Oh, yeah. Yeah. That's what the Channel Islands yacht. Club is known for you can go to their real high flute and places like Pacific Carinthian or somebody's joints go down to Balboa yacht club or Newport harbor yacht club Holly cry by what we do here as we say, let's get on our boat and drive it over there to that island park it and throw the rope down with the big metal thing, you know. And you do that on purpose just to just a show people back off. Okay. We're doing it our way you do it your way. Well, it's an interesting. Do you advertise this in your all? Yeah. It's we put it in the pamphlet in our manual our membership manual and basically here up quoting right now membership manual. We do not use fancy terms like line porthole starboard or port. We don't know what they mean. And we don't care anyway when you go to the front of the boat, you're at the front of the boat when you go to the back, you're at the back, and when you go downstairs, that's what you did. You went downstairs you didn't go below. Ha ha ha. And then we put the contraction in there that the young men be ELO that blows. And that's so that's I didn't know anything about that. I didn't either gotta have to tell you a Wes would I feel was calling. I think I got him better prepared. Oh, it's all right. We we we we run into this all the time all the time. So all right. So I'm gonna come over there on Saturday and talk to talk to my some Tim, my son, Tim, so Mr. Henry, Tim, yell K, and he'll be here, and Tim is twelve but he's I think he's doing good for twelve and as you can tell he's bigger than a lot of twelve year olds. But not nothing. Freaky about him these twelve yes. He's twelve nine is. He is. He can I ask you does. He have the authority to make a sale. I know he'll come to me with oh any offers and that, but you walk with him, and he'll walk and he'll tell you. There's what tell us Tim count over here. I'll give you an example. I mean, it's not necessary to describe that describe about here's a boat. Okay. I start again. He's he's a little nervous. Here's a boat. We have. There is the boat and see there's chairs, and here's how you start the motor. Then you drive it thrower d-. Then you back it up. Okay. Yes. He definitely nothing. Fancy nothing. Fancy nothing. No fuss. No muss, right, and Tim. How does he know how much the both ways? How much does that they sail boat? The thirty foot lunar s- s how much does it way with the big with the big thing. Yeah. With the key. What they call the keel is it's gonna kill kill. But to I don't know. We we don't know. All right, but it has keel. Yeah. It has a kill. What's that four? So it doesn't tip over. I mean capsize. Yeah. That's the again, you're using a fancy words. All right. Well, thanks very much. Okay. Can we go sit back down over there? Okay. Foghorn Tim, you gotta fill. Well, that's that sounds like the boy has some some developmental disabilities. No, no, no. There's nothing wrong with my why why would you say that come on? We'll you west. It sounds like the young man is having a hard time communicating. No, no, no. He he talks that way. So that people won't think that more of a brain. He's really very intelligent it to me. Just talked to a normal. Yeah. So are you Tim? Hi, tim. This is Margaret. No. So do you really know about sailboats? No, I don't know a lot about fan votes I salts and things. My phone telling me to talk as if I was to think because he didn't want to do all of the tensions me he would panic. Biggest issue Brun this summer? I'll be hitting all the big colleges back east. You say are you must be like a child prodigy or something that you, and I don't know. No. He's the thing about Tim. Thanks on. Tim's brilliant. But he can't wipe his own his own anus. Yes. These simple things like that. So he's going to be a freshman at Harvard next year, but he'll need help wiping. Thank you, see later. Tim. So I guess he doesn't have to talk to me. No. You don't have to talk to Mr. Henry. Okay. Okay. Do the fuck on. All right mystery. Very good. I'll see you guys there Saturday. All right. Good. And also. What are you kidding me? Man, that guy's guts are way way out there. Now, I didn't get the idea of the young man sounds to me like his son is some kind of a genius that he's trying to keep the lid on until he gets them a college. He they picked. I don't understand. And why wouldn't you want people to know? All right. You know, here's the thing. I don't know that that places for you. They got that freak scene there for the Commodore and his son and they're saying stuff like, yeah. Let let's tie the rope to the boat or whatever she's then Sam very nautical. Mr. Henry, you probably want that. Would you ain't like I'm like you guys? I'm not Ishmail, you know, who's he he's from Moby Dick, you check s Jack emphasis s wait in ain't like, I'm Mr.. Salt of the sea. Or whatever the hell you wanna call me. You know, the two years before the mass guy. I don't know Spencer, Tracy. Yes. Spencer tweets, anyway, it's just that. I think it's kind of nice to be around people that kind of her in the life in the culture, you know? If you're playing baseball guys in should I go out to the big pilot dearth? Yeah. There you go to go up the big pilot dirt and throw the round thing. Yeah. Exactly. And the guy may be the greatest pitcher you ever saw. But he's saying what you say. I'm a pitcher. I'm gonna go out. I'm the man that throws the ball. Instead of pitcher see how it sounds stupid. I don't necessarily think that it makes it much easier for me to understand. All right. Thank you very much. Oh for God's sake. Larva what make it everything? A big you make everything more difficult. You make this world lousy dare you putting a line like that from west side story. And I thought we'll be right back. World-famous Phil Hendrie show downtown downtown gogo. We're gonna go at downtown disco. Gogo lays com, don't be half price for lease and dies. If you wear slip on his loafers any kind of an elf kicker. Yeah. Half-price midnights if our. Special couples dance the couple's death lasts for two hours at a last couple. Standing wins himself a cash prize town, go go go down to go down a disco in the go. Go Joan tones disco gogo if you find it you win five million dollars because our announcer has a speech impediment due to a very unfortunate shaving accident. Richie's heating service at sixty th year in the tortoise valley, we come to you. You don't have to come to us. If you've got a heating problems, your home, we will come to you. How can you possibly bring your home to us? We've been making that point for the last twenty years. It turns out no one has really been asking anybody to bring their home to them. However, we are the first people who are ticketed right here on a commercial. You don't have to bring your home to us. We'll go to you Richie's eating service Ritchie's heating service also deals with air conditioning. In fact, we're better air conditioning. We are with heating, but we call a company Ritchie's heating just it was a good idea at the time is heating twelve Bauer in clan. Ville. Bring your house here. World-famous fill every show continues j Sandison the line from the citizens auxiliary police to join us. Jay Santa's hitching auxiliary police. Yes. Fucking. Hey, what's the hold on? What did you do? But I try Jay screwed it up. Yeah. Messed it all up. She. Let's try it again. Sorry, folks. We're doing a live show tonight. Jason other. We cannot just roll back and do things again people are going to see it anyway. And I told you Mr. inter I thought I already said I don't want to be on your life. I'm sorry that you're here. That mean, I'm glad you're here. But I'm sorry that you were here is start again. But go ahead. It's time now for the filigree show and Jay Santos and the citizens oats every police, wait a minute. We gotta do it again. God. Jay, you understand that this is a live program. All right. So just roll it back, but get it right to give him the Q. William only thinking. Welcome back to the Phil Hendrie show. It's chase settles. I'm Jay Santa's outfielder. Shit. I mean, I gotta get going man here. Oh, you're right. An awfully saw JV. We gotta get going. Well, I just I don't think I apologize to everybody. I don't think the mystery gave me much of a chance here because I yeah. But we gotta keep going and it is alive show. But anyway, welcome to our program. Right. Well, I think the S went out soon. We'll dumping later on your. You're sure you're gonna dump it. Yeah. Jay, thanks for joining us in the citizens. Police is a part of you know, just about every aspect of American life. You have some opinions that you published in this week's CAP bulletin on the trip to Korea by our president, President Trump on this negotiation of a nuclear-free Korea do sharing because I feel and I think it's very very obvious to a lot of members of the citizens on please. Because security is what we do that Mr. Trump is walking into a little bit. But trap. You know, why do you say that what we feel that the Koreans? Are you? You know, I don't they just don't guy doesn't strike me as someone who's serious about the the denuclearization. And Putin has all the cards. The Putin to tell the guy Kim to offer NewCo nuclear deal. I can't say that word nuclear nuclear deal. So that Trump would be more popular in America and people vote for him and keep him president general. Pretty sophisticated. I think don't you know? I mean, if you fit he meddled in L, if he if he middled in the election of twenty sixteen he's probably gonna mill now win this one. So you're saying that Putin is going to tell him to go easy on Trump. So that they get a nuclear deal signed Trump becomes more popular at home and gets reelected. President back is my UC. It's not really concerned that is what I think could happen. Now, you asked me if I've been worried about that. No, I'm not because you know, I happen to support President Trump. I'm just saying that I don't like the idea that President Trump because president because Bryson's, you know, Slavic what it means some sledding. I I just being some person some non-american is influencing everything and we're getting played with. And we're getting our heads twisted around by some slap. Now, this is the second twenty cents slave is. He I don't mean that in a racially superior way. I just being that we're Americans, and we choose don't Trump free and clear famous. We choose them freeing clear one would would like to think that and you know, whether or not the the elections of two thousand sixteen were influenced by the Russians or not. You know, the man's been elected president United States. That's right. He's the United States. Right. They're just they wanna know if the campaign colluded with Russia. I we know. All right. I want to get into that why we're talking about twenty teen coming up right now. And the fact that President Trump's going to go to Korea to make it a new nuclear-free peninsula. I think he's a great thing. And they're going to try to rob him of the glory by Cowan candy at go easy on him. Because I want him to be present. But that's really something. Nobody's supposed to know. They want to keep that secret volume want to keep it secret. But it's not exactly being kept secret right now, there's all kinds of people commenting on it over on Twitter Facebook and so on and what they're coming on. If you could just tell the audiences is that there's this idea that Putin is, you know, telling him, he's basically pulling the strings over there that Korean dailies telling him to go ahead, and do whatever Trump wants, or at least make it look a lot better for Trump. So that he is insured of really. Own at twenty sixty in twenty twenty twenty right dic- twenty sixteen. We bought us at twenty eighteen. Well, I mean, really it's about twenty eighteen about to about the congressional. It's about a congressional elections. So yeah, we're Trump's gonna wanna get reelected. They really want the congressional elections. Go good. And by making President Trump look good in Korea. More Republicans are gonna get let now I have to again, tell you I'm in favor of that. I won't have more publicans elected. But I don't like the idea of a guess what? In twenty eighteen the congress United States remained read because Russian was smarter than a bit American in some Russian call the shots. You trying to say I know what he's saying. Wait a minute. It sells to be like you are it sounds like you would mind someone calling the shots. He just don't like the idea of other Russian. Yeah. That's it sounds like you talk about a slave when I. Talked about what a slave the Slavic people now. Well, it's just I know you please don't go down the racial road. Then I'm always don't people push back go down racial highway. All right. Let's keep this on equal rights boulevard. 'cause the winter man we get on Richard racial highway. We're on our way toward you know, inward in word avenue. And let's with the metaphor about the streets. Just trying to I understand what you're saying. Jay, we don't want is. You don't want the appearance that you're being racial. But the the fact of the matter is you saying it looks bad. When Americans are manipulated by a slab. It looks bad. You said the word twice. All right. I won't say the word. I'm sorry. I'm just seeing what would be preferable layers what's preferable country now who who would be. But rather manipulators? Well, I mean, you'd rather see the England England do you'd rather see maybe I would even think France, you know. Well, why would they want to manipulate? See the whole idea this training. I if I could finish I'm just saying to see some guy that does that whole dim advantage. Then hey, then if. We're talking to Jay Santos. I'm sorry. I I'm I'm trying to get my thoughts collected. We're talking to Jay Sam to the citizens. Auxerre police who is not necessarily opposed to a US elections being battled with. He just doesn't like the idea of a Slavic guy doing it, which sounds entirely racial. It really is. I think what we want to say is they represent that old way of life, and we want someone I represents a new way of life. What if Canadians were manipulating or mentally in our elections that would be better? But I gotta tell you gotta stings Canadians. I just up there. Not doing anything. You know? What santos? I've heard you before. I'm just saying they're in their what their relatives a binder up there. All right. I'm sorry Santos up. Listen to you before trying to couch in front of self and your whole attitude, you're Bob green. And at the end of the day van you'd have like people because of the color of their skin Addy start true. That's not you. You don't like people because the skin color. They're saying the cuddle their skin or whether from if you're talking about slaves manipulating our elections being much worse than English people or Canadians. What does that amount to are? You trying to kill me that you are you telling me that some slab some guy that was. Jason and to the citizens auxiliary police, what are you guys doing about this? What are we supposed to do about it? I can do that. I've alerting people that when President Trump goes over to Korea, and this guy Putin who's got the. Look the guy's face. It looks it looks what it's racially it looks racially inferior. No, I say that. Well, look at the guy's face beans what he has a sneaky. It's a sneaky face. You've gotta sneaky gifts run, whatever you say man, just say, you publish that as a public assistance onto it, please. We're racist. Don't like black people Mexicans. We don't like slams got the Pinson face. What are you talking about? That's what you just said. You said that I'd say didn't like I said, I said Putin is a slap in face, and you don't wanna slave pinched in face telling us what to do with our cheeses. I'm just I'm just trying to cover all the bases. You know, what I'm gonna get off the air. And I'm gonna have a million messages from people saying you sound like these whole the world. Can we can we can we get rid of can we get rid of the Colt to Jay? Thank you you watch. Mr. Henry, Putin's pulling the strings. All right. But you don't care. You don't mind somebody pulling the strings, you just don't like a slave doing it. You're I wish I would have started this out different. It's like, yeah. You better believe it, man. Santos. Why do you keep having that guy on? That's the first time. He's ever been that blatant about it. That's for sure. World-famous Phil Hendrie show and Phil every show dot com. We're back in business hereafter are a week with art bell again. Thanks for all of your good messages, and and your compliments on the ark Bill week. We're back though, forget, of course, we have our Friday night chances usual, we have if you've missed it. We had a pretty good sanity cinema was interesting, and then black fist and still up on the on the websites. Check it out. We'll see you guys tomorrow world-famous fill every showing second produced by me. Phil, heavy foresee upper incorporated, all rights reserved on podcast one.

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Quizbeard #12

Quizbeard weekly trivia quiz

14:46 min | 4 months ago

Quizbeard #12

"The media famous Siblings Islands General Knowledge and ABC words these. It's an as round so it's time to dust off the black spots for quiz bed number. Twelve hello everybody and welcome to quiz bid number twelve if you're a regular listener you'll know how this works in how twenty-five questions over five subject rounds with thirty points available in total as you can play your black spot cards on any nominated round before the first question in that round has been asked this allows you to double points on those five ounces and those five ounces only if you have any questions on has a please check quiz bid. Dot Com slash. How for details and again. Please remember to visit the Website Quispe Dot com and to like and subscribe to the podcast where you can if you can give a rating review on I tunes or where we have podcast APP used. I'll be brilliant. And if you'd like to help keep quiz bid up and running you can now do so through my support page. That Quiz Bit. Don't come slash support. Patrons of the show will receive benefits including entry online to upcoming price competitions. That will be launching very soon as always you can get in touch on the usual socio social media places which can be found linked to from the site. And if you'd like to suggest topic for around or submit some questions then please semi message and yours might get featured okay. Let's make a start with today's questions. Round one the media number one which UK Sunday newspaper closed its doors in two thousand eleven. The two in US broadcasting what the letters NBC Stanford. Three which you K- early morning program was originally broadcast from an old lock. Keeper's House on the River. Lea In east London before which Daily Mirror cartoon strip character has a statue dedicated to him and his hometown of Hartlepool and the five which tickle magazines purported proprietor is known as Lord. Nope Brown to famous siblings the mistakes which of the Baldwin Brothers is singer. Justin Bieber's father-in-law is it a Alec. B Daniel See William would be stephen number seven. What would the first names of Aviation Pioneers? The Wright brothers number eight which of the Bronte sisters wrote weathering heights was a Charlotte's be. Emily will see the mid nine. What is the family name of the brothers who are responsible for the very first Guinness Book of World Records? What portmanteau term is used to describe the musical act comprised of brothers John and Edward Grimes route three islands? Eleven which is the largest of the Channel Islands number twelve on which island is the country of Brunei situated. Number Thirteen which island is famous for its giant carved stone. Heads the fourteen. What is the world's largest island Fifteen Coney island in Brooklyn is thought to be named after the Dutch word. For which Animal Ramboll is General Knowledge? It's general knowledge but also a blockbuster's round so I'll give you the first letter the answer and a clue to answer as well number sixteen. What be was ship? That was overtaken by mutineer Fletcher Christian in seventeen eighty nine number seventeen. What D- is another name for United States ten cents Coin Nebr- eighteen? What am was a medieval traveling entertainer known for singing and reciting poetry the mid nineteen what G. is a system of millions or billions of stars together with gas and dust held together by gravitational traction twenty what see connects the previous ounces in this round round five. Today's ABC words for each question. I'm going to give you three words. One starting with the letter A. One beginning with be a among beginning with C. Two of the words that will give you for each question have been invented or thoughts have been invented or coined by William Shakespeare. I'm one of them. Hasn't what I'd like you to do. Is just a name for each question. Which one has not been attributed to William Shakespeare Number Twenty one? Hey amazement be bedroom. See carnivorous twenty. Two a alligator be Barnacle see critic twenty three a average be bandit champion number. Twenty four a anchor be buzzer. See compromise and twenty five. A advertising be dazzled and sea creature. Okay here the answers to today's quiz questions round one was the media number one. The Sunday newspaper that closed its doors. In two thousand eleven was the news of the world number-two in US broadcasting the letters NBC Stanford National Broadcasting Company. The MMA three the early morning program that was broadcast from the lock keeper's house was the big breakfast. The before the cartoon strip character with the statue in Hartlepool is Andy. Capp A number five. The magazine with the proprietor known as Lord Gnome is private round two was famous siblings number six the Baldwin brother. Who's the father in? Law of Justin Bieber is D- Steven Stephen Baldwin. The seven the first names of the Wright brothers Orville and Wilbur number eight weathering heights was written by be Emily Brown say mid nine the brothers responsible for the Guinness Book of Records where the mcwhirter brothers Norris and Ross mcwhirter number ten John and Edward. Grimes are known together as Jed would round three was the islands round number eleven. The largest of the Channel Islands is Jersey number twelve. You would find Brunei on the island of Borneo number thirteen. The giant stone heads would find on Easter Island and before the world's largest island is greenland the fifteen coney island in Brooklyn is thought to be named after the Dutch word for rabbit. Round four was the general knowledge around the blockbusters round. Let me sixteen the letter B. That was a ship. Overtaken by Fletcher Christian was the bouncy seventeen the day. That was another name for a US. Ten cent coin is a dime number eighteen. M that's a medieval traveling entertainer has been stroll the mid-nineteen g which is a system of billions of stars galaxy. A number twenty. What see connects the previous answers? You know so he's chocolates. I'll give you confection as well but chocolate would be the preferred answer round number five was the ABC words of the Shakespeare Shakespearean Words attributed to William Shakespeare. So I give me three words. One of them wasn't attributed to Shakespeare near the two. Were so number twenty one. The answer is C carnivorous so amazement and rumor both attributed to Shakespeare. We're twenty two down series B. Barnacle twenty-three a average twenty four a Tonka and the twenty five sea creature. Okay thank you very much for taking part in this week's Quiz. Please remember to visit me at quiz bed. Dot Com for past episodes and links to social media and more I'll be back next week than a another twenty five brain teasers. So until then take care and good bye.

William Shakespeare US Emily Brown Fifteen Coney island Channel Islands Justin Bieber Siblings Islands General Knowl ABC Fletcher Christian Hartlepool Edward Grimes Wright Brooklyn Steven Stephen Baldwin ABC John UK Brunei London
AP Headline News Jan 22 2019 11:00 (EST)

AP Radio News

04:45 min | 1 year ago

AP Headline News Jan 22 2019 11:00 (EST)

"I'm Jay Farner, CEO of Quicken Loans, America's premier home purchase lender. Today's fluctuating interest rates can leave you with unexpected higher mortgage payments at Quicken Loans. We've created a new way to protect you from unpredictable interest rates. So you can buy a home with certainty. It's called rate shield, and here's how it works with rate shield. You can lock your interest rate while you shop for a new home. So if rates go up, you don't have to worry. And here's the best part. If rates go down you get the lower rate with rate shield, we really have you covered. Here are more reasons why you wanna work with America's largest mortgage lender for nine years in a row now Jd power has ranked Quicken Loans highest in the nation in customer satisfaction for primary mortgage origination. And for the fifth year in a row, they've also ranked us highest in the nation for mortgage servicing rate shield, another way, we can save you money on your mortgage. Call us today at eight hundred quicken or go to rocketmortgage dot com. Basin. Rocket mortgage data in comparison to public data records, Rachel approval only valid answering thirty or purchase transactions. Call for cost information and conditions. Equal housing lender. License in all fifty states MLS number thirty thirty additional conditions or exclusions may apply. Why? After years have been rolled up within an angel life. I'm free receipts of a mind of their own go, paperless and manager travel expenses online with Mike taxi business, make the smarter choice of might Tuksy dot com. Radio news. Good morning. I made Donohue. President. Trump's proposal to end the partial government shutdown faces and uncertain future in the Senate. It includes five point seven billion dollars, the president wants for border security and Democrats have said no to that deputy secretary HOGAN Gidley says the pressure is on Democrats to get this Bill passed tonight by midnight. They don't have a deal cut. That's the second paycheck the second pay period in a row that eight hundred thousand federal employees will not see their their income. And that's a problem for everybody. This is day thirty two of the partial shutdown. The supreme court is allowing the Trump administration to go ahead with its plan to restrict military service by transgender people while the court challenges continue the supreme court is also taking up its first gun rights case in nine years. A challenge New York City's prohibition on carrying a license. Locked and unloaded handgun outside the city limits. The alarm clocks went off early today. In Hollywood, the Oscar nominations were announced. I for best picture panther. Kevin five producer. Black klansman John McKittrick taken Blom, Raymond. Mansfield, Jordan, Peele, and Spike Lee, bow hime, Ian, rhapsody, the favourite green book Roma a star is born and vice Roma and the favourite lead the way with ten nominations each for Oscars. The supreme court is rejecting an appeal from a former Seattle area football coach who lost his job because he refused to stop praying on the field contract. Talks are expected to resume soon between the city of Los Angeles and striking teachers the office of mayor Eric Garcetti said the latest bargaining session lasted twenty one hours and ended before dawn today. Home sales cratered last month causing price growth to slip to its lowest level in more than six years as the housing sector ended twenty eighteen on a decidedly weak note. This is AP radio news, a small passenger plane disappeared off the coast of Gerns e in the English channel two people were. On board, including Argentine soccer star Emiliano Sala officials say the chances are becoming slim that they will be found alive. Harbourmaster captain David Barker says it's not clear what the two men were wearing down very much. Whether they wearing survival gear on the wolves temperatures just above ten degrees. The moment. So that doesn't give you very long. If we still to two threes up Sala was going to Britain to begin playing for the Cardiff City team and soccer's Premier League. Ken CHU is the team CEO happiness on his face to Seinfeld. Cutoffs at the one of the best days in this life. As what he has express. You know? So we very set. Jew says they continue to pray for positive news Channel Islands air. Search chief officer John Fitzgerald tells the AP the plane just completely vanished with no radio conversation. I'm Ed Donahue, AP radio news. Hi, it's Jamie, progressive's employee of the month two months in a row. Leave a message at the. Hi, jay. Jimmy. It's me, Jamie. I just had a new idea for our song about the name your price tool. So when it's like tell us what you want to pay. Hey, and the trombone goes, blah, blah, blah, and you say, we'll help you find coverage options to fit your budget. Then we just all do finger snaps while a choir goes, savings coming at ya. Savings coming at you. Yes. No. Maybe. Anyway, see you practice tonight. I got new lyrics for the rap break. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Price and coverage match limited by state law. Hi, it's Jamie, progressive's employee of the month two months in a row. Leave a message at the hi, Jamie. It's me, Jamie. I just had a new idea for our song about the name your price tool. So when it's like tell us what you want to pay. Hey, and the trombone goes, blah, blah, blah, and you say, we'll help you find coverage options to fit your budget. Then we just all do finger snaps while a choir goes, savings coming at ya. Savings coming at you. Yes. No. Maybe. Anyway, see you practice tonight. I got new lyrics for the rap break. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Price and coverage match limited by state law.

Quicken Loans Jamie AP Emiliano Sala Jay Farner CEO President New York City America Channel Islands Senate HOGAN Gidley America Trump Eric Garcetti Los Angeles Ken CHU
Dispatches: What Dogs Really Think about Dog Gear

Outside Podcast

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Dispatches: What Dogs Really Think about Dog Gear

"The support of the outside podcast is brought to you by Dita's and the all new line of Terex outdoor gear. I think it is the best kept secrets that Audi. Does has also an outdoor department. This is Christians winger outdoor designed director Edita's and man with a fairly substantial cold you hear my voice is a little bit is a little bit dark, but we're going to talk with them anyway because years ago Adidas started a big push to make their outdoor department. A lot more friendly to the outdoors cut down on wasted material cut down on water usage during the manufacturing process, and they did, but this is also making more fundamental changes. They're changing the design of their shoes to make them less resource intensive to produce and daddy's changing distant dick, and it looks very intuitive. Julia looking at the product, and you have already feeling okay. That is different to everything I've seen before the first thing they did on the running and hiking shoes was refined. The placement of the reinforcement. It's and abrasion resistance. Some of those choices were to cut down weight. But they also mean the shoes last longer make your products that has the long lifespan or a long long life cycle. It is already environmental friendly. The second thing they did was they started looking closely at which colors they may choose in. Because it turns out the different colors required different amounts of energy to produce. And the most efficient thing was to just leave the materials in their natural state. We don't need a lot of creation on the products the right coloration or even know Colorado is than the most beautiful thing when I got on the phone with Christian. This is not what I thought he was going to talk about. But he says Dita's has a whole department analyzing environmental impact of all their different products and this stuff adds up. And then never be after feeling that you're having an additional benefit. It is super cool because it is just like this natural fuel that is intensifying interest. In this stain obliged years. For more on a Dita's outdoor products. Go to Adidas dot com slash tax. That's T E R E X. From outside magazine. PR X. These are dispatches stories from writers in the field. So as I write this. It's the Monday after thanksgiving cyber Monday is known when if you work at a computer, you're bombarded with a lot of ads and emails for a lot of stuff you don't need, but which has been heavily discounted. And a lot of it is really standard stuff like shirts and jackets, but there's also this other category of thing that's really gotten big over the last few years in the internet, the tiny company that simply improve something that already exists reinvented. And then they have to sell you on the idea that their version, we'll make your life substantially better than a standard version. So these products are totally legitimate. The socks being made right now are the most technical and well-designed socks of all time. Men's underwear also taken great strides forward. Thanks to a new generation of product designers reinventing something that we all took for granted mattresses too. But all these companies make something that you use every day that's kind of at the center of your existence. So a small improvement really adds up over time. You spend a third of your life sleeping, probably two-thirds wearing socks underwear. I guess it varies person to person. But then there's a company like rough wear which for the last twenty years has been reinventing gear for dogs. And if there's any user group that's already totally happy with the standard version of gear. It's dogs dogs have been doing just fine for a really long time. And yet rough wear is doing really well as a company so what's going on here? I got interested in rough wear because we wanted to know how exactly do you improve on something? When the end user can't talk to you about it. How do you make this tiny design tweaks that make a new product with your money? But then we started wondering does that even matter a rough wears products possibly not about the dogs at all? Are they designing stuff that makes humans feel-good or dogs? So pretty, sir. Alex ward went to find out. Bernie the car. This is what it sounds like in the production. Rough wear or at least what it sounds like when a stranger like me walks in with the microphone. Ref. We're makes gear for dogs with a focus on the outdoors. Patagonia for pups. One might say there's harnesses coats booties lifejackets backpacks. You name it. And on the day. I'm visiting their headquarters in bend, Oregon. The design team is in their weekly product meeting huddled around a table covered in gender items. There's prototypes of chew toys dog beds, treat pouches. There's a circular disc thing made out of climbing rope and heavy duty fabric. It kind of looks like a steering the last thing on her agenda for today that the fuller nineteen took to it. We got some feedback from Tracy are Abby, Doug and learn. The thing they're trying to solve with this product is its classification at this stage. They all know, it's a good toy. But should it be positioned as fetch toy or tug toy we've been designing it as a tug toyed, but it seems to be performing as a disc they're sent prototypes. To some dog handlers. And now the designers are going through the feedback Tracy's Jagger. He said he's never seen Jagger go so crazy for twenty. It's just that this Twi so it would act as a reward. But it wouldn't be one that they're actively tugging with the dog. This particular handler is basically saying he loves the toy for playing fetch, but suggest that it not be marketed as a tug tour. I mean, that's one opinion of one handler. So it could I think it seems like they all kind of have their own cocktail that works for them in their dog. And the same thing doesn't work for everyone. So still your waiver positioning this as type toy they still not be neck alone. I would say I wouldn't steer away from tugg. But I would put our best foot forward which to me it would be fetch. But it would be fetch and right behind fetch would be tough. I've been just you know with Bodey, and he loves it. But only as a tug toy. I don't play fetch with my dog it. He's a miss. As Doug toy. It's been working perfectly. If you ask Bernie one of the many office dogs waiting for the humans to finish talking here and use the thing as intended. It doesn't matter who just want. And here in lies the inherent tug of war. When making dog ear you're designing for animals, but people have to buy them as Monica Welker, one of the product designers explained to me, it's kind of like making baby products. Like, it's the same type of struggle. It's yeah. It's. You get through. Yeah. And you get through the whole process designing for your user. But then it's like, okay has it has to sell her. Also, it's not a business. You know, we have two dogs dumped it to enjoy it, which is sort of here in the first place because in an industry where products are rigorously tested designed and redesigned based on feedback from users. How do you get feedback from a dog? Petra cruise the founder of rough. Where does the first step in designing for dogs is making observations about how we interact with them. And then coming up with product ideas from that. And so all those observations all those things come together, they get put into the hopper, and then they get distilled out. And we go out there throw him into the mosh pit with all the dogs. And then we get a lot of feedback. This is the mosh pit today in open area right outside of rough wears building. And if all mosh pits were like, this just doesn't happy puppies running through sagebrush, probably go to more concerts. Replace for us just to come out and do a quick check and see what's going on. But we'll often take off and head up to the trail of the fills trail or go down to the dish shoots river just kind of hammer the product see what happens when it gets wet and grungy and a lot of fun. Having a diversity of environments is key to making this kind of gear because unlike outdoor activities that require certain equipment like mountain climbing or kayaking most of the stuff you do with dogs isn't confined to one type of place you can play fetch anywhere in Patrick says that in the early days of rough wear this had a big impact on how they design products. Every time we came up with a solution. There were new challenges because people would take a coat or they take a bowl or a backpack into a different environment that we hadn't anticipated and they say, hey, it works great for all these things. But could you make one for this? And so when you look at our paralyzed him. I think we've got over seven eight coats now. But each one solves a unique challenge. Patrick started rough wear in nineteen Ninety-two, but he'd been tinkering with fabrics and designs since he was a kid at age twelve on his mom's machine. He so together a custom backpack for Mariah the family dog at the time and at sixteen he got his GED in probably went to go work on a sailboat, whereas woodworking mechanical and selling skills were further honed in one thousand nine hundred nine he started a business making kayaking equipment called salamander, paddle gear. But back then in nineteen Ninety-two Patrick was on a mountain biking trip in Los Padres national forest with his friend, Liz and her dog mochi a Rhodesian ridgeback. She had thought ahead. She had brought this plastic bag because she was going to be able to water her dog on this mountain biking adventure. And so we stopped and we were taking in the view of the Channel Islands and soon enough they stopped writing for a drink of water and Liz took out the plastic bag filled it with half of her water. So that mochi could reach it and held it out. Mookie stuck his snout in the bag. Tried lapping the water up, but just was not having it. So now, she was just holding a bag of water that she couldn't sit down and she didn't want to drink it. Thanks to mochi slobbery dog mouth. Liz told Patrick he needed to solve the problem. We finished out the ride had a great day and on the drive home. I started thinking because I was in the whitewater kayaking business, we had garments that we keep water out. And if we had fabric that could keep water out could you keep water in? So I went home talked with my sample sewer at the time and. Put together this this bowl. Patrick stitch. Together dog bull aka the clincher would become rough wears first product. But not quite yet at the time. The question was just a solution for him and his friends. You know, I kind of dust it off my hands and said that one was solved and moved on. But I through this bolan backyard and sat there for the next nine months with my dogs and everybody who came over was really intrigued with it you pick it up and look at it. And there was water inside. But it wasn't leaking out. And and the more that folks looked at this thing the more interesting it became you could almost see the light bulbs going on over their heads. And so I figured well, maybe we should do something with this. And that was about nine months in spent the next few months coming up with a logo and brand and a tagline, and then I sewed up fifteen bowls three of each color in red royalty. Oh, purple and. Black and took him to Outdoor Retailer where he put him on a card table next to our salamander paddle gear products that we were offering for whitewater, paddle sports, and at that show L O bean came by an ordered eight thousand bowls. This big validating. Order was like that. I throw of a tennis ball to a border collie. That's been waiting all day for you to get home. Ref way was off and running in the industry of performance. Doug year was born and it didn't take long for rough wear to dwarf Patrick's other business at the time. Salamander paddle gear at this time around nineteen Ninety-six Patrick estimated, the pedal sport customer base to be between seventeen and twenty thousand people. And meanwhile, there were about fifty two million dogs in the United States and Patrick was about to blow a giant dog whistle. Okay. Let's take a second to talk about the dog industry as a whole because part of the reason that ref where is the leader of the outdoor dog pack is because they were so early into a business sector that just keeps growing current estimates. Put the number of dogs in the US around ninety million with global estimates around nine hundred million, and it seems like people cannot stop throwing money at their pets. Whether that means buying them gear that care better food daycare for their dogs. That's that seems to be a trend that's growing that Susan's struggles. She's the marketing director for rough where she says last year people spent almost seventy billion dollars on their pets putting pet care in stride with industries like dieting and healthcare technology, according to Susan the reason for that is simple people are opting to have dogs and not Sheldon. That's certainly true. In my case. It's basically true when you look at this two ticks to according to the National Center for health statistics birth. In the US have been steadily declining for the past decade hitting a thirty year low in two thousand seventeen when three point eight million babies were born that's about a three percent drop in the birth rate over ten years. Meanwhile, pet ownership is being heard it in the opposite direction growing seven percent in that same ten year window, of course, maybe the economic recession plays a role in this time period because as we know babies are expensive, but given the money that's being spent on dogs these days, we're definitely treating our animals more and more like humans how much money people spend on a car on a vacation on a home. I think these are extensions of ourselves, and we are sending signals to the world of what we care about. And what's important to us? And I think for people whose dogs are essential part of their lives the way that makes them feel good is maybe spending more money. It's a reflection of how much we care for them. And what they mean for us in our lives at. At the moment. The three fastest growing categories within the pet industry are high quality food specialty services, like walkers, and daycare, and technology. Their robotic pet sitters automatically play toys, self cleaning litter, boxes GPS, callers and apps that do everything in between. There's even a caller attachment where when your dog is active running around barking, it'll trigger an automatic tweet from you or your pets Twitter account. They've got that we've got net flicks. And someone somewhere is probably working on dog net. Flicks. Maybe this is where I should come clean and say, I'm actually kind of a cat person. I mean, the reason those dogs were jumping all over me when I walked into the office. He probably smelled my cat. Gerry snuggled with morning, and as a cat owner gotta say this whole performance gear for dogs spectacle. It looks kind of ridiculous. I mean seriously, you think your grandad's dog needed a fleece jacket and booties to herd cattle during the cold winter months. I mean, there's all this stuff for dogs. Now, do they even appreciate it doesn't a random stick on the ground provide the same amount of joy as a tug slash fetch toy are you paying bring your dog too much. I mean with cats you earn their respect you don't buy their love. They also clean themselves. You can leave home whenever and they're just fine and they bury their own poop. But then I would love to take Kerry backpacking with me. And I can't you simply wouldn't survive plus as far as I can find there is no rough wear for cats, no company solving problems that cat owners don't even know exist yet. So this isn't really a cat's for stocks question. It's a question of whether or not the bowls in the jackets and the booties that rough wear makes or actually benefiting the dog or is it just to make their owner feel like a better dog parent. Whichever it is it's working for the past five years ref has been nothing, but arrows pointed upwards as a business increasing sales by double digits in each of those five years and last year in two thousand seventeen they cleared twenty two million dollars in sales. If you've seen the show shark tank ref wear would be one of those companies where the sharks will be like, why are you here? You don't need us. And they'd be right ref or has managed to never take outside investment at all and profits have been reinvested into RND since the get go. Remember those first dog bowls that Patrick made and brought to a trade show back in the nineties. He sold them all that day and made thirty three bucks, and it took that thirty three dollars at it took to make those fifteen bowls. Brought the proceeds back from those fifteen sales and and turned around and reinvested into buying more balls making more bowls every time that I'd sell a bowl. I put it back into the the business and just. To go, and that has enabled us to really dance to our own tune after the bulls, the next tune that rough wear dance to was Doug boots, which I gotta say is the cutest thing they make by far little boots on little pause. However, Patrick was initially not on board with the idea. I wasn't a true believer of Doug boots. It didn't make any sense to me. But one day, I'm on the phone, you know, sending out product to one of our customers dealer called me from Colorado and said, hey, you know, we really love your bowls have you ever considered making Doug boots? And at the time. I'm like, yeah. That's interesting that you mentioned that because I've got six catalogs that are sitting on my desk, and they're all selling dog boots. But I can't make sense of these because these boots some of them have suspenders some of them. Look like go go boots that come way up the fi. And she said, well, you know, could you make them stay on? Well, yeah, that's pretty easy. And that was the challenge that allowed me to step into this dog boot arena. So Patrick put together some boots for his dog Otis and went on a run Otis was an Australian cattle dog and was used to doing thirteen mile mountain biking loops with Patrick so it took a lot to wear them out. But when you finally did Otis would have to stay off his feet for a day or two. Patrick wanted to see if the boots would have any effect that put the boots on. We went out for a run came back. Check the boots. They look like they're staying on looked at the wear and tear on the sole. But the the interesting thing that happened for me was after thirty or forty minutes of rest. He was ready to go again. And that's when it dawned on me, these boots are pretty amazing. They it wasn't him being Tucker it out it was that his feet were sore or he had stone bruising going on his pads. And so the boots that was a game changer for me. Where I started to believe that boots. Really do make a difference on dogs with a proof of concept done. The next challenge was designing the boots. So they could fit any dog, which is tough given that there's so much variance in size and shape of pause across breeds. There's three main types of doc. Pas webbed feet cat feet and hair feet bred for swimming, endurance, and sprinting respectively. For dogs. Simple number system. Doesn't work. Well, you can imagine walking into a shoe store and say, I'm one hundred seventy six pounds. And you know, what sei shoes do I it doesn't make sense usually dog products were sorted by breed and weight, which makes things easier for the owners buying it. But maybe not so great for the dog this shift into designing them from a dog's perspective was a game changer. It made more sense to use measurements. But it was up to them to come up with the dog measuring system. You know, that's one of the biggest challenge. How do you measure a dog's paw? And what we did is we measured the width of the pop because the length of the paw can vary depending on if you're measuring toenail, and where's the heel? And what we use the carpal pad up on the up a little bit further on the dog's paw or leg. And so rather than be confusing. We found a way to take the dog's paw. Put it on piece of paper lift up the other posso, it's waited and the pause fully splayed out. A little Mark on either side of that Pau, and then you can measure the width that gives you a starting point a much better starting point than saying. I have a forty pound beagle. What size boot I wear the measurement method worked and the boots were a big hit and in a way at broadened their own market because outdoor enthusiasts with dogs tended to be people. That would go to lots of different types environments, maybe your backpacking through hard, granite peaks one weekend and surfing on a hot sandy beach the next, but when you take them, and you put them in a totally new environment. You're asking a lot of them. And so by having these products that actually help them to join us on our adventures we're out there in some fancy year. We've got nice shoes we got these high tech coat on. We've got a really nice sleeping bag, stellar tents. But they're out there, you know, in the same Ceuta clothes that they're wearing back home, and we're taking them up to elevations or altitude putting them into some unique conditions, and I think that's. Where our products start to shine. They they allow humans to bring our dogs along there. There are companions in wine. I just allow them to have a few of the items that we benefit from. That's a good point. Honestly, it's hard to think of pampering when it's put that way. After all is invent gear that takes us humans further and further into extreme environments one author dogs Abon, especially when you consider the things that we ask dogs to do for us. I mean, sure there's the fetching and the rolling over and shaking pause, but there's also cadaver dogs that hunt for human remains. There's dogs that tracks Scott in the woods for biological studies. There's avalanche dogs up the mountain. There's even paratrooper dogs in the military that are trained to jump out of planes and into war zones to sniff out bombs and act as scouts seriously. Google paratrooper dogs. It's both very cute and very bad. As of course, all of these different dog applications take specialized training, which takes specialized gear and is rough wear grew in started expanding their whole product line. The began filling these small voids to improve dog training, like the treat trader, for example. That's product designer Lazaro calling her dog burning over she showed me, the tree trader, which is a small pack that clips on here waste think of a Chuck bag for rock climbing, which inspired the design except it's kind of flask shaped and it fits snugly against the hip at its core. The trader is just a pouch to hold dog. Treats, it basically accomplishes the same task as block beg only. It goes on to do a lot more things that we had in mind when designing this product was accuracy and speed in which you can receive a treat and being able to do it with is like with one hand for anyone that's trained dog, you know, rewards are crucial for establishing good behavior. But the treats need to come quickly. If you miss the Mark by three seconds that can do a lot with how a dog responds to the tree. They may not be interpreting it the way you intend the flap on the bag is McNabb. Nick. And it makes this little snapping sound when it's opened and closed that the noise is really consistent. So I'm like opening a plastic bag or loosening cinch string. The sounds a clear signal that a command and a reward is coming plus the magnet only takes one hand to open and close. So if I ask Bernie rollover, and he begins to roll over then I can reward him with the treat in my other hand. And so I've got two hands going at one time, and I know that the pouches closed the audible cue is great for him. Because it tells him that he just did something good even before he got the treat and finally since the flap stays closed when your hand is in it eager snouts won't be stealing treats, and you can run around all you, please with your dog without spilling. So if you adopt a puppy like, Bernie from a foster home who had some behavioral problems to sort out when he was eight weeks old keeping up with him might be a challenge you want every advantage on your side. So he can become the proud gentleman. He is today. Thanks to Liz. The trader isn't the flashiest product that rough. We're makes in fact, you might not even notice it at first glance. But I think it's the best representation of their goal improving the relationship between a pet and the owner it makes a person's job more efficient while benefiting the dog's behavior in the long run each one making the others life just a little bit better. So yeah, I guess performance dog year can actually help the dog. It's not all about the owners, conscience or the Instagram feed. Although a well behaved dog is easier to photograph with sunglasses on. Ref wears next round of products is going to be even more functional. Patrick says they're now looking at redesigning the harnesses for guide dogs for the visually impaired. They've got these curved rigid handles that let you feel the dogs small movements and tell you what's in front of them. They're basically a harness from the equine industry from back in the forties and not much has changed over the years. And so we've been working on a harness that fits well. On the dog. We've had a bunch of years building these things, and I think we've gotten really good at it. And then do designing a link between the handle and the harness that is less bulky that delivers the subtle nuances of the dog as they're walking along. They may step over a leaf or dodge out of the way of an overhead obstacle that the dog is trained to move around. And that feedback is felt in the harness and in the handle, and it's delivered really quickly to the the guy. Dog user? With a new modern guide harness and a smart puppy at the helm, the barriers for the visually impaired could be knocked down even further and guide dogs and their owners already have a special bond. But ref wears new harness is a good example of how quality gear can benefit both the owner and the dog and during the design process it turns out that getting feedback from dogs is not hard at all. It's obvious. They tell you. Just don't use words your surveys. Their motivations are simple. Eat be snuggled repeat. So we know when they don't want something their body language is crystal clear, if you're paying attention. So pamper the hell out of your dog. If you want to the love you for it or don't they'll still love you. That's the beautiful thing about dogs. You could buy your kid everything that wants in the end up entitled obnoxious and spoiled you spoil a dog. However, you just end up with a better dog. Let's Alex ward he wrote and produced this piece. It was edited by me. Peter Flickr music by Robbie Carver and Dennis folk. Brought to you by Adidas. And they're all new line of Terex outdoor gear. The podcast is a production of outside magazine. NPR we back next week.

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May 2nd 2019

Talking Tesla

07:30 min | 1 year ago

May 2nd 2019

"The. And your boys and girls mill have hit for your daily podcast pot of the talking tesla podcast attract it is Thursday may second. That's right. Both goes, and this is how it's going to be from now on when you don't hit their ticket ticket ticket music. You know that I am on the road because it's lot of made at that in. And when I'm in the studio with good, microphones and all the situations that are head then you're gonna hear that music. And I know you don't care, but I just throw it out there. And actually that was not planned at all. It's just sort of the way it happened. But now, you know, that you know, it goes the first star to talk about is the fact that tesla which is a cheaper model three with one hundred fifty kilometers of range in Canada. That's about one hundred miles. What's going on? They you said yourself, well, Judah pricing restrictions, and this is electric and Fred line. But just as a vehicles didn't get access to candidates new five thousand dollar federal incentive for electric vehicles, but the automatic and now launched a new model that is cheaper and soft. Loc two hundred fifty calmness actually Ninety-three models. So that they can get that discount. It turns out that you couldn't get that. If the price was more than I think, it was forty five thousand dollars, so therefore, and this is what the government says eligible for incentives. Vehicle must have a based model manufacturer sedition retail price of forty five thousand dollars for patients vehicles and six seats or fewer and less than fifty five thousand with seven seats or more for eligible vehicles with six fewer seats high price versions eligible as long as the final factored suggested retail is fifty thousand dollars this. So what they did is that they self way LTd the curse and drop the pros. So that get this federal tax credit of five thousand dollars. And then what you're gonna be able to do is cold on the phone and say could you unlock the battery a federal tax credit? And now, I still have got a very long range version. I think it's interesting. It might have been considered sneaky one does if the Canadian government might think that that's bad thing to do and ultimately block tesla from doing this because it's clearly because of the technology something that other people can't compete with. And was it done in the spirit of what Canada was trying to do there. It's HUD were kept the spirit of that incentive low. But it certainly seems like the as fan what someone consideration sneaky way of getting around it. But I'm sure that there's a lot of Canadians that quite Hepi that they've found a way around lays, JIMBO goes. And Fred lamb has another article here, which is that Tessler is launching the right hand drive model in the UK starting at thirty eight thousand pounds. So the left-hand-drive version is here in the United States, and in many, many countries right handwriting is much less common places like the UK places like a stray area, and unfortunately, those countries often have to wait for a year or two or three before they get they right? Hand version they right hand drive versions. And so now, it's happening happening in the UK happening in Australia on that my brother and many sterling's going to be happy. Let's people in the UK gonna be happy. I don't know exactly. How many sales they're going to do in these countries? Because obviously there are a lot smaller than the US. The UK has sixty million people Strayer is about twenty four million people the US about three hundred and don't quote me on this. I think three hundred fifty million people. And so if they have proportionately less cars than these are good markets is solid markets. But the reason you don't lead with your right hand drivers is because you don't have enough production. And so you gotta go with the left hand drive version is most of the world. And then you start these puppies later, but congratulations to the UK and to a sturdy end to whatever other countries. Do right handwriting? Let's look that up. Showy? Let's do that right now. There's this thing called Google. What countries let's do in real time? What countries right and drove maybe you know, this in your listing. In your head right now. So he we go his van on pulling it up on the Google waiting for the list. Here we go that's a little bit confusing, isn't bows and bills because the right hand. Drove people drive on the lift sense out of the road and the left head Dr rod and right, right? But it's actually more countries than I thought I thought it was just like one or two, but who draws on the left their full right-hand-drive is a straight the Channel Islands Japan. Hong Kong India of man island Jamaica, Kenya. Malta Malaysia New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, Thailand, and the United Kingdom. How did all of this happen historically that some parts of the world are on one side road and some parts on the I don't know? But as somebody who flips between the country that's joys on left and drove on the road gets really confusing, and I often confined myself driving the wrong side of the street. I can tell you that's a bit upsetting for me. And for the people that unabashed to do a head on collision with it's very very upsetting and nail ledge. Jim. Let's talk about this article from Jill up. Nick was written by just in t west brook and GM confirms it is making an electric pickup. So Ford's going to be doing one Riviere is going to be doing one, and I got some chunk of cash from Ford as well. But the CEO of GM is Mary Baretta is it run. And it's is this GM has an industry leading truck Franco size and industry leading electric ation capabilities. The Bolton the volatile own vault anymore assure you will not see eligible in either front Beretta's we intend to create all electric vehicles. That includes a complete range of issues, including full-sized pickups. There you have it. I kind of love this here in the United States. They sell a law pickups and the big the big manufacturers really need to get on board. More people have this better. But I'll say the same thing again if you have the choice between a tesla pickup and GM or afford pickup unless something magic happens. I would always go for the. The pick up because of two major reasons in the first one is the super charger network. That's right. Listen, Jim, boys, girls, the super charger network until these other factors come along and develop a nationwide, and then worldwide charging network that has fast, then I just can't tell anybody to buy one of these things unless they know they're just gonna drive it around town. And they're gonna charge forcing the second thing, of course is tournament. I've lived the test was going to be way ahead of everybody else in terms of autonomy for a long time. If I believe Ilan, and I do believe along, and so it would be kind of silly to buy anything else. If those things that he's been telling us allows me week is true. If they're going to have a network of autonomous vehicles, I can buy my pickup truck. I can put it on the network. It can make me money when I'm not using it. If all of this is true, we won't know. It's all true for a year or two at least. So that's why for now I'm excited. And I think it's good. But you know, it's test is all the way for me. But for good reason, I'm not just a fan. Boy. Happy to criticize. Us doing boys and girls, this is daily. It's part of the token tests, the podcast, you can context us at info at talking. Tesla dot net. Talking tesla dot net and big show every month and then a second show for patrons. And then a daily podcast for everybody. So jimbo's goes I will speak at you in Sindh, mar. That.

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Lloyds' offshore banking problem, Facebook's Libra and US stress tests

FT Banking Weekly

13:20 min | 1 year ago

Lloyds' offshore banking problem, Facebook's Libra and US stress tests

"The Michigan is one of the best places in the country for startups. But you don't have to take our word for it take to ruin could pdas founder of Condor, Detroit. Instead here. I find it's a lot more of in nature where startups are actually working together and ultimately enabling one another to succeed, and we're a team of three people, but it felt like we were an army big things are happening in business here. Find out why by searching, Michigan fear opportunity. Welcome to banking weekly from the financial times with me, Patrick Jenkins. Joining me in the studio today is Nick Mogole, a retail banking correspondent than the line from elsewhere in London where joined by Hannah Murphy technology. Correspondent normally based in San Francisco. And from Washington DC we're joined by Cuban Stacey US regulatory correspondent this week. We'll be taking a look at Lloyds Bank and its offshore banking problems. Catch up on Facebook and the embellishes libra finance project and have regulations responding. And finally, the fed stress tests in the US have banks fed this year. I, I should Lloyd's. And Nikki broken interesting story on Monday, a bat Lloyd's closing ban or freezing eight thousand of show Bank accounts. What exactly is going on? Why have they done this? Yes. So any listens. Particularly good memory redid report, a couple of years ago, the all the banks active in the Channel Islands had being tightening up that controls and trying to get back in touch with customers and confirm that details to keep it with new money, laundering rules and the store that's come out of this week is well, we're seeing what the end result of that process of all, which is employed case because the biggest retail Bank in the pressure, a spent three whole years trying to get in touch with large numbers of customers to come from all the details. Things like copies of past poll so driving licences, some sort of identification so that they can justify to themselves on sandy regulates. The they have done that you diligence on who providing services to the end of older eight thousand people left to ignore all of them, essentially, and they had no. But to just freeze accounts, eight five times a lotta people, but I guess, in the broader scheme of things. It's not that significant if you're talking percentage, terms, specifically of that X patra accounts in the Channel Islands, it's low single digits, but not says given these all offshore banking customers, they tend to be quite valuable, so you don't really want to lose any of them. If you can avoid it on. They're worse stuff, working extended hours over the weekends towards the end of us has to try and chase them down and solve this. But from Lloyd's is point of view, they had necessarily done anything wrong. They're distress that these affected customers. There is no specific concerns about them, but I should get example of how difficult it is for banks to deal with these sorts of things. If your customers on very helpful, Stephen reporting the same things a couple of weeks ago with Deutsche Bank. Absolutely. And of course, as you say, there are other banks by globally, and in the UK that are going through the same type of thing are we going to see a flurry of announcements on this. Do you think, well, I imagine you have announcements in the sense of? It's not something often the hangs of particularly canes advertise. Hillary of scoop, potentially, I think it is probably fat switching, and we may see a motifs other coming out the similar things have been going on across other banks specifically in the Channel Islands. We know that Barclays all Bs HSBC all gone through similar processes Redondo. Things out in Muzenda potentially having to be frozen completely closed. But this is a Europe wide trend to the moment after issues like the money laundering scandal. Dansko Bank regulators across Europe are going to be pushing for more action like this everywhere. Is a neat segue into our second story that day and looking at Facebook and regular listeners will remember we talked about this at quite some length last week, they launched just before we recorded actually last week, there libra initiative. This is what they want to get into the world of payments, remittances potentially a broader financial services Ray. And of course, to be able to do this, they need to engage the regulatory world early signs were last week that there was a cautious welcoming, I suppose from the authorities, but among the many issues that cropped up over the past week from various commentators, including some of the big regulators, we've seen concern expressed around money laundering risk and other regulatory areas, Nick run us through some of the highlights of the past weeks, regulatory responses to Facebook's initiative. The response from regulators was pretty swift after face. Book announced its plans last week. We've already had the g seven central banks, the International Monetary Fund all planning to work together on this form that will look at the risks, including, especially as you mentioned how to make sure that that sufficient controls against money laundering, then a couple of days later over the weekend. The Bank for International Settlements, which is known as the central Bank for central banks said that I it thinks that so coordination is going to be absolutely crucial. But also warned a bit more broadly about the potential competitive impact of Facebook and other big tech groups like HAMAs. And they did say this potential benefits like it could help being financial inclusion, free things like Hanes remittances industry, but they were worried. The group's data gives them such an advantage that they could actually become quite dominant quite quickly. And then once they're into that position, then they can stop taking advantage of that. Yeah. Absolutely. There's clearly a mix of welcoming the competitive pressures that Facebook would bring to bear on. Some of the more egregious charges and so on and areas of financial services measured alongside of risk of such a dominant player. And maybe not one that has in place sufficient data safeguards around money, laundering particular, Hannah delighted that you could join us on the phone. You're, you're on a flying visit from San Francisco to Europe. And I think I'm Ryan saying that you've positioned yourself somewhere, relatively quiet, but there may be trains going by so apologies for the same quality. But what do you think Facebook has made of the regulative response, were, they expecting it to be as it has been, which is I suppose, cautiously welcoming, and the one hand but also saying as a lot of hurdles you're gonna have to jump over here. So I think the first thing to note is that they had already been in touch with a lot of regulators in the lead up to making this announcement. They had reached out and according to some of those spoken to had signalled a willingness to work with regulators in the law. Long term to find solutions to any issues that might have. But in the lead up, they haven't been very precise about what exactly they wanted to do, and how to now the lid has lifted on this, I think they broadly expected through sponsor. They have received. I think they knew that, that would be some. Hey cups and challenges ahead. But you caught people like Khan in the Bank of England welcoming the move, and signaling that they would be able to facilitate what they want to do. So I think on the whole this would be what they expected. You mentioned the Bank of England. They're one of the things that Mark Carney, made clear is that he was, and he made this out to be a generous policy initiative. He was thinking that non-banks like the Facebooks another similar initiatives should get access to the central bank's balance sheet, basically, that it should be able to source funding via the Bank of England in future, now, of course, the quid pro quo for that will be that. It must come within the regulatory perimeter of the big central banks under the broader regulatory architecture. I suppose the big question is whether Facebook is braced to do that. We'd always imagine the big tech companies wanted to steer clear of being regulated like banks. Do you think they're ready to take that on some experts say, the reason that Facebook would opt to use a cryptic? This is precisely because it falls in this regulatory gray area. And because big tech companies want to go between the lines. And because they want to avoid some of the stringent regulations that would come with moving into financial services and banking. What is unclear is how prepared they actually are this time from what they're saying? They are poised to be regulated, but there are still is so one big question is, whether this coin itself would be a security, and if. So, whether it would fall under securities nor in the US, where regulators haven't been cleaned yet. What counts doesn't and people have tripped up? So the gun have to tread, very cautious. We are going to have to watch this space very closely. I think thank you very much. Feel contribution. Let's move on to a final topic for the day, and a look at the US Bank stress tests, which joined nine by Cuban Stacey, who is Washington correspondent, looking after all things regulatory here, and it was a pretty decent set of results wasn't it? Yes. It's pretty much good news across the board. As far as the big US banks are concerned. They are according to the Federal Reserve better capsulize than they were year ago. And they were in a much better position. The fed says to whether they call a severe global recession, so while they would lose around four hundred billion dollars collectively the largest banks, that's actually less than the federal they would lose in such a scenario last year. So things are looking relatively rosy. The feds has since the global financial crash these banks have added a huge amount of liquidity and capsule to that balance sheets. And so are now in a much better position than they were ten years ago. What about foreign? In banks. How did they fare foreign banks in the US ranch better kept lines than their domestic counterparts? And that's in part because of a change in business practices that happened under some pressure from the US government, I should say around eight hundred nine years ago, it used to be the case that a lot of foreign banks used the US operations to raise money and then send that money back to the parent organizations. Now, they do a lot more keeping the money in the US and using that money to make further investments and loans. So what you see, for example, in the fed results, is that the most highly kept size, banks are all US subsidiaries of foreign banks, that HSBC or Credit, Suisse or Twitter back, which obviously has a lot of its own problems. But in terms of pure equity tier one capital ratios. They in a much better position than their US counterparts. But of course, Cuban this isn't the full picture here is that these are the. Numbers if you like the kind of quantitive stress test results, but in terms of arguably the more interesting element of the stress test, that's still to come. Yes, the big news. Really? I think will come later this week when we get what is known as C car. That's the qualitative part of the stress tests. And this is when Federal Reserve officials get to test what they think of the banks plans for if such a recession was to happen. So not only do they have enough capital now. But all their plans good enough to actually withstand, what might happen should the worst occur, Nastya one Bank failed them. And that was doing Shabangu, and that is cooled severe problems for the Bank Oviously tortures got a lot of problems worldwide, but particularly in the US and it now faces restrictions in terms of the money that it can move back to its parents, organiz ation in Frankfurt because it failed last year's tests. There have been some suggestions, that, even if they passed this year's tests, which will still face restrictions. Because US officials right now it's simply don't trust the Bank. I've been told that's not true. And that if they passed the stress test this week, which will be allowed to move money, but to the parents organization, but that's going to be one thing I would really look out for in the news as it comes later this week. Well that's all for this week. My thanks to Nick Hannah, and Kieran and thank you for listening. Remember, you can keep up to date with all of the latest banking stories at after you dot com slash banking. Banking weekly was produced by an assignment until next week goodbye. Here's a few words from Dame. Helen Mirren telling us what she's a fan of. I'm a fan of platform heels on the fan of Fellini and Antonioni. I'm a fan of Anaman Yanni for me the greatest actors of all. I'm a fan of being a bad. House. I'm a fan of dressing up and glamorous help fits. I'm a fan of luxury. I'm a fan of Mandarin. Oriental.

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Balanced Eating with Weight Loss

Dishing Up Nutrition

42:14 min | 1 year ago

Balanced Eating with Weight Loss

"Welcome to dishing up nutrition with license nutritionists and dietitians from nutritional weight and wellness. We explain the connection between what you eat. And how you feel. Stay tuned for practical realize solutions for healthier living through real food nutrition down. You got to make the mom last just to dishing up nutrition. I'm Melanie Beasley. I'm in studio this morning with Caroline Hudson. We are both registered and licensed dietitians with many years of experience helping people with their nutrition and their weight loss. I personally have about thirty years of experience as a dietitian, and I've worked in a lot of different types of settings part of my career was working in the Colorado state penitentiary as a dietitian, and I also did a lot of my training in the navy as a dietitian. So I have indeed worked with a wide variety of clientele. And Caroline you received your training in Canada. Right, right. Yeah. Yeah. I went to school in Toronto Ontario. So I I loved my my education there, it was kind of different from some of the nutrition programs here, it was very hands on and we actually did things like this like doing here. In studio today. So we got to practice, you know, speaking in front of people and giving a lot of presentations and doing some radio work as well. So so yeah, I went to school in Canada. And I actually spent a number of years working as a dietitian not just in remote villages like way up in here. Stories, but I also worked in large metropolitan areas. I went to school in Toronto. So I actually worked on a number of years in Toronto as well. So I too have seen a wide variety of clients with unique and varied diets. And I think we still see a wide variety of clients. Oh, yeah. Different places. It's always interesting to hear their stories and between the two of us. We've counseled a lot of clients struggling to lose weight. And I just going to say, I don't know if a lot of people realize that we do a lot of Skype and telephone work. So you know, I have a client in India and one in the Channel Islands off the coast of England. So, you know, we talk to people all over the world. And I I have one in England. And I just love listening to her talk so twenty my southern accent and her English accent. We we have a time. But it's a good time. According to the National Institute of health three out of four men. Are either overweight or obese and two out of three women are either overweight or obese roughly twenty one percent of adolescence are overweight? That's startling as an it. And today we're going to be talking about balanced eating for weight loss. So here's the more startling news. It is predicted that by twenty twenty three fourths of Americans will be overweight, that's a lot most people and less inner you're like a sumo wrestler or something we want to be carrying around that extra weight on our body. And we certainly don't want to be buying large or close every time we go to the store. So generally, I've found that most people want to know how to eat to avoid that weight gain. And they want to know what is the best diet for them to follow. You know, Carolyn I find that many of my clients. They're so tired of hearing the word diet that as soon as they? Here that they sort of shut down their eyes glaze over and they stopped listing. So I try to never use that word when I'm talking to them because they already know that low calorie low fat diets just don't work for long term weight loss. And we also agree that diets don't work. They're just a temporary solution to a long term problem. You know, unfortunately, the reality is most people today continue to gain weight. So I want to repeat what Caroline said. It's predicted that in just one year three fourths of Americans will either be overweight or obese at Melanie. I wanna go back to that word diet. We'd have to. I really hate that word because that's not what we do at nutritional weight and wellness, and I tell that, you know, to my clients very first thing this is not about a diet. This is how we're supposed to be eating. This is you know, a way of life, you know, and we want to drop that guilt because I think the word diet automatically, you know, imposes some guilt on people because they're restricting what they eat. So you're so right. You know, any clients come in completely guilt ridden and shame based. Yeah. Exactly. So we kind of lift that hopefully lift that guilt. And sometimes it takes a little while, you know, because we teach people that you get to eat. Yeah. And you get to eat healthy food, and it's supposed to taste good. And you're supposed like to eat to be fun to yet your meals. Yes. So I bet you're kind of thinking. Why is the continual increase in wit? Why is there an increase in that weight gain and obesity, and it's continuing on and on so previous previously and on many of our other dishing up nutrition shows, we've talked about a variety of reasons for that weight gain. There are a number of lifestyle and environmental factors that can certainly slow down people's metabolism which can lead to that weight gain. So it's a lot more complex than just those calories. In and calories out. We really need to think more about the quality of those calories. The quality of the food that we're eating so many clients have Toby that they stopped getting their annual checkups even because they didn't even want to step on the scale. And and then of course, what are they what happens they have that guilt? Again, they're told oh you need to. Lose weight. Oh, you're OB's. Or, you know, you're definitely need to lose at least ten or twenty or thirty pounds. And that induces that guilt. Right. So again, helping people maintain a healthy weight is very complex, and especially in this day and age when we've got so many different foods, especially those processed foods to choose from. And I I would say that we have a lot of other things in life. We feel guilty about food should be simple and shoe food should be just enjoyment nourishment, and it shouldn't be the source of shame. So on dishing up nutrition, we've addressed many of those complex reasons just a couple of weeks ago. We shared information about how stress can lead to excess cortisol being released resulting in weight gain, many people today are certainly under chronic ongoing stress when you agree between traffic caregiving is a big one these days. Poor food and eating habits all creates stress and think of stress each of you have compared to the stress our grandparents had back in the nineteen forties. Yet remember that when you are under stress stress such as being stuck in traffic which like on the way to the studios morning. I love it. There was no traffic. You know, if if you're late for an important meeting or something those adrenal glands, they released that cortisol and cortisol is a fat making hormone. So I think that's really important for people to understand. They don't, you know, they don't connect stress with weight gain, the ongoing stress at a job or at a workplace that you really aren't enjoying very much is going to eventually add on that weight, and because of the cortisol in that fat making hormone, we know you can't avoid some of those stressful situations, but we like to teach our clients how to eat to manage that stress better. So things like coffee and sugar that in. Increases your stress, gaping meals increases stress, and that leads to the court is all and the weight gain again, weight loss and weight maintenance maintenance are very complex and most people need help with managing all of those different lifestyle factors, which is all part of nutritional counseling. So let's look at some other factors you need to consider when you're losing weight. You know, and I I always tell my clients, especially ones in nutrition for weight loss classes that we like to to really cater what they're eating too though to that personal individual because they are complex and their individualized. So it's really important. We've listened to them right? We recently had a show that focused on how refined vegetable oils such as corn oil soybean oil cottonseed oil and canola oil can all lead to weight gain, those fats interfere with the functioning of your cell membranes. The result is poor cell function that can lead to wake gain and Z's. Yeah. And I want to expand on that just a little bit about self on in a lot of people don't think that they have to heal their cells. And then you know, he'll their body before they can really lose weight. Well, and also we have the opportunity to heal ourselves all the time. So guess what? It's already time for our first break. So you are listening to dishing up nutrition, we're discussing which diet plan or food plan or eating plan. I think is best to. Follow for long term weight loss research from the Harvard Medical School found that restrictive diet such as low fat or low carb were impossible to maintain long-term. However, they discovered four simple changes that help people avoid falling back to unhealthy heating when we come back from break Meli, and Melanie, and I will share those recommendations with you. Welcome back to dishing up nutrition. No, the Harvard Medical School research found that low fat or low carb diets don't work for long term weight loss. I think there's a lot of listeners out there that can definitely agree with that. Here are some simple changes. They found do work change number one eat as many vegetables as possible and nutritional weight and wellness. We also encourage this change, and we teach you how to make vegetables. So they taste great now. One of those tricks is adds some butter bacon or bacon. There you go. Change number to choose high quality, nutritious whole foods and limit those processed foods. We believe in this so much that we even have grocery store tours to help, you know, which products are safe and contain no additives change number three prepare foods at home. It's a lost art, and we can help you with that. If you are not a cook, we help you become one by sharing with some simple tips and techniques for you. And in things that we do at home. Yeah. I I'm always amazed at all. I'll just share something that I think is like pretty Monday or whatever, and my clients will go I never thought of that. So yeah, we help clients prepare foods and actually get back to cooking. Change number four of void bad. Fats added sugars and refined carbs like flower, as our longtime listeners really know, we repeat this information over and over and over on dishing up nutrition, and in all of our classes, we're really firm believers in this concept. We're happy to say that each and every change the Harvard School of medicine recommended as a result of the research has really always been part of nutrition for weight loss plan at nutritional weight and wellness we believe in these concepts. And that's what we teach so all sessions of our nutrition for weight loss programs start the week of January fourteenth. So some of our classes are already full at this time. But there is room still available. I think in Saint Paul and mendota heights, and as well as a wise Etta, so you can still sign up. Call six five. One six nine nine three four three eight today. And before we were going to break, we were you know, we're talking our topic today is balanced eating for weight loss. So we're just talking about some of the things that really impede our weight loss. Right. Really stop us. So we were talking a little bit about cortisol and stress. Now, I want to discuss how something as simple as drinking soda soda loaded with sugar or even that diet soda can lead to that weight gain. So one very simple weight loss. Trink trick is to stop drinking that soda and start drinking eight to ten glasses of filtered water. You know, I always think about the clients that we have that stopped drinking diet soda and most people think. Okay. Well, diet sodas, also bad doesn't add any calories. I like it. But. The that diet soda damages. Ourselves right now. So it will stop us from losing weight. And we have a story about one of our clients who just all he did was stopped drinking diet soda and he lost weight. That's the only thing he did. So as ING is amazing. You know, and if you get if you get sort of a mile high above this, and you look at it. We are a nation that consumes a lot of diet soda, and we are nation that really struggles with obesity. So some listeners would say that we've talked over and over about how sugar and process carbs lead to insulin resistance and weight gain to. Yes, we've also discussed how many medications such as antidepressants mood stabilisers, anti-seizure meds and cortisone meds such as prednisone can lead to weight gain. So medications are a big one. Most of. Our clients come in taking quite a number of medications. Yeah. I'm always surprised at how many some people take and when they work with their doctor. There are times when they lose weight, and they're eating well that some of those medications become obsolete, and they don't have to them anymore. And we've we've talked about how thyroid dysfunction can lead to weight and fatigue. The statistics say that one in eight women will develop a thyroid condition and sixty percent of them. Don't even know they have a thyroid problem in our other shows, we talked about how toxins are additives in our food supply can lead to weight gain in inflammation. We've mentioned MSG, and that can be hiding in a number of different foods, a lot of the process and and fast foods have forms of MSG in it. So we really want you to look at those labels because. That those additives can cause us to be hungry and slow our metabolism. So again, you gotta look at the labels look at the ingredients try to eat as clean as possible. And I think a general rule that I always tell people if you can't pronounce they on that ingredient label, you shouldn't be putting it in your mouth, right? Melanie? Yes. I call them Franken food Frankenfoods. There you go. I love it. We've spent a lot of time going over the harmful effects of skipping meals to and when you get meals we talk about how it slows your metabolism and creates out of control eating. We've also spent many hours discussing insulin resistance elevated blood sugars and prediabetes as major causes of weight gain, many many of our listeners and clients have frequently asked us what's the best diet plan for me? There's that were diet. Yeah. Or should I go there? So. Overwhelm. They should they ask. Should I do a low fat or low car paleo Akito? Here's a lot of nutrition noise out there. Yeah. And we keep going back to the us should be eating in balance. Right. Fallon's feeding real. So when you look at all of the factors that influence metabolism. And weight gain research points out that the number one factor is the lack of good blood sugar control. So we keep our blood sugar controlled by eating in balance. So for example, maybe have a chicken leg are chicken thigh with some green beans and add some butter to the green beans, and maybe a clementine for your dessert. Now would be balanced eating and delicious. Yeah. Delage us, right? Again, I want to repeat there are many many lifestyle factors, which affect blood sugar control. Do you know that lack of sleep affects your blood sugar control? We're sleep deprived nation right now. The truth is lack of sleep increases glucose levels and craving, and I I remember reading in the book a why we sleep that. It actually increases our cells resistance to insulin just one night of bad sleep. I I was shocked when I read that. So so do you realize that every time you give in and drink a beer or soda or glass of wine? You are affecting your blood sugar control. So sumo wrestlers actually intentionally drink beer with their meals. So that they will gain weight so beer and soda affect blood sugar. Creating more insulin resistance, which of course, then can cause that weight gain. You know, I think many of us understand that eating a bowl of cereal day after day with eighty grams of carbs, which turns into twenty teaspoons of sugar will eventually lead to weight gain for most of us. And I know most of us back in the day when I would have a bowl of cereal, I'd pour on skim milk, and then some sugar and you get to the bottom. You got a little milk more cereal. So believe it or not it's already time for our second break. You are listening to dishing up nutrition. If you want an easy to follow cookbook to show, you how to eat balance, I suggest the weight and wellness way cookbook and nutrition guide. It is an excellent tool to help you understand how to use balanced eating to stop thinking diet and start thinking health one of my favorite recipes in the cookbook is beef and wild rice meatballs. Stop into one of our seven nutritional weight and wellness offices to purchase a cookbook or order copy online at weight and wellness dot com. Back the dishing up nutrition the weekend of January twenty fifth through the twenty-seven. We're offering our weakened weight and wellness series. In addition to jump starting your commitment to a new healthier you. This is three days of learning laughter and great food. Remember, we offer continued Ed credits for nurses and social workers. Plus, you get so much more say fifty dollars when you sign up by January eighteenth with our early bird special. Call six five one six nine nine three four three eight today to sign up or register online at weight and wellness dot com. Tune in next week to listen to Cassie and JoAnne as they discuss nutrition for surgery an injury recovery. So before we went to break, we're talking about some of the foods some of the things that we eat that are full of sugar. Melanie was mentioning cereals big one. So. The other thing though, we don't really wanna forget about is drinking some of those high end coffees special coffees. They are loaded with sugar, and we think of it or many people think of it as a special treat in the afternoon. But that can really lead to a lot of waking. So here is an interesting fact to ponder one of those medium pumpkin spice latte pays that contains fifty grams of sugar so that converts to like twelve and a half teaspoons of sugar. Now, Melania, do you know any that's gonna put twelve and a half teaspoons of sugar in a Cup of coffee. No, no, right. So here's another interesting. Fact, you would think that the piece of pumpkin pie is more than that coffee. But it has has only like twenty five grams of sugar or about. Six and a quarter teaspoons of sugar so half the sugar. That's in that pumpkin spice latte -tay. So definitely that's something to really think about when you think you just had a beverage. Yeah. You just at lot of people don't even count. They don't even think that those beverages are causing part of their weight problem or their inflammation or their inflammation. Right. So the question everyone's asking is what diet plan is best for long term weight loss again. Don't anyone like turn off your radio right now? Oh, sure. Most people can go on a crash diet and lose weight. I'm not saying that that's not possible. But it is often short-lived and just a matter of time the weight will come back right back, and we'll bring some additional pounds with it. Our bodies weren't designed to crash so recently at one of our training meetings. Nell our client, turn nutrition educator who lost ninety pounds in eight years. She was sharing her long history of dieting, which started when she was in the third grade the dining part ended when she signed up for nutrition for weight loss program and learned how to eat to lose the weight after years and years of dieting, it took months and months for Nell to really understand that in order to lose that weight and not regain it and a few short weeks. She must eat protein and vegetables and good. Fat five to six times a day. She needs to say head of her hunger. And she needs to stay ahead of her cravings. So she's not dipping in to the candidate. It's always on your workers death. Right. She needs to be mindful of her eating, and we teach that. Yeah. At nutritional weight and wellness, we believe a balanced. Eating approach is the best long term, weight loss and weight maintenance plan for most people are balanced eating plan is based on the understanding that the number one cause of weight game for the majority of people is that insulin resistance, which of course, is developed from eating too much sugar. Usually too many processed carbs for way too long. So many of our clients have been eating foods or drinking beverages that are high in carbs and sugar for many years. So this has really created in. Insulin resistance and bat, insulin resistance, it has like a coding that covers the receptors on the cells. And then, you know, the cells can't even get that glucose in into the cell where it's supposed to be. So we've really this insulin resistance thing is a bad bad thing. And we gotta kill those cells definitely have to heal them before the wait begins to come off, but insulin resistant blocks the sugar or glucose from entering the cells for energy, so your energy tanks. And instead guess what it gets stored as body fat balanced, eating, which we talk about a lot with fewer carbohydrates and no bad fats all all out for the healing of insulin resistance to occur. The goal is to eat five to six times a day. And at each of these meals are snacks two to four ounces a protein a variety of vegetables and good, Ben. Official fat to restore the function of those insulin receptors that you were talking about Caroline. So for some clients, it's it's pretty easy and its rapid process. But for other clients, it can be a very slow process. They didn't get there overnight and they're not going to heal overnight. But that's how we heal the metabolism. So you can have sustained energy and weight loss. Yeah. I don't think a lot of people really understand that they have to heal their cells are he'll their metabolism before they can really really start feeling better and losing weight. So when client has had years and years of eating or drinking, those excessive amounts of sugar and process carbs, the insulin receptors can be an are very often damaged and it frequently shows up on blood tests as prediabetes or diabetes. Yes. Some some clients have become so sensitive. To carbohydrates, especially sensitive grain carbohydrates that as soon as they eat a cracker a slice of bread or some rice. They lose control of their eating, and they can't stop it six crackers. This was me for awhile. Or once Leisa bread or half a Cup of rice. They just can't stop as dietitians. We understand that bio chemically, they're just sensitive to those grain type carbs, and they do much better on a plan that contains no grain types as what we help them figure out. The good news is they can maintain control of their eating when they just eat meat or fish and vegetables and good fat. It can make that delicious. I sort of live this way. And I always look forward to my meals. Oh, yeah. And I I think eating this way increases your society. So you you feel you you don't over eat. So that's really really important. You know, it is. I think we give the gift of food back to people. I that's a really nice way to put it, isn't it? Yeah. Get rid of that guilt. Start eating again in bedsheet imbalance and eat good food whole foods. So it's really interesting to note that research reported in the journal of the American college of nutrition found that seventeen percent of people starting a weight loss program had excess abdominal adipose tissue, of course, that means stored fat around there middle middle, right? Excess belly fat so binge eating and extra belly fat may well be an indication that you have insulin resistance. And as Melanie said rather? Other than sugar and carbs, giving you energy the sugar and carbs are getting stored as body fat, particularly that belly fat the Bali fat. We have we see it so much just driving down the road. You can sort of pick out insulin resistance and people just walking not in judgment. But just an understanding what's going on. So at nutritional weight and wellness, we believe balanced eating is the best approach, but as experienced Titians, and nutritionists we also understand that everyone has unique biochemistry. So some people need to eliminate all grains to lose weight while others need to limit their fruit consumption to half a Cup serving once or twice a day because they become so insulin reason. Yeah, I think a lot of people think oh fruits really really good for you. Yes. Fruit is good for you. But let's not overdo it as you know, have small portions of fruit at any one. Time. So if you are someone wanting to lose weight, and you have insulin resistance, it may quite be possible that to take months to heal your metabolism and he'll your addictive eating behavior as well. So this, you know, small steps small myself that sounds discouraging. But really when you I have a client, and she was discouraged that she lost just a few pounds in the past month, and I like to go back to win. She first came in. And we looked at all of the things she healed along the way. So you're getting better along the way. I mean, her acid reflux went way and her gird went away and many of our clients have addictive eating behavior. And frankly, it doesn't go away overnight just like a person within diction to alcohol. I find a person with an addiction to sugar and process carbs, they need ongoing support and classes to heal and avoid a relapse. Well, it's time for our last break. So you're listening to dishing up nutrition, I wanna share some other features in our weight and wellness way cookbook and nutrition guide. We have a section on kid friendly. Recipes a section on stocking your kitchen and simple tool to check your level of wellness. We call it our wellness check, we believe it is time to think wellness and the weight loss will follow knowing how to eat the right food can change your health change, your body and change your outlook. That's what they preach at nutritional weight and wellness and Christie is one of their success stories who proves it. Yeah. I battled my weight all my life. Tried many different diets and then had gastric bypass surgery but gained all the weight back. And that's when you heard about the twelve week nutrition for weight loss class, they haven't nutritional weight and wellness. I did I heard about it on dishing up nutrition the radio show and decided that it was a good thing for me to try and how did it work it worked great? I took the nutrition for weight loss twelve week class. I lost forty pounds. And more importantly, I feel good. I'm healthy. No aches and pains. I sleep better than I ever have. It's just perfect and personalized for me could nutrition for weight loss help you like it helped Christie. You can't take it in person. Like, she did or take the class online. Find out more weight and wellness dot com or give them a call six five one six nine nine three four three eight. Welcome back the dishing up attrition, if you're experiencing mood swings. Hot flashes insomnia, awake gain. You're not alone. Join us Saturday February sixteenth at our Saint Paul office for our menopause survival seminar. Love the seminar, you'll be happy did you'll get useful information healthy lunch and snack and answers to your personal questions. It is it's a lot of fun. This seminar fills up fast. So I suggest you sign up soon. Don't let menopause symptoms. Ruin your life. Call six five one six nine nine three four three eight or go to weight and wellness dot com and sign up today. So before we were going to break, Melania you're talking about addictive behavior. And didn't you share a story with me earlier? Do you want to share that with some of our listeners? Sure, I had a delightful client and she came in. She had a lot of shame about her addictive behavior to sugar, which is very common. But she felt like she ought to be able to conquer this because she was in counseling and one of the things that she told me was in the nutrition for weight loss. Classes many times we show we show the class how much sugar they're eating like an a bagel. And she said you'd hold up that big pile of sugar. And I think to myself silently man that looks delicious thought it's good that she recognize that. But you know, after she went through the program, and we worked in tweaked her diet. She could walk right past the candidature. Show work, and she was so proud of herself. Yeah. Yeah. Again, you know at nutritional weight and wellness, we call this acceptance of our own biochemistry, and I like to say, it's it is your biochemistry, and it's not your willpower or your character. It's about chemistry chemistry in your brain chemistry in your gut. It's about your biochemistry so Gary tubs. He's the author of good calories and bad calories points out that the best diet for long term, weight loss and weight maintenance is a balanced eating plan of real food. So maybe Melanie what what's one of your favorite snacks are balanced. Eating more one of my favorite snacks is I love sliced cucumbers as my cracker. And then I put on there slices of avocado and smoked salmon. Oh. That sounds really good and delicious. Sometimes I use cream cheese on the on the cucumber and the smoke salmon. I love that delicious really really really good. And you know, I found on a number of different beef jerky out there that are grass fed, no additives. No nitrates. So that's now becoming one of my favorite snack do beef jerky, apple and some peanut butter. So again YoM there's the protein the apple is our carb and the peanut butter is our fat. And that's what we mean by balance. Right. It's balanced. So right when working with the client, we always look at their biochemistry to help them to understand themselves. And then it's always workable, we can always find solutions. However at the same time, we understand that the quality of the food. Also makes a difference a huge difference that it isn't always easy to change those addictive type behaviors. We've been doing for years, we believe for successful long term weight loss and weight maintenance, it takes a true understanding of the cause and the real commitment to change. And most of all it takes that ongoing support. I love what Nell shared at our meeting. She said that although she's lost ninety pounds eight years ago. She's maintained that ninety pound weight loss, but every single day she makes that commitment to her health. And she continues to see her nutritious to get the support. She needs that support in order to be continually successful. But she didn't say it's a tremendous struggle anymore because she understands it. Yeah, understands and it's about again, I wanna go back to that biochemistry. A lot of people don't realize that you make some of those neurotransmitters for your brain in your gut. Okay. So if you're not eating. Improperly. Oh, you don't have good gut health. So any of those, you know, gee, I type symptoms the gas the loading if you have diarrhea or constipation all of those things are going to affect your biochemistry, and it's going to affect how much how many neurotransmitters you're making and the quantity of it. So if you don't have the right, gut flora, and gut health, you are not going to make those neurotransmitters in its those neurotransmitters that are going to help you, you know. Resist the candidacy Ribes on your neighbors on your neighbors desk, or whatever. But then the other thing that we've been talking about is balanced a blood sugar. Right. So how do we balance our Butch sugar? And you know, that's that's something else to think about is winged. Making those neurotransmitters that help you to resist the candidate or the pie or the law. Tei? What really is also happening as you're making neuro transmitters that decrease anxiety stress in your life. So it's it's a big perk. A win win win. Right. No one wants to be called. Yeah. Yeah. So again, we've got to balance those blood sugars as well. And we talked about that earlier in the program if you're going up and down you let's say you're eating a lot of carbs. So then your body starts putting out some insulin. But unfortunately. Your body isn't exactly perfect when it comes to that insulin. So it's going to shoot out insulin. And then all of a sudden your blood sugar actually goes low, and what do we hear from clients when their blood sugar is low Mellon. They're hanging there. Angry angry. Yeah. And they'll just grab whatever it is. That's near them. You know, all had that that feeling of coming home. We haven't had a snack or a decent lunch and wanting to rip the cover door off and eat whatever is within reach. So then, you know, so that that's when our blood sugar's really low, right? If and then then we grab and then our blood sugar goes up again. And then it choose back down, and we're on this roller coaster blood sugar ride and miserable. Right. But a lot, you know, if you're doing that that is contributing to your weight gain, you know, it's like game over people. You have got to start thinking about what you're putting in your mouth. So that you have the right biochemistry to, you know, feed your body and to be healthy and to lose weight, you know, Carolyn I tell my clients that they have to think about every. By matters. Everybody is either harming and causing waking or healing and helping you to lose the weight, and he'll that metabolism every single byte matters. So when I have clients that come in, and they say, well, I just had a little I call it the nibbles, and I just have a little of this or a little of that in. We can always tie it back to their struggle to lose weight. Get rid of the Nelson beds. Why not try this? If tried everything, and I always say, our company should be wellness and weight, not weight and wellness because we start with healing of the metabolism. Then we see the wonderful results. Yeah. And you know, we spent time with our clients, right? We talk about that support. That's one of the things that we do in our twelve week, you know, nutrition for weight loss class, you have the support of the entire class and the teachers for twelve whole weeks. And then you also get what a two two hours with a nutritionist. So that again is support. And we always tell people after we're done after the twelve weeks is over. How 'bout you? You know, continue to listen to our podcasts and get support come back in for follow up nutrition classes things as book group that they Facebook syrup. Oh, yeah. I forgot about that one. So all of that said a balanced diet of good protein, lots of vegetables and beneficial fat is the structure that supports long term, weight loss and health. We understand there is no magic answer. It's about eating real food in balance that brings great success. So our goal here at nutritional weight and wellness is to help each and every person. Experience better health through eating real food. It's a simple yet. Very powerful message. Eating real food is life changing. Thank you all for listening and have a wonderful day. Thanks for listening to dishing up nutrition. If you enjoy this podcast, please share your favorite episodes with the friend or leave a review on I tune, Stitcher, or I heart radio, the content and opinions expressed are those of the hosts or presenters, they're not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Product statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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The Book of Ebenezer Le Page by G.B. Edwards


50:26 min | 1 year ago

The Book of Ebenezer Le Page by G.B. Edwards

"The Hello World News about Mr Pope Coast that gives new life to old books. I'm John Mitchelson. The publisher bound the website where readers get to cry from the books. They really want to read. My name is Andy Miller. I am the author of the year reading dangerously and this week take all. I was attacked on Social Media Boy Sky Anchorman Adam Bolton for reading too much. Did you say that I did indeed contributed. I think an emollient tweets saying don't trigger these people don't trigger wasn't trying to trigger him. I just put up the Thailand. You didn't do anything I think. There is news on this view that he was actually trying to pay you a compliment but he had a pretty runway going about me. He he said posted a pile of a picture of the pile of books that I read last month and it was twenty books and some of them were short but reading is my job and he re tweeted my tweet with the words well done. Do you have a job or family and I replied saying I do have a job out in Bolton and my family is very patient as I imagine yours must be. It was quite quite the twitter spots respond to deny then everyone else for the spectator. It's eight way did not bring enough anyway. We're also doing today. Boy Will Smith it will is a former stand up comedian actor screenwriter. He's Co Roisin co-producer veep for which he he was one of the recipients to emmys and two Reuters guild of America Awards. He contributed to the thick of it. How many people are seeing the sick of it. No in one as Roy and actor where he played Peter Mannequins Invoice Phil Smith Phil Smith whose whose is Keith character elements were he was obsessed with Lord of the Rings and he was described in one episode is having a haircuts called the Disney prints. Yeah that's what I what you will is the author of several books and a novel entitled Mainland or which was published about three or four years ago a thriller set in Jersey which is where he grew up boo the independent described by as John Kerry meets Middle March Elliott and Smiley together a lot so before we get to that we are hit. I should say you perhaps realized from the acoustic that this is a live edition of the protest and we are at the Games he literally a Tree Festival in the beautiful James Church and assembly rooms in support on the island of Gercy so thank you for the invitation very very happy to be here so we'll you grew up here. No blow wash your mouth out. I grew up in Jersey Jesse bookstop. It's a superior island no it's. It's the frame bigger. That's probably more offensive. Teach you see much. I don't know where the residents of the Channel Islands traveled to the other islands overlaps frowned upon know the best we came here from the he spent considerably more time with you which speaks volumes right miserably and toilets at the I see so did you come to match when we did trips to sort of all the islands but not not as a regular thing. There is a strange rivalry an remember the basis but it just is. It's fine. It's fine. We do have a barrier in front of the stage. We're in a cage right now. I'm John. Have you ever been to guns e before. I've been to the other place for a conference fine. Literally on the three slightly like the jet lagged hours. I've having in going so far a very nice man I thought incredibly friendly gave me a along the coast which was spectacular and I just love Ireland's. I'm I like a lot of people I just. There's something about a culture that I love so I'm looking forward. I've got tons tomorrow to go and do a bit more exploring. It's hard coming off. The back of the book that we obviously is. Perhaps the the great novel of Ganzi. It's really really amazing being here. James's I came to concert and James is in one thousand nine hundred eighty five and I'm wondering if anyone was here here on that ninety nine hundred eighty five. I came to see a folksinger and I'm going to play you the first minute of a song that I remember him implying his name with Jake factory. How many people in the Great Great Yorkshire shown Sunday Jake Thackery live in Jersey and start doing he. He didn't do that show yeah so we're going to listen to just the first minute or so of a song called the last will and Testament Jake factory shake factory delayed about about twenty years ago so hearing his voice again in this space is going to be quite a thing for me and also this lyric could have been written by or about the page on young to be classed foaming type will when I taught up with Tomas. Laugh told me when I don't know we don't know bringing base goal so go go. We'll go for another round of took this shade of Jake Thackery the book we are here to talk about is his the book of Emmy's page by GB Edwards a first published posthumously in nineteen eighty one before we set the book up. I normally on battle-tested. Read the blurb but I'd like to ask. Will you grew up channel islands. This is most famous snowballs yeah now the Channel Islands. We aware that growing up or when did not read or when did you find this tool and it was a big big reader so it's kind kinda surprising that some on the Jersey it probably is the Jersey thing that it probably is seen as a over there probably seen as a book because I think Steve is not I think he's tried to set up event. Promoting the biography and it's just don't know what he's talking about. It's I think it's probably that inside but I kind of came to it. I'd either started or building up to a Jersey which became mainlander and I wanted to read other channel Nobles Nobles and the mainly guarantees for some reason hobby any nobles I read talk of the save which is fantastic and I started and the go-to bit stuck and I can't remember whether it was just thinking Oh. This is really great but it's nothing like what I'm trying to do so I need to check not trending on. It's no what I'm doing. It's been done before Weber and also because it's so unusual that the way he goes into the narrative in the style of it and the way he sets up with stories. It's very kind of elliptical silence of diversionary and you'll sort of jump around the time line and so I and I read it again for the podcast I got it stuck at the beginning and then when it's up and running any and everything they are just overwhelmed blast. It is amazing once once those wheels a turning yeah exactly he wants all the balls from the founding. It's an incredibly credibly difficult book to go away from comeback to get it when you just have to keep the voice is so intense. I had read it for when we first started the podcast a couple of people that sets me you know it'd be a great book to the Book of Evans Page Boy G. Edwards and the only. I never heard that I confessed. I'd never heard of it so I read about three or four years ago. I liked it very much. I read it again for the purposes of this post coast and it really blew me away the way some books do that on a second reading if you're lucky enough to come back to them. I felt that once I knew what to expect want. What's the kind of the surprise funnily enough had had had drifted away slightly? I really engage with the book itself and I got so Sir Chow on second. It's so intricate and the so many stories and like I say because he's jumping around once that's sort of in your head from the first when you go back you kind of you get even more all the way he trump's things in him. Be Edwards Yeah I mean that we need to talk about that and kind of how he gets onto that voice but what I can't ask ask as someone who grew up in the chaplains it kind of resonated with me on the kind of I've heard that voice I've I've met Batman in Jersey in the you'd hear David there and I just wondered what it was like for you coming to it was hard to into the rhythms all the Joe. How did it feel I felt it was hit me me with absolute force revelation. It's I feel it's a book I've been looking for. I'd never known anybody do that. That monologue is world. People who listen to podcasts will now I love but that's w h Hudson the the people who've I suppose you are coming from Peasant Ed rural backgrounds who are telling their life stories in a direct way. I mean that's the first thing is that the voices. I don't think footsteps there. It's yeah and it's it's a big big big book your he delivers in an almost sort of James Joyce in kind of detail names families kind of the whole of sort of eighty years of the history of dubliners a few weeks ago in a very on the nose gesture because I was going to Dublin and I think the comparison with Dublin is in some respects he's pretty good in terms of Dublin's of short stories by James Joyce obviously but the idea of building up in an almost quilt like picture of a specific community a specific take place. That's one of the things that Gerald Edwards did in the book of Ebeneezer Lopez and also with no sense that Edwards is trying to undercut Ebeneezer in any way. There's nothing about it. I think he achieves what very few novelist I mean this big claim but I think achieves what Lawrence was was kind of doing in some of his early novels that we discussed recently that I know you can't stand but joe was a massive disciple of love and was in fact commissioned by Cape to write the what would it be in the first book about the SMOLTZ's work. He didn't eventually right it. I'd also like to reassure listeners who share my feelings about d h Lawrence about the ways in which the book of evidence and the pace differs from yeah let me read the blurb on the back of the New York review of books edition and incidently our friends at the New York review of books until May the twenty fourth twenty nine teen offering thirty percent of copies of the book of avenues in the page. If you boy from their website and you use the code back listed here's the blurb on the back of the book Ebeneezer Lepage cantankerous opinionated and charming is one of the most compelling literary creations of the late twentieth century eight years old Ebeneezer. He's a has lived his whole life on the channel of Guernsey Stony Speck of a place caught between the coasts of England France. Yes a world apart from either. I'm just just GONNA pull us this because it occurs to me that the I'm wondering if Gerald Edwards friend and biographer Edward Chaining who is sitting in the front row. I staring at me Yeah Yeah. Did you see this blue. Ah Yes Edward says he probably had something to say about it quite we'll. We'll keep going. Ebony himself is fiercely Ashley Independent but as he reaches the end of his life he is determined to tell his own story and the stories of those he has no he writes family secrets and feuds unforgettable friendships and friendships betrayed love glimpsed and lost the book of Ebony La- pages abusively detailed chronicle of life but it is equally an oblique reckoning in with the Traumas of the twentieth century as Ebeneezer recalls both the men lost to the Great War and the German occupation of guns during World War Two and looks with despair eh the encroachments of Commerce and tourism on his beloved island. Gb Edwards Labor in obscurity all his life and completed the book of Ebony Zillah page shortly shortly before his death published posthumously. The book is a triumph of the storytellers ought that conjures up the extraordinary voice of a living man. I think that's a very good and actually the voice that reference at the end the voice of Ebeneezer the page I think is is is what is one of the remarkable things about the the novel believe him in Philly was real. It's I mean I know. That sounds really simplistic. That's what books is supposed to do you just I do. I really felt it. We're GONNA read parts of the novel as we go along but we will be nice to hear the first paragraph of the book. There is an incredible credible twenty two hour audiobook recording of Roy freese ninety two years old he was he was he was yeah he was. He was in his late eighties. The early nineties. I am reliably informed. He recorded in two days. Is that right recorded in two days. Race is an absolutely terrific audiobook and we've just got the first paragraph. What I should say is when Roy D. Trees Introduces each chapter. He speaks like this. The book of Ebeneezer page cap to walk good. I'm Jamie good has gone on Sean. You shove they say well. I'm sure he older audit and the more I learn the more Arnaud Nelson me on the oldest on the lighter endorsing Lucia capital from primal say she is older. I reckon she's putting it on when she was a young woman. She stepped birthday once every choice for years but for years now she's been having have been two or three a year to tell you the truth don't know oil. Dahlia Mama put it down on the front page of the Big Bible but she put down today and among and forgot to put down the year al-Sham pose. I'll could find out if I went to the Griff but I'm amount God the buzzer about that now. Every all of us have now started book Ebeneezer. Look how many people here have read the book of Ebenezer the page again again no one that seems extraordinary so this is your second goal. This is my second year on the things about the voice. We heard the voice that what you said it made you feel like he was a real person. What I can't get my head around. I I really generally how he wrote it because it's obviously very intricately plotted but then it's told by a man who is pretty much. Illiterate doesn't read books. He's writing like a novice and yet Edwards is dropping in these things that make it absolutely workers a book. The structure and the artistry is completely of Edwards is completely subsumed into the by the Voice Evans it so it's it's just seamless. The cats are is so fully realize I mean they're all kinds of things you could have done. It could have been full of knowledge about guns in a funny kind of way he isn't. He isn't the some very very very funny scenes in the boom but the one where he kind of goals the archaeologists Dudley Dudley Wayne Ed Lee way within. He knows that he's off to fax work done very recently and I think the charm of the book is yeah. It's totally believable. You know as I did practically nothing about guns in its history except for the headlines things that it was occupied during and the way he deals with history and the way he deals with with the war both wars is so and it's so delicately done so believable. I think that's what makes it resident. I mean I found it as well as being very very. Funny is incredibly moving. Yeah I mean there's a lot of negative qualities to him but it's a charm and integrity to one of the endings in all literature. I think yes yeah very interesting when he goes to Jersey once thinks that everyone goes to Josie they win win. That's the most he's he's insular is over Noland and as you as you say doesn't much he's actually only read one novel in his whole Trusgnach's Robinson crusoe good novel we were talking on the last episode of Bat listed about a different book by Daniel Defoe and also noble vocal crusoes daughter by the novelist Jane Garden and actually that Reading Evans Page crusoes door to close together is quite interesting experience as well because because both books are out the extent which one journeys through life alone alone alone and you end alone one way or another and joe new talks about the ending one of the extremely clever wily things that Edwards does in the book. Lebanon's page is bring bring the past and the present closer together as the book goes on goes into real time yes. It's actually had that device I thought was it's pretty much handled and I mean there's there's in it was brilliant book genius friend which we'll talk more about this. There is the discussion that perhaps the ending was was overdone and he resisted that the sort of plot is to the fat without giving away massive spoilers. Must've you've read anyway so you do but both lies and Ebeneezer. It turns out that the young couple they're both related to it's. It's very neat but I'm not uh-huh read some from the end before before we go anyway and just because I think this is wonderful. It's the redemption and in fact the the great American critic in and story writer. Guy Davenport says if I can remember correctly reaching for for for the book he said that it was the he said it was I know of no description of happiness in modern literature equal to the one that ends this novel which is pretty extraordinary thing but I I kind of. I think that's fair. Actually actually I think again. There's a kind of euphoria because the Cotonou succumbing thing I mean you know that whole thing about who's he gonNA leave his money to the very funny. It's almost there are times when it feels to me almost chore Syrian in that that sort of the repetition. He's going to try this then. I'm getting then he goes to see the he thinks the policemen know intra policeman yes in any kind of gets very very funny and there are some just straightforward farcical scenes when he's being pursued. We were talking about being issued by the the widow to marry him. I almost Fleischmann ask not what she coming and she wants to come into the gangplank and he's not letting you go on. Just get money any as as a company. Roy is the comedy coming from here is the company coming from character. Go back to this page. Tissue again turns of phrase really often at a terrific and this this jokes actual really funny beds. It's but it doesn't completely believe it's coming from Ebony because he's surrounded. He's so fully fasted and fully fully realized one of the characters in the book of Ebenezer the page in fact at the beginning of the book says this book is the property of Yes Neville fallow the property of Never Fowler says and on the Front of the book it says this quote from William Golding author loaded floors to read read it is not like reading but living I was in shop in some pizza for yesterday and I saw a copy of Pincher Maltin by William Golding so all by that and when I took out in the shop and opened it up it says the prophecy of Margaret Fallow ooh. Ooh Ooh is that you I seriously you. Is this your actual chill coffee. Is this a simulation. That'd be good. I'm going and have a chat Margaret's because this is hilarious when I go to Al.. It's full of underlining you. It was your dissertation copy on William Golding you know I don't want to give the impression this as a small island but goodness there is something quite like almost phantasm Agora. Maybe just the jet lag but looking war memorials and because you spent immersed in hours of this book both reading and Roy Detroit's in your ear and then you look on the woman morals as in the majors and the the names from the book just there it is it is a really really remarkable thing he created. Maybe we should talk a little bit more about Joel Edwards in the writing. The story of the book is sort sort of tragedy when he spent most of his life all of his life freely writing this book early promise I mean he was obviously a disciple. Lawrence approached John Middleton Murry and the Adelphia magazine and wrote famously wrote a very vicious review of ashore but he was regarded regarded by his friends Middleton Murry the author of one upmanship Steven Wasser Stephen Potter and John Stewart who went on to write another one of those great rural narratives. The worm forgives the plow the very different he was regarded as a kind of a genius and yet he didn't it kind of deliver. The book on Lawrence didn't get written stuff wasn't published and this book was originally planned as a trilogy wasn't it that never actually happened. I mean pulling get right forward to the to the end of the sixties which is when ed wood turning comes onto the scene. The book is finished in. It's it's rejected by the great literary houses of the day one of the wonderful things about the book apart from the extraordinary detective work of trying to he burned everything. I think that's the kind of key. There was very little left. The job of detective work in this book is wonderful but also the the picture is as we were talking before hand of of how you went about submitting books publisher in the nineteen seventies one of the things about Edward Chaney's book genius friend is first of all. It's it's a a tremendous were detective work trying to find out as much as he could about his friend who met at the end of his life but Edwards left the rights of the revenues of the page to would Cheney and it's really thanks to Edwards efforts that the book was published and continues to be available in print and on audio and descriptions in Edwards Book of how you went about out approaching. A publisher in the nineteen seventies is totally fascinating. We forget how quickly technology has changed. Everything you Troy to save up enough money to print one copy plus a spare then you send it to a publisher. They rejected it. It came back several months later who did or didn't have tache notable submissions were really frowned upon and then in the end it was picked up through a contact by Christopher Sinclair Stevenson Hamish Hamilton in one thousand nine hundred one and was published very successfully in the early nineteen eighty s as payback the penguin books. I think what's interesting about. It is the then subsists on word of mouth like all great books do but we are talking about here today. Not Because of its publishing success published book of the year in nineteen eighty one and then it's picked up harold bloom literary critic includes it in his in his book the Western Canon it gets included by Margaret travel in her in the new edition of the Oxford Oxford companion to English literature. It's widely admired but it still I would reckon a book that is is known known by a lot of the people who consider themselves sort of on top of the Great Novels of Twenty Century Literature which I would certainly say this is one of the Great Twentieth Century English novels G Think Novels. Do you think it's similar to if someone hasn't ready and you want to point of comparison. You're only got really unhelpful. left-field comparison that it well there's two books it reminded me of one and you're just starting one is catcher in the Rye because of the voice it's it's a direct voice completely untethered by literally convention and it's just speaking to you directly and you you just download of that character and the other is a broths. Sabbath theater because both Susan Page and theater I think we're about grief and loss and it reminds his thing about Jim which affects him throughout his life Monte very much when Mickey Sabbath who this is kind of cantankerous he's much more objectionable than ebony but he's just a provocative and just like blowing up social situations and then at the end you realize it's because his brother died in the war and and there's a there's a scene where he goes to find an old cupboard at the founding. How's the flag that he was given what his brother's body comes back and this is seen of him. He's just walk up and down the beach. They used to go to his kids in the rain crying for hours and it just Turks me off. I talk about it and as the definitions Joan any any advance on service theater catch on as a sort of fiction. You've got the voice sled fiction. There's nothing of that period but now what atom thought tried to do all the -ten capturing the rhythms or grabs with waterland trying to catch the rhythms of Acura speech. I'll always come back to Ridley Walker as a sort of the thing about about Evans is is he could be in one thousand nine hundred amazing. You could be a nineteenth century. Character is a sort of timeless again almost Beckett element there although it's the more accessible and Beckett that waiting for Gado craps last tape an old man's voice remembering and going back and re going over his life life three books that I thought okay of one is straightforward. It's very like an American novel by Royce called Allen Gonesse us. Yes called oldest. Living confederate widow tells all who's a massive fan who was only yesterday. Alan Ghana's was a huge fan Dan of the Book of Urbanism. The page which is not suggest that he's borough has anti only dear of that extended monologue by somebody living not just their life life. The century up to that point is very very close to oldest. Living confederate widow tells all the other books that reminded me of one of them. I'm not sure driver. I'm not a big fan of either of these books. She I preferred the book of Ebenezer the pace of these books but they did come to mind the first one is the ragged trouser philanthropy by Robert Trestle. The reason why I mentioned that book is it seems to me that though the house lunch press has some flaws is still a tremendously important novel because there are no other novels like it and in that respect you an editor could cut fifty thousand words the hundred thousand words from the rugged trouser lunch as indeed they did when it was first published and it would probably improve the book and yet there's something wonderful about how how baggy and discursive is to some extent. I feel that with the book revenues in the page the other points of comparison me and I Joan would lay money money that Christopher Sinclair Stevenson had this book in mind when he agreed to publish the book in One thousand nine hundred one is one hundred years by Gabriel Garcia Marquez now. They're nothing like one another midnight's children weirdly is also much more show. Offi but if you if you going for that sort of inside inside the head of a yes but they're also they're they're on big canvases and they're about communities over long number of times and family relationships and friends and it seems to have that that clean of yawning element which was popular in fiction in the late nineteen seventy s and early ninety nine hundred so I can. I I see that Chris Clemson is not just responding to the literary quality of the book but also he can see that there's a commercial opportunity for the book look and that's what makes great publishing. It's bring those two things together. I was just thinking of the the thematic thing in the book as well which is the attempt. Ebony is remembering his life and he doesn't like what's happened to Guernsey. It doesn't like modern life and I think again what's brilliant about genius friend. Is You realize that that jailed Edwards was similar in this regard didn't like the modern world much it could be a tremendously conservative conservative restrictive disappointed book and the fact that it doesn't end up being that although we've said he's ornery in difficult. I don't think I've read any any book the philosophy the idea of you know. Here are some things I I really am interested. In the role of religion in people's lives the the the arguments you know that you find in great Russian novels Dostoevsky in particular discussions about the nature of faith discussions about about the importance of what religious faith is of doubt of the loss of faith the character Raymond who is the nephew income right cousin cousin cousin but he's older he yes right on about Raymond because I think Raymond the character Raymond in the novel is me was the most powerful and the most moving portrayal of the book because of this sort of innocence and the sort of his character who who can't fit troy's wherever he forced himself into it never works he has sort of quite enjoys the big in the the army sort of brings. It doesn't get to go and fight so that's good and then it's religion an awful but we're ebony doesn't seem years after the marriage is burnt down many find him drunk in the C- he wouldn't be as he was going to kill himself and then he brings him home to live with them and then the occupation happens and then he goes to the other side of the arm and then it all goes badly wrong spoiler should be all goes badly wrong again and again all goes badly wrong spoilers because what I find fascinating about. This book is littered with spoiler every time ages character and it's amazing. It doesn't affect you. I'm he'll say mentioned Raymond and then he'll say of course he came to a terrible end. You know he just kind of blows things about this. I was just like I mean just breaks every rule. It's amazing he goes. I could say anything to Jim. If I'd done a murder as it happens. uh-huh I haven't away I could have told him and let me just the same. That's a hell of a thing to slip into the conversation just as an aside. That's just is there and you're like well. Do you WanNa read us the murdering question the Minnesota yesterday before the murder. I thought you could ask me that. I can't uh-huh okay so backstage was saying send you to read some allies. We'd love you to read. Some bits is just the thing is there's one part that I've tried. Loyd reading aloud three times and I can't do it without weeping genuinely choked up the treatment. Also of the ambiguity over Raymond's sexual orientation in the book is being handled so subtly handled you know that he he marries just character after character of Genius Christine his wife. There's a very famous essay by Angela Carter About D. H. Lawrence d h Lawrence. It was a cross dresser that no man should be this obsessed with women's clothing the detail Lawrence put into writing about women's clothing and she accuses him of being a classic Cross Dresser. which was the kind of thing that was fun to do? In the nineteen seventy s but avenues is all over the close women's clothes. He's brilliant descriptions. The film actually have a particularly brilliant description of women's clothes here but I trust us. Well I could do was to read. This is a beautiful passage. I think about him talking to Raymond and this idea of how do you get ideas into a novel without them feeling like a sort of cut and paste in mccune. I've just spent a year with a brain surgeon. Here's a lot of stuff about brain surgery. The long dark evenings he would talk to me by the our of his miseries of child and of the half and half happiness of his marriage. It was those winter evenings most of what I've written about him in this book and I haven't said won't say I think he's hard was broke because he doubted. If God was love couple of isn't love he said. Is there any other body want to have to answer that question question. Is there Ebeneezer he said. Have you ever known it yes. I said he sat for a long time looking into the fire saying nothing at last he said did your thinking if your friend Jim why I said I wasn't thinking of Jim as a matter of fact I was thinking of jean-baptiste and my sister Tabitha. He said yes but Jim and John are dead. It's easy to believe in it because it wasn't broken. They didn't break themselves. I said perhaps it never really is broken if the truth was known. I don't know why I said that because I'm not at all sure I believe it. He said I hope to God. You're right. It's brilliant. I think I just want to mention you. Were talking about the the female characters. I think we should issue a twenty-first-century warning that there is a strain of misogyny. Oh Janie running through the character of Evans in the novel which was picked up at the time. I've got a review by ah the great Peter Kemp which is an excellent review. He loves the book but I just want to read this out and then we'll just I'd like to run it by you and see what you what you both feel about it. He says standardization is what the novel itself. Never lapses into managing to be both Matra facts and out of the ordinary it has many original strengths and some eccentric weaknesses and I would add of course these interests as in fact one of the strengths of the novel most prominent mom the latter. It's attitude towards women. will she a human being or only a female. Evans wonders at one point in keeping with such readings readings vein of Misogyny runs through the book hardiest grooming nations on the horrors of marriage rebound once a man's Mary's alone for the rest of his life. A Man Must Learn to live crucified defied. That's what marriage is for illustrating the truth of such openings. Most of the books wives the scheming harpies clapping men into wedlock they detach them from their friends than hound them to break down all the grave one carries persecution even further burying her husband in the color of his football clubs rival team gene but now that's not a reason not to read the book right isn't just the genius this is why we read fiction okay if you know about. Joel Edwards and you know about the kind of the stuff that he was Lawrence we all know about Lawrence's misogyny. It's kind of all emanates schopenhauer nature and in particular niche stuff that was around in the air at the time the genius of the the novel is Yes. You have character saying these things but they're saying in character as characters but you've also got some of the I think some of the best lows cure pro is is one of the great characters fiction the fact that she will not bend to any man's will at least of all Evans's but the end of the book has got to be one of the most glorious the bottom passage at the end of the book where they they meet when they're old and she's old and bent and feeding chickens and he kisses and kisses a quiet quiet sexy way as as an I mean it's still the milk journal that he boards exquisite and that's the thing Lawrence if you don't followed it more himself trust the tail not the teller whatever whatever stuff is floating around there and the attitudes which are at some of the characters so things and Evans assess things which it clearly it doesn't really matter because in the end as you can see that he you don't need to have all the philosophical baggage you can just see that those are beautifully realised characters and it doesn't matter of Komo de la La Tabby sisters are brilliant. It would be if the character was a feminist. Wouldn't it's so it's that balance. You don't want to miss that and say. Oh doesn't matter because that's how he is you can see elements of the story that would make him turn it and turn into misogyny because of the frustrations he has with Lisa you can you can make an argument for that. I also think the character is alive but as one of the remarkable things about the book because the character is so alive you I can live with his floors even Paul. I don't feel compelled to pass judgment on the book and I I it doesn't mean and you agree with him on every every everything he says and don't disprove viewpoints and it seems to me that although there are obvious elements minutes in which John Edwards is you. Can you write a character. You can't not put it through the filter. It does seem quite quite a remarkable feat for Edwards who doesn't really go back to Guernsey yet. That's the amazing much Joyce in writing about Dublin reconstructed on his head and fascinating reading Edwards book is this is not a character who Edwards who is particularly repossessing. I have to say he's certainly in his early stuff. He's quite quite arrogant and difficult to lie. This is interesting but he create create this absolutely authentic voice and it's I can't think of any anymore I mean in cut our way of describing what it is that fiction does that nothing else can. Do you create these characters that that genuinely live several times remind myself that this was a novel. This wasn't actually a memoir wasn't actually somebody's real life. That's why I find myself crying over the death of someone who didn't exist I and what is happening. Can we read that. I know looking to meet if I did. He was up with the Lark in the morning and out swearing at the cows. It was good at swearing before but he was better now and you swear words. Even I didn't know I think it was Welsh but the cows didn't take a blind bit more notice than it used used to swear in their own language. Tabitha came for dinner to house that Sunday and in the afternoon when Jimmy was sitting on the rocks he said pitchy. I couldn't have married Tabitha Sir. I would've loved Tabitha. I wished he could have married Tabitha's though I like John. He told me about his training. He was a good shot with a rifle he said then. You always have been if I can shoot birds. I suppose I can shoot men. He said but I knew he didn't like the idea didn't like throwing hand grenades. He said when he pulled the pin out of the mills bomb. He was always afraid. It would go off before we got it out of his hand. I hoped he wouldn't be advanced charge. I couldn't do that to a chap. Happy said I said they'll give you run before you go over the top and it will be trying to do the same to you. I can't Rep Chapo. Police said it don't matter who he is. He spent the rest of his leave with phoebe in the kids. I got a postcard from from Southampton saying he was on his way to me. Wrote don't Sigh don't cry. I got a letter from him from France but it was flatlined sumo all I could read was don't think I have forgotten you if you don't hear from me for a week or two are right again as soon as I can. I saw the news in the press. I just come in from work and the press was was on the table where the boy had thrown it. My mother was frying some fish for our tea. I opened the press as I always did hardly thinking of what I was doing. I saw it at once killed in Action James Marr he beloved son of James and Agnes Marhiyev grant as you go since Simpson's for God God and King and country. I went out of doors. I cried going. It's big. It's the so many things going on that. Just brain and one is Evans is reaction which is ECON- crime from his mother. He just has to go out and be alone. It's young getting in. It's just a really why I'm really blowing my heart. In which but it's Jim is well it Jim. It's just a big kid. Kids the NAIEVETY. It's like it's just a big pharma a WHO's being sent out with a bayonet and he's like can't do that and then and then proceeding that when you discover the he he was ripped he goes over the top near Bristol here but but also when when he tells a beneath that he's GonNa fight and which will do that for it's nothing to do with us. It's you don't have to waive volunteer. At least white into scripture and unequally forty says I want to ride the train again and you just like our calm it just it just gets me. I just it's terrible and it's also because that's his he's the love of life to some extent also the pain you've been through the marriage and the fact that he had regrets and he he also says if I told them to stay he might have stayed and I didn't was that any guilt towards the mother because the mother you've always got influence over and yet I was very lucky. Steve gave me a tour of the some of the sorts of avenues of the page this morning and Steve is an expert and has reconstructed where they think certain houses were and Liza carry Powell's House House is currently for sale her plane Gonzi cottage how much on for six hundred thousand go to live simply in the leaser carapace style the amazing enough just last week. Laurie Lee's cottage inside. Ah One the one next to his the to granny's were lived is that's five hundred five hundred and twenty-five thousand we're. GonNa wind up in Table's going to beat the murder of it that I can. I read the bit where anticipate to have tea with Auto German soldier. It takes as to go with their buddies but he goes out fishing and they become friends again. Hold on yes. She was in the kitchen boiling the everlasting acting sugarbeet when all started to come in he came in and stood to attention as if on parade this is my friend auto I said she turned around from what she was doing in facing him that stood stiff awards and didn't make a move at the shake hands say a word I said tomato. This is my sister time author. She is a widow. Her husband was killed in the first World War. I tend to understand what she was behavioral. She was he said my father was also tab held out a hand. He took it in his bowed his head over it. I brought some fish I said and and put it on the table. She said Cook it now. If auto can stop and have some he said he could well she cooked it and made some real team what was left over from what I brought from Horace which you would never have done otherwise and there was bred those mousy bread rather and even whisper butter auto auto to say Offi. He said it was good. I know it was the meal enjoyed. Most of any eight joined the whole of the occupation nowadays when every year there was a celebration of liberation it isn't so much the chairs and the excitement of when we was freed. I think though I was glad that excited does does anybody but also Tabitha and me sitting around the table eating long is that was Liberation Day. I'm afraid that's ooh. We've got time for Neil. You've got something up your sleeve I should say thank you to our wonderful. Audience here Begins Festival. Thank you too will thank you to our technical team at the back. Chas Andrews Chaz Andrew. Thank you Jeff Chaz Andrew Sean anything else before I turn it over to the audience and Ktar FM if he won't be show notes and links and all the other stuff that we've done because thanks John thanks will and now over to the Guernsey Audience There isn't time for audience questions. No Madden don't run away. There isn't time for questions but you do you know what to do. When you hear this Music Yeah Ah

Evans D. H. Lawrence Gerald Edwards Jersey Joel Edwards Jim Tabitha Sir publisher Edward Channel Islands Ebony Dublin John Ebeneezer James Joyce Raymond murder Roy Ebeneezer James
How to Prepare for Boondocking: Food, Water, and Supplies for Off-grid Life in a Van, Boat, or Tinyhouse with Kristin Hanes  #106

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How to Prepare for Boondocking: Food, Water, and Supplies for Off-grid Life in a Van, Boat, or Tinyhouse with Kristin Hanes #106

"Yeah well what's funny is. We always joke around that after spending a week in the van. The boat feels gigantic like a mansion. But everything's relative and compared to the van like. Oh my gosh I can walk around in the boat. I have a functioning kitchen bathroom. It just feels very fancy which welcomed the tiny house lifestyle. Podcast the show where you learn how to plan build and live a tiny lifestyle. I'm your host Ethan Waldman and this is episode one. Oh six with Kristin Hanes. Kristen Haynes runs the popular website the wayward home dot com and it was born out of her life experience. I living in a Prius with her partner. Then buying a sailboat and living in that and finally also adding a Chevy Astro van to the fleet. This is a timely interview because Kristen has spent extensive time Boondock in the van and selling off shore in the boat so in this interview we will talk about how she approaches preparing for times off grid such as how does she stock up on food. How does she store it? Just general strategies for feeding yourself while you are away from the stores and we also talk about the lifestyle what it means to live as a nomad and how it can really open up a lot of possibilities in your life. It's a really great conversation and I hope you stick around. The ad read is going to be a little bit different for this episode. Because something big is coming. It's something that I only do once per year. And if you're currently dreaming of a tiny house actively planning a tiny house or even building a tiny house right now this will be of particular interest to you. I can't tell you exactly what it is but I know that it's very special. And very time limited. I will be releasing a special short episode on the tiny house lifestyle. Podcast on Monday April thirteenth Monday April. Thirteenth is when this is happening and the the short podcast episode will just tell you about it so again. Sorry to be vague but just wanted to give you a heads up to check your podcast feed on Monday afternoon April thirteen and you will find out what it is If you're on my email list I will send an email out as well all right under the show all right. I am here with Kristin Hanes. Kristen Haynes lives in a sailboat end in a Chevy Astro van and is the editor in chief of the wayward home. She's written about living tiny for publications. Like good housekeeping Marie Claire and realtor dot com hoping to spread the word about our new American dream. Kristen Haynes welcome to the show. Thanks for having me on your so. Welcome I've been we've been talking about an interview for awhile and you are kind of in between Boone dockings slash escaping V. Cova crisis in in your cell vote. Yeah I we went out in the van because when we heard about certain areas going into to lock down and just the spread of this illness we decided wanted to get out as far away from people as possible. So that's what we did in the van and we went out for about nine days and we started by going out for a night in the Alabama hills and then from there we went to death valley. 'cause we really wanted to explore that during the spring after rains to see wildflowers so he went there and Boondock the bunching stayed away from people and then after that we went to Utah and we went to Diane National Park which was actually way too crowded at that point. They were still running the shuttle buses which was scary so we decided just to walk through the Canyon. And what we've been trying to do is stay far away by by boone docking and using gloves at gas stations and going grocery shopping once a week so we did that first and next. We're going to take our sailboat out to the Channel Islands which is about five our sales from where we are now and we hope. Nobody's out there so we're just trying to stay away from everyone right now. Wow so tell me I guess we'll start with the van. Can you tell me about the van itself? Like how is it? Outfitted you know cost to build those kinds of things. Yeah so I found a nineteen ninety. Four Chevy Astro Conversion van on craigslist. A couple of years ago and I was really lucky because it only had fifty four thousand miles to and it's a really old ban twenty five years old and has a little bit of a higher roof about a foot. Higher than other minivans so it allows me to stand up in a hunched over weight and you know we I got it for six thousand dollars though really super easy cheap way to start ban life and I barely outfitted it really like control. I have on here. That allows me to boondock are to solar panels on the roof. Fifty Watt flexible solar panel connected to converter. Which is connected to a thirty four thirty seven court bridge in the back of my van. And that's how we stay off grid for days at a time is using this refrigerator and I have a bench seat in the van that fold down and we have bookstores in here to create a little bed to stop. It's not perfect but it works and it fits to people and it was super affordable. So it's a great a starter ban. That's awesome that's kind of a nice reminder that you don't necessarily have to like got a van and spent months like building out like of custom cabinet essentially that you can just start with something very basic and make it usable. Yeah that's what I try to tell people when they're like Oh. I CAN'T AFFORD BAN. Life like yeah. Just by a mini van and put a photon in it. And Get out there and you know when you when you're in a tiny van what you do. Is You move your living space outdoors? So I have to tiny foldable chairs that in my van and a foldable table and so we sit outside most of the time. We're not actually living in the van. Rie Sleep in it. And that's about it. What's your what's the water set up in the van. Do I have to foldable jugs? One of them is two gallons. One is five gallons and I also have a couple other plastic jugs and. Here's a total of nine gallons of water and a water. Filtration system that I use for backpacking and for the ban. If we ever end up by a nice creek we can easily filter more water. Using my gravity backpacking water filtrations to stump cool. Maybe you could talk a little bit About how you prepare in advance for going out. Boone docking for nine days. What are some of the things that you buy in advance and you know? Keep in mind when you're planning something like this. Yes I definitely want to have enough fuel because I use a little one burner jet boil stove that runs on one pound propane bottles and those can go fairly quickly six days so it's not too bad but I make sure I have three or four on hand just in case we can't find any in the grocery stores and we stock up so that's really important and I feel all my water jugs and I enough food to fit in my refrigerator which can last for many days in there because then I used canned foods and like boxes of rice and boxed foods to supplement. the meat products that. I buy or we EAT VEGETARIAN FOOD. Which is a lot easier to store than meat products so we do a combination so just make sure. I have food and water and coffee of course and enough you all and that's what I get. You know. Go Boone. Docking. What's your. What's your preferred coffee? Setup for for Boone docking. Yeah so for that. We have actually have our backpacking stove with us because it boils water in about one minute and that's very important in the morning when you need copy and then we have a poor over system so we each just have a or over a cup of coffee and then we're pretty much good to go for the day strong awesome. Yeah I met. I like the pore over the as I use it at the tiny house When I have a little more mess to make space I like the Arrow press. Ooh I have one of those too. Yeah Yeah I like that too All right so did the sailboat. Come first before the van or is the van your first kind of foray into tiny house living well. What was funny is my first foray into. It was actually a Toyota Prius back in twenty fifteen. I had met my current partner. Tom And he is the one that was a little more unconventional than me At the time and he said why we paying so much rent because we live near San Francisco where rents are out of control and he was he said. I'm GonNa live in my Prius and I was like what like what is wrong with you. That is so weird and so I kept my apartment. And he was living in this Preez but lo and behold I started you know hanging out with him and we would camp in campgrounds and it. It don't like an adventure like it was fun and I was with this fun guy and who had just met so I was like why am I being rent? And so I gave up my apartment to live with him in a Prius and I did that for four or five months and I paid off my debt and at how I learned how to live. Tiny was way was in two thousand fifteen so. I've been experimenting with this in a variety of different vehicles. That's awesome you know I. I actually my vehicle my daily driver. Although I'm not doing much driving right now Is a twenty eleven press and I just I always. It's always piqued my interest. I just found out there's like a Prius dwellers facebook group and there's a sub read it. It's like thing. Yeah it's definitely thing. I actually just interviewed a guy for my blog. Who Lives in a priest? He's lived in a Prius for six years and he only spends eight hundred dollars or less per month living in his previous and he loves it when he visits friends and they offer him a room in the House. He Says No. I just want to sleep with my Prius. Because he has it. Set up very comfortably and it's a really interesting thing that he's doing so if you need inspiration. He's very inspiring about Prius living life. When that article comes out I can link to it from the show notes. Page for this one great so one thing that I I feel like I'm way off topic but doesn't matter it's we can talk about whatever So for the press a lot of the examples I see are single person living in a Prius and they basically fold down one half of the seats of the rear seats. And that's where the mattress goes and then the other half kind of becomes like a storage area. How does it work with two people? Yeah it was. It was interesting. We would fold down the back seats and that created enough space for two people to sleep comfortably at that time. Now we have a preemptive Preez via the bigger one but back then we had probably one like yours a really small one but we managed to fit in there but we had to supplement that with a storage unit because we both still had full time jobs. We weren't traveling time and so we had a storage unit and that we hung out in the storage unit most evenings which sounds weird. It was a shipping container but we had music equipment set up in there so I had a little drum set and Tom had a little guitar So we would play music in their to entertain ourselves and then we would just go to the Prius and sleep in random places. So that's kind of how worked out that's awesome All right so I. We went onto the press Were there other vehicles between between then and now. No only the previous and next came the sailboat and the next came the Chevy Astro van to Lonzo three tiny homes. We've had awesome. So maybe you could talk a bit about the sailboat. You know how. How big is it compared to your van for example? Yeah well what's funny? Is We always joke around that? After spending a week in the van the boat feels gigantic like a mansion. Even though the boat is not that big it's probably a one hundred fifty square feet of living space possibly so it's forty one feet long and twelve feet wide but a lot of the whip has taken up by cupboards and equipment and couches. Though it's really a a narrow space when you think about it but everything's relative and compared to the van at like. Oh my gosh I can walk around in the boat. I have a functioning kitchen bathroom. It just feels very fancy which is funny but when we house it you know and then we come back to the boat like Oh my God. This is tiny so I think it's just a matter of keeping that perspective and you know it's always a good thing to to think you're living in this huge home when an impact is very small but you feel positive about it. And that's that's great. That is great So maybe you could just tell the story about how the wayward home was was born. I mean you've kind of already touched on it. You know experiencing the tiny living with Tom in the press But it sounds like your personal story also kind of brought you to that. Yeah it definitely did. So what happened was I was a radio news reporter for a long time about fifteen years and it was my dream job and I loved it and the last five years I worked in San Francisco and I got laid off. They decimated the newsroom. Like they're doing too many journalists across the US. Sadly and I didn't know what to do at that point. It was hard to get a radio job and I knew that I loved living. Tiny I lived in. The free estimate immediately moved onto the sailboat. When I lost my job because I couldn't I had been paying rent about seven months tonight. Houseboat not a tiny home. But it's still it's still was costly for me is the right. When I lost my job I moved out onto the boat and I started to think like other people are probably having this problem and maybe I should write about it and I really didn't know what blogging was at the time I kind of had blocked and like two thousand five but I didn't know that a blog could be a business until I I stumbled on a woman named Michelle Shoulder Gardner who has a very successful blog. And she lives in an. Rv Sim boat. I was like Oh my Gosh I wanna try that. I started writing about tiny living stories in hopes to inspire other people that there is a way to live tiny and not Pay for a ton of rent and so that's kind of how it got started. I just started writing articles about people living small and it's just grown from there and this summer will come on three years of running the website and it's now my main source of income and I'm really really excited about that and I love writing about people living tiny and helping others figure out how to do it as well. Congratulations yeah I really like the way we're at home because and it all makes sense knowing that you are a journalist because you really do seek to tell a story the story of the people that you feature in a in a way that makes the articles really readable and just full of great great info and tips so coolest job. He'll fun way to chance for my journalism skills to something else and it worked out which is amazing. I'm surprised you haven't started a podcast. Radio Twenty. I know I was thinking about that. Maybe next all right all right. So what does your current lifestyle? Now that you're kind of full time travel. What is your lifestyle cost like on a monthly basis? Yes so right now. It's not super affordable right now because we have a marina. That's the problem if you're traveling fulltime on a sailboat and you're you don't have a marina than really cheap and you can do it really affordably but here we are in southern. California the marinas about seven hundred a month to seven to eight hundred a month and that way cheaper than rent but we have. That's our main cost of living right now and then there's food and gas so that could for two people add up to maybe two thousand. I'm guessing no with all the you know the cost of living but eventually we'd like that to be way less. You know we get away from the marina life and start traveling the world in sailboat. So and then. We'll be anchoring for free most nights and catching fish and shopping in cheaper economies than California. That's our goal that's awesome. Do you have a a date for that plan or is this kind of like just a long term goal? It's a long term goal. It was going to be right now. We were supposed to be in Mexico but we sail down to The Ventura area in California and we fell in love with it. We're like why are we leaving if the channel islands are right here and we have all these desserts the van and so we decided to spend time in southern California instead of San Francisco and instead of moving down to Mexico right now so now our hope is to go to Mexico next fall and we'll see if that happens because it keeps our plans keep getting derailed and changing a little bit. So we'll see we'll see how it goes. But that is our eventual burst. International Stop would be the partisan nice. Yeah the Sea of Cortes. I've been there once not on a sailboat. But it's so beautiful. I can't wait to go and Andrew Gabriella Morrison from tiny house. Build also Have done a lot of sailing down there. I think they own a boat that stays down there all very cool. I love seeing people's pictures of the area look stunning really excited. So when you're planning to get away in the sailboat especially going to somewhere like the channel islands definitely no grocery stores. So how. How long are you planning to be away? And how do you? How do you prepare for that? Yeah so we just went to the grocery store a couple of days ago which was an interesting experience down here and the Oxnard. They were letting You Know Fifteen people team to twenty people in a time and at the time. Almost everything was gone and we went at eight. Am and it was pretty shocking. So a lot of the things I normally get. I did not get and I ended up getting a lot of things like vegetarian meat that nobody wants right now but I I don't mind and so. We bought a ton of groceries. I think probably enough to last two weeks. And we have a pretty big fridge on the boat the compressor fridge at runs off A couple of golf cart batteries that are in the boat and we power those either by running the engine or eventually by putting solar panels on the boat. Which will be a project that Tom Mary Soon? And so we can fit a lot of food and they're pretty large bridge. I don't know the dimensions. But we spent a lot of stuff in there and then we have weird little nooks and crannies throughout the boat where we fit canned food and breads and pastas and then we have a really pretty large at the bottom one hundred gallon water tank or so so we can take a bunch of water out there and we have a big holding tank so the boat is a lot more often than van by a bit bigger until we can last for longer out there without grocery stores. Yeah it's kind of like does that's what its primary design is. It's like four off grid living. Yeah exactly so. Once we get the solar panels Applebee's truly off grid so we're really excited to finish that project. So yeah I feel like everybody right now is like getting the experience that they never thought they were going to have in like kind of not like being a proper but just like thinking about okay. What if I can't go to the grocery store like every day which is what I do? Because it's walking distance like what if I'm trying to minimize that and like knock go to the grocery store for two weeks. Do you have any any advice on like meal planning or anything you can say about that like resources for planning yeah. I'm Kinda like you where I used to go to the grocery store every day because I like going to the grocery store and I never know what I want to eat until that day. So it's Kinda weird having to go by two weeks of groceries what I did and I don't know if this is the best way but I looked through cookbooks which download from my library. 'cause I can't like store cookbooks on the boat so download them onto IPAD and I flip through them and I find a whole bunch of new recipes that excite me and then I make a big list and I go to the grocery store so that's kind of the way I do it but another neat thing that People Might WanNa think about is. There's something called a five dollar meal plan. I don't know if you've heard of that but five dollars you get. Milton sent to every week and they have grocery list and all these dinner ideas and I use that for a while and it was really will so people need help with pending and don't want to search through books that the Great Resource and then I think just having enough staples on hand is something. I also recommend so like beans. Which could my pressure cooker and thirty? Minute is an incredible food to have and like rise to and just a variety of staples that can be thrown into a meal. If you have just some veggies on hand can be a great way and also I think cooking. Vegetarian is easy because it has a longer shelf life than the meat products and so if people are willing to try is them budgetary in recipes. I think that helps extend the amount of groceries you can have in your house especially if you have a tiny house out a big bridge so that that one way. I do it too absolutely and like you know storing meet long-term you need a a freezer and that takes up a lot of space in that. St- usually not something that's in the tiny house. Yeah totally we have. Our Fridge has a little area in the way back that sort of a freezer but it doesn't work as well as Yeah so we try to meet with like half frozen so we don't have that that much meat right now on the boat. Yeah I think the meal plan sounds like great and I'm sure there are other ones out there because it's always like you pick a bunch of recipes and like one of them calls for scallions and one of them calls for Cilantro and like you end up with these fresh ingredients that are expensive but you only need half of them for the recipe so like a a plan where you have a plan to use up everything you've bought before it goes bad could be a really shy uable thing. Yes that's a big challenge for me too and I try to use the most perishable foods. I like you know like the spinach and the rubella stuff before partier things like cauliflower and it's always hard 'cause I hate wasting food But there is a book that I read about how to store food on your boat and that helps This couple traveled the world on a boat with no refrigerator and they have like expert tips on how to store food and produce without refrigeration. So I read through that and take some of their tips to store stuff like in our bill or hang it or store it on shelving so it's not all fitting in the fridge. Nice I would. I would imagine that like down below. The temperature is a bit cooler because the water's cooler. Sometimes yeah exactly so. I think the water temperature here might be sixty degrees fifty eight to sixty so. It's not super cold but it is colder than the air inside. Been keeping it kind of freaked me out but I've been keeping spinach and a route in the rule on our bilge and I thought it would go bad but it seems happy as long as it doesn't have water on it. The water rocked it. If you can dry it out Than it's happy living at at that temperature which is really odd to me. But it's been working so far so that's one tip that that people can use if they want to try it that's fantastic so you've interviewed quite a few people and featured them on the wayward home. I'm curious do you have. Maybe one or two favorite stories that you've done that you can tell us about. I really liked the story of. There's a family of five that was living in Seattle Living a normal life and a big house and they both have jobs and one one day they decided like hey. We're not seeing our kids enough to daycare. They go to school. We see them at thick every night. We put them to bed and not life and they decided they wanted to live on a sailboat for awhile and travel around the world and it's been ten years and they're still on a forty seven foot sailboat. Traveling around the world and their kids are now teenagers and they're really tight knit family and that's a story that that's one of the first stories. I did on my blog but it still stands out to me a lot because I think it's neat that people can take their families and their children living on these adventure you know doing these adventures and the kids have a much different upbringing than typical society. I think and it's really cool to see that to see the kids being happy and fulfilled and families being together. So that's one of my favorite stories I can think of and I have several family oriented stories on there. Because I think that's inspiring so I liked that one and I really liked the one about the guy living in the Prius that I that I told you about. I thought that was really neat to see how he fashioned his Preez he took out the passenger seat and but aboard their birth sleeping and also that board is what he for cooking and he put solar panels on his Ria and he has a fridge and they're in a folding bike and he just loves it and that's also very. That was one of my favorite stories as well Nice. It's it's just amazing what people can come up with and be really comfortable like you know. I'm sure I'm sure many people listening to this. They're going to be like Like that sounds terrible. But like it's amazing what you can adapt to and just the freedom that it it unlocks for you. Yeah I think so too. And that's what he talks about is he loves the freedom and adventure and solitude of it and he you know. Some people would think they'd be lonely doing this but he that when he travels around he meets more people than when he lived in a house. Obviously in the sailboat. Once you're offshore. Nobody can tell you like yes. You can sleep in your sailboat here or not correct. Yes yes you have to have. We have charts and we have Detailed books about the areas. We're going so when we sailed from San Francisco down to southern California. We had a book that detailed the route like in really good detail and told us all the potential places. You have stop inker if you needed to and safe harbors and so that's really vital to us and figuring out where to go even here at the Channel Islands that can be dicey figuring out where to stay for. The Night of the same book tells US About Each Anchorage. And like what wins? It's good and bad end so we really have to study a lot before just setting the boat down for the night. It's a lot harder than parking van. What goes into the boat boating world than the ban our world. I think sure so so in the van. Are you usually stealth camping or is it because it's a conversion van it looks? It's too obviously a van that somebody's sleeping in. So you just boondock. We'll in San Francisco. Sometimes we we stealth camped in the van and we would park in San Francisco on city streets and nobody seemed to care. 'cause IT I don't think people would think of it as a camper cause So we can just park it anywhere and people went. Think people are sleeping in it. Kinda like what we did with the Prius. Nobody thinks people are sleeping in a press. Ever so you can get away with sleeping a neighborhood then link weird places. You wouldn't put a Big Lake Sprinter van for example and so We don't really sell camp in it anymore. Now we're mostly just in nature boone docking and I use an APP called overlander to find sites and usually on Blm land or national forest land Death Valley National Park is one of few national parks that allows boone docking many of them. Don't you have to be in designated campgrounds? But I use that APP and it works even when you have no signal in it points out these locations or other people have stayed and they give reviews of of the place and you can and they talk about the road to get there and they sometimes they post pictures of the view so use that all the time to find us will spots like I found a spot in the mojave national preserve recently using that APP and it was just stunning. It was just my van in St of Joshua trees with nobody else around and so and I only knew that because someone posted about it nine went there as well and drove down this long bumpy dirt road and found a camp tight so that was really fun so cool. And that's in the overland or APP. Yeah it is. That's like the only APP by us and I just love it. There's tons of other ones out there as well. But that's my favorite one right now. That sounds like a great resource for for those on the road. He definitely have you ever considered or have you ever wanted like I'm GonNa say traditional tiny house on wheels that guy's kind of cracking grabbing myself up. Have you ever wanted a traditional tiny house on wheels? I do WANNA tiny house. I don't know if I want one on wheels but I want I think I want one on a foundation somewhere on land like that's my third tiny house dream. I'd like to have the ban for camping. The boat or water travel and then a tiny house on a piece of property that I know I could always go to because one scary thing about the van and the bow is. You don't have property that yours you have like you always have to depend on someone else to let you camp or to let you park the boat like for example if we were cruising and all. These countries closed their borders. We would have nowhere to go in that kind of scary on the sailboat. But if you have a tiny house you can always know that you can go to that. Property is it's yours and so I think that's something that kind of soothing to think about. I would like to have a a tiny house one day. I can't imagine a big house but a little one would be facing. Yeah that kind of goes into my next question like now that you've been doing this for three years five years three years full-time I would say. Yeah since I lost my job actually foursome fell out my job would you? Would you go back if somebody was like? You can like take this. Take this magic door and you'll go back to like your full time job and like living. You know your your lifestyle that you were versus. What you're doing now. Would you go back? I wouldn't weirdly. I can't imagine having to go into work everyday now like every day. I can I choose to do what I want to do. And having that freedom is just amazing and then just not having to deal with stuff is also really cool like I got rid of most of my stuff and I imagine having an apartment full of stuff again like sometimes I see these for rent signs and apartment buildings and I'm like Oh that might be nice to have a shower in lake bath and stuff but I'm like but I don't WanNa buy all that furniture. I can't like handle that idea of owning so much stuff so I don't think I would want to go back to that that lifestyle but especially due to the now that I can work remotely and I've made that audible dream lifestyle for me so I can't imagine going back. Nice how do you How do you stay connected to the Internet on the road for for work both on the boat and in the Van yes? That's something that I'm always experimenting with I have a Wifi hotspot right now which I actually just purchased it because it has unlimited data which is incredible. The last one had a fifteen gas cap which just was not working out for me because I use way more than that to to work on a website and then I also have a cellphone signal boosters so that can boost the quality of the hot spot when I'm somewhere more remote than I have a Wifi signal booster. Where if there's a kind of a low WIFI signal around I can use that to get more power full one? I've used that in my sailboat. By 'cause when you're like in a marina that offers WIFI Often the signals too weak to really do that much And that same with RV campground. A lot of our viewers used this as well to capitalize on really low signal quality in Ann Arbor Campground and they use the booster to boost that they can stream videos and and do their work and so those items are pretty necessary for me as well as the unlimited hotspot. Which I'm testing out right now. Nice who makes the unlimited hotspot that's at and T.'s? Unlimited hotspot but? I'm using a third party program that actually another RV`er just recommended for me And so I just signed up like two days ago and I had to buy the router from best buy it was about two hundred fifty dollar router and then they set up and run the service for me which is about one hundred ten dollars a month for unlimited for g Wi fi. At and so their their main businesses to serve rural communities that can't get traditional like comcast Internet and so they're they're the kind of mom and pop business. That helps connect nomads. Are Rural people with unlimited? Why Financing get mazing? So far I dream some shows on it. And it's great and it's fun to be able to do that from the boat makes a little more luxurious. Yeah now what about like when you go out to the Channel Islands? You'RE GONNA be well beyond the coverage of Eighteen T. Do you have a way of connecting out there? Yeah I've I haven't tested this yet but I actually looked at the coverage map for the Channel Islands. Now it looks like it. Looks like the northern half of three islands does have. At Service. I think coming from Santa Barbara and we're about thirty miles offshore. So I'm hoping that with my cell phone signal booster and the hotspot. I'll be able to get Internet for also we're GONNA have to come home because after work but we're GONNA go yes. We're going to go out there and test it out and I'm hoping that I get I'm able to get that Wifi from Santa are so yeah. We'll see hope. So are there like I would imagine. They're really expensive but like satellite Internet type options really expensive. There's probably a thousand a month sadly because I did. I researched all the options for sailing around the world on the boat and Donald and I looked into satellite and it is very expensive so I decided not to do that but I know some people who have income probably do that but definitely not at that weight right now. Yeah so more than your marina rent just for Internet just for energy at a certain number of gigs. It's not even unlimited at that price. So yeah route on unsustainable yet so one thing that I like to ask all my guests. is what are two or three resources that helped you when you were making the transition to tiny living that you wanNA share with our listeners. trying to think about what that would be my weirdly. I didn't use a lot of resources because Tom. You know my partner was my main resource. Because he's the one that Kinda leads this whole thing. He's the one that had the PREEZ. He's the one that bought the sailboat and had sailing experience so he led me on on those these forays into tiny living. So I didn't really use any outside resources for the van was more just searching on on the Internet and using craigslist and facebook groups to figure out what kind of man I wanted and I joined like Chevy Astro facebook group and learned all about Chevy Astros not zeroed in on this particular one. So using just you know online tools like like the Internet. I didn't even know of other bloggers. At that time that now I would recommend following loggers in niches. That you're interested in tiny house bloggers around lifelock just to get more of a idea of their lifestyle and youtube videos but back then I really didn't know what to do. I just kinda followed at Tom's late. At that point you know when I first started out. That's awesome I mean it's cool because I think sometimes when you look at what else is out there. It can almost be discouraging like if you had known that there were other people blogging about RV and van lifestyle. They it might have been discouraging like Oh there are already these people who are successful doing this. Like what business do I have but almost by not looking you? Just Start and like your. Your site is just so full of great content. Yeah I had no idea at the time that there were other band and our beat clunkers out there. I just knew I wanted to write these stories and then I thought it was important to tell the stories and working in the news business. These stories had always been really like kind of top hit on website people. I felt like people liked reading these stories. That's why I decided to try to do that. As well. And try to mimic that model. I saw that was successful in the news business. So that was my initial thoughts when starting the site Nice So we won't get into like all the details of exactly how you make money online because I as an online business myself. There are lots of little kind of income streams that you combine into one. But you do have some some courses that you've created I'd love to hear about about your paid courses. What you what you. Yeah so the first one I developed is the remote work for nomads. Course because I really felt like people didn't know how to get started into looking for remote work that holds a lot of people back from actually taking the bunge. I think that they're afraid of losing. You know getting away from their jobs and their health insurance and some of that financial security so I created the course to show people that had it's Kinda for total beginners than I just wanted to give an overview like here are the options. And here's all the career field you've been do remotely and you can start your business or you can work for a company remotely. So that course was aimed at aspiring nomads. Who need to find a way to make money so that was the first one I did and the second one was A blogging Profitable blogging one. One online course right teach people the very basic out. Starting and running a blog meant to eventually make money and how to monetize blog so those are the two offerings. I have so far aimed at helping people. Figure out how to make money. Sustain this GONNA dream lifestyle. That was pickle. That's awesome. Have you had people take the courses and kind of use them and you hear back from them? I have yeah I have had people take them in. You know they take off in whatever direction they want like. They'll do. A couple of people have tried starting blogs and I think just the main goal is to expose all these different career fields. There are and how easy it is to get educated online because I think a lot of people. Think like Oh. I don't have any idea how to do these jobs but go on. I don't have to say that quite right. But you. D E M Wide Dot COM. It's online courses and you can buy or select thirteen fifteen dollars and that's so cheap and you can just see if you even like that career field like take a graphic design course and see if that you've been inspires you and then you could get even more deeper into it but I just encourage people to go and test out the water with these variety of online education. That's free and cheap And anybody can really do that. They're not super pasta. So that's what I try to tell all just explore your options and take classes. That's fantastic Any any closing thoughts for for tiny house hopefuls in this time of uncertainty. Were you know? We're recording this on March twenty third. So the United States over the last week or two has really changed in terms of needing to be on lockdown social distancing and all that stuff and I think that now more than ever people who have been considering the tiny lifestyle or or full time travel are kind of like all right. Get me out of here. How do I get there sooner Any thoughts for them. Yeah I think now. Is You know a really good time to do it. As as you talked about things in the US are are strange right now especially with the economy and I think people are worried about making income and paying their bills. You know living in a house expensive and I think people are. You know it's going to be a time when more and more will start looking at tiny living and I think the first thing is just to figure out a way to work remotely into bring in an income and that will make you feel comfortable and more stabilized at least one aspect of life And I think once that remote work. It doesn't have to be a ton of money like when I started. I was doing freelance articles. That were barely making anything but it gave me this hope that Oh this can happen and so even to start small and to start pulling in little bit the money I think would be really a full thing for people to start experimenting with. And after that this is a great time to start downsizing like you have a lot of time if you're at home or working from home just to take takeover downsizing certain aspects of the house to prepare for tiny living and you know it's also a great time to get started with an rb go out boone docking to get away from people but the thing. I'd like to stay as just to beware of rural areas and small towns and utilizing their grocery stores to take home supplies and a time when supplies are limited. I would warn against doing that. If going out boone docking. I'm just be aware of these tiny communities that don't have a lot of hospital beds for resources that one thing and then just. I think it's a great time to research like figure out if you WANNA do a sailboat. Abandoned RV`er a tiny home watch youtube videos and price things out and explore options. And I think that at the great time to start living tiny just like anytime but even now especially as a good time to figure that out. Yeah absolutely well. Kristen Haynes thank you so much for being a guest on the show. This was such a great conversation. Yeah was thanks so much for having me. Thank you so much. To Kristen Haynes for being a guest on the show you can find the show notes including links to kristen stuff all the articles and various profiles that we talked over at the tiny house dot net slash one zero six again. That's the tiny house dot net slash one zero six and forget Monday April thirteenth. Something really big is coming so check your podcast feed. Check your email. I will definitely let you know about it But just wanted to put that date in your brain all right. I'm your host even Walden and I'll be back next week with another episode of the tiny house lifestyle podcast.

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Happy Hour #243: Kate Merrick

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

58:57 min | 1 year ago

Happy Hour #243: Kate Merrick

"Hey, friends and welcome to the happy, Jamie podcasts. I'm your host, Jamie. And I'm so glad you're here. Each week on this show, I invited girlfriend to join me and we chat about the big things. I've the little things in life and everything in between. One of the sponsors for today's show is nations photo lab. Get professional quality prints right at your fingertips with the new app from nations photo lab, download the app and get their bestselling by by seven prints for free. Get the prince that professional, photographers and Instagram enthusiasts alike. Go crazy for ordering the app is as easy as one two three upload review and print. Get your ten free five by seven prints from nations photo lab app available in the app store or Google play store. Hello, france. And welcome to may. It is may I I cannot believe that we have made it through spring and summer is so close I was telling some of the other day that may feels like a big just like release of air like we have almost made it. It's almost summertime school's almost over if you're a student or a momma you were almost to the end. And I also want to let you know that if you're listening to this on release day of may, I I'm on my way right now to Kansas. City to join my friend, Jennifer Allwood, who's been a guest on the show before at her equipped conference. I am super excited about going to the conference. Speaking all the beautiful women that are going to be there. And if you're going to be there as always please come say hi to me. I'd love to meet you. I'm a hugger. So just come on in on today's show, my friend. Kate merit comes back on the show in joins me. Kate was a guest on episode number one thirty three where we talk a lot about what it was like for her and her husband to walk through the death of their daughter will today, she's back, and we talk about that a little bit. But what we talk about mostly is how her and her husband and her entire family really in those last couple of months of her daughter's life, really dedicated to practice being present together, they packed up their bags, and they moved to Israel for some medical treatment for their daughter. And during that time God showed Kate in her husband and her family. What it was like to really be present. With each other. Am I hope for all of us? Are listening or that read her book is it? It doesn't take an experience like the Merricks went through for us to also realize that Deering Cates process of that she gave up social media. And today, we talk a lot about why she gave that up. What is looks like for her. And I even throw in my own two cents of what social media has looked like for me over the past couple of months, you're going to love our conversation. Also, I have some super exciting news for you guys. Happy hour live tickets are on sale today for our next happy hour live event, we do these happy hour live within twice a year. We do them two nights back to back. We just most recently had our most previous happy are live on April twenty six and twenty seven and our next event is going to be right here in Austin, Texas on August sixteenth and seventeenth. It is right around the corner. My friends, and let me tell you. This is the weekend before my kids go back to school. So it's going to be the perfect way to spend the final weekend before our kids. Go back to school here in Austin. August sixteenth. Seventeen here is how you are going to find out about tickets, make sure you're part of the newsletter. So if you subscribe to our newsletter, you would have already gotten information this morning about how to get tickets. The link was in there. You're racing to your computer. You're calling your girlfriend's. You're getting your tickets. If you're not a part of our newsletter. Well, you need to be but check on my Instagram Tamar at Jamie, and I will have the link there for you to buy tickets. Now, you're wanting to know who's going to be on your stays with you, Jamie. Well, just recently at the last happy hour live if you were there. It was amazing. We had Catherine low Amy Hanan Jackie hill, period. Andy Andrew in August. Our guests are Rebecca Lyons Ruth Simon's. Lisa turkey. I and says on Hendrix, it's going to be a phenomenal night right here in Austin, Texas. So get your tickets. All right friends about happy are live, which I hope you get to come to because it is so much fun. Here is my conversation with Kate Merrick. Kate. Welcome to the happy hour. Thank you, Jamie. So grab your Austin Texas to be in Austin, Texas. Okay. So you are on the show two years ago. We just looked it up number one thirty three. Yes. That March is when the show aired. I bet we had met that February. Yeah. We did this. We did I tell the story of how we met in that episode is one of my favorite meeting stories ever at Manila to me. It will I read in your book, you said, thank you to me. And I liked it at the end you said for meeting under the lights at Lambert's, you read that I was hoping hoping you did read it, but we did meet at a restaurant up in a booth and sharing your life. But if you haven't listened seriously, go back and listen can get back story on Kate's life, but welcome to Austin paying since we met two years ago. We've actually traveled to Italy together. Yes. That was a fun trip. So my literary agent, Jimmy Burke, guess who works with your literary agent. Don jacobson. Mhm plans a trip every the year, maybe a writer's retreat, and you and I both ended up on it. And I was so glad that you're there, Jamie. You invited me listen, I had heard did you? I had heard about that trip. And I was super jealous. And I didn't know how do I get myself on this list, right? Like, and then you're just like, wow. Just never be that cool or whatever. And then when I get a text from you, and you're like, hey, check your Email. I literally like squealed like, and you said, yes, I wanna go. I I was like yesterday men. I'm they're like, I don't care. I will move heaven and earth all the things. Yes. I'm there. I know I had watched the trip previously, but she took other people. Okay. And thought man that seems amazing and we had so much and it was so good. Aaron was there. And so that was fun to me, and Aaron Ivy Aaron Ivy Ivy he's a good guy. I know we're now we just need to meet your, man. I know. Okay. Kate you or an author. You are a speaker. Yes. A mama to three kits church planner surfer. Yes. Chicken owner, totally donkey owner unfortunate-, unfortunately. What else what else is about it? I am a crazy person. I don't know. I think my husband thinks I'm a little bit crazy for being such a hippie. Like if it's good for me. Like, yes. Add toback. I'm telling you right now. Like, I've been putting mushrooms in my coffee laundry coffee, mushrooms in my tea ground up my room. I've heard of this. Yes. So I am just one of those weirdo. Heavy people. What else? Do you do? That's weird. That's hippyish. Oh, okay. Which you have it right in Austin. So don't even stress about that here. Yeah. No. I'm not stressed about it. I will climb. I freak flag. Pretty Keiko for London Froude. Okay. What else? Oh, I'm a natural DOD girl in. Unfortunately, I'll have pit marks. Like, I'll go back in someone Alaska. We need a video clip of you. And I'll go back to speaking like huge pit marks. I hear you. And honestly, I'm I'm old now. I don't care. I'm forty four. I'm like, whatever. Armpits, sweat like, right. Yeah. What? Natural Jared you use. Okay. So right now because I have one that I love who. I can't wait to hear. Okay. I've been through like, I don't know two hundred dollars worth of notch deodorant in which is like four four four six. I know. It's so true. Yeah. Right now Copari I've used them before. It's amazing it glides on smooth. My pit smell it coconut and it works the best. They have a bunch of beauty products that I've used before that I really and they may right now, I'm using primarily pure. I have found all one. That's what I have. I love it. It didn't work for me. I think every this is the thing if you're listening in you want to step into this hippie deodorant stuff, I think everyone has to figure out what works for them. Because Parmalee peered their lavender one did not work for me the charcoal one. Okay. I'm here for this. Okay. Maybe I'll try. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Jamie. I'm about to give you the tip of a lifetime. Well, not a lifetime. Okay. A year. Okay. Anyway, great tip. Pacifica is a brand. Pacifica. Love those people. It's that there hippie thing. I love they make deodorant wipes. Oh, she when wet says you get on that plane, five hours later, your slamming. Right. You're slamming. I can I can work out all day long not wreak. And then I get on a plane. It's nasty these I'm promise, you, their wives. You'd is. All good. And then you reapply your natural deodorant. Now, it has like deodorant like queens, Anthony zoo, some of the layers. Yes, I will. So you just really so new book I did April called here now. Yes, ma'am. Which I want to say here now. Sorry about that. That's fine. Let's people do it. What are your power? That. Is that? How people are mispronouncing it because my book gets mispronounced all the time. No, it's okay. That's one of the reasons. I chose such a short title. Nobody can say my first book correctly. Okay. They like in even reading it. Here we have Kate Merrick, and she's the author of end she still laughs. Yeah. So you went short this time, I had to beg my publisher. I I'm not gonna say out loud. What they wanted me to name it. But I'll tell you this. This is a good. Really? Yes. Oh, okay. I mean, hey, okay. I got an Email from my editor who I adore. I love people need to know this author's. Don't always have the final word thing. No doubt. Like, we were working for them. They're not working for us. It's true. I mean, unless you're I mean, if you're gonna stand your ground, it better be worth it. And you're gonna be like, John Grisham or something. Sure. Then you can say whatever you want. Yeah. Yes. Because for the money, he's right? And they're like, we don't know. Okay. So they wanted to call it. Are you ready for that the quieting of the Saul that doesn't sound like you at all not at all? I I wrote my editor in MIS. I said Jessica two things number one. That sounds like a feminine product. Yes. I've like number two. I will crawl on my knees to Nashville for to not have my name on the cover of a book called the quieting of the soul. Like, what can you do for me right now? I mean, I'm picturing like a tea pot adore. I can't do this. This is not me, which your book is a lot. It's that does some up parts of your book. She said to me. Well, those your words, and I was like stop. No, they're not showed me it was in the introduction. Which is now no longer in the book. But it was in context. Made sen. Yeah. No, not doing it. So I'm like, okay. No one can botch here now. No radio announcer. No, you know, random hostess from conference here. Now, it's your now Z here. Now like they wanted me to call it. She still asks my first bucket, and I said now like she and laughs they need to sit next to each other on the bus. They are best friends. They can't be apart. Because it gives you still name and still she laughs and still she laughs. She allows and still she because you know, what? I mean, it's like certain words give you a picture. And I love painting a picture like you, you can learn things from a book that you can never learn from a movie, or you know, any other piece of our if you if you want to call it that is important to me when he matter you're an author. So your first book and still she laughs. Yes. Is you talking about walking through trials and suffering? When your daughter daisy. Yes is the book does it start when she's diagnosed or is it the journey after totally after totally on a revisit that. Never. So your daughter daisy diagnosed with cancer into the losing her life. What year two thousand thirteen two thousand thirteen. And so this is the book kind of talking after that still she laughs. Yes. And now this book here now. Yes is journeying. It's almost like you went back. A day. You went back. I run a logically. Yeah. So the journey of you and your husband going on when you guys spent months in Israel, looking for medical assistance for your daughter. Yes. And you go all the way back to about what it looks like to have a purpose and quieting of the soul. I'm gonna use it. I. In your arm pay. I mean, we're just all about like the grossest stuff, but in all honesty. It is about kind of coming back and saying, hey, what matters. And what am I going to focus on what am I going to send my life on? So. Was this book harder to right or the first one the first one road itself. I I literally, Jamie. I wrote the book before I ever sent it to my agent journals and stuff now a you just wrote down and wrote a book. Okay. I mentioned a few months. I didn't want anyone's input my husband's written a couple books. So I I've seen oh they have a lot of input. They have some say I didn't want any say, I'm like, I'm gonna ride it. If it gets published the way, it is great. But I'm not going to change it for anybody. I don't have to get this book published. So yeah. So I kind of just wrote itself. It's one of those things where I just had to come out. Obviously, I had an editor. And obviously she made it better. And all the thing. This one was more of a struggle because it was something that I'm still discovering and still kind of working on. And so, yeah, I go back to what it was like like what I was doing the night before she was diagnosed like what kicked me into gear. You know that even gives you a heads up. You don't have all the time in the world lady. What are you gonna do with it? And then kind of being in Israel is like the springboard those stories are like the springboard of what God has taught us, and it kind of goes back and forth. So like, I tell some stories of like recently when it's like, you know, when our town burnt out on the town down. But like there was a huge wildfires in California. What that was like, and, you know, take what I learned in Israel to put it into practice. Really? I mean, it's so I feel so lucky to be able to who gets to go off the grid for three months. The sons dreamy is so dreamy now I want to ask. Dying. Exactly, it was just thinking I was driving on the way here. And I was just thinking about how God has designed our bodies to work best. When there is some resistance, you know, doing like say, I don't know just like exercise, we get healthier when our muscles get stressed out. And then they have to you know, work better, and how we've all grown through the hardest things that we've gone through. And then we become stronger people we become you know, better in certain ways. And so I I'm grateful for for that in that sense. I mean, people say, oh, you know, would you trade it? Yeah. I trade it right now to my little girl who'd be fourteen sitting next to me on this pink chair. You know, like, yes, I would trade it a million times over, but that's not how my life went like, this is how my life went and so okay Lord winning going to do this. So you look back. On that time in Israel. And you think okay. This is definitely not what I would ever chosen. This is the worst thing that we're walking through probably the worst thing you'll ever walk through on this earth. Hopefully, hopefully, but you also look back and go got you grew our family. Yes, so much tell me like when you look back on those months that you guys were off the grid in Israel, really soaking and family time, you know, unbeknown see you what the future was gonna hold. But also looking for something to save your daughter. What is when you look back on that time? What is one of the most profound things that you learned in those months? There's so many things I'm gonna back up real quick. And tell a story about how how he just took off the grid. So we're in the hospital UCLA were harvesting, dizzy stem cells because the experimental treatment. We're gonna go receive until Aviv. They need a few things before we got there. We're sitting in the hotel or sorry in the hospital. It had already been a week. She's got. Arteries hooked up to this awful machine. It's the harvesting harvesting harvesting. She hardly has any stem cells together because of the chemotherapy, and I'm sitting in a chair by the window. It's I think it's July and looking out the window. It's hot it's L A hate cities. And I am. Looking Instagram scrolling, and I'm scrolling through and the bitterness was growing and growing and growing and everyone else's little girls had long flowing hair. And everyone else is at the beach and everyone else is out of barbecue. And I'm in the hospital with a dying little girl. And I was so I felt so sorry for myself, Jamie. I took a photo. And I posted it was some, you know, snarky. What is it called captured or whatever? And I did that. So people would feel sorry for me. I wanted that was the motive of your heart. That was my motive I wanted everyone to feel sorry for me. And I posted it in. I just felt like the Lord said look up, and I'm sitting in that awful Tournai look over see daisy, and she's bald and she is so thin, and she's so sick. And I felt like God saying she still here. She's still hair, and she loves you. And she's awesome. And she wants to play with you. She wants to do puzzles and play cards and watch cartoons. Why are you wasting your time on that? And I was like. I set it down, and I went over to her, and I remember just getting in bed with her and just like loving our time together, and that was kind of our it was like a wake up call in. So in the following weeks. I think we left for Israel, maybe three weeks after that in the following weeks Britain. I are talking. Okay. What are we going to do with life? How how do we want our life to look we don't know how long we're going to be there? It was opening a ticket. We don't know how long that she's gonna was sand treatment what's going to happen. What do we do? And we looked at each other. And we're like we have to go social media. He was on Twitter ahead Instagram. I still technically have it. I haven't looked at it in seven years. I don't know how to get on it. I don't care. I don't want to know. He went off his Twitter that still technically exists. I looked it up. It's so weird inside. So we went on social media. But not only did we go social media. We left our smartphones in America. Like who does that? Who's like? Yeah, I'm gonna go to this foreign country. Only my smartphones behind and we rented a GPS that had like a British accent. That is so funny because there are kids that don't even know what that is. No, it's true. I would I would say, well, we were going to get maps. And there were like. Like, I paid for math volt and then we were like, oh, no you can rent a GPS. We rented a British. We ended up calling her match. I don't know why. But we were like oh majesty selling, and then there is she would always say Koos around 'cause there's like so many roundabouts, and we can tell she saying cross around about Kulik course, it, and then we're like she sink cursed. The roundabout curse it every time. We would go through around about weed curse the roundabout. It'd be like. Does so funny which is so weird. So yeah, that was like that was like the beginning to this whole crazy practicing presence journey of you know, all this stuff. And I think it it was just practical for us. And it was it was magical who was magical. I did not want to waste one second Israel. And it was not only was it just this. Okay. This is this is why I wanted to back up and talk about going on social media because it's not just social media. It's constant connection. It's texts calls emails family friends. Well, wishers strangers all the things, you know, like we had a blog that had over a million unique hits. That were like we have people like literally policing the comments in. I've just it was just so much. I didn't I quit looking at that a long time ago. You know what I mean? But but just being so easily available and accessible it. We realized every second we spend on that are those are the seconds. We're not spending on each other. We're not spending with the Lord, we're not, you know, we only have a certain amount of seconds. What are we going to do? So he left it all behind. We emailed our families once a week. And we literally we always say, we don't always say I've been saying. We left our smartphones in America, and we brought a debt a deck of cards instead, and we played cards in every cafe in Israel, and it was like. Magical magical, and so one of the most profound backing way at what are the most profound things I learned is that it's not necessarily digital distraction. I think everyone's like, well, the the key as if you just go off Instagram, if you just do this, or if you just that's that's a symptom of a deeper problem, and yeah, you manage it, and you make it work for you. You don't work for it. But it was more than that. That was just the first step. You know, like that was just the first step. I'm not here to shame anybody for being addicted to their phone or to, you know, their socials or whatever it is. I don't think that's necessarily the problem at all. Yeah. Yeah. Manifestation. So that presence that you guys found together. Yeah. If you were to be honest with me had there ever been times when you're like I wish I was a little bit more connected with how I used to be. I would say for the first five years. No, no. There have been times that I have thought should not go back on Instagram. You know, my missing out on that. What I know there's relationships I keep better or this or that. And then I realize now. No. So I have thoughts of it. Also, jamie. I talk about it with my husband because he is working with Channel Islands or forts. Which is he's like one of the top shapers and the whole world and they've been asking him to get an Instagram account, and my personal one a personal and for the purpose of sharing his life. And we've talked about it. And I'm like dude, do you want all this people in your business? Like, do you? Do you wanna be accessible that every surfer and the whole world? And he's like, no. And then and not just like a worse. Oh, awesome. We don't want to be accessible or anything like that. It's just we know what it's like to be accessible. We know what it's like to have. To deal with all that while you're trying to live your life and take care of your family, and and things, but also Javy we don't have pure enough hearts. Like, honest time, honest time right now, we just don't like my house, we live. It's so fun. We have miniature donkeys and baby goats. They're hilarious. Like our donkeys. Literally do go yoga, do, you know? Oh, yeah. We know go yoga here. Alot my donkeys. Do it like I will walk out in goats will be on the donkeyback. Okay. That's hilarious hilarious, and like we went out there and saw it. And we're like this is funny. If we're on social media, we post this. But like, what would my motivation be? Like, thank you think. I'm cool to do like me. Cool. You know, and I just know my heart. I I know that I would love the affirmation too much and make too much of the criticism. And I need the space to just be free of that. Yeah. At this point. I'm leaving the door open. Like if I go on Instagram tomorrow. We're shame. You're chamie. No. I just don't see it happening. Yeah. I just don't. Yeah. You know, I have learned a lot in the past couple weeks because I have taken off in Ceram for lint. Oh, good for you know. And so I've just started talking about in past couple of weeks, but I have learned so much a lot of what you're talking about as well. As I'm noticing is my very heart and desire for after mation, right? My feeling connected in a very weird not personal way. My need almost to be known. You know, and I've talked with some friends of mine who are also on Instagram. Like, this is a common thing, she, you know, and I'm a fan of social media. I've seen in the past. How many weeks has it been four weeks of how much more space my soul has the breathe right in? So you're onto something, you know, I definitely will come back different with a little with a lot more boundaries embrace, right? But I have seen about how difficult it is to even believe in what I'm doing matters. Sometimes when I'm looking at what other people are doing this, bigger and better were to focus on. I started to realize I think I focused more on these eighty thousand people than the five people in my house sometimes and that was just disgusting. Like, I want to vomit when I say that allowed. You know what I mean? But totally honest, our total. And so it's been really good for me. So I mean when I read it months ago was just so good for me about thinking through. That. I mean you start out. I was rereading some of it just this week. And you start out talking about the night before. Daisy was diagnosed and you bring me into the story and the reader because we all have done what you're doing. Yeah. Unbeknownst to you the nine before your daughter gets a cancer diagnosis is you're just online shopping for some lipstick for forty five minutes. Oh forever. Did you buy the lipstick? It was it was a good moisturizer tinted moisturizer? That's right. When you did buy because you said it came mainly bought it. Yup. Did it came in the mail up? But I was I was reading that. I was even like, you know, you read stuff like that. And you hear about okay, you're spending forty five minutes by tinted moisturizer? And you have no clue that the next day your life will change forever. And I've thought about that this week with interactions within my family of I'm all I can also be kind of morbid. Okay. So I'll like I'm the Queen dated so airing it so on, but I have had thoughts before like if this is my last conversation. With my kids as a matter. Yeah. I don't you've been through this road. I don't know that I can keep up those thoughts Kate like every single day. Okay. But listen, Jamie. This is what literally one hundred percent of us die. Okay. All of it's. Okay. I said that wants to the checkout lady when I was pregnant with fi fi. She's like, oh, she I she's like. She's like the calendar. The other is then I'm like, oh here we go. Well, my son's blow my daughter's she would be twelve as she's in. And she's like. 's? Okay, a hundred percent of us die and she's like. Talk about it. I do that too. I leave the house and like dude look me in the eye. Just in case just in case. And then you go on. Yeah. Love you. Because just in case season. You know, it's okay. It's okay. Like, that's another thing. I think I appreciate having here. I go morbidity having handed my daughter's body over is just realising like this is all part of it. This is not oh gosh. This doesn't happen to anyone. But me like this happens to everybody and someday I could be a widow both my kids my son's in Australia with his dad right now. They might not come home. Who knows? I don't know. And you know, what it's been a good run. We always say that when we're on the plane together like Britain, I fly together. Like, you know, when it comes in for landing, and it gets a little key. And you're like, we're gonna diary. Oh, yeah. He looks over at me. And he's like spinning good run. And I'm like it's been a good run. And he's like, I love you. I've always been true. And I'm like me to. Me too. Off the plane and go get your luggage. Go up. Yep. But like, it's becomes they always say all the time because he could be a widower, I whatever, and it's NFL, right? Yeah. It is. All right friends. I know you are loving my conversation with Kate. But I want to take just a second to thank our sponsors today. Show is brought to you by molecule imagine. If your phone was the same as it was in the nineteen forties. Well, that is exactly when the technology that you were using to clean your air was developed with the invention of the hepatic, thankfully molecule has introduced breakthrough science that is finally capable of destroying air pollutants at a molecule level molecules technology goes beyond the filtration. 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That is amazing living in Austin, Texas, right now, you can get seventy five dollars off your first order visit molecule dot com. That is M L E K U L E dot com and enter the code Jamie at checkout molecule, the air, you're meant to breathe is finally here. Okay. 'cause I also want to think another one of our sponsors. And that is a way away offers high quality luggage at a much lower price by cutting out the middleman and selling direct. To Euch when you get your away luggage. You get to choose some nine different colors and four different sizes the carry on which I have in gray the bigger carry on which I also have in pink. And then there's the medium or the large which I think might need for a trip. This summer also cases are made with premium German polycarbonate which is lightweight and unrivaled and strength and impact resistance. And I know that because I've sat on my away suitcase many of nights in a hotel room getting zipped. Also, the three hundred sixty degrees spinner wills guarantee. A smooth ride basketball. Both sizes at the carry on are able to charge anything that's powered by USB port and thanks to their lifetime warranty. If anything breaks away, we'll fix or replace it. Try it for one hundred days. And if any point you decide it's not for you return it for a full refund. No questions asked. I will let you know. This guy's last time. I was in the airport heading to Boston with my son Amos. I was standing there getting ready to board. I had my way suitcase in hand. And I heard two women. Talking and one of them had the away suitcase. And she said, yes, I just kept hearing it on podcast shows. And I knew I had to try it out. And I love it and I smiled because I knew that she was a listener of the happy hour because not ten minutes earlier. She'd said, oh, hey, Jamie live your show. So I promise you use these bags, and I love them so much you can get twenty dollars off a suitcase visit away travel dot com slash happy hour, use the promo code happy hour during checkout. That's away. Travel dot com slash happy hour and use the promo code happy hour for twenty dollars off a suitcase. Did you know, my friend winter pits you passed away? Yes. Okay. So one of the things that stood out to me. And I love talking with her husband Jonathan about this on the show. Oh, thank you, one of the things that I got talking about that. I will never leave me until I go see Jesus. I'll never forget. This is talking about how she ran her race. So well, and we hear that, you know, run the race up before you all the fame. But just like you said, we no one knows when our last day, but God does and that sounds so Christie's and church -i. If a company on the of it is is that no one's guaranteed eighty years. Snow like it'd be like the best plan. I have for daisy is eight hundred eight and a half years. Yeah. That's that's my whole goal for her. Crazy. Isn't that crazy and my best plan for winters thirty eight years into thank God. I don't know the number. But whatever it is. Yes. Can people say she ran her race? Well, right, which is goes back to what you're talking about. Like, do we if we only get so many years or even so many hours in the day? How you wanna spend your hours, you know? You know, I I think it helps. Okay. This is what I learned is that when you boil it down to like the moment by moment thing. I I've discovered that life is a collection of moments, and that, you know, it's not your next book could be called precious moments. That's a great idea. I'm picturing like a soft past styles yet isn't that the figuring we used to have more on the list? Is guy? Okay. The life is a collection of moments. It's not like, okay. This is Jamie. This was her life. It was the show successful, or or, you know, this tragic thing it's like no Jamie's life is every single day. Jamie's life is a conversation. She had with story in the kitchen. Jamie's life is you know, all the things going to going to Italy. Yes. But it's also doing yard work with Aaron it's all those things together. And you're like, okay. I always used to tell my kids. You know, what got us given us a certain amount of money, and we can choose how we want to spend it. And so I'm like I like time is time is money. Okay. Well, how are we going to spend it, and we don't know exactly how much we've been given. And so we want to be sure that we're spending it so wisely. But like I want everyone to be clear that I'm not I'm not judging. I'm not saying like you need to do all these things. But I'm just saying like. If if your heart is troubled, and you feel it cost, you know, maybe that was a waste of time. There's so much grace for that. Like sweet, then get it out. Get it out of your life. No problem like for me like the best spent weekend. I can think of is spending seven hours on the beach going home having happy hour, if my man or with our best sees, you know, watching kids run around in the dark like those are the best things that I can think of to do. And there's balance it's not like never be on social media never reach out to these people. Never be available. It's like be available when it's good and right and enjoy your life when it's good and write and preach the gospel when it's getting right because that's part of it too. That's part of both of our jobs is like, oh, yeah. Okay. Why get to go? Tell people really good news. This is so great. But in my going to do that seventies a week. No. That's not right. Even Jesus took a break. I love how the humanity of Jesus. I love thinking wait Jesus had to get away. Jesus had eat food. She just did all those things in unlike you know, what Jesus is gonna for you. It's good enough for me. Yeah. Right. I think something that. I really love that. You just said is because I'm always thinking through what is the listener hearing. And so what I feel like the listeners thinking is like yes, I want this. Yes. It sounds amazing. How MAC do. I do this this seems so some of it can seem very outlandish crazy to some people and other people it can feel honestly like water to their dry soul like show. Like, this is what I need I need to pull back, and it's not about social media. Like, we just talked about that. But just like you said, it could be whatever. But my favorite thing that you just said is how does what you just did make you feel did it drain. You. Did it feel you and listen there's so many caveats to this like we have to go to work every day. You for your kids? You don't emotively? But there are some ways that we can re-evaluate I'll give you an example from our life four kids, we have one particular kid who would do every single activity. We ever let him do in. He would excel at every single activity. We ever let him do. So we had a little kind of come to Jesus conversation. Merrin had it with me. I because I also would tend to be the bomb that would let him do all those okay because he's happy and he's good at the short. But yet on the flip side, I'm the wife in the woman that preaches guard your time with your man, your family matters. But I'm also like go deacon do everything. So it doesn't add up. Right. Right. So I had a conversation, and he was so kind, but he was like, hey, we have to talk about this. And so we're like, okay, we need to begin. So deacon didn't get to try out for that. His brother did at school because he's already playing baseball. Yeah. He was so sad about it. He thought we would like the wire we hate. It wasn't a. Fight or anything. But I could just tell he was let dour, but one thing that Aaron I talked about is sometimes we have to even show and teach our kids how much their time matters. Yes. And that if you're so drained because you're involved in every single thing. Sure. All good things you're going to have to pull back, and I think that on the flip side women probably have a more of a tendency to do that. Oh, right for sure do everything. Yes. But yet they're not really living for hate. Oh, the surface. You know? So I think even having the conversation of saying of of a girlfriend to girlfriend going. Hey, I'm gonna invite you into my stuff. Here's everything I'm involved in. Here's everything I'm doing right? Here's what gives me life. Here's what doesn't can you speak truth into this. That's so good. And then you have to have someone look at you and go, I think you should off this committee, or I think your kids are doing too many things or was that something with your husband, right, right? Like building time with your gambles. Okay. So it's like the diet. Like Jim remember that chapter? So I was talking about how I have a sugar addiction. Oh, feces Berkeley. Hell it tell the story. Hey, made feces birthday my daughter, her name's fifty. Yes. I know. I know it's short for Feodor with a P H. I mean, the supreme gift we call her fi. She is all up and now she's five. She just okay. Okay. We just didn't hear you. But eighteen year old and a five year old. Yes. I do your life two only children. But that's what I have. Although eighteen is magical can't wait to talk to money Anka, eighteenth, SOGA Sogo. Okay. So I may be some cupcakes 'cause I just love home cupcakes. And I she was going to have a little party. I made her the cupcakes. I thought that the recipe with yield twelve at yielded twenty four boom. So I was like, well, you know, I'm just going to everybody a favor hair, and I'm just gonna eat too. Right. Just right out the right now, just like that's all it takes for me like done, and then the party. Later had another one because I can't be like a rude party guest and not have one. Nobody likes the guests. He's not eating the cupcake. And then the next day. I had the leftovers on top of the stove, which is where I keep my. I don't know why I have like a baked goods leftover learn a plate on the stuff which happens to be next to the trash can. And so I thought I could I could get shove to more down before fi fi notices, and so I was hunching over the trash cannon to more cupcakes in we're talking like huge pile of frosting. Homemade butter cream, just so much sugar in my veins, and you love to who loved it. And then I hated it afterward and so shooter like, obviously, I have an addiction to sugar. And so I talk about how like for twenty years. I'm in California. Like, we do diets, right? All the different diets. If there's a fad diet were trying, but the most recent is the whole thirty diet. Oh, yes. Okay. Hold thirty. We'll kick your blood. You have to take out sugar like. All forms of alcohol. I'm talking vanilla extract. Like, come on, grains. I watch really straight is so strong. But the point of that is is to figure out like, okay. Something's not working right near body. We got to figure out what it is. So that we can get rid of it. And you got to do that for thirty days. And so it just it taught me like, okay. Sometimes you gotta get something out. That's not good for you at a cellular level. So that you could put something else in you that is going to be so much better for you. And so I feel like our lives we need to reflect that, you know, the whole thirty in our lives because, hey, if there's something that's making you sick. Even though you love it. And you wanna hunch over the trash can and hail it. It was making you sick. Emma, long run get it out. This is a lot better choices out there. And so I just feel like we have the luxury of making choices we have a luxury of saying, no, the luxury of doing digital detox the luxury. Of going outside and playing an observing the Sabbath and all the things that are so good for us that we should be doing. It's so good because it is even we talk about the shirt like I would have to use something different in my analogy because I'm not going to stand up the trash can eat cupcakes. But I'll tell you what I did the other day. So I am just trying to it's not I wouldn't call it a diet. I'm just trying to cut out some bad stuff right shy. So I decided I was going to start this on Monday. And I told Aaron that was yesterday in case you're wondering I told her and I'm gonna start this on Monday. Okay. And so on Sunday night. I ate an entire this is so disgusting become what was eight ounce package of spinach artichoke dip. Oh, yeah. Ate the entire thing. Because I knew I couldn't have it after Sunday. Yes. And I'd have to throw it away. Nobody else in my house likes it. Oh, yeah. And so I- joked with Aaron that I was going to do that. He's like don't do that. I mean, that's disgusting. Jamie. And I'm like, no, I'm kidding. I won't turn your back. So you couldn't see. Well, he wasn't home. And he came home later and asked and I was. I did. I did. I did. But I so I wouldn't go for the sugar. But I would go for the Dennis. Okay. Trader just gifted. Yeah. We didn't. Okay. They have knockoff talkies. I don't like a talkies or spicy. Yeah. Yeah. My kids like those. They're not asked by sea like the talkie brand girl. I could eat I go by four bucks eight and they're like, you know, whatever they're not like individual like that will slay me. Now talkies I do like chips chips are ships. Are so good. Okay. So I am so proud of you for writing this because here's why I'm proud of you. I know it took going going back into something that was difficult. It's hard. It's hard to it's hard to write about. But I love how you describe the season. I realized is one of the most difficult is also one of the most refreshing in life changing. Yeah. I mean, your life change because of daisy and her illness, but also God gave you some beautiful gift. Mm through use stepping back for sure that get that gift that will last you for your lifetime. What you learned. Yeah. You know, what you're giving to your kids to your your son into fee? Fi is beautiful so care. Thank you. And I know a lot of people are going to pick this book up and read it and their souls going to be refreshed as well. I hope sound. That's why I wrote it. I'm listeners Jamie Ivy wrote the four were I rewrite the forward. Thank you. You're so honored that you asked me to do that. I was so honored that you agree to or that, you're. Yes. Back in you said, I said, yes out loud. And I was like. My favorite thing that I wrote in your forward. It's dumb because it's not really that. Awesome. But it makes me a goal. I under now time. Okay. Is that you have to give your byline like. Av authorized podcast. So awkward, then I put author of this hosts the podcasts and fan of Kate Merrill. That's my favorite aren't like, my heart is all the worm report. Okay. Kate. What do you love in these days? And what are you reading? Okay. Loving and reading. Although I I have just this memory flashback of you in Italy in Italy. Okay. We're all out at the pool you can walk out legs mile long just hand glowing. And I was like grow you have a tan, and she's like, I'm part Choctaw. Yes. That is so taxes. I know he just I just I just get dark in the summer is so many thing. And I was like I loved that. When you said that with your Texas. Okay. Loving and reading loving loving. Okay. Well, I'm definitely loving these press on nails. I promise you. I cannot game changer. Right. When I walked up your leg when I walk. But you knew they repress. Did you do? I didn't. Okay. Okay. Okay. So I okay. Do you need a Christie Channing is? Yes, and Kyle. Yes. I went to travel to Uganda with them years ago. Okay. Christie's lovely. I was at a conference with her in January, and she had these animals like I love your news or so cute, and she's like girl their press on and I was like stop stop. So she's like, yeah. Target five ninety nine done five ninety nine and their whole areas. Like the accent color. You can give them two story. Okay. There's one accent and everything and you get a few of them. I'm not gonna lie. Okay. So I pressed them on I clip them short because I like short now me to their amazing. And how long they last they've been on. I think this is day eight okay. Yeah. That's great. I know all my friends are getting them. Now, literally like, I have friends taxi me, they're like we're in learning. Get one free. So yet so nails. 'cause you know, I get my nails done every three weeks a three weeks. Okay. Well, it's more than five ninety nine it. Sure. And I always wonder what all's on my nails because if the nails come off the nails are nasty and broken in week. So now, see my first and only Joe Hetty was for for Italy, which I loved, but then when they came off like my nails were in shreds. Yeah. Had to grow them out. I know that's not talk of it. Okay. Like practicing. No. Yeah. Press on you got what else dance I've been dancing. Okay. The older. I get the more. I want like oh Jesus meeting. I get to do all these things. But I wanna do a million more things. Like, I want to have a boutique I want, you know, there's really not wouldn't you could totally rock Btk want to have a boutique whenever you find you want to know. My crazy dream. Yeah. Is a bookstore wine shop. Okay. Bookstores are kind of a dime breed these days, but. But you have a few of your faves. I wanted a wine store we wanted to have like American family. Well, okay. So my husband's family Channel Islands surfboards. I worked at the retail store. It's this. I mean, it's been forty years of an awesome awesome retail store. But I want to have a boutique where everyone in America family does what they do. So my husband makes beautiful sir for it's gorgeous. I mean sister-in-law do something to she makes see gorgeous clothing, Heidi, Merrick, you guys should check her out in LA and she had pop up shop, and I did you. Yeah. I went to it. I were one of her dresses yesterday all through Austin, no less than ten people were like, oh my gosh address. Okay. Look her up you do get into look Heidi Merrick, Heidi, Merrick. So we want to have we take with her clothing things that I love and curate my books. My son does work mice. Did you know this my son made my trailer HarperCollins paid him cash money? Did you watch the trailer noted watch watch the trae? Okay. I will watch the trailer. My son made it a love that literally. My son wants to do video and stuff, and I'm like Alpay you. Oh, yeah. 'cause I can pay him a lot less than a pay. He's really good at it. He hired by Random House to do another book trailer. Yeah, he's legit. He he does like brands and all the things. So I want to have with like stuff that we all do that. And it was fun to have some juice or. Yeah, here's something that is hippy. Okay. So what else dancing? Okay. So I need to kick it up an arch in the fitness department. Like, I feel like, you know, you have a baby I had my last baby. I thirty nine that was weird for me had my first baby at twenty six. And so I was just like. Woo, mama. Just wants to lie around and read books with babies, and I know it's not good for me. And I know any to get the my endorphins runnings of dancing. I roll back my couch hydrog, and I turn on like, a dance DVD and just follow along whatever. It's just like your dancing with a friend. It keeps you going. So yeah, I've been dancing and fifty now she'll either dance with me or she knows like mummy again do work out some really proud of myself. Oh, yeah. I love it. Do we tell you a funny story? Dance video for me. This was years ago. We only had two kids lived in Tennessee and Aaron traveled, and I got a workout video I paint. It was a dance video is well. This is going to sound so inappropriate. But I'm like a married woman. Okay. So this is like Mary people don't tell me, it's like, Paul dancing. It was stripped. Okay. It was it was strip tease, which I've never done this in a I've done a lot of things in my life. I've never done this as a career career you through as a curvier never done this. Okay. I've never done it ever. But get this workout video from the library. This is like or maybe Netflix. Remember, they used to send you IV deal. NFL? I don't know why I get him in the mail GBD's fish do that. Yes. So you don't wipe out your hand. No. So if I went to movie, I need to order it. My my judges dropped Kate. I'm like so sorry that I was like what is wrong with you. Okay. So love it. I might have gotten in the mail. I don't know. So I would doing this workout video while Aaron's outta town all with the idea that when he comes in town now, I'm going to do this for you. Best wife, ever, right? So but he got back in town. And I didn't feel confident I needed to watch her to follow along. Oh, no. About high. There's no way you know, what? No. I like, can you imagine someone trying to be sexy? But like watching TV show now, and then our husbands in the other room because he can't come look at what's on the TV that was my. I've only done that one time. I think we just laughed about it. And. Oh my gosh. I love that story. I'm not a very good dancer. So I'm sure you are so brave and ball that isn't me, so personnels dance dance cardio workout. What else can salads? Oh, yes. I told you I'm hippie. So listen, but now jail kale salad. So we have killed growing in our garden and charred to so Cal. So you cut it up. You always you have to cut the ribs out. And just people listening to you got you cut the ribs out cut it up. You have to massage it, and you got to speak loving words over it. You are. That poor little massage it 'cause it's easier. Well, it's Taseer it's better to digest. So you miss is it so there's oil olive oil, and then I just do fresh lemon juice all over it. And then just gum bought load of Pickering. Oh or parmesan or whatever cheese you prefer. I love Hungary now and in garlic too little bit of garlic in there. It will take it where it wants to go. But this is what I've been doing. Because you know, you can't just eat a kale, Sal. And be like, I'm good to go. You're like, I'm freaking starving some protein in my life. Yeah. Not gonna lie sardines. Oh, you, sir. Dean's promise you sardines yet. No. If you listeners if you could see Jamie's face like, this is hilarious. I wish I wish. People listening could see if they say good. Okay. I used to feed them to fifty when she was a baby because our pediatrician is like they're so healthy full of omega three such a thing. And she would just eat them down. And I'd be like this is discussing this is child abuse. I can't believe I'm doing this. So you can buy them. While Kat EPA free like all the things at Costco. So I had a couple of tens left over from when she would eat them. And when day I was like I need a little bit of this protein opened up the Cam third on their delicious. So not crunchy or anything, they're not and this their headless and gutless. Okay. Good. But the skin is on them. Okay. But, but that's where you get all the probably I'm making up. Yeah. We're making stuff up. It's amazing. They're smokey and hasty. You just can't look we just got cut your try it. You wanna try your kale salad with starting student? I'm gonna send you recipe of errands, kill salad and die as well. So you'll have another recipe. Okay. I'm going to die. I'm on your member. Yeah. I anita. Swap couple recipes out because gluten free 'cause I got like weirdo skin, my hands. But you may nothing yet launch. Yeah. Oh, yeah. You're in the thick of because in his own. Yeah. But i'll. Down this also. Yeah, I'm excited. Okay. I'm gonna try starting. I've had them once before this is this is my this is my experiences sardines at a hotel. Okay after I speak. I literally went to eat everything that you have on your mind. Yes. Like, I need. I need a salad and a burger and pizza. You're like, I want everything. So they bring me my food with twos. Civil wear into. I'm the only one in the room. But they think now is so big that they're asking. Well, they asked me order Caesar salad. They said do you want sardines on it? And I thought deans each that comes with interviewed. No, that's what it was the story Saudis. It was ancho abyss sucks. It does not suck. What happened with the show? I didn't even because they were discussing their disgusting. Okay. C C sardines hanging. Chelsea's are two different things. I was going into the sardine salad thinking I was eating the anchovy salad from before. And I'm glad it was cleared up. Just now. Yes, see I feel like Aaron would be down with the sardines get them you need to get it. You can even put them on a crap or whatever like they're delicious. You could. I mean, I love doing like Chak like you just I don't know if it's technically if it Shuki eatery is just like the meats and either but we do like a big old platter. We pilot with just all kinds of great like smoked a he all the things and just like that. We'll just do that for like we'll have people over on just eat that is so fun. But yeah, starting okay. I'm in I'm in what are you reading these days? Okay. So just finished book launch. So. Yeah, it's been launching. By the words. I'm so I mean, it's like, yeah. I love to read I literally have like twenty five bucks going at once. But I couldn't think of any standouts except for Christie paraphrase book just came out wait to read it. I got it in the mail. She was on a trip with us. She lives on Italy. She's like, she's a lovely Sobion lovely love her. So placement is that what is called main sneakers? It's either place makers place maker. She is the kind of person who when they talk you got to lean in. Oh, yeah. Because it sounds like they're they're reading this beautiful to you. But she's just talking to you talking. You know what? I mean. Yeah. Plus her glasses. They were like gold scope there. She said care. I also want to dig into daughters Suzy. I have you have it. Yeah. You know, Suzy. I do she's lovely. She's so awfully yes. Yes. She's great. Okay. So book launch right now, you're almost done with it. What is if you could say my this book? Here's my hope for it. I'm putting it onto the world. Here's what I want from him. Okay. I want women to read it and know that their life matters. No matter what it looks like like, if it's hard if it's boring if you got toddlers hanging off your legs and their snot all over your clothes, or if you're single on yours like, where's my man, or whatever it is. I want you to lean in right where you are have courage because that life is so beautiful. I look back on like our worst days. Am I think there's a byu? Beauty in that. And I'm so thankful I had the opportunity to lean in so any girl. I don't care where you're mlive lean in with everything you have in the small moments lead into the big moments a little bit. Yeah. Thanks, Kate, Merrick. I'm a fan of you, Jamie. I'm a fan of you too. Okay. Friends. I am so thankful that you listen to the show today with K tonight. I know that you enjoyed it. Go check out Cates. New book is called here. Now, it is a beautiful story of expressing the importance of being present and each moment of your daily life, and I love and adore Kate so much and her book so much that I was so thankful she asked me to I wrote the forward to her book, and I meant every single word that I said in that forward today show is that about Kris with pod shaper and the music was developed for the show by Matt Graham show notes written by occupies lockers. And this whole thing is organized by Lindsey Sweeney next week, you guys we have a special show for you. It is our five year birthday anniversary. I cannot even believe it can you say birthday anniversary, and once in it's no it's our five year birthday, you guys. So I decided to have two of the people who helped this whole thing go off. And that is Amanda Brown who runs our events and Lindsey Sweeney who handles all of our podcasting. And they sat down with me in my studio, and we answered your questions, and we talked about what the last five years have meant. And I'll tell you there were tears. They surprised me and told me the kind words that you guys say about the show, and I cried so much that I was nasal early for the rest of the show. It's a fun anniversary birthday episode. Okay. And I have a special guests in my studio today who wants to finish the show guys. Enjoy your weekend chew show with the girlfriend in have a happy hour with the friend. Thank you story Ivy. Okay. Guys for real enjoy your week share the show with a girlfriend have the happier with the friend. Also, you guys back here next week with my friends Lindsey and Amanda as we celebrate the fifth birthday of the happy hour.

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Ep. 221: The Perfect Rock

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I want to know my new Invention yes it's you take two legs off. Turkey thighs drumsticks you. Stick them in a little pot like a lack say. Dutch oven type pot and then Cabin WITH WATER. Just cover water. You notice is going but then you put in a whole ton of garlic. Don't do to peel it. And he quarter onion put in a whole ton of HOISIN SAUCE. Bolya on salt pepper and a whole tone of ginger. Who put it in your oven at two seventy five all day long and you know the fact that I used to kind of think the ad and all kinds of junk to your brazing liquid didn't matter was stupid. I used to like the improve. My pants and I was a little kid to like people change over time but some people do that was indefensible position. You cannot make up for it later. So how are you serving that stuff? Well problem is you pull it out. And you think you're gonNA make something with it but you just eat it all like that. That's all right. Eat all like that the minute you can tear it apart with a fork. Think you're going like street Tacos. Well the intention or you put it on Sandoz. Make Barbie sandwiches and stuff like that. Just good like that tonight. I got right now just pulled out of my oven. Don't think about doing is just setting that whole thing down on the tabletop. Oh yeah just be like digging watched bones Soga. I did deal the old St talk the last night with their legs. Why Street on a street? No kitchen doc kitchen Taco backyard Taco. But you cook legs legs and thighs pulled it. You'll also I got here with my thing. I haven't sampled. He has I through Hong Kong bear. Scrapping there is a scrap of bear. Meat Just to see jess kitchen when you made your tacos. What'd you put on them? As far as like fixing fixing yeah some avocado. Some little bit lime Simonian. So Darko Sauce Tower. Green nothing real. Fancy if you really want please. Your Woman Seth What? I would do is pick the meat. Yeah okay lightly toss it with some oil kind of fluff it up so it looks like a little bird's nest stick it onto your broiler then put it on your Taco I. Usually I didn't do it last night because I was being late. Usually paying fried then. Oh Yeah The Chew Kabre seasoning they green Taco seasoning which brought his thinks too spicy. That's right every kid on the planet mine. Don't really. I have no problem with toefl kids? You get that stuff into the air and the kitchen. It'll definitely put you down but really. Oh yeah absolutely. Just be inhaling free floating particles that can picture that I tossed a elk. Chang that stuff through it on the grill got it off looking nice and then through that and the Suvi for like a long time. Twelve plus hours and then pulled it out once at my task for a Shank is to try to find where The tenderness coming out all clear if you can poke that tendon and it just kind of split apart and forms around your finger than al. Shanks done now. D- always grill pre Suvi. Will you know I told you the antelope neck in there too? And I didn't grill it prior to I just threw it in the bag and And I'm wondering if that's why took that 'cause charter something that's supposed to create like the one is mired process which is Starting to breakdown now familiar with So I'm wondering if growing the shank accelerated the shank breaking down that much faster than the antelope knack. That had already been in there for twenty four hours and the Shank got done faster than the antelope neck. Anyway pulled the shank out Pulled all that meat and dusted it real heavy with the Chew Cabraha Green Taco and. I'm still working our way through our spice kit by the way and it's kind of like going son of a gun that's good and put some that wag. Ub Fat in the skillet and Chris did up that way that makes a mean kitchen TACO. Yeah Actually Maggie came over and filmed in the garage. Gun Up video that we do and I gotta feed her kitchen tacos. Jim Jordan. She approved good. Yeah good stuff. So let's talk about my my draw a drew mountain goat tag real quick Not Real quick. Steve scoured unsuccessful. Just got word today. How many years did you put him? Well I was putting in before. They came out with bonus points approximately were year. Did you start ninety six ninety seven ninety six ninety seven more than half Your Life. No blow your falls better. Twenty twenty ninety six. She's not only was he good at math. But just like has a real way of making it feel profound right half my yet. Druid brody but check this out. My brother moved to this state. Granted he'd ever move Roy. He stayed put. He moved the state right when I did okay In that in that time he drew. Mountain Goat Moose. There's like as you a little background. There's three tags are real hard to draw here. I mean there's all kinds of special units but in the State of Montana there's three mu sheep and goats real hard to draw as in most all over the west new sheep go and the time that I been putting in so so he drew goat Moose bighorn go again okay and I drew finally go when you draw. When he drew the first time he had to wait seven years to start all drawing again and waited seven years. Draw Notre Dame. Go Take Yeah. I think he's quit applying now. He's taking himself now barely even when he drew his last. Kotecki barely even went. Yeah he half fast but he's doing that kind of over it because I think he thinks he feels like. He should take himself out of the running right. And you know really. He told you that I don't know no. He's just bored of it. He's like like he was like I'm going to get in. I'll go get him out. He wanted to get out. But I'm saying he. I don't think he's participating anymore. In the draws still applying for sheep again. I thought the story was. He yanked himself because he's already already done. So did he get the second goat? No he didn't really care. He got his once in a lifetime tags taken care of. If you don't care guess don't apply Tex- Texas right now case people are wondering what happened to the host. But they're not. They're not once in a lifetime in Montana. Yeah Yeah for most people they are you can. You can talk to that point and I'm going to have to have a long life a long long comfortable life so now but but the point being. You're you're all upset about how you've been putting in never drew but they didn't start doing that. They didn't start doing bonus points 'til 'til later. Well Yeah and to the State of Montana. So what year did you really? Were you really putting him before? I was really really putting in back in nineteen ninety six. And you're wrong honest. He did put in Cal- Said Twenty five years. Yeah I mean I've been putting in since I was able to apply right unless my dad was just totally screwing with his line. Yeah he's sonar didn't give you any allowance. 'cause I put you in for Gold Line. Yep Yeah but yeah I mean the whole bonus point thing. I just hate that. That's even a part of the conversation is the worst thing. Montana's ever done to people other than let non-resident supply you know. They should be ashamed. The whole state. You weren't saying that to you when you were living in Idaho and still applying over here where you yeah. I mean honestly. Here's where I screwed myself a little bit too. I was so disgusted and heartbroken and ashamed to call myself Montana due to the fact that we instituted a bonus point program. That's not even really a bonus point that I refused even purchase them a few years. Which you know only hurts myself is it. What what. You're so upset. You quit drawn. No I apply but I want to get the bonus point. Yeah none zero you real quick explain to people what bonus point is case curious and in to explain why you would Why you would do that to yourself. And then three. It's not a bonus point either they call it that for what system you a order again you from top to bottom what system. I prefer explains what we're talking about So a bonus point is basically a something that instead of putting your name in the hat once you put your name in the hat twice if you have a bonus point yeah go for it. I hate it so much. I mean just stoop. Let's say you have a Let's say the interest and the resource outweighs the resource and you have You have you've determined that you can kill ten mountain goats out of a mountain range without damaging the population but as one hundred with her like. I'll go well. You gotTA PICK TEN OF THEM. So they picked ten of them by having a drawing. Now all of those people send in an application they send ten of a Tag. Well does the other ninety people they say to them. But here's a consolation prize. You get a bonus point so the next year we do the same thing all over an extra two dollars. Give give us two dollars ten dollars or fifty next year. We do this all over again. You'll get an extra point meaning. Your name will be in the hat two times next year because you're loyal customer. Ten years goes by this is like I still have a drone and his tags like well. Guess what Buddy. Your name goes in the hat now ten times. Because you've tried ten times that keeps whippersnapper. Who hasn't been with the program and hasn't been participating from coming in and gobbling up take out from under guy who should be getting some preferential treatment for the fact. He's a return customer and doesn't Montana Square them square's now square them so when I send my stuff in. I'm in there like four hundred times right which I love the fact that he has like so excited about it right Because it's like. Oh Gosh tomorrow okay. So now what's what's wrong with the system. You think should be the waiver. Snappers come in and have the same rights as a repeat diehard sticking to it longtime supporter conservation conservationist. What I think is once you draw tag. You should be done if you are a successful. So it's more of a once in a lifetime thing and then that just accomplishes gave us not what we're talking about question number four on this topic and I think this idea of lake doing points when everybody else is on the same point system. And then everybody's points get squared at the same time and it's just as a bunch of bureaucracy craddock crap to this system the host the systems bureaucratic. Yeah by definition is put by a bureau and then folks like me who just like to think about hunting and the outside and enjoying life. If you're thinking about math in regards to do the do. The math is designed down. How many times you ought to be in there. We are on a conversation today right Sam Longer. Most tag right good grand. He's like yes. First Year that I really got in the nitty gritty. I start comparing all units and all the the the and I found out this one gives you a one point nine percent chance dry. And that's the unit where drew the Tech Craig's like? Oh boy that I you made me hate Moose hunting and then you gotta move Stack Great To be cal this is like I mean isn't the best possible way the criticism you're giving is like it just sounds like What's the word? I'm looking for old commercials. Ah Listen I'm not going to stand up there and say on the on the smart and the room for not buying into the system like everybody else. I can walk off bridge. They saw somebody else. Walk Up Bridge. Hey there's a lot of on stage don't do it. They don't do it in Alaska. Which is a great state to do. The Permits Idaho New Mexico Wyoming for goats and Buffalo Still Montana for Bison my approach on it. They don't do balls points revising. No as far as I know. It's all Everyone's the same chance which is a lottery. Which is what pure lottery. Which is what you prefer. Yeah everyone's got the same chance and you take the minute. Let's say it is pure lottery guy. It's pure lottery newborns. You think the minute someone goes in and reads the provided pamphlet and provided pamphlet gives you the percentage chance. You'd have of drawing a tag that not only ruins the draw but it ruins the hunting for that species. No doesn't I just don't like having that stuff forced upon me and I've run into so many people and the hunting industry where it's like. That's their brand and it's like dicks and inches and then the men and the just you just WanNa go hunting me. I just WANNA go hunting. Jensen that's why I pay attention to the drawings. That's a great way to get a lot of extra opportunity is is looking at that little charging. If you're if you're out in the marker now you know it's it's a in good faith sense of entitlement to it's like well. I'm I'm good guy and help lots of people learn how to hunt and I had faithfully apply every time even though I think the system is God awful and terrible and Montana it for no good reason halfway through my life. I should just get one of those tags here one of these days. That's you know what what is the. Why do they? Why do they do it? Like what is the what what's to gain from doing? The system need more revenue. Yeah they were making more revenue. Yeah I bet one thing it does is it creates dudes like me who are dam. Sure not going to miss a year because you gotta get them points yeah frequent flyer mentality. Yeah good thing. I'm flying somewhere. I'll get more frequent flyer status point system. You know so. We have a bonus point. But there's lots of units one of the eighteen question. Colorado right where it's like no if the whole state if you get X. amount of points. You will draw this tag not necessarily if you get an X. amount but that you have more than anybody else the only way is true preference if I have ten and you have nine before you do. Yeah yeah the Max. Point holders and that are gearing and that stuff always. Bomani out too. Because I was like. So you're telling me. Do not apply to all of these opportunities explained point creep around then we gotta to do that loses lays gentleman. You ask them. We answered special question episode. I spent three hours. People aired their grievances about the fact that I put in the time and effort and money Andrew. O.`day be lying if I wasn't thinking I'm like man Joe. I hope Song Gene Loves Jazz Bell. Who was at jealous? An avalanche sweep Steve off like right about. He's about ready to touch that round off and then his kids are going to be so bummed about hunting. They'll never put in for a special draw tag. That'll increase my his long play. Be With kids explained point creep beyond just just just because I don't know what other states have true preference Wyoming filming maybe Arizona Shrew Reference Wyoming. Yeah I'll explain it so yeah Arizona I think is more bonus system because I think you always have an actual chance but in Colorado it's chew preference surprisingly only for deer elk. Not for. He's a mix for the other ones. Yeah there's more like a bonus point but the preference point basically means that If there are you know ten applicants that all have the Max points which means they've been applying every year since the program started that and it might be. I think these days is getting up near thirty. Isn't it closes. Thirty years have been doing it. So those people that have Max points will draw first before the people that have one point less than them and so on down the line it goes and so in point. There's so few tags. And some of these units that these people with all these points want the every year it takes one more point to dry. Meaning that the Max Point holder pool. Never get old doesn't get satisfied. Yeah so the guys get five points. This year. There was twenty of them ten and they're not cleared off the dock. That's right so the next year it takes twenty six. The minimum explains I never really understood it. Yeah the minimum just keeps going up every year. Yeah it used to be because not like old. Now you're sitting on nineteen points you like own now. All the twenty points guys are gone. Yeah 'cause they got their shit they're not gone and it's GonNa come down to how big that pool of people is because if it is what. I'm explaining like ten tags in twenty people in the Max Bonus Point Pool Shirt only take two years to pull them out and it would drop down to the next one right so every other year you kinda reset a little bit but I think some of those. There's people that have. There's hundreds of people that have Max bonus point so depends on points. Yeah Max Preference Point so it depends on where they're putting their energy in you know whether applying unlike folks no Folks out there sitting there thinking like cal her like. Jeez Louise really that. There's a couple of states. Dry Desert states dry desert states have low populations low wildlife populations in high populations of Arizona. And you have like the Phoenix area. Right Salt Lake City. You'RE IN UTAH. So y'all like big population centers. Dry climate not tons of egg necessarily. That's not tons of farming that supports high wildlife numbers. There are some states out there. Where a lot of hunting opportunities are tied to drawing permits like the that you could you could feasibly be a resin on these states and and not really draw in have a year. We don't get a good opportunity to hunt big game now. That can happen for the most part though we're talking about is like elite group of hard player type stuff meaning most. There's all kinds of stuff you can haunt you. Go down to the gas station. You buy your permits. We're talking about states to allocate either like a certain species which are not abundant species and they'll allocate hunts that way or certain areas where estate or carve off a little chunk of of itself. And be like this is going to be an area where we're going to really limit how many people can hunt there and And try to like grow extra big specimens of animals in this area and create like this really amazing experiences. Or WE'RE GONNA do permit draw allocation here but this is not what it takes to do all this and there are plenty people that hunt their asses off every year. That don't do these permit draws but once you get into them I find. It's fun just for its own sake. I view it as something even more than a means to an end just like Kale hates like I actually kind of like I take enjoyment in. It feels like gambling. But I don't like to gamble. Yeah so maybe. If trump wins I win. Four hundred bucks. People aren't our vets Harvard player. Wouldn't Steve says hard player? This group hard players League group hard players given like a craps table. I didn't say a group over there may be one or two at the craps table that you'd call an athlete whereas the rest are just sitting there smoking and they like rolling dice. Yeah Yeah it's a system. Yeah you can become a guy that counts cards to not the account cards and crap. What's a crafts crafts version? While I'm trying to say you know the odds. Yeah you could be like a real hard player and get a lot of value out of the system or it could be just down and wants to have free drinking. Lose money and wind up coming away feeling burned. Open Steve Slides down amount. But I'll point out. This is the after all these years. Okay this is the first. I've been applying since nineteen ninety. Let's say nineteen ninety-seven. It'd be extra safe. Ninety ninety seven didn't do it as not I didn't apply non-resident or nineteen ninety seven. This is the first time drew one of these things in all these years. It's not like I'm not like the guy cleaning up in the pit boss is like calling up to the Ford Ham. Wash me through the camera. Like I'm just a dude man dude grinding. It out and I think that you'd be happy. Do One last quick thing. Tell us tell tell everyone would rick. Smith's observation was day my favorite sentence of all time. Oh he the he says. Can it be cold outside of when my balls are still claim? Yes great question. I modified it to be like sweaty. But that's what he is getting and it's like it's like I was like you know that is a really good question. I don't understand it either. Callum sure it was a little sarcastic too but in your little in the email you sent back. When you're when you're all pissy about not drawn anything you're also telling all of us out of staters to pack our bags and go home to increase your I should amend that apply birthright. Yeah I've never seen anyone. Se that on social media posts during during this quarantine thing. I was laughing as like go build a wall around the state. Yeah back to work build. Build that wall on parole. Just knock down there whether waste waste all that. Walling material got away shorter border. Que question do spike by spikes he saying spikes. Gino that there was a ice fishing bait called spikes in Michigan. You know what you get Regionally Spike is ice fishing. Yeah a waxy wax worm is like a you know little larval. Tell it from new. Once upon a time the wax worm a spike is one of those that has a tail on it. Or mouthpiece yeah we call them mousy small season spikes. It looked like a Maggot. Is it long and a little bit? It's a or the tail and you'd call it a spike but this guy and he says do spikes always stays spikes. He's talking to spike box so balked at throws pencils. Do they always stay? Spikes is it beneficial to kill them over a big buck because poor jeans. No and no no. You're not always stays spikes and the next year they'll grow different answer in two. It's been proven conclusively that if a bought a spike that does not indicate his destiny as a book. That's right he will not always be like a little dinky but he's just as much just like a little small second-grade kid you can't say oh you'll always be you know little small kit. Yeah I found a spike elk. Antler on the ground here yesterday. Did you really Yeah Nice One. Do visuals are really cool. Cool on Oh probably fourteen inches really. Yeah the The reason that some units have spike like spikes specific tags is They find that increases the health of the heard over time. But it's based off of the fact that you're taking an animal out of the group that's Kinda voted nature's voted it most likely to die anyway. It's in that age glass of not making it out of the the learning curve yet Yeah and allows you to kill against you. A way to kill younger bowls out killing too many younger bowls. Because it's like you'd be that you know that you might only have X. percentage of the population are going to be that way anyway. Yeah the GONNA be eligible to be hunted. Yeah if you ever get the opportunity to look over big elk or try to pick out all the spikes yeah. I've talked a lot of guys have drawn spike tags. They're just GONNA be waiting around spikes. You were viewing your mind man. It's like you go long time without having a spike in front of you you know. It's not like they're does everywhere again. A lot of places are protected. You can't shoot Yeah who highlighted best advice for public lands and Pressured Areas Question Mark? Not Me that oh I did. It's seems like a very broad. Well I was going to narrow it down to a tip. I'll give it. I think everyone should offer a tip and it doesn't need to be broadly applicable but just a tip that comes to mind is asking out one morning. Public LANDS IN PRESSURED AREAS. My tip and is not applicable to all situations. But it's a way of thinking is there are ways does not ideal to be in a high pressure area with a lot of other hunters competing with you but my tip is ask yourself think about. Are there ways that I could make this pressure work for me? I've seen it happen like places. Where when all hell breaks loose on opening day? I have a feeling these deer are gonNA blank right and make it work for you and have make it be part of your plan. Yeah Yeah I like that the pressure yeah agree we use dot in a spot every year opening day? Duck season Muskegon Marsh. Your success relied on there being tons of people marsh. You got good shooting all day long if you it over to stream channels and stuff because birds all day and then ten in the morning and we decided to go home and it really heats up because he gets riverboat and get out on the main channel to drive the riverboat back in. They put all the ducks back up in the air again and it was like you need it to be high pressure which leads me to my hot tip go in would be get up earlier or get up later so you either beat everyone out there by getting up really early or you sleep in and you get out there about ten. Am and wait for them to get out of their way for them to get out and you may catch animals moving because they know the schedule of the bulk of the hunting population might dip would be too. There's a lot of surveys out there like collor like we're collar animals in high pressure areas to see what they're doing and oftentimes surveys reveal that like say a big whitetail buck is hanging out one hundred fifty one hundred hundred yards from the parking lot because everyone's walking right past it you know. We had that we had the Turkey master. Mike Chamberlain married. They had Turkey. Couldn't be killed. He William send people out Intel them because they were studying. Turkey couldn't be killed. He'd send people. Here's the Turkey has tried to get them. They won't be able to get him eventually. A guy gets in a fight with his wife. Drives down road parks at the parking area at the stake or check station. Walks over a hill to pout. Kills that Turkey? There's overlooked areas spot. No one was on the parking lot of a guy that I hunted elk with when I was just starting out archery hunting real goofy dude. Really Real Fun guy but that was his thing like you would drive to the parking lot at the trail head. Whatever is spot was on the side of the road y'all slam corridors be talking and then the second. His boot went from gravel to dirt. His body went into Crete mode and he had his cow call on his mouth. He'd wait and listen in. He hunted for. I mean from basically the truck door on like this the second he pivoted from away from the truck door he was hunting and that is definitely served me well now just the blow. Pass all the stuff that everybody else mostly. Yeah Yeah my tip would be to know that country better than everybody else. Walk it a lot crisscross it. No every little draw whatever little ridgetop looks like and just really commit the landscape to your memory. Not just in hunting season proudly sure. Well Yeah I mean. There's probably not the tab I'd be walking around it. That's time I'd be haunting. You know but I think Ma enough people don't like just know they're landscape well enough so that they can be standing anywhere on their pressured. Lan in just know exactly what it looks like on the other side of the Ridge to riches over the road leads to Knowing places like no matter how much pressure our unit is getting. There's still going to be places that aren't getting hunted. Just because of the way the landscape lays out or where the trails lead or the roads lead so look for spots to go into where you're bushwack know don't use trails and bind places to access. That's not getting accessed easily by a bunch of other hunters Joe. Who's right little sometimes? Oh man it just as hard like staying optimistic which is hard to hard heart. That's the reality. Absolutely strategy for when Turkeys are calling back but not coming in which I feel like that's called Turkey hunting. That's most days. That's Turkey hunting is. It's you hear a bird call. And then Lo and Lo and behold it does not come in when we walked away from some birds this year and called and then they. They're three of them. They turned and decided. Now is the time to come ran back right back into our exact same spas that we have been calling for all. You left a spot. Yeah so birds were across this draw. It was way too wide open. You're never gonNA come in to do anything so as well. It's just set up in call we call and call and they're chatting and kind of shutting up for a while to call again. Cow Is just is not going to happen so get up. Walk up on top of the Ridge which was only about seventy five yards. Probably call again and then it was. Just the response was like well. Now we're coming. They gobbled back and I look at these three black dots just kind of like charge them away their mood changes and just ran right back up into our same previous divots in the grass and three minutes later that Tom was right there with him because they felt you're leaving. I guess yeah maybe they could hear us better because we got up a little bit higher. I do not know that. Your changed their tune trickle incidents to you know absolute decide to come. Sometimes I don't know I like I like to change angles on them when they're when they're doing that if possible after you left me in around the Zula. Last week I listened to birds for an hour over on private and I wasn't going to suck them over so I just walked away at that point. You can't swing around on them but had they been doing the same thing. I was able to go there. I would have just you know. Come from one hundred eighty degrees the other direction. You know targeting front them if they're moving. I think if you can if you if you determined that bird is moving like just out cruising was they'll do mandl's like lay morning meal the day they move one. You think that you get all excited because he's traveling around Goblin like well. This birds good as dead because he's obviously outlook for hands. But it's like he's he is but he's doing something different to which I'll never fully understand but that does not necessarily mean it's GonNa come in but sometimes if you can get ahead of them they can change. We call one issue. This thing was just gobble. Gobble Gobble Gobble. We were behind it. Eventually it slowed down and start messing around long enough for us to pass them up and then he came right in when it was kind of more not following him chasing him became in Man I dunno different angles get in the zone more. I think there's I've talked about this a bunch. I don't know if it's true or not but feels true to me is that there's like there's a proximity where they they sort of can't they don't. WanNa ignore you. They're gonNA do something maybe you get. Maybe they're gonNA spook or now but like you get into a certain ring around perceived their area differently and I've had I can think of a few times in my life where they're gobbling gobbling and you're calling gobbling gobbling and nothing and then you somehow creep into some were just can't ignore you and also then they'll like pop over right because you got so close to can't ignore you also we this this just the other day. We just came back. The next day had a bird it was just seemed like unworkable and came back the next day and just kind of took what we learn from the day before walked away from could've stayed out and harassed him walked away from with the plan like in the morning came back in the morning And was different while different mood. Some different than the next day had just totally in our area hanging out got him in the day before he was like the impossible. Turkey you know. Yeah like the ones like nightmares are made but then the next morning for whatever reason he's Iradar all I like. I like making noises that Turkey's would make our than calling like scratching the making it sound like there's Turkeys there. You know like you hear Turkey's in the woods walking around and doing it without the Megan the sound like make it sound like Turkey. A lot of scratching noise. Yeah and Weird. Little sounds vocal vocalisations. Yeah so that the back and forth that can get pretty exhausting like I call. Then you call or you called and I call had two birds this weekend where this was going on and on and on and it was in the evening it was getting pretty paranoid that they were just GonNa turn and head for their roost wherever that was because I hadn't found it And this was taken a long time and eventually they gobbled again and I just hit them like three times in a row with a YELP YELP YELP YELP YELP YELP YELP yelp bill and all of a sudden they were right in the spot where it can shoot them. They'd like three yard Wayne. The Tom's totally straight it up like oh ninety degrees over my left shoulder. Yeah try changing your calls. Call sequence given something different. I've also developing this theory about Turkey's been development for awhile is not fully developed. Is I think there's something going on where you guys like. If you imagine a Turkey you picture. They're all he's thinking about sewing his seed but she's thinking about that he views. Everything is being a prelude to him sowing seed but I don't know however they're wired. I'm starting to feel Turkeys. Find some value. They get some satisfaction out of just strutting and gobbling like that is to them an okay way to spend a day like I don't think like Turkey comes and he seventy five yards away and he just Goblin and having a hell of a time Goblin and Stratton and he doesn't come in. You won't be like oh I messed it up. Spooked him at a six times like he doesn't know what happened. He's just like just doing his thing that he him. That was totally normal interaction. He gobbled a bunch. He started all around. He liked did his thing. The hand never came. She walked off and it was like he walked off happy. It's not like you blue. Because you WANNA BE. The guy blew it. I should shoe that but the Turkeys probably is great. That's my mental allegation the free time. It's like oh I got to close gives too far but only call one more like after. I called made him gobbling. Eighty-five Times Nevada only called. That one. More time you to come in you know in his mind. He owes a great morning he he there's there's a hanover. There by God like I buy it. I just didn't go over there. I throw another tip out there. That purists won't like the purest collars you can always try sneak in and bushwack them to no but I mean that's how I killed my first couple Turkey no confidence and raise your hand. If you didn't kill you first Turkey by Bushwack. No hands are on. That was our strategy. Yeah and it still works bushwack him. Yeah especially spot and them. Yeah we'd find. Among like dominion he goes down. Deitch run totally man. We had a lot of success. It's not nearly as fun their day. This kind of weird thing happened where the other day I wound up. We got set up in the morning and I wound up having Turkey. I'm not joking. Because I reigned found it like I wound up with a Turkey. Closer to me in a tree. Then my decoy. Straight UP ABOVE HE BASIC SNECK sticking out and I was like I didn't. I didn't if I've been in there with my kid. I he probably would have been able to talk me into it but I didn't shoot him down the legal to do it here. It is my understanding is. I don't know my kid would have been putting an enormous amount of pressure you know. Shoot squirrels that out of that tree do it? Someone else grab one are birkenstocks considered better or worse than the traditional flipflop so funny. I'm recommend birkenstocks but it'll be better than a traditional flip-flop for sure I if in like hunting sort of application for sure if I had to hunt my regular flips or burkes which I don't own our Goldberg's with quirks. Let's start very quiet because of the flip flop in. Berks are not going to expect gun right through the woods and Berks. They're going to be like probably dead. You'RE GONNA do. I don't recommend hunting either. But nobody's saying if if you have to go with the berks. Why do red rock crab get such a bad rap compared to Dungeness crab you know? I don't know I don't know our kids. Were picking them up left and right last summer member. I don't know the yield is less. The shells are harder to crack and pick but they're perfectly great willows restaurant which like this world famous restaurant on alumnae island in puget sound and they get all their stuff from around there you know and they make crazy stuff. It's really good. You kind of go there and spend the night and you eat there and it takes all damn night to eat. He stuff the rock crab yeah. I loved them when we were grabbing. In Jesse Griffis. Your likes them. Remember that was stones Iraq's stones or did we get some rocks with Jesse Jesse talking about just trying to get stoned gains. No Oh is he. He did red rock. Yeah but with Jesse where you were stone after stones blues clues you can just keep the Claus messed up next up I think they're great. I think that There's also thing to happens where people have notions that they picked up from people that had notions and they pick up those notions from people that had notions and none of the nurses matter. It's SORTA like how anal don't taste. Good how mule. You're not as good as whitetail. No no no. Just don't stop people say trafficking and dumb stuff. I like stuff you don't I mean you don't even have to trap those things you just wait around and grab them grab there is something to be said for an easy bic grab them. Here's a great question. What are your thoughts on the notion of Pleistocene re wilding? I think it is a complete waste of time fun to think about. I'm not interested in scenery. Wilding for you folks at home is that you would Either re you would either through genetic wizardry bring back right like clone. From whatever shit melt the permafrost the you would clone extinct ice age mammals from the pleistocene fauna and and cut them back loose and some people are like to hell with that. What you do is you just go. Get the closest approximation. It's still running around loose so with that thinking you'd say like mammoths are gone but let's go get some African elephants and cut those loose on the Great Plains and they used to have horses here during the Pleistocene or go get horses from Siberia Mongolian called Dole's loose and on down the line and put all the junk back to make it look like a look a long time ago I think it's a distraction. Fun Distract the fun distraction. I think that we should spend our efforts If if you'RE GONNA make the goal it comes down to like if you're gonNA make the goal. The goal is to look like acts. I just don't think you need to go back. Thirteen thousand years and have that be the goal. Yeah I mean so. A huge argument for this re wilding right is to limit the amount of greenhouse gases that are being released out of the permafrost. And that's because you're in a lot of these areas you have this encroachment of trees willows. Brush that Was Not there. When all this pleistocene fauna was out there because they Actively deforested the area Bison woolly mammoth orces. The different bovine species. They would be hell on trees just like you see if you have any of those animals in your area or the current approximations album. They rub up on trees and killed trees like elephants and drafts and whatnot her L. Elk and alker hell on small trees to and they do it to a certain degree Anyway you expose that ground and it gets deeper frost. And that's what's keeping the permafrost and I've read. I've read argument for for re re wilding. The Tundra for Re wilding the Tundra a movement to rebuild the Great Plains. And that's just for for funsies. Just people have probably had little summits about little conventions and it was bring in like the American lion has gone so we'll get an African lion the woolly rhinos. Let's get regular rhino. Maybe as era I dunno now and just start stuff. Lucile look like he did a long time ago. It's beyond fancy people to write a whole damn books about this. Oh Yeah I guess. I'm all into rewinding rewinding until like a time we didn't understand now I think he just like in my mind if we're GONNA be like what's the benchmark the benchmark would be in my mind now the time of European contact. Yeah if there is a purpose like it. A contemporary example at is Anthony Mocatta and I are hiking on this region Sonora. And as you guys know for those who don't like there's and big things with needles a nettlesome and really thick brush everywhere But it's pretty darn open on this ridge because and there's crap everywhere like domestic cattle crap everywhere and licotta says he's like man. I'd love to see this place without the cattle and see what it'd be like so you'd be back to fourteen hundred and fourteen hundred but I was like man looking at this place I would almost guarantee you. There's no possible way. We could walk on this line if there were no cattle. Oh because those are the reason that there's areas opening up opened up enough for us to cruise through here bill and it's Browley to a degree. You know Lebanon enough sunlight to grow grass and stuff like that and if you went back to the mid fifteen would be as far back as you'd have to go to get pre cattle because you know the caliber running there. Since since the fifteen hundreds there was probably a hell of a lot more larger before on the ground. Yeah Yeah I would. Yeah I would think I've got to become like the older. I get the more on becoming kind of like a cattle apologised man. I found myself. Being a cattle apologised the other day whereas driving down the road in front of Mile. Mansur destroy the Riverbanks House thinking. Have I mean we keep talking about? I mean I know they did. They did they had like more of a rotational and migrated and all that but like buffalo around the riverbanks they'd pound and then it'd be gone for a year. Whatever but I just like. I don't know that the whole I don't know that the whole answer to solving problems of just we just got rid of the cat. Yes and then they were just have a whole bunch more houses. Yeah I mean yeah. Good well grazed ground. You know great for a ton of different bird species you gotta have those different Heights grass for Invertebrate life which is important for the pulse and you know we just like to think of things so but in such a binary way. Yeah exactly well. It's with cattle without guy or without guy because you go to places that are just new to yeah always the way overgrazed It can be like people who make mistakes or bad. Actors also run cattle like very responsibly. In not is some people will let you believe that. It's just like if it was only we can only get rid of cattle. It would be like the Earth would blossom. I I think it's a little bit too simplistic. I agree. I remember being out with a guy one time who used to do he used to do. He's the RON lease programs for. And we're up in a elk meadow. He was saying if I got called up here and cattle had done with these. He goes by got called up here in cattle. This I'd had to have a talk with this guy that bombed out bus bombed. Oh Jeez it's fine that it was a our going and Cav you know hundreds of them hanging out in there just your pod up and you know he was Joe but you get the point of the joke where where it is extremely bad as like right now. It's going on South America where they're just chop and large chunks of the rain forest to make land for cattle to graze on that's problematical budget levels. But Yeah I mean. That's the thing though right it's like do you weren't calories on cattle. Well I want. Well managed cattle as an option. Nope non-uk it's kind of a moot point because there's no world in which we're not gonNA have cattle right so how. Yeah it's like well let's go back. Can you imagine this place before man? It's like nope and nobody else can't yeah like didn't exist for WHO's GonNa grab the next question. I want to hear your thoughts on. How safe is it to eat raccoons? I highlighted that one and not because I know how safe is accused but I was talking a little bit with clay nukem about it. And he's explained to me that there are all like if you're worried about. I think a lot of people are scared of raccoons and eating raccoons because they show sheet them with dumpster diving. Where in the wild is not really the dumpster diver that say he's not a scavenger for the most part? No who cares of us. Well I think that Scavengers tend to taste worse. Because they're eating rotting meat. You know well. Like for instance for you buddy mine on his wall has this huge pig skull and he's a California guy he's like that and I'm like. Wow that's a big pigs skull. Where did you get that thinking? It'd be like Texas or something. It's got big tusks us like that to California pig. He's like that's the biggest California pig I've ever ever gotten and As I go. Yeah what story on that like well not much. I came around the corner. It was head down. Feeding jumped out. Shot went up there and it was face down in a pile of dirty diapers and he did not eat that pig. Okay that kind of dumpster diving sure. I Bet Raccoon I. It's just like it's like a cooked. Every which way imaginable. Yeah I think the only legitimate health concern would be. I think they not thing they'd be trickles carriers What about rabies? They are known care. You'RE NOT GONNA GET RABIES meeting it. Yeah that's a lot of people's worry though. I think a lot of people associate raccoons with rabies. You want which is on this. Wear Latex gloves. Watch this out in our book. We're doing Our wilderness skills are willing to skills and survivable that we're doing me in brody writer's cramp riders cramp to hammering hammering anyways. Check this out. This is in our boat. Seventy percent of the rabies cases in this country come from what greater domestic cats skunks rats. Birds Bats guess what percent guess what percent come from dogs. Globally globally way over ninety percent of rabies cases attributed to domestic dogs in the US. Because we treat the shit out of dogs seventy percent or bats raccoons foxes and offer high up the CDC is saying that You can get from non bite. Exposures like scratches abrasions or open wounds that are exposed to saliva or other potentially infectious material from a rabid animal. Other types is context just petting coming in contact with blood. Urine feces of rabid animal or not associated with risk for infection. So I think eating meat would fall under the ladder. Because it's bag cheerleader. You're GonNa Cook bias but SAR cooking. Yeah Home it back. Yeah so don't go messing around the raccoons mouth. Yeah so the trick knows. Got The chance get rabies from handling raccoons. But once you cook them. I think you're fine but when we go to make a good. We did it. Every which way we had Bo Jackson on this show like the athlete famous athlete. He talks but he's got. He's got good raccoon recipes. Klay nukem spell Newcombe. Were PRONOUNCED NUKEM. Klay New House quaker. Come I don't think he's done. He's eating too much. I think he was telling us that for the first time another fellow. He's been hanging with Kim over and made some year like this street tacos raccoon for him and he said it was delicious so I think some sort of brazing you know. It's probably similar to black bear. I'm sure man we braised I. We then grilled brazed to tender. When I get my I and I'm definitely eating that thing. Oh yeah in the old days like an old books people are soaking it in vinegar and then cooking it in the old days. Yanni you take your dog out for records. Is that where you're you're fixing on? Maybe I need to start getting them out or something. There are quite a lot of raccoons on this street. Dead Round here lately. I've seen too. I know yeah. Yeah but no I was going to go down and chase them with Klay Nukem. Oh Arkansas. Very cool next garage next best way to Cook Small Mouth Bass. I think the best way to cook small to make sandwich out of fish sandwich like they make down Florida everywhere. You take the fish. You fly the fish. Get the playoff skin. The flay and then you do John Gary Signature Zipper pinball removal technique to think. We talked about one of our books. I can't really explain it over there. Small flailing their sq. It's skinned but skin Zayda. So what would be the skin side up? And you feel in the middle of the flay running like laterally. You'll feel that little line pin bones run down there. You get to the end of that little so you move from the front part of the flay toward the tail and you feel that little pin bones ends then you a little v. Through the flay right at that point and then you grab it like. You're opening a zipper and that little that little V. Tab is your zip ripple you grab that you see me do works on rock fish to you grab that pull it like you're opening zipper in all those bones come out connected then. It's the perfect sandwich size. You get a hoagie roll. That's like the exact same size is your small mouth and you bread and FRY that flay and you put it on your Hoagie. Roll with Pickles Onion Lettuce Saracho. My saying that right. Yeah Yeah Saracho sounds great. Reason not do that. We used to put stuff on. I got into putting the Saracho has a good sandwich we we had a we elliott. Who Know Competitive of Bass Fisherman? Where do you call when you call it not quite pro amateur competitive bass angler small mouth specialist and we went small fishermen that somebody should never eaten small mouth? We made a sandwich. He enjoyed it. He said he didn't want his wife to eat one of those sandwiches. Because you'd wonder what he'd been doing all that time letting all those small mouths go another term that you love on the half Shell. I like it because all I'm doing is not I'm just not a descaling the fillet so you take take your flay. Throw that thing. I put a little salt on their And just put it on indirect heat on the barbecue and in a about six minutes you can grab that thing and Hook your thumbnail into the flames and the skin. Sorry into the skin and give it a shake and that whole side of meat will just slide right off the scam your plate and it is beautiful on delicious. My childhood fishermen Tor would Cook Large Mouth Bass. Flays that way reeler. I've eaten one large mouth. He would soak the skin off silken milk not necessarily lead the skin on. Take the playoff leave the skin on soak it in the of milk which is a big thing where. I grew up. Put stuff all the time. Then grill it. Yeah what is I know? There's been articles and stuff written but I've never dunk. You'll I don't like it's hard to explain. This is supposedly pool blood out of I did it diminishes. If you gotTa Fisher has like a muddy weedy Kinda taste. I'd hate to go up from scientific committee on this or something like to Congress about it but I feel that takes the Mardi Weedon is away from there. Said I feel as though that's true and I feel is all it matters if I feel that it's true must be sure it helps when you're like well just committed a half gallon of milk to this so something's GonNa Happen. Here's a great question. No one's GonNa know the answer to this but we can speculate on it. Can you trapped Burmese pythons with three thirty kind of bears out on this one yeah? I think that you'd run into a lot of problems of to us in setting three thirty Khanna bears. You are needing to channel. You're the needing to like read. Sign real good. So you know right where that animal you're trying to catch is going the thing most commonly caught with three thirty s as for Wolverines and what. Most people catch beavers with three thirties and beavers. Really tell you they wanna go by the sign they leave. They did canals have runs a entranceways into their lodges. All these ways in which you can look and be like man. A beer is going to go here for sure. And you said three there and low and behold he passes through there and he got him. I don't know how you would. Chandler Funnel Python Live Bait put a little rabbit or a mouse inside a cage and Erg. Maybe some fair amount because those males are hunting females. You're not gonNA catch and behind the behind the ears. That's the thing is mid body that it might you might be. I think it's got to be the right size python. I feel like a lot. We'll go right through at three thirty if you had so. When you're starting to three thirty a lot of guys want set you said it. So the triggers are on the bottom facing up not up facing down but if there's any kind of current or whatever now and then you've got to put it triggers facing down because the current will trip but all it all things equal the triggers on the bottom. So that then it don't mess the hair up when when the trigger components are against its back after get sprung python. You WanNa do like you'd WanNa position the triggers like you're doing out or proof. Set are bent low so anything can pass through triggers on the bottom so he just crawls over and snacks. Yeah but I feel like I don't know if you hold onto. I don't know he might just slid around out of there. I don't know I think you'd hold onto it. Just I don't know I wonder if he'd priced. It'll be alive when you got there. Yes absolutely and the problem. Is Mrs Sat on Python? He'll bugger. You'll never catch. They'll get trapped straps trap ion you besides boots and optics is the one thing not too cheap out on for a western pack Yeah I thought about that earlier when I read it. Read the question. 'cause thinking man if you do get something down there you don't get some now if you're actually going and packing in if you're gonNA say you're going to carry more than thirty forty pounds packing overnight. Boy ill-fitting pack is can really make shit out of your time out there. You'll jumped at me when I saw what I got to thinking about sleeping bags that to my people always get all cold man gold and then they show up with a ten pound bag which you know out of your forty pounds boy. That's a quarter of your weight. You can't have that people getting cold people having enormous bags what you get when you spend money on a good bag. Is You want a good super puffy bag with lightweight in scrunches up and that takes money. I don't I don't know enough about sleeping bag manufacturing to understand why but that takes money. That takes a lot of money. You can make a big giant bag. That doesn't prove and it's warm. You make a real cold little bag. That does proof of this warmer too big but a warm bag that puckers up pose. A Damn balloon cost a lot of money. Yeah I I'd love to explain the your thing to me and finally sunken in another year. So you'll understand sleep. High end sleeping bags were makes them light and small expensive. Is that the quality of the down tired equality. It's going to cost more. What you get higher qualities that we're actually keeps you warm in down is it's loft which basically makes an insulating layer around your body right. Well the higher the quality the down the less it takes to make that insulating layer. So you can weigh it and have a half a pound of bad down in in In one container and then a half pound of good down another container and that good down will be how how much better it is. It will be three four times as fluffy so does creating more loft and more of an insulating layer tracking. No I'm dragging now. Also you need to have a lightweight outer material because if your materials too heavy on lightweight down it could actually crush it in crush that insulating. You know cocoon that you're trying to make around so you've got to have some lightweight material that has also tough is lightweight and not tough hole in your down bag and down. It's going to be everywhere and that doesn't make for good insulating layer. We're great explanation. How how did you? Where did you get trained? Up on talking sleeping bags. Oh ptarmigan sports and Edwards Colorado where I worked retail when you were salesman sold and sleeping bags. A great description thanks. I doubt down sleeping bag to needs to be paired with the Nice insulated pad leaving PAG. Because you compress that down on your back you gotTa Good Pad. You gotTa have a good value pad but is that like absolutely. I mean this person wants a need. Like what is The v? Next thing what is the why? Why has the one thing? What is the one thing? And I don't want to hijack the whole conversation. It'd be sleeping bags by one point one. More thing oddball slingbacks. Because I keep seeing making this mistake the ratings sleeping bags come with a rating about temperature ratings and I'm not sure there's a competing rating systems but a lot of these rating systems are not comfort. They give it like a survival rating meaning zero degrees. You won't die. Lay there all night. Freezing your head on the tags. They've actually started doing like three different settings like waiting to vote explaining. It'd be like you can survive down to this temp. Most people will be comfortable this temp and you'll be great at this temple. That's that's helpful. Yeah I up Man. I mean we live in the far north. We're in the northern tier state But travel or place If I was going to buy a bag and just have be my bag out. It'd be hard to talk me out of not getting zero. We're like ten degree bag just versatile Absolutely if you buy a real good one and it pooches up anyways puckers up pooches up with say compresses. Well it just you just Kinda. Don't ZIP DO ZIP IT. But just like if you're gonNA have one bag land around our get way way colder bags and you think you need very full agreement. Okay this stuff you can't you gotta you gotTa go full on about something you can't you can't you. Can't you uses here. You can't cheap out one thing you can't. She Bowden now counting. What shoot iron. What does he want? WanNa Cheat Booth and Vina's sleep bank booth by the pack clothing defined cheap out. Well like when I first started hunting out. West is wearing like car heart pants and shit like that and I got by but man. When you've got wet it sucked just walking around sucks. You know they have all the hair off your leg heavy and plenty of people still hunting jeans and you know whatever jacket they can grab. But it's great to get soaked. Cut It once you once you start using good close. It's like you could never go back a lightweight. Close yeah much of this stuff man. When you make the jump they thought you would never make never. I don't need the you finally do. You're like I am an idiot. I'm not gonNa tell anybody but I cannot believe I didn't do this ten years ago. Yeah I remember when I gave up on gas station coffee. Same thing man after I shouldn't have done that because it's hard to go back to gas station coffee. Yes Sir like Hot Coffee. Flavored like yeah. That's the only problem with. There's probably not bad coffee. They just don't put enough grounds put enough in there. So yeah I'm burns. Your lips taste like hot water. I'M GONNA say I'M GONNA go sleeping bag as well But know that you're just going down a path and this is not the last thing you need. Eventually he will cross cross the Rubicon yet. Another bridges that. You didn't think you'd need yeah. Good stuff's fun people are always like. Also you're saying you need this this this and that to go do that know it's Nice helps makes me enjoy my. I'm out there. Yeah you spend more time Houghton. Don't mean there's Dude Still Plow Alaska in blue jeans but man. They spend a lot more time drying out in front of a campfire. To where you know you don't have to do that if you've got the right gear. I got a little Poor over coffee thing that's foldable and clips on your cup. And it's just a washout filter stupid. And Man I was like this is stupid and Garrett Smith Avalon. He's like Oh you got gotta get one of these cal- gotTa get one of these and I was like rolling over in the track. Four am fire up the stove. Little poor over coffee reaching the cooler grabs half and half. It's just a nice way to start a Turkey hunt once it's cold out sub-freezing and you've taken all that coffee water and let it drip let it fall drip-by-drip through the air you disguise yourself cold. Ass Cup of coffee. We've got Some of those things and started messing around with him and those bad weather to do it in but it was like it was like there was no way to have a cup of coffee. Reheated it with justice standard like a pour over. We had these little envelopes. Is these little envelopes of like Camp. Drip came in a little like disposable daily smack. Porna- good news. Watch those drips. They dislike they shed their heat. We like I use the poor over and instant both but I'm like okay the weekend. It's going to be like this temperature in the morning like I'm bringing instant this bag andrew over. It's like oh it's going to be warm. I'll go at the little over into your pantry and you're packing cloth you go check weather dot com to find out what coffee to bring. Well you do it anyway. Yeah Anyway. We'll have been like. Oh she has given me too cold for over taking standard little black Vida. It sits on top of the cup with the filter in it and you put some grounds in. It gets your coffee too cold. If it's sub Yanni's through the air being exposed I just I just but I'm telling you an objective reality man but I just feel like I've had different experiences you've ours. Is Drifts a lot faster. I guess. Why don't you with me? Well maybe yours might be different system but we just have like a standard the. Yeah the standard V that sits right on top of the out on the Enron water through there and you don't have a cup of coffee was made. This was like made years something different. I understand your socks and doesn't work saying mine. I work still maybe zero but I think it would work at twenty tolerances into Nice insulated Yeti. Tumbler yeah the last years. Don't cheap out on how you make coffee. I guess or does quit drinking coffee to worry about Caltex Tax Nice Grip and Greenwich Erkki scale. Would what Turkey is that we've talked about. GotTa Miriam's Tail Fan. Okay so on one side of the road. I shot this bird this morning. White White Tail. Yeah Mariam's have a lot of area. Yeah they can be ten in on the other side of the road. It's like chocolate Brown. Yeah well the road doing that. I think especially in Montana where there's been a lot of bucket biology with Turkey's going on there's probably a Lotta hybridization. I think the Church True Mariam's are a little bit wider. Snow White tipped but I mean heck where we hunted in Nebraska. Never knew what you got all kinds of grips of guys with schouten out of the same flock calling in three or four dollars and everybody. You know cracks one. And there's four dude Lined up in every fan looks different really. Okay calendar picture. I know you're shooting at that venom. That VORTEX RED DOT. Yes I am yeah I do I do. I would just start. You'll never go back. I haven't you know I think about I. Keep thinking about doing it. But I haven't done it slows. I I was like it's GonNa slow me down a little bit and maybe it has but I could speed. Yeah that's how I I really really liked it. I got a tweet my mounts a little bit but I picked you up to sit in the jump. I did is took that eight hundred nine. Though and took a few inches entree to a few inches off. Put ironside on there. I'm going to see that. And be customization. Customize Sawed it off nice and short yes ma'am good how come you don't bleed your game out after a kill bad shots stress the animal out and make it taste bat. Tell me two questions correct. It is how come you don't. Let's start with how come you don't leave your game out after. Akil because the bullet lead them all all goes well. You're just like a next shot and it's and it's still alive. I would go do it. You win yeah. Because it hasn't bled and it's heart still pumping but if it's if you go there and it's chopping alongs all the bloods out anyway. And it's not pumping anymore. So have you made a high shoulder shot? Which most likely didn't clip belongs. You know busted his spine and he's dead but still pumping. Yeah you go certain places neck. If I remembered to do it I would do it for sure. I've never done it. Yeah I've never done the next slice I like when you an animal and opened up. Minez every drop blood that he's ever going to have playing inside the chest cavity thirty bled. Yeah Yeah Yeah. I don't know maybe the this question is related to shoot him in the head or something because you hear a lot shot guys blade but you gotTa Hustle. You GotTa get there quick. Yeah you gotta hustle like bleeding leggy catch fish to let it die and cut. Its Gillis. Doesn't push the brought out round late and say remember that you know from the documentary man. As soon as he touches that trigger. He's just like sprinting towards he's ahead shooter. Unrepentant had shooter Madame reading a book right now about Game Warden in Idaho and he's Undercover work hanging out with a bunch of poachers and the way he describes it like it is an act of God that These poachers ever get caught. Like just good at it and it's just so simple to it's just you know twenty twos and to forty three to twenty three small small-calibre staff all head shots and stuff just in its tracks in the brush. Ten feet off road busy like paved roads stuff like like just slick just fast will take part to Yanni. Does a badge shot stressing animal out and make it taste bad? I think so can't hell. I think so. The reason I think so is because I feel I have a lot of like What's it called when you body tells you some say second hand Info Yeah Anecdotal Anecdotal? I have a lot of anecdotal thoughts anecdotal evidence. But it's also it's a big thing in the meat cutting into like professional slaughters. Pay attention to this. Oh yeah a ton of attention distress. They're not whistling. Dixie I mean they're like their business and they're putting enormous amount of energy and reducing stress. You know what my question is about. That is and I know they are doing that. But aren't they a lot of it just comes from like animal ethics? There doesn't it not being. I want and not wanting what you call it red cutter. I'm sure there's the ethics component to a to remember that. Remember that that famous animal behaviorist grint Tamp Temple Grandin and Temple Grandin. They brought her in the work. On all that like reducing stress and slaughter houses and a lot of I mean there was ethics component to it but a lot of it had to do with quality product better product. Yeah if it was just ethics. They wouldn't shock them after they bolted them in the head. Right yeah yeah. They didn't want them stressed because of increases the chance of getting a Red Qatar which is like a discarded or like greatly reduced piece of meat. But it's like a widely held thing that's always told you're always told that it's true and I have some cases where I think you could have a stress Ammo and have it be good disconnect. Just building everything. Yeah but I've had enough situations where you've had soft like extremely tough off tasting and there's like and you're like man you know what like there was some you know? And you look and he'd be like yeah you can't rule out there was like a clean kill. Yeah for sure. What's the best position to poop in the woods water? He said Squat. Lena get multiple choice. Squat lean against a tree. Sit across to logs sit across to logs etc. Yeah that'd be basically making the toilet seat you never thought to do. Take two logs. This is good idea. Take two logs run in parallel but sit parallel with those logs. So the gap between them so that the support wasn't running cross cheek IOS Rona with cheek. Each cheek on its own support. My experienced more. Never tried May. Yes the mortar trouble. You're going to have. Oh I don't believe in doing that. It's just something I had thought of before and now I'm curious about it. I think a lot of it has to do with your agility and physical fitness and things like that like yes. The squat is not easy for live people. A lot of like kind of wiry wire squat and go and I think that Among like why are you a little more because I think that the squad is like I don't even need to do a handhold nate. No no I don't handle no but I feel like when I was younger daughter to hand. Hold her yeah you know. My daughter's just finally grew out of that man. They can just drop it and go anywhere. Nothing on their shoes anymore. They keep their pants clear. It's wonder my wife makes our daughter when she's peeing. She makes her get way back like handhold way. Back deep far. Lean back because otherwise you gotta have four pairs of action underwear tights with you. But I saw somewhere. I won't even say it was. Maybe I don't WANNA year post cow. Recently were land tawny commented about something about like a tree tether this made for pooping I know because I was going to say when I first started. Pooping IN THE WOODS. More probably in my late teens early twenties for some reason in my head. I thought that it was always going to be better if I always look for that. Perfect tree that can you know? Hook around your and lean away and get it. And now they've made a product that makes that easier. That's not a product you needed to buy. No land has like a doubled up belt or something that he can whiparound tree and lean back into is like Barron down and get some leverage. Or what like I think? Maybe a little stress reducer on the knees. Some some sort of comfort sounds complicated. Y- brakes you'll be in a world I've done the in situations I might grab grab grab but generally not. I'll walk you through the whole process please. Well is a couple of things. I think I'm more interested in responsible responsible. Pooping not just clean clean woods. Pooping but responsible woods yell and we just came out of an area west of here where it is the tree sheerness woods Shit nece service lines dumping. I think I'd ever even seen tree shooting until this. Yeah in Western Montana. It's become a thing where you you show up and try the blow and sometimes successfully gradually blow over Ponderosa Pines by just shooting them to the point where they had the forest service has signs up. Saying you can't shoot the trees I don't get it like decent size trees still. We're talking trees that we we're talking. And meanwhile the same people are surface hidden service out. Well Yeah I have a little talk with one of our Crew members Nago mentioning names. But I think that Steve Likes coined the term. It's been around forever. I had never used it but the pistone no. That's about Mexico when you leave the group to go off down the hill or up the hill. Where my euphemisms you say? I'M GONNA go flip Iraq. Yeah this is the first thing I'm GONNA do. Yeah I think that maybe some people have taken this to me. That's all you have to do is like take Deroga- walkover somewhere else and go. Well it take approval right on the surface and then just flip Iraq on top. We'll make a little Sando last resort. If you can't dig a hole would I like to do? I like to fire rockets buried so far into the ground. You lifted out the perfect. Six inch hole is there and then you put the rock back. Take a stomach just picture. Perfect rock is just WANNA go off. What proud of is when I walk away Mike. Anybody else came through here. They would not know where I hid. I like the kind of Rock Rico up this rocky ground so we'll start rocky ground. I kinda rock we go up and you think no way. I'M GONNA move that rock with any given a poll under some give. Yeah and you pull it pops out. And there's like some some rolling police and centipedes big ass ant nest like Shit and then you do your thing in there and you're like an Egyptian Egyptian bricklayer man and you put block bag down in that little slot. It's such a deep hole in big rock that you don't even get like the like you don't even get like where you squish. Oriole right and the the stuffing comes up. It's just like just like but it's just yeah then it's like entombed. That's what I like Phil. You walk into sound villagers. Recently I heard somewhere somehow right the true. Yeah it came up on Ben's podcast that I had never craft in the woods. Would you hold it the whole time? See Latvian plugged. That is no I. Don't please explain Amazon. You'll have he's he is. I don't know if it's necessarily has anything to do with my heritage saw. Oh sorry no when I travel which is all the time I tend to get a little constipated and sometimes it can take two three. I don't know of ever made it four full days where you have a plug so to speak. I tell you don't never felt as good as those seconds and minutes following getting rid of that. Is that Latvian plug exasperated by the Mountain House. Nope no house doesn't give you know. I think it's just I don't know really what causes it but it just I duNno. I try to drink a lot of water. I'm guessing says walking onto an airplane. I know that's what does it do to you. Seth you get a little bit. Don't shift from the airplane implode. Twenty-three safe I don't I don't get as bad as Yanni but I'll have a day. Go by Mike. Something's not right. What is your. What is your heritage? Horse? I'm kind of all over. The board says not not a whole lot of pizazz in the name. More so good. He'll never woods. Yeah so I told Ben while. I'M GONNA go for a long hike this weekend. And if nature calls I'll I'll try I'll try it out. I'll sample it and packed stuff just in case like Whoa Plaski over a couple of gallon size ziplock bags a roll of toilet papers sanitizing wipes over you do it the Gal Zip blocks for the wipes and the toilet paper. It's like a double zip it and so it doesn't you know bring it home. Take Pat pack out dry. Yeah sure but that's it for your bunch of stuff. Yes all right. And so I'm I'm a few hours into this hike and I don't really have to but I was like hyper. China Promised Ben. I'd try God damn it and so I go way off and it's like I can just see where I was walking and keep an eye on it and I take care of business and I bury it and then immediately. I hear a dog collar and cuff know. Oh you don't have to tell me. Because it happened and tug sniffs it out immediately comes sprinting. The couples like looking for their dog. What is he doing? And then I'm standing there just like pretending. I'm on my phone like hunting for treasure buried or I had I had berry. Yeah I mean it was like I don't know three or four inches. I like it was it was really snowy to. I tried to pack some snow on top. Leo Yeah People like to Walk Away Feeling. It did sound exactly. That was crazy. Little things they'll take a couple like pine needles and like put that out there and be like yeah well in any way so then. I'm like you pretending I'm not noticing this dog. Just like go into town on my chip. Oh Man I'll tell you that I experienced curl your hair. Beim Hunt Snow Geese one time and we were on a little guided. Snow Goose Hunt. The guide goes over to the tree. Line and flips rock takes growl or however you want to put it and pretty soon his dogs over there eating. But we're in layout blinds so your face is down on the ground and the dog comes back over and wants to run around licking everybody's face. Oh I almost like head to get. Yeah did not almost had impulse that I didn't act on a to shoot the dark. Well I was talking to mark cannon about and he's like might have been the nice thing to go back and explain to the couple. What just happened in case their dog comes running back smelling like shit. I couldn't even imagine bring myself to do that. Like the stuff conversation. Yeah and you're not gonNA take it back but I I walk through a little bit more so you got the perfect rock like the Egyptian bricklayer. Scenario the perfect rock comes out around if now. Also carry a little shovel or your. He'll but I think the key is prepping your area like prep your area before you go find out how you're going to deal with it before you go like ours or four. No when you walk out when you go off down the hill off the Hiller. Whatever you do go over and don't like just go. Oh without considering how what your plan is no you because you wanna drop it in a good disposal location so if you need to dig a cat hole or whatever do that then go. Don't go and then start wandering around trying to use sticks and whatnot and make a little tongs and stuff trying to move it around where where you need to put it so do that day. If you dig a hole dig a deep hole dig ahead sized hole. A and other. This is my brother's trick. He keeps a lighter in with his camp money. So can't money being toilet paper yeah. He's the lighter in there and he's going he doesn't let his if it's raining out wherever you don't let the tape get wet as using it. So you're used teepee. He'll lay over little limb. Or what have you and not let it get all balled up and it doesn't want to burn late. Nice draper nice over limb so it's well oxygenated then when you're done you pull your lighter out up were that becomes. Tricky is wet wipes so what wipes don't WANNA burn? You gotta come back the next Burnham so I will carry my kit. I got camp money and this little disposable dispose when his little single. This can't money roll. Made for Campers. Then I carry with me up. Wet ones single use wet ones and if you feel like you need to touch up you take the single use wet one open. It do your up. Put The wet one back in that thing and put that in your ziplock bag inside your kid because you can't burn then burn the sweep and bury your cat hole and I don't need to walk out and find the ground littered with all your toilet paper. This is an topic. Which is why we've hidden important topic. Now I just got. I think he did masterful job of describing that system and folks should take that In to mind but also on the burning the teepee side of things. We'll bring the woods down. Yeah so there's a road. Biker are outside of Emmet Idaho and I was heading up to my buddy. Jim's house to cook with those guys and hang out and think was just hanging out session. This jim the bird hundred dollars cooking stuff. Yeah and I get this phone call. Says Hey cal just got called out on a fire The roads are closed. But just telomere staying at my house and his wife. Nancy was like getting the animals together in case they had to evacuate. And I come around the corner and the whole damn mountains on fire and so I go up and hang out with Nancy. And we're kind of getting calls on fire and have kind of an evacuation plan for all. They're bird dogs. Great Danes and stuff and that fire was a road biker. Who attempted to burn the toilet paper and Getaway into the The dry grasses at the end there yeah so just keep that in mind and like the ranch that I was on this weekend Fires Roll through there almost every year and The folks that live out there are hyper aware of fire and mean they should be s just like that that country yeah their day. I had a situation where I went off and found a really interesting little spot like a tree fall or leads kind of like half a stone. Oh my gosh. They must have been multiple in the lowest national forests. Dope had rotted out. So there was actually like the splinters of the stone all standing there to stump had rotted and left a cavity into ground. Syria will actually back up to it right use. I prep the whole bit. Doug excavate the whole lot low bit but actually use that existing hole then walked back around in just boot the back end. The half of the something was up. Still boot that over to entomb. No one's getting into their. That's perfect tipped it over and entombed the area and then I got up and jumped on it a couple times is one clean dropping. The only way anything's going to get at is by coming up through the earth. That'll be fossilized. Someday someone's GonNa find step back and throw your hands on your head. I was gladys factory is like someone new. I was coming one of those moments. Makes you confident a higher being because it was like someone was looking out for me? I drive one in the same kind of hold but I just kicked it forward. I didn't kick the stump him back. Kick the stump down in it. Perfect Mantha good about time for one more. We can end on this. Is there anything else to add here because this is something that just like are you an ad? I'm only I'm only saying I was just really nice. National Forest like Nice National Forest and it was cool. They're doing like a lot of work in that area. Doing a lot of thinning lot of controlled burns like putting money into it to make good habitat. It's marked roads are marked like everybody doing all the stuff it like usable accessible signs good condition national forests four miles like. Turn everything everything that you could ask for. Like all laid out right. Everyone's done their job. And how what does that bring out in people I got. Let's go shit all over and in shoot the trees till they fall over that like that. Sounds like a like. That's always a treat the national forest. I don't know who's paying for all this was disgusting. Man Yeah they have a budget plastic and shit to shoot at. We came across Legos. Someone who brought those big child. Legos DO blows their call. You blows some brought those up. There stuck them on a limb or shoot holes and only hit it once. Does that big lego structure with one bullet hole. You didn't find any LEGOS OR TOILET PAPER TURKEYS CROP. Did you know but everywhere you went everywhere. You went culturally. I don't know what's going on that little neck of the woods. Oh I think it's a case of a few bad apples. Will they get around? I'm sure they do? Shouldn't trees down topped few Christmas trees in my day? The off all ten gauge being honest this I took some videos but it was like Oh man anyways last one Yanni public land. I don't the last one. I don't see why you couldn't do this on privately and either might be just more fun because you probably be hunting with your buddies. Have you ever thought about laying down false tracks no slash signs to bamboozle other hunters? The day we talked about this yeah. It takes a lot of work to be to be packing around L. Cook or a deer hoof to lay down. That kind of side say seems like a lot of work with that you can lay down a scrape wouldn't be too hard a rob would take some serious. Yeah well then you're not bamboozle. Yeah you're you're getting them to waste their time. Yes a great idea to make little scrape faked scrapes input tracks on them. We thought we were the guy the day they were saying back home. What they were do. We're looking at Turkey tracks road and he says you would stop out every one of these Turkey treks. That's right and so he said when they're rolling around they look for bunch of stomping. That's yeah we. We used to the public land. I used to hunt. There was kind of a major trail heavily used trail by hikers. But it wasn't as a major trail and There was a spot where it was a known. L. Crossing and there's a lot of tracks there and near I dislike one time brought up some pe- coordin- basically made like a little broom some pine bells or bows more likely and I would sweep those tracks for two reasons one. I wanted to see like how quickly they got fresh end up. You know because if I went through in the dark in the morning and came back out at ten and there's fresh tracks rough idea when they cross through there but to also kick out you know to hide them from if anybody else's hiking trail does the thing about the lion hunters the lion hunters do they like to brush out stuff all right And I noticed down in South America. Some of those guys like to brush out the sandbars Just wipe the slate clean. And he gives it like a nice little texture to pick up tracks headline hunters. Like if you get like whatever sandy patches and trails or dry wash cross enroll they like to get out and those bring broom In broome it out so the next thing they know like I was here. I ruined it out on Monday. His track on Tuesday. I no one that track laid down. But that's different than trying to bamboozle someone I know. I mean real common one for Western trail heads. Because I'd say Western trail has because that's where my experience is like your hunt with four people. Everybody drive your own vehicle. So then there's four vehicles parked at the trail crowd nagler crowded. We see them. Pal done yeah as my brother in Alaska. He doesn't like came tents he doesn't get. He likes the brightest tent. He can find him and he likes a Lotta bright tents. Because when someone's flying over he wants to look like all hell broke loose down there. He's like if I could have up five neon tents. I am here. We are all here sometime sometimes. Cows example can backfire because some people be like well he good old for sure. Yeah it'd be like ice fish manuals when you go out to lake in your ice fishing there. Start last question rapper. Some guy was like what's your thoughts on pebble mine. I know all I understand all the arguments all the arguments Dry everybody drives cars and use metal. I get it I get it. All people need jobs. I want people to have jobs are anti job. I'm not anti mining I oppose that mine. It is the wrong project in the wrong place. If if the headwaters of the biggest salmon runs on the face of the earth like if that isn't like a line in the sand I don't know what is. I don't think we should mess around. I do not I would like I would love it if the president With just all of a sudden there's beyond presidential as butter there'd be a great step the president would just he has he's comfortable He went against his party on divestiture of federal lands. It was in the party platform and he was like not not going to have not interested in divesture public lands so he's like federal managed lands. So he will go against like. What are they going on there? I would breathe a sigh of relief. You if you come out and say you know what not not going to happen there. Yeah the don't do it man. Don't do it in a hundred years. It'll be the the winning decision would have been not do that. Don't do it if you to put a big huge open pit mine. Big toxic material in a seismically active. Is it true that there's never been an open pit mine that hasn't fail like has been breached or failed in some absolutely but you know there's some that? I don't do that within the degree of what's acceptable to read on a leakages expect. Yeah absolutely absolutely but I mean this thing. You're like it's a. It's a sponge. You're you're digging a hole that we know is gonNA fill with water because every other whole up there is full of water and there's no place to put the water in a very seismically leach mind. You're you're digging out or out of the ground then putting cyanide leach up there you're dissolving dissolving precious metals out of or with chemicals. And then you've got to do all that stuff and so they build a big manmade lake and that big manmade lake like you build a big damn right and man-made Lake it'd be full all that toxic material and then you just kind of let it sit there for eternity and hope that the dam burst grossly oversimplifying. There's just a out. Just get through it quick. But I'm not anti man. I'm anti that mine absolutely. Don't think it's the right thing to do. I don't think I get all the stuff though I get the economy. A good jobs like don't do that one absolutely too much to ask if they do it. No they don't do it. I win a thousand dollar bet. You're bias. I thought you said you know Gambling House. GonNa say I made a bet on this where I made a bet and three years ago that it wouldn't be all that they wouldn't have initiated? They wouldn't have to extract or in a decade. So I'm three years in and seven more years have not extracted any or I want a thousand bucks as you know. It's just I was just a bet and mood drank more corn tomato. All these bats all these bets about the next presidential election all this stuff was drank a lot. More Is getting a bet and move quarantines turns Lambley didn't didn't make any better I lose all my bets anyway. You also say you. Would you would engage in civil disobedience over this. Yeah I would think that it might be a situation. I would think that it would be if I if they were going to go and actually do it. And I heard there was people that were going to go out and do like like civil disobedience. I would in the back of my mind. I'd be like yes I'll not that. I condone civil diesel. Some cases why not what this country was built on right people. Michigan go down to the state capital over like confusing effort to quarantine people's like civil disobedience. It'd be heartbreaking to me because I just I would be like Kay if we can't if that if we can't do that like what else can't where's the line. But what is sort of like not you know what is yellowstone than? I'd almost say it's just so contrary to it's like you know especially like right now. I think folks got like a little taste is a bad word but a music little taste of food. Insecurity You know man. I I hope you come out at quick. If you're listening to this and you're you're you're in that spot right. Tommy. It's and I tell you that was at it but I'm spoke too much already. This is our dummy you know. This is America's salmon stocks this on Tomas own different for the pebble. Mine like what's at risk this this a giant security blanket of food that were like. That's a good argument steal it from you please do. What did you still argument really stealing their argument. You influenced me. Yeah Yeah there you go about that. Is there anything else we should tell folks about anything like that? We're doing that. They should be checking out houses thinking they should if they haven't yet to go check out the six pack of mediator hunts videos all where you can see brody do a little pig. Houghton TAXES COW GOOSE. And the other one you did. I think that's it for all your can view not calendar field. Yeah got a separate series called CAL in the field. Yanni chase and big old bulls and spearfishing spearfishing flasher catching some beef is this is the spear is our spearfishing. One still caught up with an outperforming. Your elk one. Yes yeah neck and neck for a man beaver. Hunting episodes crush nude thirst for. There's a thirst for beaver videos man. Yup tapped into the Zeitgeist. Three gotta deliver people like it. Yeah you can't go out anymore at night like the beaver video everybody. Thanks for joining Ryan. Callahan Seth Morris flip-flop Flasher Phil Taylor down there on the end. Dogs eaten is and Brodie Henderson. Good night nicknames Maroney. I've never got to work on that. A little bit. Oh I thought of one offer his white roadster his wife the other day that I can't let that more often is his wife. Carrie married into the Henderson name. And so I saw the acid. Oh Kerry in the Hendersons oh sorry.

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Guns, Bombs and Sea Lions

The Wild

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Guns, Bombs and Sea Lions

"If you're enjoying the wild, then there's another podcast, you might like it's cooled outside in, and it's made by public radio colleagues on the other side of the country in New Hampshire outside in dives into the thicket of conservation. Tackling questions that don't have easy ounces is easing invasive species solution, or does that just encourage us to keep them around. How do you personal hygiene habits impact the environment outside in a show about the natural world and how we use it? You can subscribe wherever you get your podcasts just outside slash in. The wild is sponsored by the national parks conservation association for one hundred years. N P C A has worked to protect national parks and wildlife. Join NPC a and supporting the recovery of the last missing piece in the north cascades, the grizzly bear. Learn more. And join at NPC a dot org slash grisly. Pitchy yourself in a underwater world. The world of the seal on the west coast of North America where an ecological puzzle as become unexpectedly complicated. This is a story of oceans, rivers salmon, and survival. It's also a story of bombs guns and billion dollar infrastructures. It's a story that's been told before, but not like this, because this is an opportunity to take to the water and channel your innoc- lion to find out, just what it takes to maneuver in an avid changing aquatic world when everyone wants a piece of the price. From KYW in Seattle. I'm Chris Morgan. Welcome to the one. Imagine you're sea-lion your nine hundred pound male California sea, lion at sea. You're entering the prime of life. Five years, old, eight feet long bold and brave. But a little naive. The c is your complete comfort zone. You've been out here at C for six straight days away from land, and you're hungry. You might even be a bit. Rentable. Cruising through the green tag, twisting, and turning like underwater flight, you follow your nose whiskers feeling their way, he swim through a dense shoal of smelt Fisher easy to catch. So you grab two of them and guzzled them down to ease the hunger. A little bit for now. A few days ago you were in the place if you'll birth way down south the Channel Islands of California near Los Angeles. You were that to breed and this year, you hit your stride as an emerging dominant male you side eight pups from his many females, but that was all a thousand miles ago, a now instinct and your big brain and your youthful curiosity. Have driven you north way north on a migration? Occasionally you travel with other males heading north to the coastal waters of Washington Canada, an even Alaska. You'll fast and sneak a powerful predator. You also pray your flank has scars across it from the time you go away from the teeth of all collapsed year, but nothing will stop you from finding what drives you food? Suddenly something changes. Taste of the water is different. It's turned from salty too fresh. This is the mouth of the Colombia river, three miles wide right here, whether river spills into the Pacific Ocean between the states of Oregon and Washington. Giant Silva, fish flashes posture face oil, it startled you and without even thinking you Bank, right? Fish thrust of your enormous flippers, you've now entered a different ecosystem. And as a sea creature. It's a place. You know, nothing about you have no idea. What's ahead on this river? No other river. Pause more water into the Pacific from the North American continent than the Columbia River, other giant rivers themselves legendary pour into the Columbia and its here that a strange chase begins. The giant Silva fish chasing is Chinook salmon fifty pounds of determined muscle. No wonder they call them kings. And this is where your plans to head north change you. Sleek, your body drives through the water after the fish, you're perfectly tuned underwater version of the sea, lion, most humans don't ever see if anyone can catch that fish. You can. But it's not easy. It's a race that's evolved over millions of years. And the salmon is as good at escaping as you are at chasing, even at twenty five miles an hour. It's an evolutionary arms race. The Chinook is the largest salmon in the Pacific their meat is packed with thirty thousand delicious calories and they're on a mission to this female salmon, who's tail your own. She's been see for four years. But her life started in the river as an egg and a small tributary of the Columbia River up in the mountains. Then as a twelve inch yielding, she swam down this very same river towards the sea. Four years at sea of toughened her. But now she's back in fresh water, and it's the beginning of the end of a really long journey for her. She's heading home back to her. Birth lease in that mountain stream, she has a fight on our hands to get there, though. Find the taste of the fresh water strange, but other than that, this still feels as big as the sea, it doesn't feel like a river all, but it doesn't even matter your just following the food and the food is heading up river away from the sea and everything, you know. You push on against a steady flow of the river, and it feels unusual to you. It's different to the tide used to you sense. It's worth nothing. Ventured nothing gained. When Lewis and Clark wha- here in eighteen five thirty five sea lion generations ago they saw a river very different to today's native American people living from the riches of the water and the land people that gave the mighty Chinook salmon its name. The place was throbbing with life back, then beavers making ponds Baz eating berries. Huge flocks of birds wolves chasing elk. In the eighteen hundreds over ten million salmon would return to the Columbia River. It's closer to two million today because of habitat loss and lower water quality, a warming climate and to make matters worse, fewer fish have to feed. More hungry mounds, including the sealines whose numbers are actually up protection in the seventies worked for the sea lines. So now we have a protected species to see lion chasing. An endangered won the salmon. Your race for the salmon continues up the river, through the surface of the water you see buildings on the shore, always curious. You pop your head up for a look. As a wooden dock, and it's packed with sea lions there must be a hundred or more of them that piled two or even three deep in places that are social bunch. And there are more now than there ever have been. U haul Elton. Join them time for a rest conserve some energy. But most of these guys won't be as I'm busy as you, you were born with extra drive and extra strength about sixteen hundred sea-lions of entered the river, but only one in ten of you will push on it's a long way. Smell guides the salmon, she stopped eating since she hit the fresh water, she's carrying fifteen thousand eggs and her only remaining task in life is to lay them in the tributary. She was born the male salmon are on the same journey to fertilize them. So her one hundred percent focus is making their home, which is two hundred miles upstream a journey that will take about eighteen days. Trundle of modern trucks by greats through the water, you can feel it in lowest you now in really unfamiliar territory, human dwellings are everywhere. And they seem very close voices carry across the water. The river becomes narrow announ. You're fifty miles from the coast, a huge Chinook zips by and right on its tail a massive sea-lion twice your size. It's a stellar seal and intimidating two thousand pounds. Keep swimming following the salmon seventy miles up river, eighty ninety miles and past one hundred you feeling quite alone. You've not seen another see line for a while. And you wonder if you'll ever catch a fish, the ocean is a long way behind now. The water is murky thick with silt one hundred forty miles upstream and you start to hear a strange distant rumble, if I break the entire river, and it's getting louder. Shadow in the sky old eagle suddenly swoops down overhead scattering, Dover, noisy, girls that are hovering above. They found some remains in the water. Then suddenly there's mayhem, it's like the water is turned into a bubbling cauldron. The salmon in front of you is totally disoriented in the frothy, whitewater. You lunge hard of the fish with huge push of your giant flippers, but you miss another sea lion. Speeds in from nowhere don's past you in grabs. The fish more salmon zipped past and two other sea-lions for every salmon there, several sea-lanes now all hell has broken loose. Then through the murky water, you see something white ahead. She swim closer, we get bigger and bigger. Suddenly, the river stocks and you can't go any further a war. A wall has trapped the fish. A lot of fish and the reason pray now. Sudden life is good. The wall is a damn Bonneville dam. It was built in the nineteen thirties joined the great depression at a cost of eighty three million dollars. That's about one and a half billion dollars today and the Bonneville dam it didn't just bring electric city. It also brought hope partly in the form of thousands of jobs to fuel the nation that was thirsty for good news and growth, a rise of human, willpower, and ability, conquering nature and even holding back water including a man-made lake a fifty mile long reservoir, taming this mighty river. But it's also become the focal point for a struggle for survival involving humans. Salmon, and you the sea, lion. As you chase another cornered fish you begin to surface out of the water. You see the white concrete wall rise to the sky, two hundred feet, high and a thousand feet wide. And that's when you hear it. A huge explosion through the water and shakes every fiber of your sea, lion body, the fish, scatter, your dazed, and terrified. You've never felt anything like this before in a panic. You swim to the surface to figure out what's happening. Then you see a boat, the boat full of humans. For the last one hundred forty six miles, you can chase him some. For the tables of turned now, your the one being chased. And the men on the boat want you out of here, and if that takes underwater, explosives and shotgun bangers than that's what will happen. These native American men are the defenders of the Chinook their lifeblood. If these fish, don't make it upstream, then they're ancient cycle is over. Scaring away Sealions like this illegal, some of the more troublesome ones are even euthanized and native Americans, depend on the salmon. They have for thousands of years, but the damn has thrown the ecosystem out of whack the salmon to get past the damn, they have to swim up a series of man-made, elevated water pools of fish letter. But first, they have to survive the gauntlet of Hungary sea-lions up to three hundred of them during spring, that have learned to catch the salmon at the base of the dam, and spring, the sealines Guinea around twenty to forty percent of the Chinook, here, future generations of salmon are under threat and native Americans are doing what they can to protect the salmon, and this patient cycle. And it's not just people who depend on these fish, but countless other species to from all tobacco's. What's most apprising is that the salmon is still here. It's all the answer against them from the moment that born, but some do make it to the stream of their bus whether they will lay their eggs and dying her body returning nutrients to the water and the forests with some look her offspring will then head downriver ocean bound the ancient cycle to begin all over again. An ancient cycle and a modern human world and a new kind of normal and Oma web, sometimes the pieces of the puzzles, don't quite fit like that used to. And when nobody is really the winner. It's been an experience for you to see lion. But explosions are all too much, and you're a treat from the dam, but at least you caught to salmon. And not only that you learned a lot along the way. But the salt water is calling you back and eventually home to California, all those miles away. This is what you, do you survive and learn. And you'll most likely be back here next year. Playing your role in an ecological puzzle and the complicated pass of the Chinook. College is complicated. And so is this story. You can learn more about this issue, but I'll website O Dhabi dot org slash the wild next episode. We hear from two filmmakers, who spent four months in the Anton, documenting penguins. Magin standing in a crowd of five hundred thousand Joe Pepsi's from goodfellas kind of like that. And the hair go completely not. The wild is inspired not just by nature, but by people who work in love it protected. Does a ton of information on the website. If you want to find out more. The wild is a production of K, O W in Seattle in partnership with my work at Chris Morgan wildlife opportu, so is Matt Martin Jim gates is already to Brendan Sweeney is all managing producer fact, checker is April Craig, we have engineering, help from David Brown. Fien us is by Michael Parker. I'm your host. Chris morgan. Thanks for listening.

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469  The Day of the Triffids (BBC, 1981)

Fusion Patrol

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469 The Day of the Triffids (BBC, 1981)

"Fusion patrol is a listener supported. Podcast find out how you can help support us at Patriotair dot com slash fusion patrol. This is the fusion Petrova gassed. Each week we look at a different science fiction TV episode or movie and over analyze it to within an inch of its life. Welcome to the discussion. Hello and welcome to another episode of fusion patrol. Jean and I'm Simon and tonight we are looking at the nineteen eighty-one BBC. One off. Production of John Wyndhams Day of the triplets. Cereal production cereal. I think it was one office. It's not like Dr. What you would call a mini series on. Yes yes yes six parts we would call it a series because that's kind of quite long us. Yeah so it's Yeah it's it's based on a book. Terrific our plant bio engineered by the Soviet Union to be an efficient fuel additive. They are unique in that they can move about and can sting animals to death or to a lesser intensity blind them. Bill Mason works on one of the triffid farms and he accidentally was blinded by triffid sting. Now he recuperates in a hospital waiting to see if his site has been saved sadly for the bandaged bill on the night before. He gets his bandages off. He misses the greatest light show. The world will ever see an astral phenomena as the Earth for twenty four hours in an amazing light show in the night sky. But there's no such thing as a free lunch. Neither are their free light shows because the next day everyone who saw the show is blind bill now. One of the few cited people left in the world meets up with Joe and begins their adventures in a world turned on its head. Oh and the TRIFFID have escaped. And they're hunting down blind. Humans like a feast. Bill and Jo. I meet up with a group planning to go to the country and set up a polygamous compound blind women can produce cited babies and so they must breed up a new generation of humans to take back the world bill and Joe Decide to join in but then they are captured by. Coker a sighted man who feels that everyone should stay in the city helping the blind. Get food until help arrives since they refuse to do so on their own. They are imprisoned and changed to work. Gangs Bill Joe or separated. A disease begins to kill off. Everyone and bill manages to leave his work group after they all di he cannot find Joe but he finds the name of the place with a group had been intending to go tiresome and along with a repentant coker who also saw all his blind people die of disease. They head out to find it. They do in fact tiresome but the group has already splintered into two factions. Those that remained Tyson felt that good Christian values and morals must be maintained and the two groups agreed to split. Coker tries to convince them that they cannot just rely on. God's grace and must start doing things to save themselves but they refuse and the pair leave looking for the other group. Bill hopes that Joe is with them they cannot find the group and Coker decides to return and try to make them see sense but bill remembers a place on the south downs where joe mentioned her self sufficiency minded friends had a farm with a well and wind power and a generator and that it might make a good retreat. He travels there. Along the way rescues a young girl Susan from the triplets. Bill Finds Joe and they are reunited. Soon BILL GOES BACK TO CHECK ON COKER. Entice them but the group is dead of the disease. There is no sign of Coker Bill. Joe Spend six good years together with her too blind friends. In that time Susan becomes a daughter to them and grows up and they have a child as to her friends could years that is save for the fact that they're under constant siege by thousands of trifid. Cougar arise via helicopter. He survived the disease at Tyson and found the other splinter group. They've settled on the isle of White and freed the island of triplets. Others are colonizing the Channel Islands. He invites them to come live with him. He especially needs bill. A man with bioscience training on trips to help make the fight to retake earth. They decide to go. But I didn't WANNA spend one more summer on their idyllic farm. Alas the next day a tank pulls up with representatives of newly established and not elected government. They are setting up the new world order there. Apportioning land to cited people and requiring them to take ten blind people for each sighted person as effectively slave labor. The cited will be feudal barons under the authority of the government. Just one problem. Only two sided adults are allowed Susan. We'll have to come back to the queue with soldiers and be assigned to suitable duties that night they get the soldiers drunk sabotage the tank and escape heading for the Isle of White. Okay a day of the trip by John. Wyndham who Some people considered to be a particularly notable British science fiction author and and some people consider a bit of a hack. Some people some people do think his books are pretty hackneyed. So it's an unusual dichotomy. There I will say this although I looked for it and I couldn't find it. I absolutely positively have day of the TRIFFID ON MY BOOKSHELF. Somewhere and read it and read it Yes many years ago and this is pretty darn faithful to it is analyzed. He's Windermere hack or is he. I'm GonNa ask you that question. I have never read a John Wyndham novel so I'm not the person to ask I'm pretty. I'm pretty tolerant I enjoyed the book so I is. He is he one of the greats. I'm not sure he's got some interesting stories out there. I mean day of the trip is probably his most famous The mid which CUCKOO's is probably the second most famous book his which Anyone who's seen the movies will know village of the damned or the two movies known as village of the damned that there were based on his novel and the rest of his work is not well known here anyway. As far as I know he said he certainly produces works. Get ADOPTED AND DEFRAYS. Triffid has kind of entered into the languages useful kind of description for any particularly menacing type of gracious kind clamped a lot of. Yeah I've not only. I've not only managed to not read the day of the trip heads. I've also not managed to watch to nine hundred sixty to fill or the two thousand nine TV series or various of many baby adaptations. That had been made as people do seem to keep coming back to and I've also as you will know some business will no. I'm quite an avid fan of the output of the Audio Company. Big Finish who have produced an audio plight night. It's a terrific the sequel to the triffid again which I have gives that second. Look I. I've listened to the audio play from big finish to it. It's all right you know. I haven't read the book. I think it's based on a book. Somebody put out but it it doesn't. It's not really a direct sequel. It's kind of a few years later on doesn't involve Bill Mason or anything. It's I think mostly in America as I recall That way 'cause I remember it because of the American accents. I think Nikola Brian Might be starring in it. I'm not sure if not. It's somebody doing a Nikola Bryant as Peri Imitation in. It's almost certainly Nick Lebron so anyway. So what What did you? What did you think of this as being only exposed to the term triffid but never having seen or been exposed to the actual story? Well I'll tell you one thing. It felt like adaptation watching it. So I could I could. I could always feel the gaps if you like that someone watching this familiar with the book and having more background knowledge to to what's going on coming into it might have very different view on this. Tv series which I'll grant you is quite atmospheric in. That's hugely important. And obviously creating this post apocalyptic environment and part of that is really quite striking music by Christopher cunning. And it's the kind of the the. There's a good sense of menace which. I will put down more to the acting and the reacting than I will necessarily to. And you know. I don't want to about anyone doing that. Best in the constraints at nine thousand nine well basically the seventeenth so nineteen seventy s TV. But we'll put it this way. It was directed to try and avoid eat showing the terrific too much too much of the triffid which was a good thing. I think Even even in the kind of very stylized title sequence that looks fine until he sting triggered sting is probably the worst the worst piece of of the effect because it. It doesn't look like it doesn't look like a sting. It looks like somebody beating you with a rubber hose. You know it doesn't. It doesn't have that it's been shot out point. I hit the person the face. It has the more sort of whip effect of it being slapped against the person's face which you know since we never really seeing it do a sting in that way I mean we just we do see the kind of the whip affected. It's not I I think. Boy I'm not one hundred percent sure. I think I saw this before. I managed to get hold of a copy of the novel. But I'm not and said this. Was your fast drifted experience. It's really hard for me. So basically if this came at nine hundred eighty one so I would have been well. That would've been just before. I went to university when I got to when I got to university so I moved to another city and when I got to university. That is about the time that they started showing doctor. Who on television here in the Phoenix area and that led very quickly to some bookstores? Getting driving up like purchasing starburst magazine which was not a American magazine and bringing in all the target novelization 's and getting a lot more British science fiction Press and stuff so start picking those things up. Start reading about them and start learning about day of the trip. It's and his bookstore was basically duped. Were a few but the one that I went to frequent. They were doing the same thing they would look through it and go down the terrific. Waiter Maso bring you know. See what we can get in either bring in new copies or used copies of these books so that they would have them stocked in this relatively good section so I I don't remember somebody brought triffid over or I found the book on the Shell. I I just can't remember. It might be the book. I'd sucks not to be able to remember back that far. I mean it's only what thirty five years. Yeah yeah so but But I do remember that whenever I got to the point where I was able to compare the two that they were pretty darn close there I was. I couldn't believe what we see on. The screen is taken from the book. I think the thing that is missing as as you're watching it and this being of yours kind of first encounter with it is that the pacing doesn't feel quite right somehow and it feels like there are not that there are unanswered questions because actually the final I wish says his in six parts and in the final part is made quite explicit. That there are questions that are answered. And that's okay. What bugs me a little bit? They weren't being asked right at the beginning. I was asking them but the characters on the screen didn't seem to be asking same questions which lead you to wonder. Do they know the answers? And I imagine some of those questions are in the book to do with Like things like What is causing the disease for example whether it is actively infectious or not because we quite quickly jump to assumption so some of the some of the kinds of nuts nuts and bolts questions. I don't remember anything about the disease from the book. I mean I know what was happening. I. I don't remember them. You know at the end where he asked. The question about you know was the disease man made. I remember that I remember that. They that he towards the end he postulated that the comet might have been some sort of weapon going wrong in case we didn't get what Lewis was about. Yeah and you know I think in the book the Triffid were made as a vegetable oil substitute not a fuel oil. Some sort of an amazing vegetable oil for frying chips and stuff. But that's neither cents. Yeah but another. A man made catastrophe still definitely an engineer. Catastrophe for our for our greed in our Out You know as opposed to the if if the comment is indeed a weapon. Then you know that's our folly as warlike apes but but it just it does. It does seem a bit Sunday. Everyone seems to have radiation sickness in something is clearly intended to be an allegory about nuclear fallout. But there's no obvious reason why they are suffering those symptoms. Okay I don't mind. There's an unanswered question. I mind there is an asked question and it feels like you've missed a bit. It feels like at some point. Those questions were asked. And I think that's partly to do is when you make an adaptation. You have to make choices about pacing. And obviously that's quite difficult when you've only got six hundred hours to do the whole novel and also obviously normal seems to cover several years but a lot. I mean a huge amount happens in those first few hours after the comment right and to me. That's the kind of interesting stuff and I want to know. I want to know why why it is for example that the radio isn't working. I want to know why it is that everyone is so debilitated by losing their sights and sounds a kind of silly question but there are some things that obviously you simply cannot do. Not being cited there are other things that simply take longer. That's the far bigger category and the effective the effects of that when such a large percentage of the population loses sight are really going to be felt but they're not going to be felt straight away. Necessarily okay let me and in the book. You've got more time to do that. But in in it on the TV. It's like it's the small hours of the following morning and everything he's already gone to chaos. It just seemed strange. Okay let me let me let me talk about the disease for second before I lose that train of thought. I never saw that as an allegory. For Radiation Sickness. I saw holography radiations six. It's the symptoms of radiation. Sickness isn't it. I you know as you say yes it. It certainly could be symptoms of radiation sickness It doesn't look like cholera to me but I'm not a hundred percent sure. What cholera looks. Like I certainly up until this view through and I don't recall anything to the difference from the book but again I definitely haven't read the book since one thousand nine hundred eighty three or four. I thought that was meant to represent generic epidemic. I mean the people are the water's GonNa stop working. They're they're they're probably pulling in their flats and living in their filth and enjoy. You're all going to die. But that's not gonNA happen the day after no but I thought that don't start. Well that's kind of hard to tell. Yeah it doesn't actually seem to take awhile. The illness begins on my straight away. These three day doesn't it doesn't with one possible exception. It doesn't seem to affect anyone who is sited Now this is where I was going. This is where I was going when I got to the end of this and remember him mentioning the the illness being possibly made. I started thinking about it. Because that's what I do and then seeing the podcast here and it occurred. That thought occurred to me because it was bugging me like how come coker die. How come build die out? I'm Joe didn't die there. They're all exposed to these people who are dying right and left and response. Right they want asking. Is this only? The all Christian lady died of it. Good Point yes and she was cited. That was the only person I can think of. Who was cited who died of it though? So maybe it was a different disease that got her. I mean if you're hanging around a bunch of bodies rotting because of the disease is killing everybody else you know. There's there are. The people could have secondary infections that are causing something. So I mean it's still possible you're right. It does seem to be hitting the blinded people substantially more than the question is how come that didn't affect the people who didn't see it. Is this a radiation that can only be entered into your body through your eyes? 'cause I mean bill. Was there in a room to be. You have to be out in. Yeah the sideline to be by the radiation. It's it's a possibility. It's a possibility it is. I don't I don't know if I would be asking those questions. I myself trying to put myself in this situation And then you can talk about the blindness to assure you. Ask a lot of questions but I don't know if you have an epidemic. The first question you ask is how is this thing transmitted? How the hell do I get out of? This town is my I thought. I just assumed it was contagious and I would be thinking about countryside but then that was already in my head. I mean the the folks at the university already. Put THAT IN EVERYBODY'S HEAD. There's going to be disease. We need to get out of town. You know Bill said that too. He was talking about cholera and other diseases. And who knows what and they were Today one that was the thing that I would be thinking about that on day. One absolutely would be thinking about that on day one. I mean I've seen enough post Olympic fiction. You immediately get out of town because atypical fix anyone who wasn't watching the post apocalyptic TV series probably wouldn't realize today we're in a post apocalyptic scenario. They might just think that they have power. Kat well they did have a bunch of people like coker who was like no no no. We've got people you know we gotta stay here and help them until help arrives. Sa- clearly there are people on the spectrum of how diluted to how bad off the earth is but that but then they're not deluded. They're acting on the best information that is available to them. They're ignorant but that's entirely understandable. Because why would you assume this thing effects the whole planet? Why would you assume affect other cities? Well I mean bill has good reason to. He heard the radio broadcast. That said that absolutely everywhere in the world got to see this show over the period of twenty four hours. That was on the news the night before when he was in his room. But that's that's joined the connection waste the comet comet. Which isn't the the immediate thing. All right. Let me ask this question. Would you go out and look at it to comment? Yeah if if that were if that were thing that happened tonight. Yeah I know I find that to be one of the most compelling terrors of this show to me is the idea that you know darn good well that if you weren't drugged asleep or bandaged or something you would absolutely make the time. Go Out and look at this thing you have to mean what kind of a slug would you have to be to be sitting on the? I don't want to see a once in a lifetime. Astronomical Event Right outside my window you just. You'd have to be quite the quite the piece of work not to do that. And I can see people who have reasons not to like little kids who've gone to sleep and think of all the babies that died on probably the first couple days because they were cribs in their rooms never saw never got affected and their parents fell up and and they wouldn't. They wouldn't die in the first couple of days. This is the thing I I don't know when somebody is. I haven't been around somebody who is blind and I certainly hope not to be one of those or be around somebody who goes blind but if you take depictions of the psychological aspects of it people who get disabilities frequently go into a bit of a funk a helpless funk that I can't do anything and I'm helpless and and I WanNa die and can you imagine if everyone you knew everywhere was blind. I wouldn't it wouldn't be it wouldn't be something that would kill you within day. That's that's what I'm saying. You know when you when you have a cataract operation and you're I mean bill the starter. This is blind himself in. It's a temporary condition but there are a dying of the blindness though they're dying from living in places with stairs which is just a dangerous thing or it's not like it's not like you're living in an unfamiliar place we don't know the stands. Are you know where the stairs you know where the way the fridge is a happy we saw we saw the guy the in in his t shirt and his wife? The bill went into their apartment and he was you know he was the first to give bill his rundown scenario of how bad it's GonNa be a few days and he's you know he and his wife were doing okay in their house. But then the food's going to run out and sure sure I think I think I think the thing to me was the the speed with which it happened. Didn't allow for the exploration. Because in a way this is my. This is my favorite kind of science fiction. It's extrapolating through some kind of disaster or event like this from what we have now. How how our institutions in our society would stand up to these big. I mean like it's it's exactly the scenario we've got in in torchwood children of us which I think is my favorite site fight TV series. So I'm interested in exploring that stuff but I think part of it would be how part part of what determines how disastrous. Who would be would would be. How successful or unsuccessful would you be in those first few days at getting organized but it is days hours and that you know I think I think there is a chance there and I think you would be trying to find to use for people that wouldn't be sighted people that would actually be registered blind because they are loaded people who are actually very capable dealing with one of my note is what you say cannot see? I go find line school exactly exactly. They could be teaching. And if you've got time and you could stop teaching people how to cope then when the food started running out when the water I mean it's the water. That's the scary thing I had. There was a burst. Pipe up the road the other day and I had what you know maybe twelve eighteen hours without water and my word you just Sunday realize how incredibly dependent you are on so in in some ways to speed with which these things can occur much much faster than we conceive until something like that happens. I think the whole with the water thing is because I've had water I had a burst pipe in the house and was out water. And it's kind of or they were shut it down for all. It's like sure I can go to the refrigerator. Get some bottled water. I can get some. I can get some Dr Pepper or something of that nature. It's when you go to the toilet the first time and you go. Oh there's only the one there's only this one flush then we're done and then we've got a problem then we then we've got a problem any anything I know. I know because I've had a problem with assistant before I doubt flashy I'll just get bucket award threat anything. Where do I get the water? From the fact that the bathrooms under shot thinking. There's something wrong here and I finally tweak that there's no water in the house and what I'm thinking through the consequences I'm thinking oh come wash. My hands. Never mind. Going gets water from the kitchen and see well a kitchen tap comes from the same place. It takes you a while before and then you think. Oh maybe I can from a neighbor but hang on the whole streets out and so then you get the shotgun and you start going after the stores rating. 'cause that's how civilization breakdown. What does that make you go to the river? That is literally two minutes walk. Well isn't that Nice. Yeah but we're we're talking about something that is set in the UK okay. I wouldn't tends in the eighty S. That's fair enough. London probably a bad place. But what you what? You're obviously doing is marshalling the resources that you got and starting to prioritize things whereas what what we seem to be jumping to onscreen was that well actually everything has already failed and we're into the disaster planning and this is where we're getting the kind of right-wing fantasists that stuff and and we're getting croke who seemed to dislike but frankly who is the hero that this show needs because bill and Jo are ready to sign up and let joe bill another couple of wives. I don't picture coker as the villain of the piece by any stretch of the imagination. I think this is an argument between he. So all right. Maybe he doesn't realize how widespread the problem is. And and this is a failure of communication because bill should know bill. Hurt it right bill bill and I think they all put the comment because his doctor told him it was pure ignorance. So bis okay. So he's in a way he's deluding himself or he's either deluding himself or easy ignorant of the problem areas. But you do have some it-it-it lesion they do have some people bill. In this case who has a doctor of ophthalmology who is postulating that it was the comet We WE KNOW. Bill heard that the comment was seen by absolutely everyone in the world. So at the very least when he's going to do and you need to worry about the TRIFFID 's when somebody comes along and says no emergency services company because like this happened everywhere we think. I think this happened everywhere. So my questions are how long before if nobody is there to work and I really do feel that. If everyone went blind they would not be getting into their jobs in the morning. Those who were at their jobs would not care about their jobs at that point and would be freaking out and trying to get help. I don't know how automated the services are to say that would phones keep today. Phones would keep working. Electricity would work for wall. Water would work for while. I don't know how much manual intervention is required every day. I mean somebody come in and flip the switch for London to get the power going in one thousand nine hundred ninety. I don't think so but well no I think I think the power would go out without without without people to be the same assuming this is set in one thousand nine hundred fifty one. Yeah I think yeah but even so I think the degree of intervention required because even elements. That are automated. We're really talking about Samuel to Mation as soon as there is any kind of fault. No one's going to be able to rectify and things are GONNA go down so to my mind. Some of those things are quite fragile. But I'm not sure I entirely agree with what you're saying Wat- clearly if John Wyndham isn't saying then Douglas Livingston who adapted it is saying about people basically who are doing their jobs abandoning their their jobs or or what we see in the in the TV series basically running for their lives every man for themselves and it's doctors you know this is. This is the thing it people whose whole vocation is about the welfare of others who is suddenly threaten their own. Some saying actually. What we've got to do is abandoned. Everyone who isn't cited and to me that that just yes some people in the public services maybe but by and large. That's not the of the health service the fire service. The police said this. I'd say educators. I may be biased. Here there's a whole whole bunch of people who I think are a lot more compassionate civic minded than we are being led to believe in. What I think is for the most part is pretty darned bleak portrayal of human nature Well I will say this. I have never particularly liked post apocalyptic fiction. I don't like what humans are by and large and this sort of scenario whether it in real life would and I think in real life it probably would because I'm cynical but certainly in writing because that's what makes for drama Always turns I'm always brings out the the the the the worst in people and when I I try to look at these situations it's the only thing I can do. I'm watching. This sort of disaster is to go. What would I do and I can't say that personally? I wouldn't do exactly what I needed to do. If I if I genuinely believed that this was a worldwide phenomenon I would and let's say my whole family were had gone blind. I would probably go down to the store and load up the van on I might. I'd probably leave money behind so as to not be feeding just yet and the ethos and I would be thinking about where I could go to get away from the city because the city will be the par the place where it goes down in a hand basket. I if that's what's going to happen so I I you know it's not a question of whether or not I would want to help other people but I think I would have to set the scope at some point and say well. How many can I help with my set of skills and and yes I certainly would not be changing people up? Because I'm good guy and I'm gonNA. I'm GonNa make sure that you help other people so I'm GonNa beat you over the head and I'm going to chain you to people so you are good Samaritans because that's not actually. The actions of euro in the context been eighths eighths of right-wing criticism of the the the kind of collectivist philosophy because what we have here is a conception which is based on human nature being basically bad people being selfish. The only way that you're going to the the only way you're going to get away from that is by everyone being able to lift. Look look after themselves. Lift themselves out from the sewer and it it becomes purely competitive which is where anyone who has an advantage which is going to be sighted people leave leave the others behind and they will help each other north out collectivism but out of the desire to seek mutual advantage. Well and that's what they're that. The setup is is Stan Coker is I 'cause because there's a fair amount of nationalization that goes on the seizing of tribal Asan's for the public. Good but COCO is the kind of extreme of that because he's forcing people now. I'm not sure I'm ready to accept either of the premises here. I'm not sure that I'm willing to accept that. Human Nature is as basin selfish as the right wing is wants us to believe doesn't have to be everybody only needs about ten percent of the population need to be that way to screw everybody else over. Well no I can. I can see but that that's guns. Yes that is why you need to have a state again. That's a left-wing argument it. You're also I'm not the left wing. Philosophy is going to be people fundamentally good and people may may behave in a selfish anymore way a minority of people and you need to react to that situation and obviously that means you make sure they're not once we've gone so you have to be the ones with the guns hence having a police force and army etc etc they in very simplistic terms eight of the foundation and state. I'm so I'M NOT ACCEPTING THAT PROGRAM. Also not accepting the premise. The only option available here is the the the kind of forcing people using the guns and chaining them up to do what they should be doing. Because it is our duty. Okay so so two things one. Do you not think there's a possibility here that again. If the world came that situation and I made my internal decisions that I had better get the family out and stable. When a newly can't do you not think that that is a prudent first step to then. What do we do to try to because without the TRIFFID? Which is the problem without the TRIFFID? You're right there are people are going to continue on and so you can build up away to actually help them but being in the that I mode of let's make sure we don't die of cholera You kinda and that ultimately what coker does is and and that's what the group that was originally going in the first place we're going to do. I think hard to tell but you know once you establish a colony you can start doing good. You can start expanding that you can start rebuilding it. I don't know that they were necessarily you know going to let the world burn. I think they were marshalling their resources so that the world could continue long enough to try to save people because again they can. We can produce more babies we just need to be able to survive through the the thing and the second part is when bill is when bill is killed. Not Built killed when bills guards are killed. He doesn't abandon them. He stays with them until it's clear their debt and he also doesn't take on the services of the teenager whose throwing herself at him to get him to stay. I mean bill behaves in a setting a low bar for yes I'll agree he clears it. I I yeah I'm not saying that's necessarily I mean it's it's a very distasteful offer. Frankly from her part and is very cynical from the people who go. Hey maybe you should go you know. Give Him some company. Wink wink nudge. Saying but I mean he does stay. He does do that despite the fact that he could easily leave at any point and that he wants to find Joe but he doesn't he he feels he feels human empathy for them. He tries to help them so I mean again a little less awful than what Cobra does to them at that point in the game but then he also becomes repentant for what he is probably was a little over eager to. I'm not sure he is repentance and yes I had to portray leasees overeager to do it but I I'm still like at least at least you're helping and I so guess I guess partly my my question is what do you think the performances John Dutton in this. I've never seen him in anything else to my knowledge. It's a little bit flat. How `Bout that I. Yeah I mean I think so because what we are what we describe what we coming to. Is that his man who is actually supposed to be quite conflicted? He's he's torn because while whilst you set whilst he say. Oh wait all through. Thought all the way through the episode where he is looking off the people that coker is assigned him and staying with them even after. He has a chance to leave. He's thinking about leaving and so the key thing. There is the conflict that he feels between his duty to those people and the fact that he feels that it's completely hopeless and that means he's not he's not the doctor he's not someone who is going to stay with every hocus case but on the other hand. He's not he's not he's not someone who is just going to be out for himself will quite as egregious as people like David Swift's character beetle. Fiedler whatever's called Baylor. Here's the bald guy. That was running that group at the time. Yes yes. I always think Henry Davenport because he was in trump. Don't key which was fantastic. Topical Satirical TV Series Session News from. It's a heck of a name. Well yes anyway. The the point about that group was that if you think Coco was over keen to throw his weight around. They were really really going off on their kind of crazy power. Roy Bike wing cult. Polygamous you know that. There was no reluctance in that whereas clearly. That wasn't at any point bills. I thought no I'm bill. Jones thought was to get out to the country and go right to where they ultimately ended up. They wanted to. They wanted to look after their own interests but they didn't necessarily want to destroy anyone else's or even if they if could offer help without it being too much of a sacrifice for them to refuse to help they. They were moderately winning. But but there's definitely a conflict going on there because I think there. There's a real dilemma. And the problem with bill as a hero in this story. Unlike someone like coca who is much less about the conflict and much more about just get on and do the thing that you believe to be right. The problem with is I didn't get that from John Dottino performance. He just seemed to amble around. I think it's I think it's buried underneath that beard. Maybe indeed if headless beard. Maybe he's more mature. Yeah I was wondering about people who are managing to be clean shaven after six years. Where are you getting the raises from Guys Okocha? Yeah it'll be stone sharpening pro fashioned cutthroat razors but still seems like hopefully not the top priority. That's true that I definitely would say that's not a bill. Because they had a bid from the beginning yeah he just get shakier and Jag and you'll grow grew hair. Do they get rid of her? Joanna Lumley and moved. Onto a something more post apocalyptic there by the end All right well. Let's see I. Yeah he's he's not great. I don't want to pick on him. He's he's kind of. He is the single tackle next in this. He's basically in every shot he has to carry it Do you think that the the comet idea as like did that seem credible to you comet as a weapon no especially but I didn't? I didn't really worry about it. I was kind of. Here's a phenomenon that happens and like I say everyone look at it. There's there's absolutely no doubt that virtually everyone would go. Look at that if you possibly could and then you go all the way to the end of the story and suddenly pop up the idea that says you know maybe this was this was of our own making is that. I find that there is a group of people. Sometimes environmentalists That that that seemed to adopt an attitude and that's not all environmentalist but there are people who adopt an attitude that humans are awful. The world would be so much better without them We destroy everything we touch. We're terrible were awful lab and I was perfectly fine with that comment being a thing that happened. It's just it just happened spaces. A dangerous place stuff happens this thing did it. The world went blind. There have been mass extinctions for forever who knows right. That's fine with it but by putting it at the end it it just sort of feels like frankly it feels like eighty s Zeitgeist to well no it. It had to be US destroying ourselves. It couldn't be random chance that would never happen. We definitely we had to have done it. And and I'm I'm no no I don't think it for the whole point. I don't know how the point is conveyed in the book of his day. I haven't read it but I I believe it's conveyed exactly the same way towards the very end he goes. You know I'm thinking maybe that was man made the point. The point is it's not a Catholic guilt thing or something. It's like this is our fault. I'm sure our fault we did this. I think we did. Its its nuclear weapons. I got no. I really don't know I I don't get that. I did actually go look for the book because I just barely managed to get through the serial by last night so that we could. We could discuss this today and I just thought well what the Heck I. I'm sure I have a couple of hours. I can just whip through the novel tube before we watch it but fortunately I didn't find it so therefore we didn't have to do that but I don't know I don't know I mean it's written in one thousand nine hundred eighty one so you've got a different you've got a different attitude towards nuclear weapons in one thousand nine hundred fifty one and you definitely have a different attitude about nuclear weapons in nineteen fifty one Europe than you do in nineteen fifty one America. So you know I may be bringing my own preconceptions there I just did not feel like this was a nuclear weapons story. I felt like this was a disaster story that somebody decided that they would try to blame on nuclear weapons. As part of the adaptation Detroit's I mean the driven. Definitely our problem yet the trip. The triffid are Ara kind of archetypal. It's not it's not that bad but it's it's it's scientists meddling Frankenstein. Uc producing something that they once. Once it has been created wants the genie's out the bottle they can no longer control consequences. We we can no longer now. Now wait a minute. Minimum has not one hundred percent true. And I don't remember what this is part of the book or not okay. But they're very clear about this they just about wipe out the triplets. They just cleared the planet of triplets. And then somebody figured out that they were a fuel oil to greed. Brought them back. We identified a threat. We cleared it out. It's almost like it's almost wholly always oil. They did the Soviet Union engineer them as fuel oil and then per this process narrative. The Guy was trying to steal it. His plane got blown up. It's scattered the seeds around the world. Nobody outside the Soviet Union presumably knew that these plants were the fuel oil or the plants. Maybe the people in Soviet Union were dead. That knew they were the fuel oil plants but they talked about the Newsreel and bills narrative. He says you know they were showing up all over the place and we pretty much wiped them all out and then somebody figured out that this was that amazing plant that did the fuel oil thing and suddenly everybody was farming them. So I mean this is. Man's greed brought this one back twice created amoral scientists and greet so it's not just scientists. Have the blame on this one. That was that was definitely corporate greed. I mean all you know also a popular theme in Nineteen Eighties. Tv so that's I mean that's still the case in the sense of the invention of the Asam bummed out without it. You wouldn't have it. He wouldn't have the acting foam but equally without the kind of paranoia fueled arms race. It wouldn't be a problem because no one would build them even. If you right you to do it you have to be. That'd be crazy crazy to do that. Go along with that anyway. You'd have to be crazy to do that but Yeah strange now I S. You've seen that recently. Haven't you indeed did a review at? That's a definitely a the single most Salient film about the conservation of bodily fluids. I've ever have ever watched any. You know one of the funny things I find about this book and will the cereal and the book for that matter is the sort of non event that the triffid czar the not in it much. They show up as a sort of well. The world is a little more dangerous than just people falling downstairs in their flats and put in a much of a threat disease. The disease that does for people and you'd think you'd think the triffid were maybe I'm attributing mental processes to the trip which I think we're supposed to You'd think with all the dead bodies all over the place if if a terrific job is to stand in front of a dead body and let it. Decompose you'd think they'd be busy. Yeah Yeah I mean another a whole other set to question I appreciate. They're asking questions about whether it can hear whether whether it can think in any sense of that but I would also have liked. We kept coming back fat. That bill was eh former terrific researcher. What happens when their food. Supply runs out the TRIFFID seemed to be multiplied which is unsurprising given the number of bodies that had been around but presumably at this point six years later and they've got this compound keeping the terrific out the TRIFFID 's aren't getting any nutrition but that doesn't seem to be affecting them in any way to twenty the effects involved in a wilting drifted into it attacks the effects department too much but that that would be one white. Wipe them out. You starve them out do they. Do they really need decomposing decomposing? Humans in fact I think cows sheep contrived well exactly and so yeah why why are they going off to humans because there which are difficult prey their evil there are far far easier prey for them to be feeding on closer at hand. Maybe it's bio-mass yes cows. You're still better cow. What about idea that those are? Those are big not as popular in cities with a triffid. Were at the zoo. So humans are kind of the logical start there and accept what about the other animals all the cats and dogs but if one get Fox's one huge for one trip because the other thing is is that they seem how striking people not for themselves so they go out and kill to kill Joe's father and they kill the made. Well why aren't there to triggered sitting there over the made this is. This is such a lot of fascinating questions about the. Where'd you waste your time another while cheap because you because you've now got a plant that can move but when would it move because obviously moving is going to have an energy cost for the plums and if it's just killed a human and therefore I will. I'll use the word. No but you know whatever as it's evolved in such a way as to be able to kill a human because it wants because it needs to the nutrients he wants it's killed the human the human needs to decompose for it to be able to make use of the nutrients at wouldn't it wouldn't it stay with the human. Yes but it seems to go off killing a point and and if you kill somebody over if you kill one here in front of you and then you kill another one. You can't make use of the other one because it's going to decompose while the first one is going so yeah I mean that's just bad. What about competitive behavior in triffid communities? Because if you're if you're triffid and you want a decomposing human one option for you is to go and stay human and then wait for it to decompose which is going to take awhile now. The good auction is going to find a triffid. That's already starting human a couple days ago and take fits human and can never for you start to get questions. I can triffid sting other. Traffic is the is the some way that shifts can compete amongst themselves yeah. I'm sure that there are lots of really I would. I would think that you could really sit down and think about the terrific's for awhile and come up with a fascinating fake biology or yeah because all sorts of potentially evolutionary strategies now for terrific so but yeah swarming around in a swarming around the the compound in their thousands seems more like that. They are truly intent on wiping out humans. That seems to be a you know humans. Maybe humans are considered a threat to them. Maybe humans are the only thing that they consider them to be a threat. But that was that see. Yes that is a question are they? Are they going to behave defensively? And you want to know the mechanism by which that works because a nettle sting is a pretty. It's a pretty kind of simple mechanism really. Isn't it for how you're going to how you're going to protect yourself? Because ultimately getting overexcited valley so thinking guests get Dawkins on the case. It's all about. It's all about the gene. Isn't it the selfish gene? The triffid intent is actually pretty unimportant in terms of the way traffic US involved. It's being able to pass them. It's how do we didn't evolve. It was cheered. Yes you can't just engineer something from nothing right right right right. How did they get house? He has a kind of family tree. We know they've lost. We do know they blow seat. Yes and the nettle thing is not totally. I mean the reaction where they'll go to the triffid with fork in that second episode is an East just smashing it and smashing and smashing it. Long after it's dead I mean if you've ever seen me was nettle that's just telling me then you'll realize pretty realistic. I've never actually seen nettle in real life me metals in Arizona. No Boys Ninety nettles. I've heard I've heard of people complaining about Nettles who've come from other places but I think it's too hot here I've been making. I've been making us. I should say for the benefit listeners. Who Live in places where there aren't metals that sort of sticky clouds? If you touch them they irradiate your skin. Quite painful brings up little bumps and they grow all over the place in UK climate. But you have to touch them to be affected and you have to actually touch particular times of year because the nettle's sting fades safe. Can't see because I wear saying they've they fulfilled their role in passing their genes onto the next generation. Nettles yeah well yeah. We don't have this but I definitely have heard of them. We usually here called stinging nettles for Kusa. Well let's be normal nettle sting particular type of net. Okay did not know that Anyhow yeah yeah the triffid fascinating and they served just enough of a low level threat that if we did not have the triplets in this story I kind of feel like civilization would be back up and running within two years. That's kind of feel even though everyone's getting whiteout by this disease I think once they're dead by the disease. Were Okay some couple years. Well you've got all the sighted people who didn't get the disease except for that one woman So all of those compounds just kind of need to withstand the burn out of all the decomposing bodies and Ilva. They've they've all. The infrastructure has has gone. You got you haven't got why don't think we'd be back to normal. But I think we would be back to having to what the what the militia guys was saying that six or seven years of hard work because because basically all of your advanced all of your kind of advantages are gone. You're not going to be able to plow your fields with a tractor or or what you. You're not going to be able to to use electronic milking machines. You're not going to be able to heat bonds for your livestock or any any of that stuff all for germinating seeds you're right back to basically working solidly hard. Every single daylight out there is and you have to crops. Fail your going to die but we still have books and if you still had and if people bound together in groups instead of isolating them in you know smaller groups but communities then you're going to be able to do those things more efficiently man that's what civilization has progressively shown what humans do and how we succeed. And so I think and I suppose one other one other thing again. I felt this was kind of not. It wasn't necessarily obvious they had asked themselves the questions about it. But the actual resource leftover so if this civilization afternoon and a new civilization must be born. Yada Yada Yada well. The resorts left over from the previous civilization is actually going to quite considerable so when you are thinking about things like fuel and machinery and so forth to just the oil that is left lying around in unused vehicles and such like that might be used to power generator. If he could keep it gay would actually potentially keep going for decades. Just because of the sheer numbers of abandoned vehicles and so forth and how fast it evaporates but at some point. Yeah well off or this or that stored in heating oil tanks kerosene. Or what? Have you on on Farms? That had been abandoned depending on the question. We're going to come down to to the numbers neuro questions about it. But there are ways in which the benefits of the previous civilization are possibly going to be able to give a kick start to the new one. That's going to see them through actually quite a few years before that completely on their own or having to do their own acts figure how to refine oil on their own. Yeah Yeah Yeah Y. You know yeah absolutely and I think the people who are going to be successful are are those. Have Somebody in the group that thinks that way. Yes who thinks in terms of you know which to me which bigger groups than ten people but then on the other hand and I'm I'm gonna say I slightly Zen this because I born and brought up in Brighton. The crazy nut jobs in Brighton. Who fired at croker and who are insisting on everyone being unit Satanic Cetera et Cetera. I think they probably got that wrong. Brighton would be the first thing. Turn that stone together organized. Anyway I my you know I think the first thing that crossed and it again. It's really hard not to. It's really hard to put in the mindset but my first thought and I live in a desert so keep that in mind. My first thought is if this is the problem. Find an island. Yes I liked the fact they went to the olive white because I was thinking that and I was thinking that and I was thinking of because these these trifid I was thinking why not build a salt water moat hosting hang on. Now you don't eat C. Seven island because I hadn't thought about the seeds drifting across and I was glad they addressed that. But it sounds like terrific. Take a while to grow and and and I forgot what he said it was but he said as long as you dock them so like the ones in the zoo as long as you dock them every two or three years. Yeah you're they're harmless and again it's all about time it's all about time But it but it is absolutely true. I mean the reason that Gober island has such a thriving colony of caffeine is an island in South West Wales. And it's because they're they're they're they're borrow dwelling birds and because there are no rats on the island. If anyone were to introduce rat to the island out the profit populate so so yeah you would. You would expect humans would would be off to the island and we've got a few good sized islands around the British isles where they would be able to Keep down the population of traffic. It's basically live because the white is a big island. There were several towns on it. Admit I have no idea how big the isle of White as well visually? I couldn't have to look to see it but I couldn't. I couldn't tell you exactly but I'm thinking it's maybe fifteen or twenty miles across okay. Yeah that's a good sized island you could. You could support quite a lot of people there. I assume you can probably grow crops there that it's not a win. It's not a windswept rock as about in the South East of England but even take the man it's definitely a little bit more rugged but it's again quite big fishing probably coincidently the size of Brighton. Hove essentially where you got. You got fish. You've got sheep you and you can. You can certainty grow crops. It said you'd have cooking oil. That's the book deep. Fry Sheikh's vegetables you could you could you could said. They produce oil from other crops. I would suggest maybe triffid best choice. Maybe not maybe not anyone Yeah so it's fast. It's I don't know where this falls on the time. Line of post apocalyptic stories at some point. If you go back in time there's going to be the first one right. I mean in any genre. There's there's always the first one that somebody comes up with. I don't think this is it. I don't know if I would consider World War of the worlds to be that. But maybe but it certainly is much older than a lot of the crop that that That has just seemed to burgeon over the years. There is something and I something wrong in the human mind that makes them crave these stories. I I really don't know I don't know what it is. I really don't understand it. That the the is it. They WANNA see the ugliness of humans. Come out do they. Do they feel like we deserve some sort of punishment? And this is a way of vicariously watching it. Ca- I don't know I am not a fan. I enjoy this story. I love the premise of the terrific. And I wish as we've discussed. They were better fleshed out so to speak on on their biology and how it worked in maybe a little more logical and I appreciate that it's kind of at least hopeful ending did it. Looks like it is a matter of waiting out the trip. It's IT'S A. It's a matter of growing up a new batch of kids and starting to to to get the knowledge back and go this. This is not a living dead film. Where it's done you know anyone ever dies becomes as Ambi- therefore there's an infinite supply of of of enemies coming at you. You know I could envision the earth being triffid free fifty to seventy five years or at least whole whole livable areas just completely devoid of trifid and rebuilding some dramatic problem for the story. I think because where do you end? It is kind of a Peter out in there. Isn't it a lot of people especially especially if they're not going to answer the questions about the either? The Meteo shower would disease or anything about all these kinds of biological questions. We've had about the behavior terrific's or that the capabilities like all those questions. Like I said. I don't mind unanswered questions. But from a dramatic point of view it could have ended in a number of different places and I. I'm not even sure if it wouldn't be bad as story if it had done one hundred years from now five hundred years from now. I mean he sent the Sunday could've carried armed. Let's let's pretend like you know by the time people around and getting asking the questions properly that that we will never find out if that comet was an atomic weapon that that the the M. O. D. Or whichever whichever organization put that thing up there collapses burns down? The records are lost their retrievable that that no one ever finds out what caused that comet one hundred years from now how many religions and how many schools of thought will have evolved up over. Vat Divine judgment handed down on humans. 'cause I think that's really interesting. I think they're I think. Dramatic structure of the story is challenging. Because as you say it's not it's not the kind of Lau wipeout there is. There is a scenario envisaged and then has consequences in the novel or the the the series presumably the novel takes sometime to explore a period afterwards. But it's almost arbitrary where it stops and I think you know if if I if I were asked to do an adaptation of this story I think I would be very tempted to plunder the structure from there was a TV series over here about ten years ago which was it was the title of it was literally five days and there's nothing to science fiction. Okay it was a drama about the abduction of some children and the the police investigation into the abduction and the five days because each of the five episodes of the series dealt with a day in that missing persons case but they weren't consecutive days. Like the first the first day you actually see the circumstances around the abduction and you see the police attending and interviewing everyone and so on but the rest of it is is kind of insight into what's going on at various points day three day twenty eight days. Thirty three day. Seventy nine and obviously part of the job for the narrative is fill in the gaps. A little bit if the viewer. But you're you're you're kind of picking on days in the story when there is actually something to talk about and how it gives you a picture. Everything's come in between and I would nick that I think in the sense of I'd want to do the day of the meteor shower right and maybe day three after the meteor shower but then maybe jump forward to a year after afterwards and five years after and like you say it would be quite interesting to go. I don't know about one hundred years but an entire generation afterwards to look to look at an explore what has happened. What people had found out what myths they had built up? What what reactions and how how people progress. Because I think unless you do that it. It becomes a kind of endless narrative that really has has no structure to it. This is the beginning of a whole new story of mankind in a way. So yes it's the beginning not the end. Yes maybe that's the difference. This is the beginning not an end so on all the questions. We're asking you kind of want. You want to see how they play out so you need glimpses at least of what. The consequences are in ten years time twentieth time and the rest of it. I have a couple of things one and I went back to check this. Because it's I remember this from the book and so it wasn't obvious to me in the TV show but it does appear to be true and since it wasn't obvious to me. And I knew about it I will. I will pass this on the military guy at the end. I think it's Torrance. Is His name right with the mustache? And who's giving his little speech. Did you recognize him from elsewhere in the story no he was the guy who opened on shot on bill and his chain gang and walked up and shot the guy in the head. Yeah it's the same actor. But because they had his hair dyed red or whatever it was. It was obvious that that's the same sadistic guy but because of it in the book bill has even more reasons to distrust this guy because he recognizes him. As as that as that guy which. I don't know if that would realistically happen. I don't recognize people I met yesterday. I suppose if I saw him gun somebody down in cold-blood maybe I'd have a little better mind of them in the and the other thing that I remember from the book. That didn't if it did happen. It's because I don't understand geography of Britain. Well enough but in the book the religious lady when Bill and Coker laughed. She's as well and the other group went this away pointing to the right. When in fact she knew they went that way pointing to the left. She intentionally sent them on a wild goose chase. Okay and I don't think that I don't think that is in any way conveyed in this story. But she intentionally did that. Try to you know maybe them change their mind and come back to God in has geography. Well I mean I suppose that if If she said well he went. They went to Wigwam. And and then we later find out that they went to Salisbury. I don't know if those are in different directions or not I. I don't I don't know if you you as somebody who knew the geography okay. Let's say she said Yeah. I think they headed over to Wales and then we later find out no. We told her we were heading to Scotland. I could kind of go Okay she light but I think she answered right. Yes right but in the book. I think it's more clear that she cheat deliberately misled them and that because you know they needed because that's how God works. He lied to people about stuff for their own. Good I I think I think she told him they can't do it and actually gone to the white. Yeah maybe they went to Dorset. I did I you know. I honestly don't it? Just it's a non thing in this in this episode. It makes her a little. It makes a little Nastier in a way. What my opinion nasty but I suppose you know trying to save their souls there anyway. I don't know that I have any thing else. This is a this is a long one. But that's okay 'cause it was a long serial so we're series the case. Pay Me anything else diamond. No I I have nothing else. But I'm going to mention since we're talking about post to post apocalyptic science fiction that the earliest in the genre may be the last man which I haven't read by Mary Shelley published in eighteen. Twenty six when she did another book didn't do enough damage with Frankenstein. Oh no please tell me no. No no if that's if she did this genre to first off their scientists are evil. And they tamper with things. They're not supposed to everything they touch will destroy the world. That's Frankenstein and and I'm sure you've heard me rang on about that one. Because that is so pervasive in the in the in the Zeitgeist to the world. That's her fault. One hundred thousand percent if she came up with the last but they call it the last man the last man the last man if she came up with John Rowe post-apocalyptic nonsense. I am she is way down my list. Popular People. That's all I got to say. I'm going to look that up. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa see if I can. I won't read it now. I have to say I do too. I and I have found the time to write both of these and travel with the doctor. So pretty impressive. So are you going to? You're going to get the big finish night of the terrific now. No I feel. I've had enough. I'm not I'm not going to track down the film. I I might watch the more recent adaptation if it popped up on my screen. I guess but I'm trying to hurry her anymore. Fits the ninety nine teen fifties one movie to sixty two okay? What I remember about that. Is that the guy who stars in it. I remember that I kept thinking. He was Sean Connery now admittedly when I was younger. I had trouble differentiating. Sean Connery from a lot of people. So he was always that sort of generic bond guy. But that's A. That's another story. Flew on Sean Connery. Yeah there are quite a few people who are non Sean Connery. But there's some I think it's his voice. Think always Q r kill. I think his voice may have been very reminiscent of it. I'm not I'm not sure why because I haven't seen that film in you know something that's no doubt the first place I've ever seen triplets the sixty two film. There's no doubt that I yeah. I was going to ask you when you were talking about. Bookshops had in my mind to ask you and then and then thought slipped away. So you say you write your I. I'm I must have triffid experienced was so I've I've just discovered courtesy of wikipedia. Another nice little trivial Dr. who connection. Which is that also hearing in the one thousand nine hundred sixty two film Was Carolina Ford I? She could have been playing Susan. She couldn't be playing character. Co Patina who? I remember this one either. But we're talking about a year before Dr who so could be where she got the job from well they would have been aware of it. Well there is. There is a doctor who connection with this serial in fact as well because if you notice the name of the producer David Maloney Maloney. Yeah Yeah Blake Seven. Oh I didn't know. He dumped like seven but he he did direct a fair number of doctor who serials from the MIND ROBBER MISSES. First One Wargames Tons Wenchang said quite a few pretty pretty top notch cereals. Yeah this is the dollar. Yeah Yeah Yeah I see his name quite a lot on on things that I could pin them down to specific stories but you obviously look them up so as cheating researches cheating. I've looked him up because I recognize his name. But I will admit I didn't in my head how the names of all serials that. He had directed. I'm not toby. Hate okay all right. Well Simon Thank you for joining me my pleasure as always and listen. I hope you have enjoyed this traipse through the garden of trillions and. I hope you'll join us again. Next time. On Fusion patrol you've been listening to fusion patrol. The listener supported podcast. Find out how you can be a sponsor and get early access to all episodes and more at Patriotair dot com slash fusion patrol. Come join the conversation on facebook or twitter. All episodes are available at fusion patrol dot Com. Our music is fight. The future by Amber Wolf. This has been a lone locus production.

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Two ringing centres and a passion for hand bells

Fun with Bells - bell and handbell ringing interviews

26:00 min | 3 months ago

Two ringing centres and a passion for hand bells

"It was in that tower that I I heard my bell I rang for years I made meet a hell of a noise Iran for years. Just visually singing where I had to pull my rope, but I was free through appeal if Doug Simpson was calling on the treble, it was surprise major and I thought Oh. Gosh, that's my bell. I can hear it and it was. It was a tremendous Eureka moment and my ringing has. Benefited hugely results. Hi, welcome to the fun with bells poke cost where I cafe booze interview novices, and some of the most famous ring is in the world as they reveal the mysteries of this heard, but often hidden are. My. Guest today took tai-bo renewing with a husband when choosing a twenty S. Ringing Santa Intelligent near Fort William in the highlands of Scotland and another Alderney in the channel nine show savings handbells. My guest today is Henna Mcgregor? Helen I'd like to talk to you about I'm got into tableau bringing about Telekanal to me, and then about ringing handbells is that I can use this point. Crates okay so firstly. When did you take taboo by? It was in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, nine in the spring of Nineteen seventy-nine I was living in a flat in east London. South Hackney and I was very friendly with my next door. Neighbor who's a single mother. and. She asked me whether or not we'd babysit every Wednesday night for her daughter and ally enjoyed. It ought company I've gotten much fancy. babysitting on a regular basis saw not really Elena wide. You need a babysitter. And she was a Churchgoer, and she said that the vicar had a asked for recruits to learn to ring, so I said I won't Babysit, but I will come in a try. This bell ringing with you and that was it auto one or two sessions? I was completely hooked I reported to my then boyfriend Peter that this was really quite something and that I was. Enjoying the company of the teaching metering Steve Jackman so pita thaw the better come along police, this activity and pita game to and we learnt as a pair, and in reading together of a sense of course I. Don't let forget that I started ringing a fortnight before him. And even though that was forty years ago, I will always be better than him because I've been ringing through two weeks longer. And what is it? Took in. the comradeship ringers is is very valuable to me, but I think what I like is learning the patterns. I enjoy playing chess and bridge and Scottish country, dancing and fair, Isle Knitting I. Obviously Have I've never really thought about it. Because every margins, everybody else is the same as they are, but I enjoy patterns, crosswords, Puzzles Jig, saws and burying is just more of that. And it's more of it, but it's. It's always developing because for me. One of the great joys of ringing is that you can always try a bit harder and learn something more complicated or perform the same piece. Better issue striking better or be of more help to the other rings at her struggling to learn that method. It's just tremendous. Fun Hugely Addictive. And you're a member of the Cumberland's. Can you tell me about? The Cumberland's Are Jessica there, too? I don't well at least to society of battering as. People who take their bell ringing more seriously than others perhaps is. Good way to put it, and they have a friendly rivalry between the two of them. There's the college youths and the Cumberland's. I was lucky enough to be proposed, and then accepted as a member of the Cumberland's along with Peter many years ago. I think I think the powers that be the movers and shakers within the Cumberland's had great expectations office. We've failed to rise to those challenges that they probably wanted us to be very enthusiastic. Twelve appearing as we like to think that we've made a useful contribution to ringing in other ways with our ringing centers. Today on today's festival took. Tell her. What do you have in? Will us? We bought Taylor as a farm in two thousand and two, and it's got some holiday cottages, and some old bonds and Peter was talking to a good friend of ours Alex Burn and Peter had a dream of putting an appeal of bells in one of the disused bonds and Alec said half. Ohio never manage that where that was a gauntlet thrown down to Peter. And so we really have Alex to thank for the telephone. Ringing Center Peter Doesn't anything by Harvard's, and he rose to the challenge of putting in a ringing center in near Fort William it fills a gap because there are bells at in very magnificent peel, very heavy bells and inquiry, which is south west of us, and then got inverness, which is northeast of us so. Continuing L. Matt Line. If you join those two towns together for Williams sort of halfway along the line, a Nobel's there, so tell geographically is very well placed a now because we got no sound problems because the Belfry was designed to house his pillow bells. We're very grateful to Matthew Higby. Who did all the calculations for? A son came along and installed the bells. We had some bells that were with the Caltech trust been taken out of decommission churches, and we met Kinchen arrangement with a Scottish association that they let a by a knock down price. Price, if you like so understanding that if ever the bells ceased to be used in rings, and we'd have to give them back to the scorch sociation. We're very happy with that condition, and we've had a peal of twelve bells about eight hundred eight, and then we realized after we'd had a couple of large come through that actually one pilo bells was not enough, and so we installed a very light appeal of eight called the last tower, because I was insistent that that was the end of Belfry creation schemes says called the last half then. When we ended up spending more of our time in Alderney. We thought we'd better put some bells in the garbage. Their hand wringing center now in our garden, it has to be called the garage because the planning conditions in near quite strict, and we are in the green belt, so we applied for planning to extend our marriage, but any ringer opening the door would recognize it immediately. Isabel free. On, so we've ended up with our own bells in Fort William, teller. In ordinary and very satisfied. It's very easy to ring your own bells, because although historically we've been granted permission by. Every because that we've ever asked. Can we ring bells? It does it just forms another link in the chain between you and the students you know the students free on Tuesday I'm free on Tuesday come. We have another handling lesson. I can't say there then. Yes, you can, because I got check it with vicar. I know unlikely to get a Yes, but it's. Etiquette and commonsense on everything to just check with the vicar going to have your humbling lesson in a church, whereas if you're having it at the rings and I know it's free on Tuesday so I can just say yes. Straightaway to the student. It makes life a lot easier, and you say ringling center. It's not just well in the case of talk to boundaries, no intelligence to Belfries, a simulator than three rooms fully given over to ringing. And then as a kitchen, common room in a compass city stove, and it's very much a a facility everything you'd need. For a good day of ringing. And what guys on La. In Teller, unfortunately, not so much. We've had a bit of trouble recruiting. Local Band we've got four people who when we're there make six, and that's a very good practice night. They have some regular visitors, but the actual teller bombed permanently. Residents consists new four people, but we host scholarships, association meetings, and because it is where it is in a very scenic part of the country when the country is not on Covid nineteen lockdown. Also, visiting bands come through. And so, there's usually. Good balancing going on there once every three or four weeks. And local Tucson Tuesday's. So but visiting bands predominantly visiting bands, but the local bond does meet every Tuesday night unthinkable to visit his down from inverness as well as bringing band's visit Vance concur. Run courses there as well Oh. Yes, yes, I'm very busy and it's easy for be. To. Run a course slums I keep the level low enough because I'm not there ringing four Balsam Orion every week, but I like to think I can teach handling and call changes and kaleidoscope ringing and. Plane Hunt and plain Bob Doubles I gotta tricks up my sleeve. That seemed to work. I'm pleased to say and we have some very successful training weeks four novice ringers. The idea is that they can already ring the bell safe. You'll narrowed, but quite a number people arrive and just need some tips and clues just to perfect. Polish their handling before we get started on moving forward into the patterns that they have to master. Tips that you could share with us. Blimey. Hands Together. You're so much stronger when your hands together don't ring sort of sloppily with one hand doing more work than the other. They were much much better much stronger, so you can use less effort. You keep your hands together. Another tip I'd say. Tension in the rope is everything. It's a rope, not a Rod. You can't push it. You must have the rope under such gentle tension. I have a lot of people who pull too hard and check to art and pull too hard and check to. Just trying to get them to even out there, plus they're not fighting themselves. On the hands together tip the first one. Try ringing with a five pound. Note between your hands on trying. Keep it in place. It's a game I play with children who learning to ring once. They've Mosit- they can keep the five pound note. is much cheaper to teach children on all because we still have one pound notes, I can use that instead. What, what's the difference? If the comparing Talaqan older nave already said, the tunnel has to rings and alternates garage, but the running the differences between them. oldies, a garage under similarly both have a simulator. Taylor has the heavier peal of twelve under verse say. Is! If I had to only have one. It would be teller because it's bigger. At this more room in it, the best peal of bells is the talk twelve, but the little light eight in Alderney is heavier than the light eight and Taylor. So. They're very user friendly. I'd say I'd have to tell more room. There's a common room and fire and comfy stove. Yes. They would have to be teller, but I'm. Lockdown in Alderney sign have make the best of it. Too much. For Awhile. Abandon Albany Oh. Yes, we've got between twelve and fifteen ringers. So on a good night we can ring surprise major, but more frequently ringing Cambridge minor and painful triples, grants or triples since Simon Triples. We are trying to ring for what was going to be an eight bell striking competition on the channel. Islands in April protocols that suffer this fate of all Boeing amount. Is So yes very good very strong local bond and we ring handbells on alternate we ring handles Intel. Who's well what what delights me most about the Alderney band is the tweet have a number of children learning because two very young ones aged seventy nine, who only ring at the ringing, Center. And we got to go are aged twelve on sixteen who ring at both the ringing center and the Church? It's towns that symtoms church. Bells are much heavier with a much longer draft than ringing center, so we've decided that the children have to be of a certain capability before they can graduate from the ringing center to the church bells, so we have to make that transition will, but the channel islands again to enter a team in the bringing world national youth striking competition in July. It goes ahead. At the Channel Island pirates and to have our ordinary as a team of two from Alderney and two from Guernsey and four from Jersey so that makes eight. Other, they get to practice. They not going to practice together at all now I didn't think before competition. They were going to have a practice of the district meeting in April. But that's been canceled. So what will happen will be the four Jersey ringers will be allocated their bells. We know which Bell Vega to be on an adult, so have to ring the other four ropes, and they would practice the set to peace among Burns eighth to children will have their two ropes, and six adults will fill in the others, and they were ring the practice peace. With their to support them on the same on Alderney, so that will end up with eight children. Who can all ring their bell with others? and they just weren't actually run together as a team probably until July when it is the competition in York. Told Hand Bells handbells. That's my absolute delight. We started reading. There were three this living in the house at the time myself, my husband Peter and a very good friend of Ours Die Herbert from Wales and The three of us were keen very keen. Tau Bell Ring is very inexperienced. Talbot rings at the State must have been about the early nineteen eighties, one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, one thousand. Nine, hundred eighty two, and we heard there was a very friendly practice at Boeing the road in East London, so we told them. To ring with these good Taba arenas competent that they would bring Salami encourages arrested, but Boeing, the road is a very cold tower. It's ground floor rings had code stone flags on the floor. And you'd get quite chilled to the bone wringing their tower bells, so after about twenty minutes, Taco, Bell ringing you adjourn through to the vestry where they were teaching people during humbles with the Fire Niche so we twenty minutes handbells, and then go back and do twenty minutes bells, and they would rotate, so they had half the people being handbells at any one time, and half the people in talks with the tutors in both locations, and we very much enjoy dot, humble ringing, and we realized fairly early on that. Improving our humble ringing would also be a huge benefit jarboe although he. So, we ordered a set humboldt from White Chapel. And, we just kept practicing at home. Then with rivers, Peter took out of the box triples one in the two I found myself, holding the three Pole, and die had the five and six, and together so long as we stayed on the same Perez all evening, we were eventually able to manage a plane. Kalsa Plain Bob Minor. And then we just got better and practice more. But then die emigrated to South Africa so we were very sad to lose in, but so we have to teach others. slots Beena pattern threat on the places that we've lived. It's so easy to teach people handbells songs. They have rhythm that you can find out early on if they can ring decent reasonably fast. Brian's than they were teaching humbles to without rhythm. You can't really ring handbells at all. It's surprising. The number of tower bells who mosque their absence of of rhythm. By using the way to the bell all physically I. I don't know how they do it, but it's surprising the difference in people's ability in the tower on hand, and you mentioned that you stick with the same parallels is whether it'd be does. This is definitely. Do as I tell you don't do as I do when I'm teaching handbells I ensure that the students all move around and get a good experience on all the different pairs, but people have to arm wrestle in the away from my three four. It's force of habit is because when there's only Peter Myself and a neighbor, some hapless sold who's walked past the house been dragged injuring some handbells. Invariably they get the five six and we find with Peter on the travelers me on the three four. We could almost get the dog touring the five six because we have very solid. Doing it long enough that we can not meant to shape, so it's just easier if we always just stick on the Perez we're used to, but it is a bad habit. It is definitely not something I advocate to the students. Start People off ringing bells I find. It's a good idea to start them off. Just ringing one hundred, so they get the idea of the two strokes because you've got an up stroke and damn stroke like in tower where you gotta hand, strokes backstroke in humbles you up under down. which is called a hand on the back, but For students it's easy to think of it as an up and down, but to give. They're not Tau Bellingham so with one hand value contest. If they got rhythm I and you can ask them to count their place because all of bell ringing is totally dominated by the idea of what place you have to strike your Balan. And if they can count first, second, third fourth fifth. Fourth, third second first than I'm reasonably confident that I can make a Hanbo. Ran Hung Bills. Well everywhere we've lived, and it seems that we've moved around quite a bit. We learned in London and then we moved to reading then we went to America then we went to Scotland and now we still have Scotland, but we have a house in Alderney in the Channel Islands as well I'm you spit time between those two locations, so it's. Yes. That's where we've ended up ringing, but with some very good friends of ours Jenny Carter. In reading came and joined our humble group when we were living there, and she was kind enough to give birth to to very able sons, humble ringing sons bow, covering well Jack and Daniel page and to. Jenny with her two boys and picture myself very slowly trying to score quarter peals in the most westerly, most northerly, most southerly most easterly parts of the British isles, so years ago, we went to Green Island Off Jersey. A Peter and I were in that bound. Don't think Jenny was in that. And then we plan to revisit that, but go further and go to the keys, and that was going to happen this summer. Whether that will or not now I don't know but most recently we've done the most westerly on the great basket island off the west coast of island. That's the most westerly point of the British isles and the most northerly. We went up to Michael Pfleger Lighthouse beautiful name, so it's a nature reserve on unst, the northern of the Shetland Islands, and we a very MSCI dominated quarter Paler, now playing Bob Royal be eaten alive by these wretched insects, they founders early on just lick their lips and got stuck in. Bodily bitten, but it was good fun despite that, so we have the most easterly to do at some stage, which is lowest often, so be easy. That's going to be our last one. To get the monkees. You also mentioned that your luxury on. You're on a desert. Island would be bells. Yes, if I had to choose. It's curious because my my repertoire is much more extensive in the tower than in hand. But the. Patterns Intrigue Me More I. Suppose Because I can't do them. I find them infuriating and. It's it's a disappointment to me that my repertoire in hand is so much less the my repertoire in the tower. It's clearly defect in my brain able to. Get my head around these patterns so I. Find it frustrating top. My humble ability is so limited, and I want to do better, and it would give me plenty of opportunity to practice if I was stuck on a desert island. Can you practice on your? Oh, some people can there lots of APPS IPODS and things mobile phones? Sadly, I can ring even less on the APP that I can with a genuine humble. I think because with the APP. You're touching the keys with your index finger rather than the action of your your wrist, going up and down. I get lost very early on. On that so frustration, that's that's so poorer performance by myself that I. Give out, which is the motto good character trait to have? I perhaps using this cove in one thousand nine lockdown I should revisit my. IPAD APP and see if I can at least ring major on it. Right hadn't was there anything else that we should touch on before we get to the final two questions. Coming other than it's been tremendous fan I can't imagine if I take Gulf tennis or amateur dramatics, I would not have had anything like the fun I've had with ringing. It's been superb. Apart from the tower that you regularly ring, what's still favorite when bells and why? That would. Mary's reading think it's a glorious heavy peal of eight and. A low. I learned surprise major in London was when we moved to reading and we. We're ringing regularly with some very good ringers Derek Simpson Course Appeals Cumberland appeals. I really feel as if my ringing grew in. Bread. At reading, it was in that tower that I I heard my bell. I rang for years made a hell of a Moyes I for years. Just visually seeing where I had to pull my rope, but I was halfway through appeal of Doug. Simpson was calling I was on the treble. It was surprise major and I thought Oh. Gosh, that's my bell. I can hear it, and it was. It was a tremendous Eureka moment. An my ringing has I hope benefited hugely result. What remarkable thing has happened to you wouldn't happen to. You hadn't taken up ballroom. Remarkable thing. Just? I caught my It's a very difficult question. The remarkable thing that I have is a tremendous range of friends that I can call up at a moment's notice that I would help me if I had a problem that I can go and stay with and I could spend all evening just chatting with and. It they are just a genuinely supportive, friendly, encouraging, happy group of people and. I know so many of them and I. Take such a delight in their company and companionship. Thank you. Yes, it is just. Fantastic, I just love every minute of IT I. Love I love Teaching Students I, love ringing within my range of ability, and I love pushing the boat out and trying something very difficult where I have to beg for help. And it's just it just. I find it astounding. How much fun I have with it! Thanks to Helen McGregor for telling about the to ringing centers that she and her husband, and also about her passion for Hand Bell Ringing. This podcast was put together by team special. Thanks go to Anton St Thomas and John Gwen Leslie, Belcher Sue Hall Nick Boyd and the Society Cambridge us for the recording of their ringing. There are openings for other roles within the production team. Contact me at fun with bells podcast gmail.com if you're interested. If you're in Britain and are interested in learning to ring them. Please go to ringing. Teachers Dot all Ke- overhand bell ringers HR GB. Dot Org dot. UK both websites have links to help you get started. Follow me on twitter and facebook at fun with bells.

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Super Rabbit

A Moment of Science

01:59 min | 1 year ago

Super Rabbit

"It's a bird. It's a plane. It's able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. It's it's neurologist. Rex five-million-year-old rabbit fossils found on the island of minorca weren't from a rabbit large enough to jump over buildings but they were six times the size of today's rabbits at over a foot and a half in height and twenty six pounds. The super rabbit outweighed not only modern modern rabbits but other rabbit relatives like hairs and pike as well scientists say neurologic is a good example of how species trapped on islands can evolve in unusual directions. Sometimes large species become smaller over time dwarf elephant fossils have been found on mediterranean islands. It's and dwarf mammoths on the channel islands in other cases small species like rabbits may become supersized on minorca scientists is also found a larger than normal land tortoise and door mouse scientists believe the minorca rabbits might have evolved into such a large species because because there were no mammal predators on the island without predatory pressure to keep them ready for speedy escapes. Neurologic rabbits grew larger unless agile. They're there's short stiff. Spines suggests they were basically a couch potato species walking instead of hopping noor logs was also different from modern rabbits in in that it had a small brain compared to its body size and skimpy is it probably didn't even have long bunny ears but neurologist did have pause adapted adapted for digging at twenty six pounds. It needed a lot of food but scientists have yet to discover giant carrot fossils. This moment of science comes from indiana university with production support from the office of the provost. I'm ya'll cassandra.

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September 2: When the tide turns on you

As It Happens from CBC Radio

46:47 min | 1 year ago

September 2: When the tide turns on you

"This is a c._b._c. Podcast hello. I'm carol off good evening. I'm chris bowden. This is as it happens the the podcast edition tonight liked when the tide turns on you as hurricane doria full force is unleashed on the bahamas. I will speak with a tour boat operator. Who's watching the storm from a relative's relative's house and fearing for his own the touring inferno dozens of passengers on a scuba diving cruise around california's channel islands are missing after their boat catches just fire in the middle of the night division of labor. A new lawsuit claims denver officials violated a woman's rights to medical care after she gave birth to a baby boy in a jail cell alone with no help whatsoever the miracle worker a feature interview with indigenous writer lee miracle whose work unpacking the effects of settler colonialism has gone unrecognized by the people who have out the big prizes until now right and unreal while hiking back from one of his favorite fishing spots and edmonton man finds a nifty looking piece of petrified wood. It turns out to actually be a dinosaur bone. That's no and amphibious vehicle. A new study suggests some people are transported to a happier place by using toxic chemical squeezed from certain toads though the toads confessed to feeling a bit pressured as it happens the monday edition radio that does not need an attitude adjustment. The jury hurricane doreen is ripping apart everything in its path and it's still going strong the worst storm to ever hit the caribbean islands is now headed for the u._s. Coast doreen has already battered the bahamas video footage shows homes under several feet of water cars flipped trees uprooted and and residents desperate to be rescued officials. Say thirteen thousand homes have been lost in an eight year. Old boy is confirmed dead. Keith cooper spends most of his days as in the ocean as a tour operator right now. He's taking shelter in freeport the main city on grand bahama island. We reached him earlier today. As the storm was still hammering the city keith how intense is the storm where you are right now. Well considering that. We're under category five hurricane attended. The men's are extremely powerful. Every tree is bending right now including the coconut trees and the pine trees that i'm looking out love to out of the window at the canal. That house is near. The water is like the ocean right now. If you can visualize has waves in the ocean <hes> about four feet. You're getting that kind of push from the wind and the pressure that's over us right now so it's really mind mind boggling to see how far away from the actual ocean to see water. That looks like it's in the ocean so it's really really remarkable a powerful hurricane doreen has become and is sitting right on top of us and so they were just kind of waiting for this thing to meander along at one mile an hour and it has been really quite a nightmare just sitting here and that's what there's it's so slow moving isn't it. I mean it. It's been sitting over the bahamas sitting sitting over where you are. You're on the what looks like on a map. You are in the eye of the storm where you are right now and he's not moving yes right now. We are in the eye of the storm. <hes> you can't imagine the mist of water. That's in the air from all of the wind. That's blowing up the seawater. That's near the near the canal and the rain mixture. I presume nobody is going outside at this point no one if you outside right now you have to be insane or very brave fool because this is not the kind of weather you whoever wanna walk outside in and <hes> if we'll blow you down and <hes> from what the stories that i have seen in the pictures that i received on the island we've had people out in and sweden's key and the very eastern island and had to be rescued there were fifteen people that decided to stay in the storm and they had no idea that the surge was gonna come into their homes and sweeping sweep it away so now the government of the bahamas or sent out the royal bahamas defensible to pick up people who should have known that to leave their homes and reached round round but unfortunately some people decide that they don't want to give up their home now. Where are you that it's safe because it sounds like you're pretty tightened security and whatever housing you have right now i'm actually from the west end of that which is very low lying and probably emerged right now but the home that i'm in is in the freeport report lucar resort area. I met my cousin's house and <hes> luckily for us. The houses extremely built it standing up white wealth of swarm. We haven't had any damage in our immediate vicinity but i can only imagine what the streets with like if i would walk out onto the highways and go onto the main thoroughfares affairs. I'm almost certain that there's going to be all kinds of debris so we'd score probably going to be a nightmare just driving through the streets of grand bahama because we know that the station is just unprecedented. What what about your own house. Well my home when i left it in western. I live right on the water front. I close every window we had have awnings shutters rather on the windows. The only thing that i'm worried about is water creeping in under the doors even though they're they're sealed up but you know still water will protrude inside the house. I'm almost certain i'm gonna have water in there but i'm almost going to be able to say this that the water would probably only the up to my doorstep if not above it when i get to my house later next week because unfortunately we won't be able to leave to go anywhere between here in west end because all the roads will be flooded probably anywhere from three to four feet a deep and you cannot drive a regular vehicle through there even a a four wheel drive truck doc is going to make it. You already had quite a loss of your home and property back in two thousand sixteen with hurricane matthew. Didn't you in fact act. I lost everything that i owned at the time even my vehicles and <hes> because we did not know just how devastating that storm is going to be. Unfortunately i lost all my belongings in the host and then we came back all the windows to come up with the home they were completely destroyed in order to shoot it into suit every single house this time around i did take everything out in advance of the storm so i'm hoping that word is stored right now that that's somebody that bill i would not have had any any issue of water coming in there so i'll just have to pray that. It's all good but i go back. Have you ever experienced a storm like this. One never in my life and i witnessed anything so devastating a horrific. This is the most unbelievable i think that has ever hit the islands of the bahamas and for that matter any caribbean island over the last <hes> twenty five to thirty years <hes> this is really a devastating situation waist down here. All i can say is that we're going to need a lot of help from a lot of people because there's going to probably be nothing left for anybody to clean once once we have the storm settled down and it's passed up and up the coast of the united states and why do you say those people there who are bracing themselves. What advice would you give them. At this point. I would advise anybody that hears this broadcast to leave your house. This storm is devastating. It will tear you apart art and it will destroy you and they could possibly kill you so <hes> heed my warning <hes> leave and six six shelter and a safe place keith with. I'm glad that you're in a safe place right now and i really appreciate you speaking with us. It's been my pleasure and i hope and pray that we make you sound really strong. I'm sure you will. You're doing the very best we can. We're gonna have four so we'll be okay. You have electric city eighty. No we have no power. We only working off a generator right. Now your family's all with you yeah. I got my cousins with me. I have no children so luck very lucky but my pets are s._e. Humane society and even the animals and islands are being affected. <hes> the grand bahama humane society is what it so. I don't you know what condition is like over there so the animals that a lot of these behaviors have taken. We don't know how they are doing. What are your pets. That's where what what <hes> what do you have at the humane society right. Now i have about two dogs and a cat. Toner is my white dog and i have a black and white dog in kelly and a very beautiful black cat named boogie oogie boogie boogie down. I hope that tana kelly and bill you're okay. I'm glad you are. We're gonna make it through. This keith. Cooper is a resident of freeport bahamas. We reached him there earlier. Today as the storm was still battering the island for more on this including some incredible footage of the storm go to our website c._b._c. dot c._a. Slash a._i._h. <hes> <music> <music> in july of last year diana sanchez gave birth to a baby boy but she didn't deliver her second child child at a hospital. According to a new lawsuit ms sanchez gave birth alone in a jail cell with no medical supervision or treatment. The suit claims officials violated admits sanchez's right to adequate medical care and quote cruelly chose convenience over compassion unquote. Mari newman is diana sanchez's lawyer. We reached ms newman in denver. Colorado is newman. Your client was more than eight months pregnant when she was incarcerated in this jail. Can you just remind this what diana sanchez was doing there why she was there. Diana had been charged with identity theft for caching check that belonged to her sister. She was sentenced to two years of probation. She failed to satisfy one of the conditions of that probation and so she was sentenced to jail so they knew though she was pregnant and was was there a plan made to did. She know what would be happening. When she was ready to give birth. There was no doubt whatsoever that she was pregnant. She had actually been examined by the medical staff staff on site at the jail just the day before the nurse who talked with her that day said that if she started experiencing contractions she should seek medical help immediately which which is exactly what she did the next morning there is of course surveillance video of this what happened on that day and from the jail. Can you just tell us what we can see of. What happened to your client ms sanchez as she gave birth sure and i the reason why that there's a surveillance video of this entire event because she was actually in a medical observation sell but what the video shows is that ms sanchez is for hours and hours and hours in labor having contractions faces obviously grimacing the pain is very clear from her face about an hour before she actually gives birth ms sanchez inch has finally received just the tiniest bit of attention but it's really not medical care at all all the nurses do as slight a thin pad under the door so that she can put this pat on her bed. I mean obviously that's not adequate medical care for a person who's about to give birth. It's about effective giving a band aid to a woman who's giving giving birth to try to keep the babies and is not like she was just in labor without telling anybody. How often did she try to let people know that she was actually in labor an and experience she felt she was about ready to deliver beginning just after five a._m. Sanchez started telling guards and medical staff that she was in labor and and that continued throughout almost six hours so it's not as though there wasn't ample opportunity for somebody to simply call nine one one what should have been the photo what should would've happened with her before she gave birth immediately upon ms sanchez informing the staff that she had been having contractions. She should have been taken to a hospital. There's there's no reason not to have done so but instead what happened is she ended up at some point realizing nobody was going to help her and she ultimately ended up pulling down her pants pants and laying down on the bench and giving birth all by herself. You can see the baby coming she. She's final push. She's the baby is delivered then. Did someone committed that point. Yes only after the baby was actually born did a nurse finally come into the room but he ultimately picks up the baby be and <hes> pat on the back. A little bit doesn't provide any of the most basic healthcare that is provided to every baby no drops in the is to make sure it doesn't get an infection infection no sectioning of the mucus from the baby's nose and eyes and to make sure that it can breathe. I mean none of the basic stuff in fact they didn't even have a a clamp in their medical kit to make sure that they could clamp the umbilical cord now they jail says that they did make arrangements for her to be transported to hospital. Flu day had requested a van that was going to take her to some kind of facility. Was that not sufficient. Obviously it was not sufficient for them to order a non emergent van because she ended up giving birth jail but it was obvious from the outset that that wasn't adequate the non emergent van wasn't scheduled to come until a couple of hours later after they had finished the administrative business of booking in the new inmates for the day when she taken to hospital after that eventually ms sanchez was taken to the hospital where medical geico professionals told her she was lucky she hadn't led to the denver's <hes> denver sheriff's department says that they they have found nothing wrong with what it was done. The the that's been the response that they are going to change protocols but they've found that that everything was done pope recently. What do you say that. I'm simply flabbergasted by the notion. That denver says that went a woman gives birth all by herself with no medical care whatsoever in a dirty jail cell. They've if done nothing wrong. If that's what happens when they do nothing wrong. I shudder to think what it looks like when they do make a mistake. I mean it's it's simply unthinkable but they they have said we when we contacted the denver sheriff's department. They said that they have now changed policies to make sure that pregnant inmates who are in that stage labor are are transported immediately to hospital. What do you say that it's inconceivable to me. That denver didn't already have a policy that a woman in labor needed to be transported until the hospital. It's such an obvious medical need that there's no reason why they wouldn't have always had such a policy of the united states constitution requires that all inmates be provided with adequate medical care and so the fact that they didn't already have a policy is really unthinkable to me now. You client is suing. <hes> the denver for this what what lasting effects has giving birth in that data so what is it a lasting effects it had and diana sanchez well as you can imagine and this was an extraordinarily traumatic event <hes> i mean it's really every person's worst nightmare something you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy and just not really the kind of trauma that goes away. Ms sanchez has continued to have flashbacks and to have severe emotional distress from this. It's it's something that that plagues her and you know unfortunately what should would have been the happiest moment of her life ended up being something that was an absolute horror for her house her baby boy doing. I hopefully he's doing doing just fine. It seems like he's doing well and i'm very hopeful that will continue but i wanna be clear about one thing this time. It happens that denver and denver. Health didn't kill anybody ready but because they happened to get lucky. Nobody died hardly means that they didn't do anything wrong. Their failure to provide medical care for ms sanchez and her baby is really unforgivable forgivable. It's an obvious constitutional violation but it's also a a surprising failure just to treat a human being with the kind kind of humanity that we would expect from anybody. I appreciate speaking with you. Thank you thank you so much for having me that was denver lawyer. Murray sorry newman in a statement who has happens denver health which provides medical care to inmates said it would not comment on the case but said quote our patients our number one priority and we make every effort to ensure they receive the proper care unquote for more on this story visit our website c._b._c. dot c._a. Slash a._i. H <music> <music> well hiking back from fishing shing spot along the north saskatchewan river last month miles curry picked up what he thought was petrified wood what she thought was kind of neat since he's collected a bunch of it over the years but his find turned out to be a lot neater than he'd assumed also a lot older tens of millions of years older. We reached miles curry in bow valley provincial park near kenmore alberta miles. I know you've got you out fishing again today. So are you looking for any prehistoric creatures. No just the ones that are in the answer. They're pretty old but not start so two weeks ago. You were coming back from your fishing and <hes> what caught gotcha is in the first place what what did you i see that made you stop you know it was it was the yellow or white texture to the top of <hes> the the fossil that that's really caught my eye and it had a bit of a curve to it and that's just really stood over my head and said that that's not right. That's that's not a typical rock that you see and what. What did you think it was. The first thought that came into my head is some sort of clay pipe or something like that you find bricks and stuff like that and the nurses catcher and river but something in my head to stay my sense of curiosity so i dropped my pack and walk back over and crawl between these two rocks and picked it up and i said oh yeah no that's. This is something old for sure sure my initial was that it was a full branch of petrified wood. You know in the north scotch when you find petrified wood all over the place but i thought i had finally found yeah good sized piece of just doing my pack and took it home and then have did you find out what it really was. You know it was a combination between my my neighbor are and the royal museum my neighbor. I invited them over to take a look at it. He's always interested in my mind and he's that yeah. This looks like a bone. You know you could see some marrow arro- sipe some little hole one side and he said the shape and the curve is it looks like a bone sorry. I took some pictures of it. Send it to the royal trail museum and within just a it's air so they got back to me and said yeah that's the dinosaur bones for sure and that's probably a duck billed dinosaur. You got there what just describe what it looks like really does look like like leg bones around and why and it's slowly narrows and tapers down to a much more pronounced curve at the ed but at the top it's gotta indents and all of back soon as my roommates said it was a bone i was like oh yeah you're right. I wasn't even in my frame of reference that it could be a bone when i picked it up. And how big is it. Just probably we over a foot long. It's broken into three pieces and the people from the museum told me that those are recent breaks so probably in totally place in the bank just up until a a couple of days before they think it's a duck billed dinosaur and <hes> any sense of how old it it might have been the same between sixty to eighty five million years old like that's okay so the people from the newseum went went back with you to the same spot right yeah they did. They met me up on friday to take a look at the spot. <hes> we walked down there and showed them where i found it because it was in this one one spot where there was a very steep cliff bank and you could tell that there had been some erosion and some some soft enough on so we took a look at it and you know as soon as we and we started finding more bones so found some more pieces of the dinosaur bone that i found because it just connects right together but we also found some pieces of what they suspect back to being alburto service which is in that tyrannosaurus family the thing that was amazing these people from the g._m. They pick it up tossup between each other. They talk for under a minute and the telephone trying to source probably no. I look wow that's amazing. That's really exciting that you're able to spend some time with with the staff of the royal tyrrell museum and debt learned about this. What did they tell you about. This duck billed dinosaur that who's bone you initially found they were pretty calm in this area that they're worse or they. Would you know all the bushes and stuff like that and that their phones are fairly common. You know it's fairly rare to find them in we'd get but they're not whole formation from edmonton from how you can find them but if you were finding the number of bones in that very spot did they have any theories as to why that that location would end up being the place where the bones landed what they told me they suspect that that's where a prehistoric river ran into the prehistoric north scatcherd gach river and bones and carcasses would sort of end up in the sediment there and so ask the scheduling does it's continual rosen of those banks. These are sort of coming out the side of the cliffs you know fishing and the nurses scotch on and there you are and a place where these dinosaurs roamed were a prehistoric river flowed would in there where all of this happened millions of years ago. How did you feel that moment when you realized what were you were and sort of paint. This picture for you lucky is that we have the royal museum and they've got staff out there who are just so willing to spend the time with people like me and follow up on these leads. That's in of itself amazing. I was really happy to have that but just wondering wondering are we have these great spaces and you can get lost in the natural beauty and i. I do that all the time. That's probably why i'm out there but to also have this new level put on top of that where there's this previous story and i've just been reading as much as i can and trying to find out about it it just adds a whole new level to it and what happens with the bonus. They found all fossil bones in alberta provincial heritage resource so you sort of put in an application. They get to decide sort of what happens with it so you know whatever happens. I'm happy with it. I've told my story. I think i've gotten people excited about it and whatever they decide that i'm happy with that. You said before that people like your fines as you say you have good i from finding things so are you on the lookout for more always you can always find stuff around there. It's really surprising. The statute elaborate said like petrified wood is always time. I've had a buddy. You found a piece of amber. Once who knows you. Just gotta learn more and know what to look for now. I guess house let you get back to fishing. It sounds like you're in a pretty good place right now. Yeah you know we're we're lucky here in alberta was supposed to do more to protect these spaces and expand them as we can. Thank you thank you so much by by miles. Curry found a dinosaur bone near the north saskatchewan river last month. We reached him in bow valley provincial park near near kenmore alberta the back in nineteen ninety-four in california cornea a guy named bob sheppard was arrested for possession of buf- oaten a substance he had painstakingly milked out of the glands of colorado river totes then dried dried and then smoked the police were confused. I can only imagine the toads were too but bob. Sheppard spoke highly of the result super highly a new york times article from the time says quote. Mr shepherd told investigators that the difference between l._s._d. And buffeting was the difference between milk and whiskey unquote so it's extremely potent and twenty five years later researchers have discovered squeezing the stuff out of toads can help humans squeeze more of life you vote nina's in the venom of the colorado river toad the secreted from glands behind their jaws to deter predators so researchers milked the totes dried dried the gunk out turned it into powder and gave it to forty two participants to snort and a month later some participants reported that they were more satisfied with their lives less anxious and less depressed after just the one dose of dried toad gunk powder a couple of notes though i only twenty four of of the forty two subjects checked back in so nearly half the subject seemed to have taken a powder taking the powder second the researchers stressed this is just quote wrote a preliminary indication of the impact of inhaling vapor from dried toad secretion unquote so don't go squeezing amphibians yet. They're not into it and just because it worked for a few people doesn't mean you'll find. It towed lay off them. Uh for those on board the conception it was supposed to be three days of soaking up the california sunshine and scuba diving around the scenic channel islands but in the early hours of this morning the boat anchored off the coast of santa cruz island caught fire. Four people are dead and thirty people are presumed dead. Five crew members managed to escape. Joe bellinger knows the boat well. He's been diving for the company that owns it truth aquatics for more than forty years. We reached joe bellinger in huntington beach california earlier today joe. These pictures of this boat on fire are very disturbing to see. It must be very much so for you to see them. It's pretty heartbreaking since i frequent the whole dive operation of truth aquatics but in particular that boat in the most recent vote that i've i've been on just a week and a half ago so yeah i it's heartbreaking. Did you know anybody on board. I know the crew captain. I don't know i don't know the manifesto vessel yet. Who's who the passenger list is so i. I can't say that it seems that the crew at least five members of the crew were able to get off the boat before it was engulfed. Yeah they were able to get off mainly because they sleep at a different area of the boat than the normal passenger base sleeps which is above deck. It was three a m when the fire broke out <hes> thirty. Four passengers are sleeping <hes> below. Can you describe where they would. I've been if you board the boat onto the main deck where the diving happens they actually will walk into the galley into the main structure of the boat the front the bow and there is a staircase that goes down into the whole of the boat there sleeping in there they have curtains on the beds the air conditioning fence that go into each individual bunk area and they have had several days of diving and and pleasure on the boats so they're they're tired. They're sleeping. What would have been like down there when they realized about was on fire speculating on what i've seen is the combustion or the explosion would have had to be spontaneous and big something big i to prevent the crew from being able to assist in rescue so every diver at the end of the day is really pooped free four or five dives in a day really trains your body so you typically in a deep sleep so that's point number one point number two that deck where or your sleeping the lower deck iraq is on the same level as the engine room on so whatever happened if it was indeed like an explosion from the oxygen region tanks they do have oxygen pure oxygen if it did happen like that the smoke would in gulf more than likely that lower deck making making it hard to find your way out safely with thick smoke pitch-black three in the morning and the stair will spiral sterile built really for one person to go up and down. Is you imagine what it was like and how people were trapped up down there. Did you ever have times when you were on that boat and the boat were because there's so little scope for for getting out. Did you ever imagine imagine that message of fear that he might be about to cut fire will say it this way. Truth has always i've never had on that fleet any incident that that put me in jeopardy but most divers have that they have that thought that hey i'm. I'm down below. Oh boy if something happens. I need to get out of here really quickly and in their mind they're planning you how how to get out of there so it it does go through my career as always always gone through my mind is what's the fast way to get out of here. If something happens but what you're describing is that there's not many ways to get out so do you think that there needs to be ah the outcome of this could possibly be a review about how these diving boats are are are prepared for this kind of a possibility yeah. I know that all boats are built to a standard that the coast guard has to sign off on but i would say that the scale what happened on this boat it is far beyond the ability to get out. They just didn't have the ability to get out. Even if there was multiple escape routes outs just because of the accelerated pace of the emergency so do. I think it's going to change the industry. I think there will be some influence influence. I think that truth aquatics will cease their operations until they figure out exactly what happened. I think divers are going to think think twice in question whether they want to jump on a boat. I think over time that will subside a little bit but right now. There's probably going to be a review view of what happened. Is there any design changes that could prevent or or reduce the carnage like like this <hes> i certainly all of that is fair game and all of it should be considered by any dive operation who is feeling the a relatively confined sleeping quarters just finally the place where they were either anchored it would seem off of santa cruz island and spending the night there <hes> there is still calling this this time of we're talking. They're still saying thirty. Four people are presumed dead. They're still looking to see if anyone survived who may have made it to to land. They're only getting about eighteen meters off the coast. Do you think it's possible that anyone could be found yet alive. I would say that it's very slim that they're going to find anyone alive on the shore because they would have done that by now. The the swim to shore was short so i just think the probability of finding anyone at this point is is not too good so terrible tragedy and we'll be following this story joe. I really appreciate you speaking with us. Thank you great. Thank you very much carol appreciate it. Joe bellinger is a longtime diver with truth aquatics aquatics. We reached him in huntington beach california. After we spoke with mr bellinger the coastguard released a mayday call they received from someone on the boat one six year position and number persons onboard over that was part of a mayday call the coastguard received from a passenger aboard the conception this morning four four people are dead and dozens presumed did after the diving boat caught fire off the coast of santa cruz island california move they look like two standard toronto's streetcars stuck together with an accordion like part in the middle that allows the whole long thing to turn corners corners to most passengers there the bendy ones but officially they're articulated streetcars and they've been a fixture in the city for decades but after today hey those old streetcars will truly be a thing of the past the toronto transit commission is retiring the last of its so-called a cars kirt richards is a streetcar operator. He shared his affections for the big bulky bendy vehicles with metro morning. They're kind of intimidating in the beginning 'cause they're very heavy and <hes> and and the pedals are very stiff so the hardest wants to operate so yeah i remember i was a little bit intimidated by them but they become so familiar and and become a part of you because you're so involved physically to make them work. I remember early on in my career. <hes> i had knee surgery and when i went back to work it was this great it was like an elliptical machine pumping those pedals and my my knees were back in shape <hes> in no time but they kind of get into they have personalities east each <hes> each one a little quirkiness sometimes the back door would take a little bit longer to close with some of them with a little bit different tone and local muhiddin they just can't came apart or you can really hear the affection you have for them though he knew it was a long term relationship. There are other days days where you do not have some great memories. Yes <hes> back in the day when to stop scoring automated we we had to announce them and i'm a musician so i used to sink them. The logically should come out that way broadview young street and people loved it so there was a couple of my car well. They weren't accomplish yet. They met each other talking about the singing and they were having a good time and the streetcar was you know pretty joyous and <hes> they connected and a while later they came back and said they got married right because of <hes> of my thing stops in the introduced each other because of the as streetcar operator kirt richards speaking with metro morning guest host is neil cooks all about toronto's articulated light rail vehicles which were retired today. Scientists knew the thwaites glacier in antarctica was fine but they had no idea how fast it was happening. Well now thanks to some old film oriole's some equipment bought on ebay and one passionate radio glaciologist researchers have a new understanding of the severity of the problem dustin schroeder and his colleagues exit stanford university published their findings on the glacier. Today we reached. Mr schroder in stanford california has showed her. At where did you find find these film. Reels is something that was in a shoebox under someone's bed for forty years. Not the film reels were stored at the scott scott polar research institute at the university of cambridge which has both a research institute and a museum <hes> and they have they've stored toward the film in around thousand canisters <hes> in their archive but the the the data you have been able to mind from these <hes> these these this. These films is extraordinary. What why did no one do that before i mean people did extract amazing things from the film data in fact it's sort of the foundation of my field of radio glaciology early on when the film was first recorded people would go uh-huh and physically look at the film reels through an i._p. And that's where many of the discoveries that were foundational to our over made <hes> subglacial lakes what the shape of the continent itself is link. <hes> what really changing this effort was the fact that we digitize all of it so now anyone can access it and scroll through it as fast as clicking a mouse as opposed to having to go to camridge find the right film real go into the archives taken out loaded onto our viewer sort of hand wind it of course what's important about this is being able to see what the effects climate change of had an antibiotic and on this way glacier. What is your comparison. Tell value about that that you couldn't have learned before i mean i think one of the key thing is trying to understand how the ice sheets has a hole holand tweets in particular argon respondent and are responding to forces from climate. One of the challenges is trying to make those projections over say the next hundred it years in the case of the international panel climate change and prior to our study. You're looking at data that spans one or two decades and what this allows us to see this change of that shelf over in this case about forty years and will allow model as to look at an understand and reproduce that change that will give us more confidence in our capacity to make projections into the future and in particular this case we be where we see that there is more thinning than specific parts of the ice shelf that gives you a much finer scale process to observe understand model and reproduce than the average measurement you got from satellite altimetry over the the whole area and is it alarming to see it. I think for me the fact that we were lucky enough to get this snapshot sort of one of the most dynamic changing parts of one of the most important potentially unstable glaciers gives me a lot of comfort and hope that we will get those numbers better and will be able to make plans and take actions as a society you saying that you're lucky enough to get this but this was luck doc lead the lead you to this is it i mean this was an extraordinary. <hes> act of of research as glaciologist must have been but it's been quite something thing to be able to get hold of these reels and actually go into that desk the archive and start to examine them. Yes i mean i guess when i say we're lucky i mean in that. We were lucky for how good the scientists and engineers who planned that original survey were the really is not much coverage in this area of tweets switch. We now know is so important. <hes> the effort to scan it was yes it tremendous effort. I went to cambridge with to art historians us <hes> and we were there for a couple of weeks staying in this sort of harry potter dorms and reeling the film manually by hand using these he's sort of hand wound stitching film equipment that i was buying off of ebay and competing with mike hipster filmmakers to get this equipment n._c._n._b. N._c._i._s. that was a a massive labor but it was also you know i think a a real privilege to be tactically touching and archiving in preserving sort of the foundational measurements of my field i mean that's that's inspiring and i think many scientists would feel as like i did to it to have that opportunity to really help preserve the history and foundation of the thing they've dedicated their life to and you can see that the signature the hand the fingerprints more or less us of the people who had collected this it this date in the first place since the bits of scotch tape or notes written on it and said what was it like to see the work of those colleagues who couldn't have imagined how important this data would be to us at this time of our earth. Yeah you know it was it was was remarkable in lots of ways. I think sometimes <hes> yeah seeing a piece of tape that was marking a particularly important image that had been in the literature and we're sort sort of foundational for understanding of the was was thrilling and other cases there were some pieces where the film had been cut presumably to make echinacea looking print and then was stapled back together which was certainly not the top archival practice we also took scans of and are are hosting the the notebooks notebooks of the people collected the data. That was amazing so i did my early h._d. Work doing surveys myself with a modern version version of this data and antarctica and i was the operator on the airplane taking notes and i think for me to see myself decades later utterly dependent on those notes both made me feel connected to those people and maybe wish i had done a better job. Taking notes looks at my data showed. It's great attack. You thank you so much. Dust and schroeder is radio glaciologist and an assistant professor of geophysics at stanford university. His research was published today in the proceedings of the national academy of sciences. We reached him in stanford california and we've got more on this story on our web page at c._b._c. dot c._a. Slash they. I h take for a generation of t._v. Viewers valerie harper was a role model. I g starters rhoda morgenstern in the mary tyler moore show the brash neighbor brin sidekick to the more reserved mary richards the show broke new ground in television revolving around female characters who were single working women later ms harper starred in her <unk> own spinoff series rhoda which ran from nineteen seventy four to nineteen seventy-eight ronin mr. I was born in august talk about nine hundred forty one. I've always felt responsible. World war two the first thing i remember liking like me back was old command lasted seventeen valerie harper introducing her tv persona rhoda in the show's opening offscreen. Ms harper was an ardent feminist. She was frank about her personal life and about how feminism had created more choices for women like her. Here's on c._b._c. t._v. In one thousand nine hundred seventy eight talking talking about her divorce from richard shaw. She met working at second city in chicago. I'm being in a state of massive change the last six months once and it included a thirteen year marriage that <hes> i can't even say that it's ended because <hes> richard and i are very close. It's not when you say ended her. Are we split or it's over those are all such kind of almost unpleasant things what we did richard and i was retain our friendship and terminate the marriage part the relationship but i see him all time we communicate. He's we're better friends and get along better. Since <hes> we are not married anymore but if everything is so nice between in a way why we looked at that exactly that saying gosh we it's so nice why get divorced and so we did we kinda hung in and saw where we were going but what we found was we did not really have a total marriage and you may just love your best friend but you don't live with them. You know but the option is now to have your life work however you want to arrange it and that marriage is terrific. I think it's great and i think it really only works. I really do <hes> again. You're absolutely sure from a for anyone or maybe i won't ever get married but there's lots of options. Now open to men men and you know really women have come such a forty years. The more choices you have the harder it is to sort of any one of them but the more a life you you can have the more alive nece you can have in the more you can express yourself. I can be this way or has to be that way valerie harper appearing on a._b._c. a._b._c. t._v. In nineteen seventy eight miss harper who played rhoda on the mary tyler moore show has died of cancer. She was eighty years old. You've been listening to the as it happens podcast. Our show can be heard monday to friday on c._b._c. Radio one and on sirius x._m. Following the world at six you can also listen to the whole show on the web. This goto c._b._c. dot c._a. Slash a._h. And follow the links to our online archives. Thanks for listening. I'm carol off and i'm chris how for more c._b._c. podcasts goto c._b._c. dot c._a. Slash podcasts.

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Yesteryear Old Time Radio

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"I'm news headquarters in new. York Bob drop speaking. Let's continue now Colombia's invasion coverage by going over some of the details of the invasion, which we know and bringing ourselves up to date. Here's a summary up to this point. The indications are in the early hours of the second day of our invasion of western Europe. That all is going well. We're continuing to push inland through Normandy along a front. Front which has been estimated at sixty miles, although the estimates of course is not official, as yet there are no signs of any immediate gentleman counterattack in our ground, casualties have been light, much lighter than had been anticipated. Considering the scope of the operations, naval losses have also been extremely light. The first German prisoners have been brought back to Great Britain on minesweepers along with the first allied casualties. The waters of the English Channel are still kicking up, but despite the rather unfavourable weather we are succeeding in foreign, a steady stream of men and supplies into the beachheads zone somewhere between work and the off. The Germans say that fighting in this area is now in full swing, and the Germans admit that we've managed to widen the beachhead. The Germans are also telling allied landings on two of the British Channel Islands near the coast of France and they're predicting more landings along that stretch of land, running dunkirk to Calais the very latest German story. Is this from the German Transocean Agency which says that further allied landings under cover of heavy naval bombardment, and I'll being carried out in the area of the orne estuary which is on the north. Bank, shore of the Norman Peninsula southwest. And northeast of the town of Khan that story is a German story. Put out by the German Transocean Agency. Can. I'm been shortwave listening station here in new. York has heard the British Broadcasting Corporation say that behind the German front in France drastic new restrictions have been imposed upon the population out certain French departments by the German military authorities. From Dusk to dawn, BC said the people are forbidden to move in the streets, and it's threatened that the German troops will shoot any who disregard the code of instructions in these particular. French departments. In other words, a French district. Elliott in the day, Prime Minister Winston Churchill reported to the House of Commons that the allied troops were then fighting in the streets of the ancient town of Khan and that they had pushed inland at some point as much as ten miles. We heard of it later. In fact, just an hour or so ago, that define minister has promised to make a new statement at the House of Commons today. That's Wednesday on overnight developments in the allied invasion of France, and it was also revealed when this dispatch came through from London that, between his two statements to the House yesterday, the prime minister made a flying trip to the motor caravan from which general. Eisenhower is now directing the invasion somewhere in rural England. overhead. I've flyers are still finishing a solid air cover since dawn this morning. That is Tuesday morning. More than five thousand sorties had been flown and tonight. Heavy forces of Royal Air Force Big night. Bombers are out over Europe. It was revealed during this evening that the first ground troops to set foot on French soil Americans. They shared I honors with Anglo, American parachutists who landed about an hour before the troops went ashore on the beaches. The, most dramatic among a flock of rumors, all of them unconfirmed of course is a dispatch from Ankara, which tells them an allied landing in Greece. However, that is entirely unconfirmed, and of course we should take it with a large kinship solve until we hear more about it. At ten o'clock tonight President Roosevelt spoke to the nation by radio, calling upon all to pray for victory, freedom and Peace The president said that invading forces will find their road long and hard, he said the enemy is strong, and that the enemy may hurled our forces back. Success may not come with rushing speed. The president said, but we shall return again and again. He added. We know that by Grayson. By the righteousness of our cause, our sons will triumph. So solemn. Did the president consider the occasion of his broadcast prayer tonight that for the very first time, and the president broadcast from the White House photographers newsreel cameramen were barred at the president's request. As well. The president spoke from these small diplomatic reception room in the white. House seated beside him. Mrs. Roosevelt and their son in law and daughter of Mr Mrs John Bodega. The president preceded the prayer by observing that when he spoke to the nation last night on the fall of Roan. He knew them that allied forces at that moment were launched on an invasion which he said has come to pass with success last five, and then slowly and solemnly he spoke the prayer for the nation. Naturally, the opening of the second front has been received with much enthusiasm in Moscow to the Russian people signal for invasion sees a three year long dream come true and tonight there are reports that the Russian army's massing again on the eastern front, perhaps for new drive from the east. Of course, we don't know when it will begin. Our American flying fortresses at from their new bases in Russia flew out over the Balkans today and bombed an airfield at Galati in Romania. In Italy, the battle to destroy the German army is continuing without met up, and as the allied troops spread out from Rome thousands of German prisoners are now being added to the bag. That's the latest from Italy few words from the Pacific, they Japanese on Biak. Island, being pushed steadily back truck gonNA. Pay and narrow have been bombed the game, but in China the Japanese are still cutting through the heart of that country. That summer I think brings us up to date on the authentic details, which we know so far about the invasion now that it is some twenty four hours old. And now we're still here at Columbia's news headquarters in New York and quite. is now going to speak to us as the action on the French invasion, coast does go into its second day. The question of the morale of our troops is perhaps more important than ever. Quite rentals knows a great deal about that morale, and he's here now to tell us about it here. He is exactly two and a half years ago today that comfortable world we once knew came to and then. We. Didn't know very much about the Germans then. Were far away remote. But during this past two and a half years, we have learned a lot about both of our enemies. Today our sons are learning even more about the German. His experiences in Sicily and Italy have taught him to hate the German soldier into know him for the roof was thirty sight of that he is. The Russians always call the Germans the FRITZY's. The British civilians and soldiers called the Germans either the Jerry's of the huns. Our bars with fine contempt. Call the Germans the crowd. Usually real fighting men respect each other. Our man lost all respect for the Germans when they face them in Sicily and later in Italy. In Sicily, our first division saw the Germans raise a white flag of surrender on the top of a ridge. And when I'm in rushed up the hill to accept the surrender, they were met with murderous machine gun fire. This gave them an inkling as to what manner of enemy they were fighting. Again insistently and any member of Oklahoma's forty fifth division with a to the truth of this. The Germans did something that perhaps no army in the history of military warfare has ever done. They booby trapped their own did. So that when when I went to bury them, minds tied to the bodies exploded killing than twenty of our boys. Now, our troops finally realized. That everything that we at home thought of the japs where equally true of the German. They were hard arrogant men schooled in the belief that they would amassed a race. Since Boyhood they had marched and some militant song, and lived only for the day when Hitler would turn them loose against our kind of civilization, for which they had nothing, but can tempt. They throw them military rule book away when they went into action. In the shots space up two and a half years we have trained to Nami. The today is meeting these professional murderers? Better than even, time. This is one of the greatest military miracles of the ages. Are Men are good because they know their enemy. They. Don't underestimate him as so many at home have underestimated him. They have talked to German prisoners. And they know now that this is a fight to the finish with no-holds-barred against an enemy, which refuses to conform to even the most elementary rules of decency. Last September in Italy. We captured a great many German prisoners. I talked to some of them. One of them was wounded quite badly, and it looked as though he might that. The. Doctor asked him some questions. He asked him for instance. What is your religion? The dying Nazi soldier lifted as head. Hatred Dwayne from his is a spit out national socialism as my religion, Hickman, Emma and Nazi I. Am a Nazi forever. This type of man I'll. Boys are fighting tonight. The Nazi ideology which rejects God in favor of Hitler is a religion to the German soldier. There was an old saying out of New Mexico. In the section of the state. That still has a lot of rattlesnakes. Out there around Carrizo the rattlers, sometimes sad toll of horses and cattle, and the counseling are always on the alert against the poison of their thing. They say out there. When you kill a rattler, you've got to kill him dead. You can't reform. rattlesnake. Are reason with them all converted. The fighting men I've seen talk to after their experiences incessantly eminently feel that way about the Germans today. It may not be fashionable eased as to hate. But I tell you. Man I've talked to a broad hate their enemy. This helps to keep them around so high. Old Back up the lines when things get dull out, boys complain a lot. If you met them then you'd think perhaps that morale was bad. The don't forget that the morale of and is always just as good as it has to be. It had to be good last night, and throughout this long long day and had to be good tonight. And every report that comes back to US confirms the fact that it was and is good that spirits are high. These troops of ours know their enemy well. Two and a half short years. They have been trained to deal with them. It looks as though that training had been well done indeed. I return you now to Bob Trout. That was credited Reynolds at our news headquarters here in New York another German Transocean Agency broadcast is just come in. This one was made by the Germans at five minutes to one eastern wartime in other words about sixteen minutes ago. It says the allies since Tuesday night have been pouring strong reinforcements into the beachheads established on the French channel coast. That's only German Transocean Agency that dispatch rather that story, saying that the allies are pouring strong reinforcements into the beachheads along the French channel coast. Since early Tuesday morning actually late Monday night. We had Columbia's news headquarters. been bringing the picture of the invasion, the overall view as reported in official statements and the sidelights, the eyewitness stories of correspondence who accompanied our men are machines in particular operations. And now we have an eyewitness account which can be described those familiar familiar initials G.. It was filed by New York Daily News correspondent Howard Whitman representing the combined American press. It's not a story of mass movements of men and machines, but it does tell us just how some of our tougher soldiers reacted to this greatest military undertaking of all time. This is how the lengthy dispatch begins. At an invasion port in England Howard Whitman says men boarded the invasion ships as if they were headed for a Sunday school picnic. It didn't matter that death might be there to for days. The cream of America's fighting men poured through the port and streamed aboard the envision I'm Mata. Never met more anxious to get on with so grim task. The port was one of many from which the envisioned sprang, but it was the spearhead port where the toughest of tough assaults soldiers were loaded, many of the men went aboard with shaved heads, particularly hard fighting assault troops. Whitman asked a couple of them why one of them said we just do it for the hell of it, but he was joking. The reason that thousands of invasion voice shave their heads close is that this reduces the danger of infection in case of head wounds. All of them were guest, protective clothing from top to bottom and carried. What approved gas masks? That paymasters had given each man four dollars, an invasion money, and some of them had got more by cashing in their British funds. It correspondent Meta Staff Sergeant who had hundreds of dollars of envision currency? He said I like to travel heavy. There's lots of stuff I want to buy when I go over there. Poker and dice games aboard the invasion craft were in progress continually being played with invision money. Correspondent says these boys seemed unaware that they were standing at the crossroads of history. Most of them had embarked on the same ships three or four times before in practice exercises they had stormed and assaulted beach after Bijan England now. They knew it was the real thing and unbelievable, as it seems, they were happy about it. Take Corporal Alfonse Pesky of Stapleton. Staten Island the father of a boy seven and a girl of five. He said after you practice for thing so long you get sick of practicing. We know what we've got to do and we want to get the thing done. Maybe if we get this thing done, we'll get home someday. Sitting on a cargo hatch like a couple of pleasure, travelers were sergeant John Connors of Chicago and private. Herbert Campbell of Owens Ville. Connor said I. Wish this TUB would get going. Get it over and knock their teeth out. That's the way we feel, and you can tell him back home. That armour Al was never a better I mean that. Then Campbell typed up and said that goes for me from what I hear. It's the people back home. Who have the worst jitters? Reporter asked. I know it sounds incredibly calm, but that's the way it was. The invasion was mounted along a stretch of the British coast, and so tremendous was the operation that it can best be understood by picturing Britain as a series of funnels with their open ends in the interior of the country, and they're spouts, embarkation points along the invasion coast, the assault forces, men and equipment for down these funnels in accordance with a timetable that our correspondent says was fantastic detailed. Firstly invasion forces were gathered some of them months ago in concentrated areas in the interior of Great Britain then within the last two months they were moved into marshalling areas where they were briefed and equipped for the invasion. The final step was to move to the embarkation points and onto invasion craft. At this particular point from which Mr Whitman writes, the troops embarked directly from docks some of them stepping aboard, LLC? I that is landing craft. Infantry and others ferried out to big at as auxiliary transport. And another embarkation point nearby equipment was being simultaneously loaded heavy guns, tank, destroyers, armored cars, jeeps and amphibious fighting vehicles. These were driven to concrete ramps and runs straight up into the open jaws of S.. Landing ships tanks. It was exactly one minute ahead of schedule. The timetable worked out months in advance called for completion at midnight. Whitman was with bigger general Charles Thrasher, the commanding general of a southern based section in England, shortly after the successful completion of a loading, he says you never saw a happier man than general, thrasher. A year and a half work in melting, this operation, a year and a half of one of the most complex jobs, a man ever undertook and general fresh air deliver the goods. I'm in ahead of schedule. Another happy man was biggest general Frank Ross chief transportation officer in the European theater of operations, he said thousands of invasion craft were loaded backward. Men and equipment were to be poured upon beaches I had to be loaded last. Everything has to be placed in assault. Boats in the water would be needed on the beachheads. And then Howard Whitman goes on to say it was hard to see the faces of our men beneath the welter of equipment. Some of the things they carried were field tax side arms, rifles, machine-guns, walkie-talkie radio that. Field glasses medical supplies jackets stuffed with hand. Grenades smoke bombs, heavy loads of ammunition, prepared dynamite charges, flame throwers grenade launchers bazookas. TNT charges on the ends of Poles and full anti poison gas equipment. And one of them also carried a guitar. Another had red and white sign painted on his back danger minefield. Several of them had plucked flowers on their way to the Asian point, and they stuck the flowers in their helmets. As they hop from their motor trucks to board. The ships embarkation officers checked every man by calling out his last name, and having him respond with his first name and middle initial, just before he stepped aboard, he was given a life preserver for himself and the life preserver for every piece of equipment he carried. He was also given seven sticks of chewing gum four boxes of matches. A box of buddy insectides powder three boxes of K. rations. Three boxes of de rations a pipe. Cigarettes and chewing tobacco water purification tablets. A carton of cigarettes or at the makings of cigarettes, one razor blade, a ten of canned heat and twelve seasickness pills. At this embarkation point the first two invaders to embark where the tenants from New York State Stanley. White of Abbas gone and Robert Edlund of new Albany. Then College Howard Whitman gives us several additional sidelights on just how I'm an started for France, and he'll dot. He says there's an old army saying there's one in every outset. At one point at one point, the soldier who qualified for this dubious distinction was befuddled private. WHO dropped his car buying overboard the minute after he embarked on his invasion barge, his company commanders, a motor launch shore, and within fifteen minutes on new. Carbine was provided. Of all places to bump into one another to privates from New York Robert Betty and Charles Kiss gave. We're talking on board. The invasion vote waiting the jump off signal when they spotted the buddy of their childhood days, he was Semen Gordon. Trumpet also Endicott New York a member of the ship's crew. And here are several additional sidelights, which correspondent Howard Whitman has sent him from England in this description of just what it was like when the soldiers boarded their invasion craft on the coast of England. He says nearly every vehicle taken aboard for the invasion, had its name painted on it by its crew that was everything. Some jeep named filthy flora to heavy vehicle called. Give 'em hell. Others renamed access doom at. I'll answer to spend. Ten Shilling Anna and for ladies only the final mail delivery was made to the invasion troops as they waited aboard the assault boats for the takeoff signal. The army post office carriers and motor launches made the rounds leading with mail pouches on one ship. One soldier was handed fifty letters in one delivery. Another got an. Her posted in New, York only four days before. Soldiers who were brief for the occasion there were given advance information on the D Day. Plans were kept under heavy guard and sealed camps before the embarkation our. One brief soldier left his credentials behind when he went to deliver ammunition to a car, buying company, and was picked up by a guard officer who ordered a guard sergeant to Kakaako life and keep trained on that soldier while I investigate. The soldiers stood trembling at the business end of the guard's gun battle until the major in charge arrived. and. They said we found his credentials. He's okay. He's a Georgia rebel just like me. I've been reading a lengthy and colorful dispatch files from an invasion in England and written by new. York, Daily News correspondent Howard Whitman's for the combined allied press a very detailed description of what it was like. They're on the invasion coast of Great Britain as the men. Boarded their invasion craft to cross the channel. ELEONORA CBS invasion coverage. We told you that German. Prisoners and wounded were being brought back to Britain and now the same correspondent Howard Whitman dispatch I just been reading to your as just sent him some details on our prisoners and wounded this dispatch. Just come off the why and it's being handed to me now. Here is what Howard Whitman says. The first German prisoners and first casualties to reach this port somewhere in Britain were landed late Tuesday afternoon. The prisoners who've been fished out of the channel after their German craft was sunk by invasion warships were brought him aboard a British Light Cruiser at seven o'clock in the evening. British summer time they were immediately heard into a compound to be questioned by intelligence officers. These Germans. who were among the first to feel? The sting of the second front struggled along the pier like half drown rats. It was clear from the expressions on their faces that they had had enough in a subtle way. They seem happy to be in the safety of captivity. The first wounded to be disembarked at this port where soldiers brought back from the French beachhead in a minesweeper. They were carried ashore by. And taken to an emergency hospital near the pier. This hospital is merely a receiving station and all casualties except cases too serious to be moved out evacuated to inland base hospitals within twenty four hours. At Five Thirty PM, but his time a tank landing craft put him with casualties. Including dead others were taken to a receiving station. Two cases were too serious to be moved to a base hospital. This port says Howard Whitman this port from which has been equipped to handle a tremendous number of casualties, if necessary that are hospital facilities for six thousand wounded in the immediate, the Senate Dave, and at three points there are lines of seventy five ambulances ready to dash towards the beach, immense to ton refrigerator's loaded with plasma and blood deployed in the port area, camouflaged under canvas and ready to supply emergency treatment to shot cases and seriously wounded. Seventy days supplies of medical and surgical materials are supplied at nearby field. Hospitals in tent camps have been set up for cases of minor injury and shock. Evacuation teams or forty men each had been established, appears and beaches to coordinate the handling of casualties. One ship comes with casualties. These teams immediately supply it with medical supplies to take back to France. So the casualties evacuated on the next trip may be cared for during the crossing. When a serious cases taken off the ship, the litter is immediately tagged with a red card, indicating the need for a special immediate treatment. And that was the latest dispatch sent in by Howard Whitman I read you. His lengthy is lengthy and detailed description of the soldiers embarking from that invasion port to make their sip across the channel. He remained at that port somewhere on the coast of Britain and late Tuesday afternoon he saw the first German prisoners and the first casualties coming back. Incidentally, you perhaps recall just a few moments ago in that late dispatch, which was just handed me a just came in. I read your that Mr Whitman says. It was clear from the expressions on the faces of the German prisoners they'd had enough. They seem to be happy. In the safety of allied captivity, Baptist remember a few hours ago. We had a dispatch from a German prison camp somewhere here in the United States which told us that the German prisoners in that prison camp refused to believe that the invasion had been started in the liberation of the continent, had indeed begun the German prisoners at that camp somewhere in the United States said it's all allied propaganda. While, we're talking about our wounded giving you this late dispatch by Howard. Whitman would part of which was in cable. Incidentally, you may have heard that fifty one wounded American soldiers, thirty seven wounded Canadians and forty-three civilians arrived in Jersey City today on the exchange liner, the grips whole as the ship docked on the band, played pistol packing, Mama, the American soldiers were taken to how in general hospital that's at Staten Island and the immediately wanted to hear invasion do. One soldier wounded and captured at the F. and has now been brought home said we'll give them hell this time. Another one who was able to walk to an ambulance, driven by a wack said he wished he could help over there instead of being helpless. Only, eight American civilians civilians were brought back on this fourth repatriation of the exchange liner of on which an army officers said at a very quiet and uneventful, crossing the arrest of the passengers where citizens of South America and Central America. The Canadian soldiers are still aboard the. But they will be removed from the ship sometime tonight for transportation to Canada. And here's another dispatch, which is just come in, and which is being had to me here at Columbia newest headquarters. This is a dispatch written by a correspondent representing the combined American. Press Bob Miller aboard a united. States pt boat off France, and here is his description. He says the invasion caught the Germans completely by surprise. It was not until three thirty in the morning that a German reconnaissance plane sighted the invading forces moving into position, and then it was too late to be effective. Dawn revealed the most amazing sight of this or any other war. That worships everywhere I looked says Bob Miller. Planes were docking through the clouds above him. Heavy broadsides of American and British battleships and cruisers rumbled through the overcast and yellow flames from the gun muzzles all, but obscure the worship as thousands of tons of explosives were sent to the shore against German installations. Destroyers. manding craft jockeyed for position, awaiting the opportunity to discharge their cargoes. And then our correspondent goes on to say so completely asleep where the Germans that British minesweepers escorted by a PT, squadron ran interference for the invasion by clearing a broad path. Right up to the beaches without once being challenged. This unprecedented maneuver it was carried out without the loss of single PT t boat. Despite rough seas, which left the clues, bruised and battered, and many of the men acutely seasick the American pt votes shepherded the. Along the chartered route all night. Because of the stone of the minesweepers that had been necessary to begin the operation in broad daylight, Monday, but perfect air cover by the United States. Air Forces in the royal airforce kept away any German planes. This is CBS Columbia Broadcasting System. By the the House Dog Unique Supper! Kotel Columbia. Music Bill is the. Open out drank. This am with cold water. What is this thing called up? were. Along little title votes do I'll walk alone. Medley as a lucky day with a song in my heart. You'll better. Now, they played me. They loo- anthem Bondo coming back. And Thanks. Talk. Accuracy part of Comedian House in the internationally famous break towel. Love this venue bills neither is the. Without program we hit that old paper audience. Own! Done in our bills, not by the waters of a dumped him. That'd be. Bill built. At their age and knowledge. UH GIRL MEDIC Now built, not obey your divide hot Few minutes. Interview the dog built by the end is. Their nature, you the. Of. The Baker tells long ause lateness again injured. Every beating. On the studio in the building, they've BBS the Columbia Broadcasting.

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The Evening Briefing: Wednesday, September 16

The Briefing

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The Evening Briefing: Wednesday, September 16

"Good evening. I'm Chris Price with the briefing from the Telegraph. It's Wednesday September the sixteenth in the prime minister said when we should be sending pupils home from school. So, the testing chaos rumbles on head teachers wound the prime minister nearly every school in the country struggling to access tests for students and staff school leaders have written to brush Johnson to tell if they're mounting concern about delays in accessing test results that plea comes as the promise to face the Liaison Committee of MP's this afternoon where he admitted, we don't have enough. Testing capacity. Now, he pledged five hundred thousand tests day by October and warned a second lockdown would be disastrous but he was challenged at the hearing by Greg Clark that was off the he said groups of pupils should only be sent hung. If there had been a positive test rather than someone just developing symptoms, you can follow a blow by blow account of the hearing. Leeann Mr Johnson had defended the government's testing capacities. He went toe to toe with Angela Reina at prime minister's questions. The labeled deputy leader was standing in for a Kiss Dhamma after he was forced to self isolate and Emily Brunell thinks, she may have found a surprising new fan in the prime minister he can find out why So happening on the Brexit Front to his being reported that Britain could surrender control over fishing waters around the channel islands part of an attempt to resolve key dispute in the brexit trade deal negotiations with the EU. The concession comes as European Commission president. Underline says, the withdrawal agreement will not be renegotiated, but it's the most the prime minister's poised to strike a deal with Tory backbenches over the controversial internal markets bill your member minister admitted it breaks international law. Law Canes. Resigned today over the bill allied. Block has the latest. and. Barbados's announced his intention to remove the Queen as its head of state. She's reminded constitutional monarch since it gained independence in nineteen sixty six and it wouldn't be the first country republic during the queen's Reign Hannah furnace has more. Along those that she can read Nina power on why you can disagree with J. K. Rowling you want but you've no right to wish her dead for telling stories and the nurse. Ratchet, riddle why wasn't Oscar winner Louise Fletcher a Big Star that's it. You're up to date Danny will have you next briefing tomorrow morning.

prime minister Leeann Mr Johnson Angela Reina Chris Price Liaison Committee of MP Hannah furnace Louise Fletcher Greg Clark J. K. Rowling Emily Brunell Ratchet Canes Danny European Commission Oscar EU Block Barbados president