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"chancellor kohl russia" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

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"chancellor kohl russia" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"The iheart radio app russia's president vladimir putin calling for daily humanitarian pauses of the town of gudermes in eastern syria the move comes two days after the un security council approved a resolution demanding a thirty day ceasefire across the entire country cbs foreign affairs analyst pam falk says that went unheeded as if nothing had transpired at the un government airstrikes took place on sunday within hours of the resolution's passage prompting france's president and germany's chancellor kohl russia's president vladimir putin to ask for help to get aid to the civilians in the area near damascus that is one of the last rebel held areas bradley said people have been killed in the years strikes today a remembrance ceremony held today of the national september 11th memorial museum marking twenty five years since the first attack on the world trade center jr was six people were killed more than a thousand others injured museum president salvat greed walk was among the speakers is hard to believe that a quartercentury has passed six that snowy injured day the 1993 bombing was the first act of terrorism that this site as we know all too well he would not be the last search bob exhaust backed were convicted in that attacked a seventh remains at large wbz news time to forty one we check sports on this monday afternoon celtics back to work on the parkway tonight 730 tap off at the garden against the lowly grizzlies memphis's lost its last nine the seas of one two in a row since the all star break socks introducing their new slugger this morning in florida is wbz's adam kaufman tells us the club's new designated hitter has come a long long way let's get that for the aticketcom sport's studio you may find this hard to believe since new.

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