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"chadwick tsen" Discussed on KOA 850 AM

"Hopes, dreams and aspirations. It's just that simple. Four, but black and the Rockies Rommel top Eo will lead it off in left field. Trevor's story at short, Ryan McMahon at second base. Hitting cleanup will be Charlie Blackmon in right field. Then Garrett Hampson in center field. CJ Crone originally was going to play first base in hit fifth, but C J was some tightness in his lower back. So he was scratched for One time Cardinal Matt Adams, who will play first base and bat sixth. Josh Point says is at third base. Dom Juniors will do the catching. Batting ninth in pitching left hander Austin Gamber. For Mike Chilton, his ST Louis Cardinals. Tommy Edmund will lead things off. He'll play second base. Dylan Carlson is in right field. Then Paul Goldschmidt at first former Rocky Nolan are Renato hitting cleanup in at third base. Of course, Paul The Young is the shortstop Tyler O'Neill is in left field. Harrison baiter in center field. Andrew Kisner will do the catching for the injured Yeah, near Molina, batting eighth. On the mound. Batting ninth. Right hander Jack Flaherty pitching matchup Lefty Austin number for the Rockies to face his old team start number seven this year. Two wins three losses. 5.90 E. R. A 29 innings pitched. He's allowed 23 runs 19 earned on 22 Hits Walks have been Hiatt 2027 strikeouts in three home runs allowed came back last Saturday and beat the Diamondbacks in Arizona got a lot of run support. At least late the Rockies broke it open. He went six innings, gave up four runs, two earned on five hits with a walk in four strikeouts, his fourth quality start of the season. Jack Clarity is a terrific young right hander for the Cardinals and Flaherty this year, also making his seventh start, leads baseball with five wins, No losses. 3.41 a 34 and a third innings 25 hits allowed is all 16 runs 13 earned He's walked only 10. He's fan. 36 has given up three home runs, but not bad. In those 34 a third innings, 9.5 strikeouts per nine and only 2.5 walks per nine innings. He is one and one in his career against the Rockies with a 3.18 earned run average. 11 and a third innings, four runs on eight hits with three walks in 16 strikeouts, holding the Rockies batters to a 1 90 average. Empire is brought to us by Bank of Colorado, the official bank of a Colorado Rockies. They invite you to stop by the official branch of the Rockies in the new McGregor's square. Bank of Colorado. There's only one Well because of the pandemic protocols and to minimize some travel the Rockies for the third straight Serie Zehr gonna have the same. Umpiring crew. It will be John Lipka, calling the balls and strikes Chadwick Tsen at first base, the crew chief Jim Reynolds at second. And Tony Randazzo will be the empire at third. The Cardinals have Taking the field. With Flaherty, the young man out of the L. A area beginning. His warm up tosses the Iraqis. Aaron there purple tops with the black letters and numbers with white trim, where in the All black caps with the CR and silver on the front of the caps with the.

Ryan McMahon Andrew Kisner Mike Chilton Paul Goldschmidt Tommy Edmund Jack Flaherty Garrett Hampson Charlie Blackmon Jack Clarity Dylan Carlson Chadwick Tsen Tony Randazzo Tyler O'Neill John Lipka Austin Gamber Josh Point Rocky Nolan CJ Crone Jim Reynolds Trevor