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"chad hancock" Discussed on Doughboys

"Toy who there you go? I do. Oddly have kind of Vincent Price laugh. It kind of works that was from Chad handcock well, done. Man just wanted to say, I love the by guys. It's my VERA. Keep up the great work. Anyway, here's a drop. Inspire recent llahu episode with Elisa Skinner. She's one of my favorite EPs. Thank you, Chad, Hancock at you tried debt. That's right. That was me laughing maniacally. When you confess that you were afraid that you're Mickey doll was going to come to life when I was a child. Mickey Mouse or Dolan's. Mickey Rourke, oddly. Yeah. Vicky work doll as a child. Harley-Davidson in the mar. Figurine nine and a half weeks was, was he in that? I don't know. I don't know. Yeah, I just know basing her and she got a cracked on her. I know you can leave your hat on. Is that a thing. The thing you do. Mitch's today I leave it on for the pod. It's my, it's my look, oh, God, I'm afraid to. It covers. It covers up exposed brain. I don't have a Frankenstein. Expose brain of pregnancy, doesn't have a Frankenstein expose who does have an exposed brain. Good question. What's his name in Hannibal radio to to Hannibal? I almost I tried to get almost got really for the podcast. Well, most I'm doing a lot of work there. You thought about sitting in Email to a publicist, let's do. Sorry. Did I did send an Email to? All right, okay. I did send an Email to Should've giving. given you more credit to say about our. I guess he puts the in dober- blessed. Come on y'all. Nervous right. Feel over. Roasted me? No, I'm not gonna roast you spring fan. He's being very nice. Our guest is the host of comedy, bang, bang, and three them. I two of able now and.

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