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"chachi dennis" Discussed on Chachi Loves Everybody

"But the know one of the comforts I had was was was Chachi was Chachi Dennis and I remember I came from nothing anyone who comes from a small market and goes to big market you know maybe can relate. I came from such a small kind of homey situation where everyone knew each other in the cluster and and even though we were we were in Tucson with seven stations. Each other we were we were a family we went to each other's weddings and baptisms and and soccer games, and you know at you knew everyone at every station and I remember being in La and Just learning. So many things the hard way I remember listening to John and Ken and I remember I I really liked John and Ken I. Remember they did a bit that I liked well, I'm used to if working for a company and a cluster. If you hear something you like especially if you're the PD you, you tell that other person hey, that was a great bit. And I remember asking the receptionist at the time Hey I heard a bit from John and Ken. What's their extension? I WANNA I want to call and tell them how much really alive really like that and I'm thinking I'm a right. They're going to respect that, and then the reception is looking at me like that's just not a good idea. We don't we don't do that here. Oh. Okay. What do you mean? I wouldn't. So like a and it was just I I. It was a quick realization that you're in Hollywood buddy you're in Hollywood you know my promotions assistance had MTV shows and commercial commercial auditions and it blew my mind how you know how Hollywood it was. That's not a complaint dumpster vacation I was just amazed at. Wow like even the the promo kids here have have have gigs on movie sets. This is incredible and. Really the the the one thing I can I want to say about working in L. A. of that building in particular in the complement to everybody there those are cream of the crop man, the people that work there and especially mean our promotions directors like Eileen and and our imaging directors like Ron Shapiro and you know these guys were so so ahead of the game and growing up as a program director in Tucson. You spend half your day putting out fires like fixing stuff and and coddling people and hey, what's hasn't really on the way to do it and let's fix the mess you made and I remember one thing it was uncomfortable in L. A. was that. Everybody was like my people on my team. They were like a step ahead is a good thing, but they were step ahead of me. So I'm like, what do I do like they? They had everything. So under control at times I felt less valuable because like I'm the guy supposed to fix all your messes but you guys are a step ahead there again, it's I sing the phrases. They were just phenomenal people at that building. That's a really interesting observation. I appreciate you sharing it. It's. I. I. Can tell you this getting meet you at that point and those couple years we worked together as probably amongst the very best of of my life I had such a.

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