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"cha briana taylor" Discussed on KOA 850 AM

"Heart Radio Fox 31 Pinpoint weather hazy, smoky skies again today with a high in the mid eighties. Yes, Tomorrow it will be warmer with a high near 90 right now. 83 degrees a DEA, the driver of a blue jeep that drove through a July 25th protest on I 2 25 will not be facing criminal charges. That Jeep was hit by a Ford F 1 50. It swerved into it. The truck driver was sympathetic to the protesters, and that's from the Jeep driver had to decide what to do with other protesters were attacking his vehicle. The district attorney, George Brocklehurst, says the Jeep driver drove on carefully. This guy has plenty of opportunity to not care where he is on the road. Instead, given the circumstances, he exhibits in my opinion care to not strike. Another person. The on ly people hurt in the incident were to protesters who were hit by gunfire from a protester who was shooting at the Jeep. The grand jury's returned a three count indictment of a Louisville, Kentucky police officer. None of the charges directly linking that officer Cha Briana Taylor's death, Kentucky attorney General Daniel Cameron saying Based on the evidence, the officers who fatally shot Rianna Taylor were justified in doing so because Taylor's boyfriend shot at them Instead. Former Officer Brett Hankerson has been charged with three counts of first degree wanted endangerment for firing into the home. No. None of those bullets hit Taylor Cameron, saying he knows it's not the outcome Some wanted. We really want the truth or do we want a truth? That fits our narrative, He says that people react on emotion or outrage. There is no justice right Burrow. ABC News State Attorney General Phil Weiser says a local on company is fit called turf will be paying $125,000 fine after in early customers and automatically renewing services without their consent. Weiser says the company also made 132,000 calls to people on the no call list. Wells Fargo CEO is apologizing for what he said in a June memo regarding the lack of diversity in the executive rings in the minnows CEO Charles Sheriff explained that it was difficult to find qualified black executives because there was a very limited pool of black talent recruit from in corporate America. Sharp send out an apology Wednesday, saying his comments reflected his own conscious bias, and we're insensitive. He says his company must increase diverse representation is June statements received intense backlash on social media, including from New York Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria. Oh, Kaze O Cortez, who tweeted perhaps it is the CEO of Wells Fargo, relax the talent to recruit black workers. Rob Dawson Socks an asteroid the size of a school bus is zooming by Earth tomorrow, officials say it will be a safe citing as the asteroid does not pose a threat. The Dow industrials closing down today 525 points. That is a loss of 102% Today, the S and P. 500 was down by two and a quarter percent. Losing 79 points. The NASDAQ off 331 a loss of 3%. Our next news update is a 2 30. I'm Susan Witkin on KO in news radio. A 50 am in 90 for one FM Breathes Fashion Boutique is the worst. First They.

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