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"ceo tracy bentley" Discussed on Permian Perspective Podcast

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"ceo tracy bentley" Discussed on Permian Perspective Podcast

"Tell us a little bit about your partnership with p. s. p. and the census education campaign which is called. The Permian counts. Thank you because I can't think of another region in the entire country that has more to gain from an accurate census. Count as we all know who live here. We know that due to our growth we have a lot of challenges that come along with that and that is by way of of housing and healthcare and Roads Education Workforce Development. All the things that the PSE works on but one of the. We feel like one of the priorities needs to be on making sure that every person in the Permian if you live here if you're here fifty percent or more of the time you need to be counted here because that is directly linked to federal resources. That should absolutely come to the Permian. If we all agree that being counted needs to be a priority otherwise the resources that are designated for right here are going to go elsewhere to the places that were counted in so all we have to do is make our individual responsibility to go online and be counted. And we'll see resources. Potentially that our region is never seen before so in the past. I if I remember this correctly we would get packet in the mail. We would fill out a little questionnaire. Send it back and then maybe someone would come to our door and follow up. Bright is that how the process was in the past but is now changing. You're exactly right. That's how it's been done for years and years this year. It's changed to technology and people like the convenience of filling it out online. You can do it directly from your cell phone your ipad your computer but then you add the corona virus on top of it and so much of that door to door and reminding and encouraging people educating them face to face is not going to happen or at least certainly suspended and so now. It's really a comment on all of us as individuals to take the time to educate ourselves into go online and do it ourselves and just make it a priority. So what is the fastest way to do this and easiest because will be honest? A lot of us are staying home now a lot more and with governor Abbot just announcing today. That going into effect tomorrow night. Bars and restaurants will be closed indoor dining and also you can't be in a group of ten or more people. We're going to be home a lot more. How can they do this with this time? Absolutely so a couple of resources for you if you go to the Permian counts dot com. We've got economic studies that will show people just the importance of getting an accurate count and honestly ramifications of if we don't what we're GONNA lose out on so those numbers are really compelling and important for us a number two. We list out all the resources in helpful tips on how to fill it out. It's actually very very easy but I know if you've never done it before. New things can be intimidating and so our website will help guide you to resources. That will help walk you through that. Of course you can always visit the. Us Census Bureau and then it will take you directly to the form that you can fill out. It takes higher on average about a minute minute half thought so it's really simple and easy to do in the past once again. I don't know what the numbers are. But what was your turnout like? Did you get a good response from people that did the male inversion versus? Now this new technology sure so nationwide. We had an average of about a two percent undercount. If you went last year which doesn't sound too bad at all right but let me just does some numbers at you. So a two percent undercount. This year would result in a regional loss on the Permian Basin of one point one billion dollars in gross product. That's about one hundred and twelve million dollars a year as well as about thirteen thousand jobs all because we didn't fill out a form that takes a minute and a half to be counted and that's a two percent undercount now we know it's even more challenging because of the state of things and what's going on here and also the Permian Basin is very. It's much more ruling nature as we know and so access to things like the Internet can't be taken for granted here in every place so I feel like we're even more challenging if you get a good count and that's why making it a priority. I'm hoping that we can reduce that. Two percent undercount one percent or let's go one hundred percent would be great but those are numbers just to give you an example of a two percent. Undercount do you feel or are you worried that the state of oil and gas right now will affect that count and affect people because of the worried. Miss that is going on in their daily life from getting them on there. I do think that that's going to provide an extra challenge again. That most of the country's not gonNA face and it right here in the heart of the Permian. We'RE GONNA face it more than anybody. Along those lines are. Rotational Workforce Causes Challenges. That don't exist anywhere else. And I think it's so important for people to understand that if you spend fifty percent of your time here you need to fill out the census here. There's some misinformation or I think some folks think that well my family may live in a different city different part of Texas. Maybe even another state and so that's where I'm GONNA fill up my senses. Well the guidelines say it's where you spent fifty percent of your time and so getting people to understand what they call home for the census. Maybe they're counting something different. So those of our friends out there. That have a lake house in San Graham Berry. Or maybe you're at Lake Travis. But you're here more. Please fill out the census here because you are here. More than fifty percent of the time does he's the right and that's where they want the resources to be dedicated towards him. What I've been telling people is if you don't know if you're on the fence when in doubt fill it out and the US Census Bureau will figure out where where you should be counted most the time but if you have any doubt go ahead and fill it out. That's a good idea and of course we will put the Permian counts website in our show notes for you. Go to after this podcast. If you say hey we need to go to that website and check it out and go fill this out now that that would be great so we will definitely put that in your show notes once again. I'm speaking to. Ceo Tracy Bentley of Permian Strategic Partnership. And we're talking about the importance of filling out the census because this really is such a timely really timely matter that we need everybody to do right now so that we can get an accurate count and as you mentioned. Get that funding. That's right I feel like now more than ever. There's it's never been more important for us to get this count. We already know that because of the Challenging Economic Times that we're going to need more more resources and we may see those via stimulus package going from the federal government but these resources that were talking about via the census are long lasting sustainable permanent. If you will resources aren't gonNA come and go. And so they're going to provide basic stability and honestly services for public safety. Our veterans our seniors healthcare education housing. All of that that we so desperately need. Thank you Tracy. I know that you are deep in the heart of what's going on right now in listening and learning and reading everything that you can. What is the state of oil and gas in what you've been reading in? How are we going to get helped by the federal government? Have you read anything today? That maybe we could give us new information on. I haven't I'm well aware like everybody else that those conversations are happening in Washington. Dc and federal governments reaching out to states to find ways. That can be helpful. What I can tell you is that even in the downturn an this interesting economic time the Permian Basin is still the preferred place for energy production. And there's no doubt we are feeling it and we're going to feel it but long-term the permian will remain productive. And we'RE NOT GONNA see folks pick up and move and leave it baron if you will. I think we're GONNA continue to see production even during this downturn. I know many of our listeners watched the oil prices up and down a Banana. I know I do too. I'm right there with you. Got a little bit of good news. Today it went back up to twenty five and we hope you see more green. Arrow's what advice would you give to those living here in the Permian beyond because we have listeners really tied to oil and gas all over the world to really keep their spirits up about what is happening here because you and I both know that? Permian Basin are resilient. We are Permian strong. We're going to keep on truckin. We're we're not. We're not GONNA give up. So what advice would you give nets in what you just described? Chris as one of the many reasons why I absolutely love living here and I feel like it's been my home for much longer than actually has but what I would tell folks is. Yeah it we're going to feel it and we're going to hurt it but it's GonNa hurt a little bit but we're going to remain for the long haul end so hang in there and know that this industry is going again to continue to produce probably not to the degree that we have in fact we know we're not going to so we're GONNA wait it out and keep producing even at twenty dollars a barrel and oil until conditions improve. And then we'll wrap up again but we're not going to. We're not going to leave right. And that's the thing I mean. We're we're all here. We're going to all stick it out together and I always say this too shall pass and we will be here together to continue to work on those issues that I know the Permian strategic partnership is so strong about and for those of you that maybe didn't listen to our our previous podcast and we talked about the road issues. The roads still need help right. I mean the roads are still we? We are still busy on the roads. We still have potholes on the roads. We still have people that are dealing with some of those same issues. It may seem like it's on a smaller need right now but it's still there. You're exactly right. The premium strategic partnership is comprised of twenty of the largest producing companies in the country. But certainly in the Permian Basin and the fact that they said now more than ever the Permian Basin needs leadership and efforts to continue to work on the things that you just described just because we're in an economic downturn or hard times doesn't mean that we can't we need to still work on things like access to healthcare that's now again probably more important than ever our roads needs to see. Improvement are education all those things and so the premium strategic partnership is not. GonNa Pause on our work. We're going to continue to fund initiatives working with the community and partnership right through this. So we're going to be here. Let's talk about some great initiatives and the great work you've done in the past year because I know there has been so much that Ha- we've really seen a lot of the oil companies just really pouring their heart and soul into this community. Yeah last year was our first full year up and running and we spent over thirty million dollars. On six initiatives and initiatives that we fund are really go to the critical needs to areas that we just spoke about and so we were one of many funders in the idea public charter schools. That are coming to Midland Odessa. Were thrilled about that. We also hear very recently announced a partnership with Texas Tech and hospitals across the base including southeastern Mexico and certainly here in West Texas where we are funding more DR residencies because we know that attracting and retaining new doctors the area is challenging and it is due to the other things. It's all cyclical affordable. Housing is an issue and road safety and all those things so really pouring resources and thought into recruiting and retaining encouraging them to stay has been something. That's been our goal for a while. And so we're thrilled about this partnership and hope that it works so well that we can expand it. Even that was another what we call a success. We also were able to fund teacher housing subsidy to find out because affordable housing is an issue for again attracting and retaining quality teachers and so even bringing rent down by twenty percent in a partnership.

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