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"ceo robert weisenthal" Discussed on Scam Goddess

"Like mental seem like something. That's not problematic morally bankrupt. He came out black. People had a worrying for free in the hot sun. Okay but he was a great president. He stole their teeth for his own. Teeth yes. his teeth weren't winning. They were from his enslaved captives. yes but he's a little. He's a nice guy guys come on. He was our first president. Chill out wow so look at and we have another blog post in front of us curious content. Okay so one. The thing that's disturbing me is like this is definitely what like twenty fifteen and i'm looking at a helicopter that looks like it's from nineteen sixteen and like the woman and the man then night fifties sixties kinda get ups and suits. Because you know. The girls used to wear a suit on the plane. They give the girls fashion on the planes very mad. Men is very mad. May which also tells me like. This man is a racist. I mean we already knew like when he was defeated george washington. He had three hundred. Slaves was still call washington birthday. Turn up for america like wait. What so now. We're looking at this very much. The good old days. Ask photo nose day not to mention. It's like one two three four five men in this photo and one woman who clearly is probably the one that's doing all the labor. Yeah she's holding a piece of paper and it doesn't look like she's getting on the helicopter. It looks like they're like oh jimmy buddy. Wrap up with their secretary slash lover and this shopper. Like this is muzar. So let's see it says this blog post due to circumstances partially in parentheses beyond our control the start of the twenty twenty one has been delayed so the okay so again one thousand nine hundred helicopter photo. He's often about twenty twenty. One has been delayed. Says the sixties really didn't end until nixon resigned in nineteen seventy-two what is with him and presidents when this seems like the soiling of an institution now feels like a graceful exit nixon's exit was not graceful. They got caught do a crime crime they deep throat him about this guy okay. This revisionist history okay. I'll nixon d. A lot of crimes office who the didn't really end until the challenger space shuttle trag- tragedy in nineteen eighty two. That's not how a year's work the seventies ended in seventy nine. Tell about i mean. I i guess what he's trying. I listen. I'm going to see where he's going with this. But i think what what he may be trying to say like you know how like like one decade bleeds into the beginning of another decade gas. Well let's see where he goes. Twenty twenty one for sure. Yeah okay says the eighties. Didn't end until bill clinton became president in nineteen ninety-three. What is that mean. The nineties didn't end until well into march two thousand when the stock market crash exposed. What was under the hood of web one point. Oh internet bubble. It happened to pets.com soft and half into dot com sock puppet. What about praising her. Simon what is going on and so this past week at the capitol. While i can't be certain so he's talking about the shit that went down to the capital. I'm pretty sure this is what rock bottom looks like. So i refuse except that twenty. Twenty one has actually begun at the very same time. Yorkers are quietly heading down to florida in droves to get vaccinated. Evidently all it takes is to be a member of a palm beach country. This i can't stand rambling ass shit. What is the point. I don't i mean again. I just eat a helicopter. Gas me to my son's bar mitzvah. Okay point eight point be nobody asked about how the years work for you or the decades or what are you rebelling about. That was all one post. Y'all are you confused as we are reading that. That was confusing. I'm sorry that. I don't know what simon is on. Let's figure it out. 'cause this is how he got caught in june business insider attempted to reach. I'm using a phone number published. His previously used to reach him. However this time chief of staff legal answered the phone. He said that he scheduled for simon. What which is why. He answered the phone. He had met simon in person. And that those. Simon is no longer with the company. He still occasionally freelanced as a spokesperson. I ain't never worked in a company where they were like. Okay you have to leave but you get representing us public league. What i'm still wh. What is happening. I just got slipped into the twilight zone. I'm so confused here. So if you guys are confused. Fyi business insider called chief of staff lee gold. And they say this was simon's number. Where simon as we would like to chit chat with him. Okay these weird ass blog posts in why we can't get a helicopter but we have to learn about nine hundred ninety three. We have questions and we'll simon has answers but we would like to attempt to get answers from him so then ligo picks up the phone and it's like oh okay so he don't work. You're not more bus. Sometimes he will freelance and be a spokesperson for. My name. Is leigh and i'm the chief of staff. Hello okay so is lee. Simon feeling like that's what is giving. We'll see because he's just you know i obviously personnel. At the time. I mean simon just had coffee. Actually he walked up. Go right ahead. You stop oh no here hear me anyway. Simon we're different people right. Yeah okay you heard it right now. Okay i never be all right you you earn it so. Gold continue to give insider odd answers ignore follow questions for interviews and blocked reporters number soon after receiving a variety of conflicting information company. Ceo robert weisenthal reached out to finally knowledge the persona of simon maclaurin. And tell them that. It was fake so.

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