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"ceo steel" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

Bloomberg Radio New York

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"ceo steel" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"Bloomberg 11, Frio to Washington, D. C. Bloomberg 99. 12 Boston, Bloomberg, one of 61 to San Francisco Bloomberg 9 16 to the country, Sirius, XM Channel, 1, 19 and around the Globe, The Bloomberg Business Act and Bloomberg radio dot com. This is Bloomberg Markets, All right, coming up. U. S consumer confidence fell slightly made for the first time this year is Americans were less optimistic about job and income prospects will check in with Lynn Franco of the Conference board. Get her thoughts on that as well. Mark Douglas CEO Steel House, get his thoughts on a possible Deal for MGM. The film studio by Amazon will dig into that. That could be an interesting trade. But first, let's go to John Tucker, a Bloomberg News for Bloomberg Business. Flash. John and Paul were brought to you by being why melons Pershing inside his virtual and free beginning, June 8th. Learn how insights content will be ready to lead effectively and think differently. Registered now being y Mellon insight dot com As you say that latest economic data out this morning. It does reinforce the view that pronoun placing concerns shouldn't be too much of a worried boosting risk sentiment as kind of a bad news is good news dynamic for stocks. New home sales of Matt mentioned they did fall. This was in April. More than forecast and as you mentioned Paul Consumer confidence fell slightly in May for the first time this year. Subdued inflation, keeping technology stocks higher Gold also for immediate delivery. Also rising on the data yields are lower now before the data, will's Fargo equity strategist on a Han said investor worries over Fed action right now. Misplaced. And even.

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"ceo steel" Discussed on MinddogTV  Your Mind's Best Friend

MinddogTV Your Mind's Best Friend

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"ceo steel" Discussed on MinddogTV Your Mind's Best Friend

"The of the main differences that lost interest listen interrelation east. The communication is the CEO is still listening is the CEO still going around these this Thelia is the CEO Steel Open Open to suggestions open to listening and I think that's and I think that communication is one of the most important issues here definitely because are they open to receive you know it it sounds like a cell called kind of a tagline but they open to resent. Out of they open to receive you start looking at every single you've been CEO reported to CEO's what if you started to look at at all skills, all the skills of everyone of the company, all the skills, not even the word related, the skills what could you do with those to make that environment even more engaging and more you know more creative and even more even dicing one another is like helping and caring for one or no. So that's what it is lost. It's lost the ability. Or the willingness to listen to to be open to receive was the rest of the organization is telling them. That's what you perceive. That's what I perceive a perceived. The same thing. Also, let me tell you that I don't think there are good or Bazzio's or one start the Jesus grew that the others bad. I. Don't think. So I think that it's more what the CEO dust with it. What do they do with it? I've seen the same strategy ward for one CEO and failed with the other why? How was their team following them? was you know how where the different levels of management following them? You talk about the mission Michigan is nice but. If you asked. Any fortune five thousand. Company. Employees they go. Those are the no millions of employees ask them what's Your Company's mission? Would you as a percentage? Would you guess a percentage of employees who get their own company Michel Right very small. Exactly. The last appleyard work for eleven years. Eleven years I. Might the mission statement change for two or three times maybe more through these eleven years. But regardless, let me tell you I was repeating that mission statement or in every single sales presentation to my clients or business whatever that was. Again do I. Remember that Mission Statement Today. The. Forgot. Right. Right. It's not only having one is also how the employees we are going to engage onto that mission statement I honestly think that mission statements should be like Effortless. LE- learnt effortlessly learned they're not good mission statements. Destructive so I'd have to tell you that but I believe that you know at the end of the day everything is about energy and I would rather have one hundred employees that they were able to like fear out with the mission of the company. East because just the see every single day every single conversation. Single interaction with suppliers, vendors, business partners, clients they booed grief that every single day I'd rather have these like ten words statement that these massive complex owes. It looks so nice at our you know our of the answers of our or whatever that is you know you know what I mean. If you are fully engaged. If you are fully engaged nothing else really important because you will follow after what your leader is telling you right. So I just WanNa be clear on something. and. I agree with what you said but for our listeners I, WanNa be clear. A mission statement and culture are not the same thing and that the mission statement should it and related to mission statement should determine how the culture evolves of a company, but they're not the same thing and so you talk about people who don't who couldn't recite the mission statement and that's very common but I also find that many people can identify the culture of a company. I'll give you an example of a small company. I worked for about fifty employees I walk through the door and within three days I could identify what their culture wasn't. It wasn't a good one. It was identifying problems not not identifying solution. So everybody in the company. Every one of those fifty plus employees fifty to fifty three employees could tell you what the problem is with their job. What why things aren't working problems with the customers nobody was talking about solutions and when I went to the CEO and I said, you have a culture problem here he looked at me like I had two heads I don't know what you mean by that and I said, well, your your company's culture is identifying problem based. That's what it is and so there's no moving forward in that. There's no solution based people here that are looking at something and saying, here's how we solve this problem you have fifty people and it's Identifying problems as easy anybody could do that. You want people who are solution base. So that is a common so Identifying the Being able to recite the mission statement is is nice but identifying your own company culture is more even more important. Don't you think? Oh Yeah I agree totally what it was trying to say is that there's this disconnect right? How many? How many hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars have been spent in just in our country? Hiring someone to come up with a wonderful Michigan's thing. Would you agree with that? Yes. So I guess there's a reason to do that. Right I mean guests. There's a reason because you know we want to make sure the most. People get excited about the everybody you know is is behind this mission. But again the end of the day. It doesn't have a real impact in the company, but I agree with you completely culture is is something which is more difficult degree takes time it. It's it's built every single day with everything every single thing that happens inside the corporation and or side the company the company's small. And then determines your willingness to be there. You said, you said you just joined you identified the culture you.

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"ceo steel" Discussed on Native Opinion Podcast an American Indian Perspective

Native Opinion Podcast an American Indian Perspective

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"ceo steel" Discussed on Native Opinion Podcast an American Indian Perspective

"This. On Save. These things put this. was quite. Expert at quicken agree when everybody has a going? You have reached native opinion. We are an indigenous information and education radio show and podcast. Every week well, almost every week. We we bring you. Information we bring you. Maybe some education to along the way. But every week we talk about current affairs as well related to and from our own native American perspectives. and. Again, my name is Michael Kicking Bear and the guy on the other end of this thing enforced he is. David. Gray out CEOS steel everybody good morning. Good morning we know we're late relevant to uh to the live broadcasting, but for those of you that exclusively listen to us as part gas doesn't affect you. You'll pick this up whenever you want a, you'll net could be in the morning could be in the afternoon. The evening. But you know what? If you picked up any other time? I WanNa know where the hell you live. It'd be really wild. Is If someone on the space station listens to the show. Oh. That would would that not be awesome. Way. Up. There in the vacuum of space is circling the plan like. Trump is. Douche. I'm sure there's gotTa be a progressive on that space station. Probably. PROGRESSIVISM. Make sense when it works. When it doesn't I, don't know then I got nothing but. It is So let me see here I'm boy you know what we were off two weeks in a rusty is help. Then, I was just telling Dave right before we turn the broadcast on. That it really wasn't occasion for me. Personally I I return to work as I think I, mentioned before we we took this break. And it? You know it's just kind of like. World of wind energy blew up in my in my in my camp. So. Yeah. Yeah. The. They're really wanting to get the first ever. Large scale offshore Wind Energy Project off the coast of Martha's Vineyard Massachusetts. and. Yelling say is we're like Jano. From indigenous perspective but But the powers of. The powers of finance and other obstacles are rearing their ugly heads so. I'll I'll report on that more not today but you know another episode, but it's yeah it's starting to flare up so. We'll see what happens but chat rooms open if anybody suddenly picked up our broadcast or you know what I expected with people, kind of forgot that we were going to be back on the air today being it's August i. And but anyway, the chat room is open if anybody's listening and you want to participate the instructions right there on.

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