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"ceo canadian pacific railway" Discussed on MAD MONEY W/ JIM CRAMER - Full Episode


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"ceo canadian pacific railway" Discussed on MAD MONEY W/ JIM CRAMER - Full Episode

"Much of the gains here came in one fell swoop when c s x replaces longtime ceo michael ward with hunter harrison the new darling of wall street of course there are many other reasons like the stock your but if you want to understand why csx has been on fire and white might continue to run you need to know about the market's newfound love affair with hunter harassed by the recent rally in csx pm january nineteen for the stock surging twenty three percent in a single session on the news that mantle ridge that hedge fund run by noted activist pope paul the well was finalizing a plan to lure hunter harrison then the outgoing ceo canadian pacific railway to the top job at csx this came just days after the company reported a disapppointing core route tapping guidance in the wake of the not so hot numbers the mantle proposal to bring in monte harrison quickly gained the support of the board of directors by late february we learn that the old ceo michael moore was stepping down at a march six the company officially announce harrison assists new chief executive also giving mansell ridge five out of thirteen poor seats so what's with this guy is harrison some kind of once in a generation genius is he the man with the midas touch was warned simply sipadan you support job or as the truth somewhere in the middle i'll say this i like my were lot is very nice guy but cruelly harrison is onto something and doing better and you probably never even heard one hundred hours before he took over csx but within the railroad industry this guy is something of a storied legend he's been working in the railroad for more than fifty fifty years surveys the ceo of illinois central the canadian national and then canadian pacific a key component of the poll qaiseer.

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