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"central committee party" Discussed on Revolutions

"There was just nothing. It was a big nothing. Now the total lack of response may have been because the people were only told that the Tsar himself was dead, not that the whole family had been killed. That July 19th announcement straight up lied and said, the wife and son of Nicholas romanoff have been sent to a safe place. This marked the beginning of a whole web of lies about what had happened in the house of special purpose on July 17th. For all his talk about being willing to do the hard and necessary thing bravely and unflinchingly without sentiment or guilt, Lenin very much refused to admit he had ordered the execution not just of the Tsar, but also women, children, and some servants. The Soviet government officially maintained that the rest of the family was still alive well into the mid 1920s. Like, yes, they are alive and well, but no, you can't see them or talk to them. Not only did they deny what they had done, the Communist Party also concocted a cover story about who had done it. The official version of events was that the leaders of the Ural regional Soviet Congress had ordered the execution on their own initiative, and it had only been approved by the central committee of the Communist Party after the fact. The official story would be maintained until after the fall of the Soviet Union that the assassination of the Tsar and his family were the sole responsibility of the leaders in yakitori and Borg, not Moscow. But that story never fit any other established facts, evident, witness accounts, or, frankly, common sense. Trotsky, for instance, was off running the Civil War at this point, and he wasn't around Moscow for the final decisions, but later recounted in his diary about how he found out about the executions from the central committee party secretary yakov sverdlov. Speaking with sverdlov, I asked in passing. Oh yes, and where is the Tsar? Finished, he replied. He has been shot. And where is the family? The family along with him. All, I asked, apparently, with a trace of surprise. All sverd law replied. Why? He awaited my reaction. I made no reply. And who decided the matter I inquired? We decided it here. Thought that we should not leave the whites alive banner, especially under the present difficult circumstances. I asked no more questions and consider the matter closed. Now this was written in 1935 and Trotsky certainly had his own agenda at that point. But this anecdote fits the facts, the circumstances, the record, and the personalities of everyone involved, far more than the story of, hey, we were surprised as anybody that the whole family got off in the middle of the night. Now while the Soviet regime kept up the story that Moscow had nothing to do with it right until the bitter end, their story that only Nicholas had been killed was blown up in 1926. After Siberia briefly fell completely out of Soviet control during the Civil War, admiral kolchak, poop will be getting too soon.

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